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					Loch Raven High School                                     BCPS/BALTIMORE COUNTY PTA COUNCIL DATES

                                                        20    Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee
                                                              (SECAC) Meeting, ESS Bldg., 7-9pm
every child. onevoice.                                  21    Board of Education Meeting, ESS Bldg., 7:30pm
                                                        23    Central Area Education Advisory Council
APRIL 2009 NEWSLETTER                                         (CAEAC) Capital Pre-Budget Hearing, Padonia
                                                              Elementary, 7pm
APRIL                                                   30    PTA Council General Meeting/PTA Awards
3     3rd Marking Period Ends                                 Night, LRHS, 7pm
4-13  Spring Break                                      30    Balto. County Child/Adolescent Mental Health
14    Post Prom Party (PPP) Meeting, Faculty Dining           Fair, Perry Hall Middle, 5-8pm (flyer attached)
      Rm., 7pm
16    Relay for Life Seniors vs. Faculty Volleyball     MAY
      Game, Gym, 5-6:30pm                               5       Board of Education Meeting, ESS Bldg., 7:30pm
18    Junior Prom, 7-11pm                               11      SECAC Meeting, ESS Building, 7-9pm
20    Bateman’s Night, North Plaza, dine-in or carry-   19      Board of Education Meeting, ESS Bldg., 6:30pm
      out, 5pm - close
21    PTSA Board Meeting, Faculty Dining Rm., 7pm
22    School Improvement Team, 4pm                            NOTE FROM PTSA PRESIDENT KATHY KERCH
23    AVID (Advancement Via Individual
      Determination) Meeting, Room 307, 2:30pm          Dear PTSA Members,
25    Forensics Event, Westminster Public Forum
      Tournament, Westminster High                      We are proud to report that the LRHS PTSA recently
25    Relay for Life, LRHS, 6pm-12am                    reached 100% teacher membership -- the entire faculty
27    Report Cards Distributed                          joined the PTSA this school year! This is an outstanding
28    PPP Qdoba Night, Joppa Rd., 5-8pm                 achievement not only for the PTSA, but for our
                                                        teachers and our school as well. Without LRHS faculty
MAY                                                     as partners, the PTSA would not exist. Thank you for
1     PPP Giftcard Orders Due                           your membership and continued support.
5     PPP Meeting, 7pm
7     AVID Meeting, Room 307, 2:30pm                    The PTSA would like to thank Mrs. May, LRHS World
11    PPP Chipotle Free Burrito Day for LRHS            Languages Chair, who serves as the PTSA Faculty
12    PPP Mandatory Volunteer Meeting, 7pm              Representative and is a voting member on our Board of
13    Choral Concert, 7:30pm                            Directors. She reports on teacher accomplishments,
14    Instrumental Concert, 7:30pm                      faculty activities, and shares news about babies,
14    PTSA General Meeting, before concert              weddings, and retirements. We look forward each
18    Spring Sports Award Ceremony, 7pm                 month to her reports.
19    Final PPP Meeting, 6pm
19    PTSA Board Meeting, Faculty Dining Rm., 7pm       In addition, we would like to thank Principal Lambert
21    AVID Meeting, Room 307, 2:30pm                    for her continued support. Mrs. Lambert also serves as
22    Last Day for Seniors, Senior Prom, Post Prom      a voting member on the PTSA Board of Directors. She
      Party                                             attends every meeting where she reports on LRHS
25    Memorial Day Observed, Schools/Offices Closed     events, educational initiatives, student achievement,
28    Senior Picnic, Slide Show, Awards Night           and Baltimore County Public School-related news.
29    Senior Banner Pick-up
GRADUATION: JUNE 2, Towson University, 7pm              This spring we are pleased to have faculty member Mrs.
                                                        Burk, Family and Consumer Sciences Chair, serving on
SPORTS INFO:                     the Nominating Committee. Mrs. Burk will assist in
PPP AND BOOSTER CLUB WEBSITES LINKED TO LRHS            recruiting new PTSA officers for the upcoming term.
________________________________________________        Thank you, LRHS teachers, for your support. 100% -
            SAVE THE GT SUMMER PROGRAMS                 __________________________________________

For more information, please see the attached flyer            LAST PTSA GENERAL MEETING – MAY 14
and:       Please attend - 2009-10 PTSA officers will be elected!
dtalented/centers                                       ________________________________________________
             POST PROM PARTY UPDATE                                   CRAFT FAIR – A GREAT SUCCESS!

The PPP continues planning the PPP coming up on May        Thank you to everyone (too numerous to mention by
22, 2009. If you have not contributed to the PPP,          name) who volunteered at the 2nd Annual Craft Fair!
please consider making a contribution soon. Please         People shopped and vendors left happy! We had over
support our last fundraisers of the year:                  500 people attend plus well over 50 volunteers!

       4/20, Bateman’s Night (dine-in/carry-out),         Thank you to the wonderful Class of 2010 who helped
        5pm-close                                          on Friday evening and also worked from 6:30 am to
       4/28, Qdoba Night (Joppa Rd.), 5-8pm               5:00 pm on Saturday! Thank you, 2010, for also selling
       5/1, Gift Card Orders Due (graduation gifts)       PIZZA. The National Art Honor Society and Mr. Dursa
       5/11, FREE BURRITO DAY AT CHIPOTLE                 did a nice job setting up the Gallery Walk, Relay For
        (LRHS students/staff only - LRHS ID needed)        Life did a great job getting their information out (one
                                                           team sold lollipops for a team fundraiser), and the
Other important dates:                                     Boosters launched the sale of LRHS FLIP FLOPS.

       5/5, Post Prom Meeting, 7pm                        John Cosby sold 100% of the fresh fruit brought to raise
       5/12, Mandatory Volunteer Meeting, 7pm             funds for the PPP! The boys’ baseball team showed up
       5/19, Final PPP Meeting, 6pm                       to sell their team fundraiser. In addition, Charcoal Grill
                                                           sold around 180 sandwiches and the PTSA/Boosters
                                                           received a cut of the sandwich sales. Hilary Cosby and
All parents who hope to volunteer at the PPP must          crew did a wonderful job with concessions.
attend the Mandatory Volunteer Meeting on May 12 at
7:00pm. Important information will be discussed and        Thank you to the clean up crew. It was nice to have
distributed. All volunteers must also be members of        your help after two long days. Our custodian Cynthia
LRHS PTSA.                                                 was all smiles when she saw the cafeteria ready for
                                                           Monday morning and all hallways spotless!
Seniors - please rent your tuxedo from Tuxedo House in
Timonium, one of the largest tuxedo rental companies       The Booster Club will split all proceeds and expenses
in the area. They offer a discount to LRHS student with    with the PTSA. The PTSA will be able to fund eight
orders over $125 and donate $5 from every tuxedo           scholarships this year and the Boosters will add dollars
rental to the PPP. There will be a drawing for a           to their stadium projects. Loch Raven High School will
valuable prize at the PPP for every person and date        benefit 100% from all proceeds.
who rent their tuxedo from Tuxedo House!
                                                           Kathy Kerch, Glenda Lehman/Co-Chairs Craft Fair 2009
Lastly, if you have or know of a business willing to
donate goods or gift certificates for goods or services
to the PPP, please let us know. If you prefer, you may             PTA REFLECTIONS ARTS COMPETITION
make a monetary contribution to our event to be used
for the purchase of prizes. The LRHS PTSA is a
501(c)(3) charity for income tax purposes. Each            The PTA Council of Baltimore County recently
business that participates will be recognized for their    announced award recipients for the 2008-09 PTA
tax-deductible contribution. We would appreciate any       Reflections competition. It is our pleasure to report
help you can give us. Direct questions to Kathy Kyne at    that the following LRHS students received awards at
410-410-665-3724 or or Sue Nolder      the county level:
at 410-661-1417 or
                                                           AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Anthony Jiang, Meghan
________________________________________________           O’Connor, Alyssa Russell

            PTSA NOMINATING COMMITTEE                      AWARD OF MERIT: Mallory Callahan, Christian La Fon,
                                                           Alyssa Miller, Grace Wiessner
A nominating committee has been formed to seek out
candidates for officer positions for next year. Chair      Congratulations to Alyssa Russell whose photography
Katie Lancaster and committee members LRA Liaison          entry will be awarded a Maryland PTA Award of
Thea Mussman and faculty member Deb Burk are               Excellence!
accepting nominations. The slate of officers will be
printed in the May Spyglass for the widest audience.       Thank you to Reflections Chair Betsy Jones for her hard
Elections will take place at the last General Meeting on   work chairing this committee and to the LRHS teachers
May 14 (before the Spring Concert) and nominations         who encouraged their students to enter this
can be made from the floor. Please contact Katie at        competition. Without your support, none of this would
410-661-4722 or                        have been possible.
________________________________________________           ________________________________________________

HSAs are fast approaching! Here are a few quick facts:     It’s almost here! The LRHS Relay for Life dedicated to
                                                           Mrs. Lamp will take place on April 25 from 6pm to
    1. There are three ways to meet the HSA testing        12am. Thank you if you’ve started a team, joined one,
       requirement: pass all four HSAs (passing scores     or have donated. While there is not a required amount
       are algebra/data analysis, 412; government,         of money to raise, the ACS recommends each
       394; biology, 400; and English, 396) OR use the     participant to set a personal goal of $100. After that,
       combined-score option, in which students must       anything you can raise through individual, team, or
       earn a minimum score on each test and a             online fundraising is graciously accepted. You can also
       combined score of 1602, OR use the Bridge Plan      help by purchasing a luminaria to honor a loved one.
       for Academic Validation                             Questions can be directed to faculty advisors Ms. Erin
    2. for more information                    Confair ( and Ms. Tracy Mabe
    3. 1-877-HSA-EXAM for more information                 (, or to student event coordinator
                                                           Emily Garrish at 443-617-0959 or
                CLASS DUES REVISITED
                                                           March 30 – April 3 is Cancer Awareness Week to try to
Last month’s newsletter explained class dues (if you       get everyone on board to participate in RFL! Here’s
didn’t save your March issue, you can go to the school     the schedule:
website, click on the PTSA link, and find past issues).
                                                           Monday – Teachers’ Dress Down for $2
This time we’re extending a plea from class officers –     Tuesday - Black Out - Day of Silence
please pay your class dues! If dues are not paid, as       Wednesday - Committee T-shirts
time goes on, classes won’t have the funds to pay for      Thursday - Team Spirit Day
proms or other class events.                               Friday - Purple Day
                                                           There will be a Faculty vs. Seniors Volleyball Game on
    NAVIANCE – FUNNY NAME, GREAT PROGRAM!                  April 16th from 5:00-6:30 in the LRHS gym. Admission is
                                                           $5 for all, and all the money goes to support Relay for
The Guidance Department encourages all students to         Life. Come for some food, volleyball, and fun as our
register for the NAVIANCE program. Naviance is a web-      seniors take on the faculty! We hope to see you there
based tool that helps parents, students, and counselors    as we try to spike out cancer! If you have any
manage:                                                    questions please contact Ms. Confair or Ms. Mabe.
     college applications                                 ________________________________________________
     transcript requests
     scholarship information                                             JUNIOR PROM – APRIL 18th

Naviance is already proving to be a valuable               This year’s Junior Prom "Under the Sea" is being held on
communications tool between home and school. Once          April 18th, 2009 from 7- 10 PM. We are looking for
you register, you will begin receiving weekly updates      parent volunteers to assist with the shoe check in the
from the Guidance Department informing you of              cafeteria and selling refreshments in the front lobby.
college admissions office visits, scholarship due dates,   Volunteers should arrive at 6:30 PM to set up.
summer program information, etc. While Naviance is
especially important for juniors and seniors, freshmen     We are also in need of donations for refreshments. We
and SOPHOMORES in particular are urged sign up. The        would like to have cans of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra
permission form and sample weekly update message           Mist, orange soda, and bottled water. We would also
are attached.                                              like donations of bags of Goldfish crackers and Swedish
________________________________________________           Fish (keeping with the Under the Sea theme). All
                                                           donations can be dropped off in the front office or in
               BOYS’ LAX APPAREL SALE                      Ms. Confair's room (206) labeled "JR PROM / CONFAIR."
                                                           Please send in all donations in no later than April 16th.
In the next few weeks, the LRHS Concession Stand will
be selling the following remaining apparel:                If students have their dues paid in full they will receive
T-shirts $10                                               a free ticket to the Junior Prom. Tickets will be
Long sleeve T’s $12                                        distributed at all lunches the week of the prom.
JS Micro-Fiber T’s $15                                     Guests’ tickets are $30 and all non-LRHS students
Camo Shorts $20                                            planning to attend the prom as a guest of one of our
Embroidered Mesh Shorts $20                                juniors must have a guest application completed by the
Socks $5                                                   junior bringing them. Applications must be handed into
________________________________________________           the administrators before Spring Break. Guests are also
                                                           required to have proper photo ID at the door before
entering the prom.

Juniors must arrive at the prom no later than 7:45 PM.
There is no re-entry, and all tickets are non-
transferable. There will be a professional
photographer at the prom. Students will receive
information on photo packages with their prom tickets.
Thank you so much for all you do to support the Junior
Class here at Loch Raven High School. We couldn't do
this without you. If you are interested in volunteering,
donating, or have questions about something, please
feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you – Erin Confair

                     PTSA OFFICERS

President      Kathy Kerch 410-882-1953
Vice-President Leslie Weber 410-592-3482
Treasurer      Greg Jones 410-661-4666
Secretary      Lexa Newman 410-882-1454

                IMPORTANT WEBSITES

Loch Raven High School (Main Office 410-887-3525,
Guidance 410-887-3832)

Baltimore County Public Schools
PTA Council of Baltimore County
Maryland PTA
National PTA
MD Department of Education