Diffraction Image Library by axe11963


									Diffraction Image Library
    What is new with it?

• Now support Oxford-Diffraction, CBF
  and mini-CBF
• Integrated into ccp4-6.1
• Development of a masking function
• Image viewer in ccp4i
• Java JNI module available
        The Masking function
• This function is designed to help data processing
  people by attempting to automagically generate a
  mask that would cover the backstop and the arm of
  the backstop if present
         Is it any good?

• If the problem is easy, the answer is
• If it is complicated it might take a while
  depending on the size of the image.
  But very rarely more than 30-35 s.
Some results
Some results
Some results
Some results
Some results
      Ccp4i image viewer

•   Maximum images
•   Movie sequences
•   Resolution circles
•   Intensity profiles
•   Saving images/movies
Maximum images
Movie sequences
Intensity profile
      Diffraction Image plans
• Developing a reliable detector gain
  estimation function
• Support to more detectors (mar555 and
  other as requested)
• Looking at ideas to improve the masking
• Developing the beam correction function
• Develop new features for the image

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