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September 2008

GMAHS Parent Development Council Newsletter
April 2009
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Contents            Institutional Advancement
                    Peer Leadership
                    Counseling Center
                       Health Fair
                       Language Department
                       Mothers’ Club
                       Fathers’ Club
                       Corvette Committee
                       Mercy Magic Auction

Institutional          The Current Parent Peer Leadership Initiative of the Annual Fund will be ending
Advancement            on March 31st. We have reached the 50% mark and the very generous $50,000
                       challenge grant will contribute $1,000 for each percentage point over 50 that the
                       current parents achieve. We must not let this amazing opportunity pass us by.
                       Please consider a gift in ANY amount. Time is running out.
                       Thank you to our peer leaders for all their work on this appeal! We are also very
                       grateful to all our participating classes but a special shout out to the freshmen
                       class that is currently at 63%! Below are the class participation percentages.
                       Please read Cheryl’s message below for more information.
                        Seniors – 44%, Juniors – 47%, Sophomores – 52% and Freshmen
                                                    – 63%
                       The Margaritaville Social was a great success. We had a 140 people attend and
                       a good time was had by all. To see photos from the event, please click here:
                       Margaritaville Social Photos. Thank you to everyone who made the event a
                       The Auction is just one week away and we need YOU. Please RSVP as soon as
                       possible as we need a final number for the caterer. As of this date, we are below
                       the number of attendees that we need to insure that the event is a success and
                       raises money for our students. Please consider coming and enjoying a great
                       evening with the GMAHS community.

                       The Corvette Raffle is in full swing. Our amazing committee has been working
                       overtime to come up with new venues. One new opportunity is at Iron Hill
                       Restaurant. They will be offering GMAHS 20% of any food order (minus alcoholic
                       beverages) for anyone who dines on March 17th and presents the coupon. This is
                       an easy way to support the Corvette Raffle which provides funds for your
                       daughters that are used in the current academic year. To print out a coupon lease
                       click here www.gmahs.org/ironcoupon. See the Corvette Raffle section below for
                       more information.
                       Please contact Felice Simelaro, Vice Principal of Institutional Advancement, at
                       fsimelaro@gmahs.org for more information on any of our fundraising efforts.

Current Parent         Peer Leadership
Peer Leadership   The countdown is on! The Peer Leadership portion of the Annual Fund ends
                  March 31, 2009. Currently, we are at 50% participation, you can check our
                  progress on our school website which is updated every Friday. To those families
                  who have already sent in their gifts, on behalf of the entire Gwynedd Mercy
                  family, please accept our heartfelt thank you. To those parents still considering
                  making their gift, please remember that no gift is too small, no family’s
                  participation is more important than yours. Please help us take full advantage of
                  our $50,000 challenge gift. As a reminder, for every percentage point about 50%
                  we achieve, $1000 will be donated to our school with $50,000 given once we
                  reach 100% participation. It has been an economically challenging year for all of
                  us and this challenge gift could not have come at a better time. Remember, all
                  funds raised through the Annual Fund are used the same year they are donated.
                  Those parents who have stood up to be counted understand that each student will
                  benefit from this challenge gift. Please send your gift today. Together we can
                  make it!

                  Please contact Cheryl Rapp at 215-641-2719 or c.d.rapp@att.net with any
                  questions you may have.

Counseling        Counseling Center
Center            COLLEGE FAIRS
                  The Upper Dublin College and Career Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, March
                  10th in the East Gym of Upper Dublin High School and will run from 7:00 p.m. until
                  9:00 p.m.

                  The Main Line College Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th at Villanova
                  University, in the Villanova University Pavilion and will run from 6:30 p.m. until
                  9:00 p.m.

                  College Fairs offer students and their families the opportunity to speak with
                  college representatives from around the country, without moving out of this area.

                  SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES
                  Information regarding summer opportunities is available in the Counseling Center.
                  Drexel University just announced the creation of a one-week summer institute for
                  high-achieving rising juniors and seniors who are considering a career in law. The
                  five day non-residential program is designed to expose future attorneys to career
                  options, law school preparation, and college and law school admission. Students
                  will be selected based on their high school grades, which are verified in a brief
                  letter of recommendation by the guidance counselor, PSAT or SAT/ACT scores if
                  available, and an essay. If interested, please come to the counseling center for an

                  THANK YOU
                  The counselors are grateful to the parents of the freshmen and sophomores who
                  were able to attend the information session on March 3rd.

                  Junior packets were due to the counselor on February 23rd. There are
                  consequences for students who do not cooperate with this request. Juniors are
                  responsible to schedule a meeting with their counselor before the Easter vacation.

                  One more time…..Seniors are responsible to bring letters of acceptance,
                  scholarship and grant offers to their counselor ASAP. We appreciate your

                  Attention Senior Mom and Dads,
                  This is a very special year for you and your daughters and we are asking for your help. We
                  know our daughters are very capable young women, but some girls have forgotten in the past.
                  So to prevent anyone from being disappointed, we need you to supply the following 4 items by
                  April 1 , 2009:
              A baby picture (that will be returned) of your daughter. Please put her name on the
           back. Send to school to “Mothers’ Club” via the main office.
              A wallet size graduation picture. Please put it in the same envelope with the baby
           picture, also with name on back. This will be displayed on the school glass corridor with the
           baby picture.
              A digital picture of mom and your daughter. This will be used for a slide show
           in May when we celebrate at the Senior Mother Daughter Liturgy/Brunch. We will crop the
           pictures to show the best view on the screen. Smiles and hugs are the best! You will be on a
           10 by 10 foot screen so pick a good one! Please Email the picture in a jpeg file
           to gmaseniorphoto@aol.com. Please label the files: lastnamebrunch (e.g., marbachbrunch).
           Your daughters can help you do this, if necessary! They have had lots of practice on facebook!
            We can also scan in printed pictures but that makes the process a bit more labor intensive for
           the person putting together the slide show and does not show up as well on the screen. If you
           have a printed picture that you would like to use, please send it to the “Mothers’ Club via the
           front office, with name on the back. It will be returned.
              A digital picture of mom, dad and daughter. This will also be used for a slide
           show. Same instructions as above for the moms’ pictures. Please label the file lastnamebaca.
           (e.g., hayesbaca).
              Thanks for all your help. Any questions can be directed to Denise Hayes
           (Denise.Hayes@wolterskluwer.com) or Denise Marbach (denise.c.marbach@us.pwc.com)

Ministry   Ministry
           Dress Upon a Star March 3-March 27
             Throughout the month of March, Gwynedd is sponsoring a prom dress collection.
           Drop off your old prom dresses (junior and women’s sizes), jewelry, shoes,
           purses, and accessories. Collection boxes are outside the Ministry office and in the
           cafeteria. All donations will go to high school girls in Allentown, Pennsylvania who
           are unable to afford a dress. Help these girls enjoy their prom and make their
           dreams come true!

           Communion Service Wednesday, March 11
              Come celebrate this Lenten season by attending the communion prayer service
           in the chapel held during long homeroom. Students and faculty are welcome to
           participate in the service as readers and Eucharistic Ministers.

           St. Patrick’s Day Dress Down Day and Bake Sale Friday, March 13
              In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, all students are invited to dress down the Friday
           before St. Patrick’s Day. Remember the luck of the Irish and wear your green
           clothing! The cost to dress down is $1. Students are encouraged to pay before
           Friday, and will receive a sticker to represent that they paid. Also, a bake sale will
           be held during lunches, run by the Ministry Team and Student Council. All
           proceeds will benefit the Mercy Magic Auction: Celtic Magic.

           Manna on Main Street Monday, March 23
              Four Gwynedd girls can sign up to feed the hungry through Manna on Main
           Street, a non-profit organization located in Lansdale. It lasts from 3:30 p.m. to
           5:30 p.m. Sign up on the windows outside the Ministry office.

           Rosary Service Wednesday, March 25
             The Gwynedd community is welcome to attend a rosary service during long
           homeroom in the chapel right after announcements. Deepen your relationship with
           God during this Lenten season by praying the rosary.

           Women of Hope Monday, March 30
              GMAHS will visit the lovely ladies of Women of Hope to play Bingo and make a
           craft. Come and spend a wonderful afternoon chatting and spending time with
           these women. If you would like to attend, please sign up outside the Ministry
           office. (Bus will leave at 3:10 p.m.)
                Coin Challenge March 23-April 3
                   Beginning at the end of March, with speaker Peggy Dolan, and continuing
                through April, the Ministry and Service Team will hold its annual Coin Challenge.
                This is a competition among the grades to see who can collect the most coins. Go
                through your wallets, pockets, and couches and bring in your loose change! Place
                the change in your appropriate grade’s jar outside the cafeteria. The coins will be
                counted and will be added up for points for each grade. But there’s a twist! Place
                dollar bills in the OTHER grade’s jars to deduct from their points! All proceeds will
                benefit the Kelly Ann Dolan Foundation.

Health Fair
                Gwynedd Mercy’s Health Club is proud to announce it will be sponsoring a Health
                Fair at Gwynedd Mercy High School on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 from
                11:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The Fair will feature presenters in all areas of health,
                including stress management, fitness, nutrition, drug education and many others.
                All are welcomed to attend. If interested in participating in the Health Fair please
                contact Kate Tobias at 215-646-8815 ext. 344.

Language        The Language Department at GMA celebrates National Foreign Language
Department      Week March 2nd through March 6th.
                The theme of this year’s National Foreign Language Week is “Many hands, many
                voices, one world”. Many hands from the language clubs, French and Spanish,
                decorated the hallway with bulletin boards celebrating the cultures of France,
                Spain, and Latin America. Many voices yelled, “Lo tengo” or “Pesca” as classes
                enjoyed board games of Go Fish, Bingo, and Scrabble. And students were
                transported to other worlds via films of Spain and France while enjoying
                international culinary samplings. All in all it was a fun week for the language
                students of GMAHS.
                   Friday was a special day when students were inducted into the French and
                Spanish Honor Societies. These students have maintained an “A” average for three
                consecutive semesters. Their names were announced on GMA-TV. They enjoyed
                some light refreshments, and they each received an honor pin. The names of
                those we celebrate are listed below:

                French Honor Society
                Cherilyn Buscarino

                Cara Bradley, Helena De Bald, Meghan Piede, Maura Weber

                Malena Marandola, Kathleen Mullins

                Spanish Honor Society-2009
                Kate Conicelli, Brea Mealey, Cristina Valucci

                Kristen Breslin, Rosemary DeLuccia, Grace Foster, Laura Janulewicz, Katherine
                Maloney, Victoria Osborne, Sarah Pierson, Kristen Pavucek, Gabriella Sacco

                Adriana Garcia, Julia Leifsen

Mothers’ Club   Mother’s Club
                Save the Date ---Thursday, April 30, 2009
                Potluck Supper & Installation of Mothers’ Club Officers for 2009-2010
                The Potluck Supper is the only time when 5 classes of GMAHS students and their
                mother’s are in one place. The incoming freshman class is invited to join the
                current four classes to celebrate another full year of fun and discovery. Mothers
                and daughters contribute a food item designated by class to this shared supper.
                The "graduating" officers and committee chairs for Mothers' Club are thanked and
                the new officers and chairs are introduced and installed. Invitations to follow

                Next Mothers’ Club Meeting – March 26, 2009:
                The March Mothers Club meeting is a first of its kind for GMAHS. On Thursday,
                March 26, at 7pm, we will meet in the cafeteria and NOT get down to business. As
                the old saying goes, sometimes it is all fun and games. On the 26th, that is
                exactly the plan! Bring an appetizer, snack or beverage - the moms are playing
                games. More specifically - Bunco. This is an opportunity to relax, socialize and
                take a break. Please count on joining us for our own mini-Spring Break!

                Important dates to remember - There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer
                and participate in all of these events. Please contact the chairs to build an even
                stronger circle of Mercy.

                April 2 - Mothers Lenten Retreat - Kathy Morris, Chair

                April 7 - Freshman Orientation - Colleen McKenna, Chair

                April 25 - GMA goes to NYC! 9 to 5! - Patty Kurkowski and Kris Wagner, Co-
                Chairs. You can use our secure online payment site to reserve your tickets by
                clicking here.

                April 30 - Potluck Supper and Installation of incoming Mothers Club Officers
                and Chairs - Claudia Thompson, chair

                May 3 - Senior Mother- Daughter Liturgy - Denise Marbach and Denise Hayes,

                May 17 - Junior Mother- Daughter Tea - Lisa Ritinski, Chair

                New York City Trip (Mothers & Daughters)
                Join us on Saturday, April 25, 2009 to see the play 9 to 5. You will adore this
                new musical comedy based on the classic hit movie. It opened in Los Angeles and
                has received great reviews! The price for the trip which includes the ticket and bus
                from GMAHS is $148.00 per person. We still have a number of tickets
                available so reserve your spot now by sending in a $50.00 deposit to:
                Patty Kurkowski, 1177 Horseshoe Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422
                Please make check payable to: GMAHS Mothers’ Club

                After the Baccalaureate Mass on Wednesday, May 27, 2009, the Mother's
                Club will be hosting a reception for senior families in the glass quadrangle. We will
                enjoy one last spring night together as a class before the hustle and bustle of
                graduation. Please put this on your calendars.

Fathers’ Club   Fathers’ Club
                2008-2009 GMAHS Fathers’ Club
                We’ve enjoyed some terrific and well attended events over the past year, and we
                still have some great events coming up for everyone. Come join us at our
                remaining events as you are able.

                April 23rd - Thursday 7:30 PM: Fathers’ Club Meeting and Nominations
                The Father’s Club will also be accepting nominations for 2009-2010 officers at this
                meeting. We encourage any Father, particularly with a current Freshman and/or
            Sophomore daughter to participate as an officer.

            May 9th – Saturday 3PM: GMAHS Family Day at the Phillies
            The Phillies battle the Atlanta Braves on Saturday May 9th at 3:40 p.m. This
            perennial “sell-out” event is always a fantastic family activity. More details to

            May 21st – Thursday 7:30PM: GMAHS Fathers’ Club Elections for 2008-
            We will hold elections during this meeting and discuss ideas for the new year.
            Please join us to continue to build on the momentum and success of this past

            For the complete, up-to-date Fathers Club schedule, please visit us on the GMAHS

Corvette    Corvette Committee
Committee   Iron Hill Event
            We are excited to announce a new venue for the Corvette Committee. In
            cooperation with Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant we have an opportunity for
            the Corvette Raffle to earn 20% of your food bill when you eat at Iron Hill in
            North Wales on the third Tuesday of EACH month. The first date is Tuesday,
            March 17th from 5:00 to 10:00 pm. An additional feature this month - Irish
            dancers will perform during the evening as entertainment. So if you plan on
            celebrating St. Patty’s Day, make sure you eat at Iron Hill. If you can’t make it
            this month, we will offer the coupon again to be used on April 21 and May 19.
            Coupons will be available at school or check upcoming issues of the Monarch News
            or www.gmahs.org/ironcoupon each month.
               Please present the coupon below and the school will receive 20% of your
            order. Thank you in advance for your support.

            Upcoming Events
               This is a busy time for the Corvette Committee. We have several events where
            the corvette will be on display in the upcoming months. If you plan on attending,
            please consider volunteering some time to work at the Gwynedd table. Selling
            tickets is easy and it is enjoyable to meet people attending the event. An added
            bonus for any GMAHS student is the chance to win $50 if her name is selected
            randomly from the tickets sold that day. Following is a list of events and dates:
            Oaks Expo Center on March 14 & 15
            Chestnut Hill Home & Garden Show on May 3
            Skippack Spring Fest held May 9 & 10
            GMAHS Car Show & Raffle Drawing on June 5.
            We also hope to have a table set up at
            The Philadelphia Sports Club on March 28, April 25 and May 16 from 9:00 am –
            2:00 pm.
            The corvette will appear at the English Village Shopping Center on May 16
            from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. We hope to confirm an appearance at the Horsham
            Car Wash on a Saturday in April or early May and a date at Rice’s Flea Market
                sometime in May. If you would like to help at any of these locations, please
                contact Linda Rooney or Felice Simelaro.

                Thank you
                We had another successful appearance at the Oaks Expo Center on March 6,, 7 &
                8. We would like to thank all our girls and their parents who stepped up to help.
                Thanks to Don & Samantha Saul, Nancy & Kristina Flatley, Judy & Charlotte Bader,
                Kevin & Paige Murray, Katie & Nancy Duffy, Kristen & Penney Pavucek, Lizzy &
                Vincent Hee, Catey & Pattie Nunnari. We offer a special thanks to parents who
                braved the event without their daughters- The Moynahans, Sue Schlesinger, Dan
                Mealey, Carl Rich, Kurt Podlogar, Mike Wood, also Mrs. Wichterman, and Felice
                Simelaro. The student winners were Catey Nummari and Katie Duffy.

                Volunteers needed for ticket input
                Our second flyer mailing has just been sent out. We are expecting a large
                response and desperately need volunteers to help input ticket information. It can
                be done at school or can be taken home to do at your convenience. If you can
                spare any time to help, please contact Sr. Jean.

                If you would like to join our committee, it is never too late. Please contact Felice

                Celtic Magic Auction on March 21, 2009 at 6 PM.
Mercy Magic
                Come celebrate St. Patty’s Day at the Mercy Magic Celtic Auction on March 21,
Auction         2009, it will be here before you know it and you still haven’t gotten your tickets
                yet. There are many gifts, raffles, lockbox and the tombola table for you to bid on
                while having a great night out with friends and family. Make sure to use the
                GMAHS Auction website to order tickets, raffles or just to make a donation.

                Hope to see you there!
                Andy Posimo at 215-646-8815-ext 368 or aposimo@gmahs.org.

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