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									                        Alpha Image Library
                        Search Help
Making Travel Special     Welcome to the alpha image library               Latest Images
                        search help. There are several ways to           This section enables you to view the latest
                        search in the alpha image library to find        images that have been added to the library.
                        the image you need quickly.
                                                                         My Gallery
                        Search by Category or Location                   This function allows you to select certain
                        This function in advanced image search           images and store them into a gallery
                        allows you to view all the images within a       whilst you continue to search. You can
                        certain category or particular location. It      then go to the gallery at any point and
                        also allows you to filter your search to a       download your images or remove them
                        particular location too.                         from the gallery. The gallery of images you
                                                                         select can only be stored for 20 minutes.
                        In advanced image search you can view and        Staff Members And Logos
                        select specific keywords that will help you to   This function allows you to find images of
                        find the right image. You can then use these     particular members of staff and download
                        in the quick image search box too.               them and also to find and download particular
                                                                         alpha logos and their sub brand logos.
                        Using Multiple Keywords
                        You can click on more than one keyword
                        in the advanced image search by holding
                        down ctrl. By using the quick image search
                        you can use the words ‘And’, ‘Or’ and
                        ‘Not’ to make your search more specific.

                        For example:
                        ‘beverages And staff Not male’. This
                        search will find pictures of beverages with
                        staff, but will omit males from the results.

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