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									Business Finance Lesson Plans
Strategies Cooperative learning, Discovery learning, Engaged learning, Guided Writing,
Guided Reading
Methods PowerPoint, Lecture/Discussion/Practice, and Excel.
Week 6 Feb. 8-12
    1. Develop a Financial Budget
            A. Recognize the purpose of budgeting and types of financial budgets
            B. Understand the process for developing a financial budget.
    2. Interest and Time Value of Money
            C. Discuss how interest rates affect investment decisions.
            D. Understand how to calculate the time value of money on investments and
Review Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Test

Week 5 Feb. 1-5
Make up work
Chapter 3 Financial Management Planning
   1. Business Financial Goals
           A. Describe the three primary financial goals of businesses.
           B. Identify the characteristics of effective financial goals.
   2. Understand Financial Statements
           C. Explain the purpose and elements of a balance sheet, income statement,
           cash flow statement

Week 4 Jan. 25-29
Chapter 2 Summary and Study Guide
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 2 Test
Week 3 Jan. 19-22
Chapter 2 Financial Environment of Business
Section 1 Basic Economic System and Principles – Describes principles of economics and
how economic decisions are made.
    1. Identify and describe basic economic principles.
    2. Discuss how economic decisions are made.
Section 2 Legal Forms of Business – Discusses the forms of business ownership and the
financial implications of ownership types.
    1. Recognize differences in the legal forms of business ownership and organization.
    2. Explain financial implications of the business ownership decisions.
Section 3 Types of Financial Markets – Explains the purpose, structure, and types of
financial markets.
    1. Discuss the purpose and general structure of financial markets.
    2. Describe the major types of financial markets.
Section 4 Global Financial Activities – Discusses the importance of global business and
the types of international financial activities.
    1. Recognize the importance of global business.
    2. Identify several types of international financial activities.
Week 2 Jan. 11-15
Chapter 1 summary pages 26-31, chapter 1 study guide
Chapter 1 Test
Week 1 Jan. 4-8
Chapter 1 Financial Fundamentals
Section 1 Finance in Society
Section 2 Personal Financial Decisions
    1. Describe the role of finance in the economy
    2. Identify types of financial markets
    3. Explain the personal financial decisions
    4. describe common personal financial decisions
Section 3 Business Financial Activities
Section 4 Government Finances
    1. Describe financial institutions commonly used by businesses and consumers
    2. Explain the sources and uses of funds of business
    3. Identify government financial activities
    4. Describe sources of government funds
Chapter 1 summary pages 26-31

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