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					                    Integrated Science Semester 1
                                       Mr. Saltzer
        (949) 586-8800 

Overview: This class is the 1st semester of Integrated Science and covers Chapters
1-7; 20-24 in the textbook Physical Science by Holt. The major themes of this term are:
matter, atoms, chemical reactions, solutions and the atmosphere. Students and parents
are encouraged to bring their own work and life experiences into the classroom to make
the learning more relevant and interesting.

The following is a partial list of expectations and goals for the term:

Behavior: In this class, students are expected to be:
1.     Following all school and district rules;
2.     On task and doing work;
3.     Following other directions as presented by the teacher.

Students who fail to comply with these rules may receive any or all of the following: 1)
warnings; 2) seat changes; 3) detentions; 4) phone calls home; and/or 5) referrals.
Students are also expected to maintain positive and good behavior and abide by all
class and school rules for any substitute teacher, guest speaker or while on a fieldtrip.

Attendance/Tardies: Students are expected to attend class every day. The
maximum allowed absences per term is 9. On the 10th absence, the student will be
dropped from the course. Students who are repeatedly tardy will be assigned a
detention. Additionally, 3 tardies will count as one unexcused absence.

Grades: Grades and attendance will be regularly updated and posted throughout the
term and can be accessed at under “Grades and
Attendance.” Students are expected to participate in class, and will be graded weekly
on their participation as well as upon classwork and tests. Classwork will be collected
regularly and some assignments will be given specific grades and due dates. Finally,
there may be several projects in the course.

Makeup Work: Per the Silverado Attendance Policy, students will be allowed to
make up work on their own for their first 5 absences, provided that they are excused
absences. Students have 2 days from the date of the absence to complete this makeup
work. After 5 absences, students will ONLY be allowed to make up work if they
are physically present and makeup the work before or after school with a teacher.
Additionally, all makeup tests must be made up before or after school with a
teacher and within 1 week of the missed test.

Cell Phone/Electronic Signaling Device (ESD) Policy: Per SVUSD Board
Policy, during class time cell must be powered OFF and put out of sight. I-pods,
headsets and phones with ear pieces are never allowed on campus. On the first
offense, the ESD will be taken and given to the Assistant Principal and returned the next
day to a parent only. On the second offense, the ESD will be given to the Assistant
Principal and taken for one week (7 days) and only returned to the parent. Additional
disruptions will result in a two day suspension.

Cheating/Plagiarism: Cheating, plagiarizing, copying or other forms of academic
dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students caught engaged in any form of academic
dishonesty will receive a “0” on the assignment. On the second offense, students will
be dropped from the course.

Textbooks: All classroom textbooks are to remain in the classroom. Per Silverado
policy, students who wish to checkout a textbook need to get permission from the
teacher and bring in $20.00 (checks are acceptable) as a deposit for the book.

Supplies: Students are expected to come to class prepared every day with paper
and a pen or pencil. Other necessary supplies will be provided as needed.

Projects: Students will be given time to work on their projects in class. However,
students may need to complete some of the work for the project at home or after school
if they do not complete the work during class time.

Computers: Classroom computers and laptops are for academic work only.
Students who uses a computer or laptop for any unauthorized use (such as playing
games, chatting, etc.) will be assigned a detention and earn a “0” for the assignment.

Extra Credit: Extra Credit assignments are available under the section for “Silverado
Classes” on my website at Students may complete any
extra credit assignment at any time EXCEPT 1 during the last week of the quarter.

I have read the above procedures and agree to follow them

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