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					                                  The GetMobile
                                   Street Scene
    The GetMobile Advertising Monthly Update                             April/May 2008

                           Take Advantage of our Super Outdoor
    In This Issue:                Advertising Packages
                                                       This Summer!
•    Exciting Summer
     Advertising       Hudson Valley Renegades                       Alive At Five Outdoor Concert
     Opportunities                                                         Series, Albany, NY

•    On Board This                                     Horse Shows In The Sun
                       Dutchess County Fair
•    WDST and               Rhinebeck, NY

     Mountain Jam IV
                                                       GetMobile Advertising, LLC is offering amazing
                                                    outdoor advertising opportunities this summer. We
•    Prom and                                       can put together a package to fit most any budget.
     Graduation                                     In hard economic times it is important to be sure
     Safety Campaign                                your advertising will be seen. The MAV (mobile ad-
                                                    vertising vehicle) will be strategically located at
                       "Let's gear our advertis-    these top area events and with high spectator at-
•    Community         ing to sell goods, but
                                                    tendance your advertising is sure to get noticed. Go
                       let's recognize also that
     Needs Your Help   advertising has a broad      to our website at and click
                       social responsibility."
                                                    on any event you are interested in to see what the
                       Leo Burnett, quoted in 100   packages offer. Call for pricing as each package can
                       LEO's, Chicago, IL: Leo
                       Burnett Company, p. 92.      be tailored to meet your needs.
                                                                                            Page 2
     Shadows On The Hudson Launches Mobile Campaign

L to R: Milti Kastanis, mgr and Joe Bonura     Poughkeepsie, NY—-Shadows On The Hudson has
Jr., owner, stand by the debut of their ad     launched their mobile campaign with GetMobile Ad-
                                               vertising. Shadows On The Hudson, for those of you
                                               who don’t know, is a waterfront restaurant located in
                                               Poughkeepsie, NY on a cliff forty feet above the Hud-
                                               son River with commanding views of the Eastern riv-
                                               erbank and Mid Hudson Bridge and sweeping open
                                               river to the South. There is no need to board a boat
                                               for this front seat river experience. Five different din-
                                               ing areas to choose from, a menu featuring seafood
                                               and steaks, with diner’s budgets in mind there is a
                                               choice for all. Catering is available for 20-100.
                                                                         If it is nightlife you are look-
                                                                      ing for you can count on a won-
                                                                      derful outdoor bar to sip a cock-
                                                                      tail while watching the sunset
                                                                      and a very hip indoor lounge
                                                                      serving up cocktails designed by
                                                                      such liquid experts as Charlotte
                                                                      Voisey (UK Bartender of the
                                                                      Year) and Tobin Ellis (featured on
                                                                      many food network shows) who
                                                                      also trained the entire bar staff
                                                                      on the art of Mixology.

 A passerby so captivated he stopped to read               DCRCOC Business Expo, Fishkill, NY
             the entire message!

 Located at 176 Rinaldi Blvd, Poughkeepsie,
 NY. Hours of operation: M-TH 11:30am-
 11pm lunch, dinner. Lounge until 12:00am.
 Fri/Sat. 11:30am-11pm lunch and dinner.
 Lounge until 2:00am. Sunday brunch 11-
 2pm, lunch and dinner until 10pm, lounge
 until 11:00pm. PHONE: 845-486-9500
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        WDST Partners with GetMobile to Promote
                          Mountain Jam IV 2008

                                                               GetMobile Advertising is very
                                                               happy to be promoting such a
                                                               wonderful radio station as
                                                               WDST. The Hudson Valley is
                                                               rich with talent and we are
                                                               lucky to have a successful inde-
                                                               pendently owned and locally
                                                               operated radio station that of-
                                                               fers such a diverse selection of
                                                               music that has won them na-
                                                               tional and regional awards for
                                                               their innovative programming.
                                                               Radio Woodstock/WDST, is
Mountain Jam is a three day                                    tagged “the coolest radio sta-
music festival in Upstate                                      tion on the planet” by its listen-
New York, held at the world-                                   ers and other members of the
                                                               music-radio industry. Radio
class ski resort, Hunter
                                                               Woodstock/WDST searches out
Mountain. Radio Woodstock
                                                               and promotes the development
and Warren Haynes once
                                                               of emerging artists, while still
again co-produced this event
                                                               paying tribute to established
during the first weekend after
                                                               talent whose music continues to
Memorial Day, May 31st thru
                                                               stand the test of time. It is no
June 1st, 2008. It is one of
                                                               wonder they are the ones the
the largest music festivals in                                 musicians respect and trust
the Northeast.                                                 when it comes to putting on a
                                                               great festival of music known as
                                                               Mountain Jam. Mountain Jam
                                                               IV just finished as of the pub-
                                 Above: Mountain Jam IV        lishing of this newsletter and
                                 Left: Remote ticket drawing   with attendance in excess of
                                 at McDonald’s Rt. 9 , the     30,000 it was phenomenal with
                                 MAV equipped with 8           great performers such as Levon
                                 speakers playing WDST live.   Helm, Gov’t Mule, Michael
                                                               Franti, and Bob Weir.
   Prom/Graduation Safety Awareness Program                   Page 4

 Dutchess County, NY—Prom and Graduation time can be a very happy time
 for parents and teens, but it also signifies a major step in growing
 up. The ability to make good decisions when pressured by peers and
 realizing that there are more consequences to your actions than just
 getting grounded or losing allowance. The choices made here can have
 life or death consequences.
 The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department and Timothy P. Doyle along
 with GetMobile embarked on a Prom/Graduation safety awareness program.

                                                 The Graduation campaign
                                                 was designed to target
                                                 high school and college
                                      students who would best respond to
                                      a message that relates to the pop
                                      culture way of communicating—Text
                                      Messaging! For those of you less
                                      aware of the lingo here’s what it
                                      says: DTRT (Do The Right Thing),
 GetMobile Congratulates              BFF (Best Friends Forever), PLZ
                                      (Please), DDAD (Don’t Drink And
    The Class of 2008!
                                      Drive). Our drivers have had lots
                                      of thumbs up from passersby on the
          The Prom Campaign
          was a result of
          overhearing a
young woman with her mother
shopping for a prom dress.
She was stressing about all
of the “things” she needed
to accomplish in time for
prom. It occurred to us
that the list was top of
mind so why not attach the
message to it. This cam-
paign has received many
looks of acknowledgement.
                                                                                                    Page 5

 GetMobile is helping to get the word out about two very important causes
                         in our community that could use your support

 The Ryan McElroy Children's Cancer Foundation is a non-profit
 organization founded by the family and friends of Ryan McElroy
 who lost his life on this earth to cancer just shy of his 5th birth-
 day. It was the bravery and determination that inspired us to con-
 tinue his courageous battle to fight this devastating disease. It is
 the Foundation's mission to raise funds to support the children
 living in our community who are afflicted by cancer and other life
 threatening diseases by improving the quality of life for them and
 their families while they courageously battle these devastating

 The Ryan McElroy Children's Cancer Foundation
 198 Route 22
 Pawling, NY 12564


Ryan McElroy Golf Tournament DATE CHANGED
TO MONDAY, SEPT. 22, 2008
18 Holes of Golf with Cart                                                A June 9th Benefit was Held
                                                                          for Sean “Seamus” Murphy at
11:00am check-in 12:30pm Tee Off $175/golfer
                                                                          Ruges in Rhinebeck to help
4 person scramble Call for info: 845-242-1733
                                                                          raise money for this young
                                                                          family. Please contact Jeff
                                                                          Walsh if you can help out.

                                                    Sean "Seamus" Murphy, a 3rd grader at Chancellor
                                                    Livingston Elementary School in Rhinebeck, was just
                                                    diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is being
                                                    treated at Westchester Medical Center.

                                                     Anything anyone can do to support this young family will truly be
                                                     appreciated. All proceeds go to Sean Murphy, via this Kids with
                                                     Cancer benefit. Contact Jeff Walsh at Ruge's/845-876-1057/
                                                     Rhinebeck if you missed the benefit but still would like to help.
                                New Web Address for GetMobile


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                  Green Tips For The Spring Cleaning

 If you use mothballs, consider replacing them with a more natural alterna-
 tive. Try cheesecloth-wrapped cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, or whole cloves.

 Let your houseplants do the cleaning! Some houseplants—such as Boston
 ferns, English ivy, rubber plants, and peace lilies—can help clean your indoor air
 by absorbing toxic chemicals.

 Eat a local diet. Grow your own food and support local farmers, natural food
 stores, and food co-ops. You’ll save money, eat quality foods, create local jobs,
 and increase farmlands. You’ll also reduce transportation costs from shipping
 food. The Farmer’s Markets are now open!

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