General installation references for domestic and bulk water meters by axe11963


									General installation references for
domestic and bulk water meters

This installation references is intended for     Installation instructions                           Calming sections
trained personnel and therefore does not         – Thoroughly flush out the pipes before             A straight calming section of pipe with the
include basic work steps.                           installing the meter.                            same nominal diameter as the meter must
In addition national laws, regulations and       – If the water is soiled, fit the strainer in the   be fitted before and after Woltmann meters.
technical rules should be paid attention to.        pipe before the meter                            The length of this pipe section must be at
Possible alternative or additional references    – Install the meter in a frostproof position         least 3 times the nominal diameter.
regarding to various meter types are to be          at the lowest possible point of the              No calming section is necessary after WPV
preferred to general references.                    installation to avoid air accumulating.          meters.
                                                 – Install the water meter in the approved           A calming section of 5 D is necessary if the
Important:                                          installation position.                           pipe elbows are fitted before the meter.
– The seal on the meter must not be              – Position the meter with the arrow mark
  damaged! A damaged seal immediately               in the correct direction of water flow.          No calming section is necessary if domestic
  invalidates the factory warranty and           – The water meter must be installed in              water meters (single-jet, multi-jet and piston
  calibration.                                      the pipe without mechanical stress.              meters) will be used.
– Make sure you select the correct meter         – Seals must not protrude into the pipe.
  type, nominal load and temperature and         – On completion of installation, fill the pipe      Marker
  pressure range.                                   slowly to prevent pressure shocks                According to the possible installation there is
  Particulary the approved installation             damaging the measuring insert.                   a mark on the meter.
  directions has to be observe.                  – The water meter must always be filled             – Marker H:
                                                    full with water.                                    installation horizontal only
Transport and storage                            – The meter must be protected against               – Marker H/V or without marker:
– Water meters are precision devices and            pressure shocks in the pipe.                        installation horizontal and vertical
   must be protected against impact and                                                                 possible
   vibration!                                    Maintenance
– Water meters should always be handled          The meter is maintenance free under normal          The marker (horizontal or vertical) is related
   only on the meter housing and should not      operating conditions.                               to the orientation of the meter counter. An
   be carried by either the lid or cable.                                                            installtion „overhead“ is not allowed, except
– Store meters in a frost-free place.                                                                for some specially meters.
– If a risk of frosts exists, empty the system
   and, if necessary, remove the meter.

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