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									                               Factors in Accepting a Job Offer
It can be confusing to determine what job offer is best for you, especially if this is your first "real job" out
of college. Listed below are aspects of a career or job choice that can make the difference between your
satisfaction and dissatisfaction in a position. Consider each factor below in relation to your personal
preferences and needs. In addition, use the resources listed on the Career Help section of the ICC
website (http://icc.ucdavis.edu) such as the Labor Market/Salary reports to help you find additional
information about an industry or occupation. You can also talk to an adviser at the Internship & Career
Center (ICC) for further discussion. The more information you have, the better decision you can make
for yourself. Good luck!

                                                                                    Offer #1

                                                                                               Offer #2

                                                                                                          Offer #3
   Indicate with a “+” or “–“ sign whether an occupation                satisfies
                    your preferences for each factor.
 Advancement Opportunities
 -What are my chances of moving up in the field or organization?
 -What is the typical way to advance?                                                                                +
 -Am I willing and able to do what it takes to advance?
 -What are the usual hours? Is it Full-time or part-time? Include weekends?
 Interests                                                                                                           +
 -Would I like this type of work enough to make it a career?

 License Requirements
 -Are certificates or licenses required?
 -Can I qualify for them?                                                                                            N/A
 Outlook for the Job
 -What are my chances for finding work in this field in the future?
 -Are there many job openings now? Where are they?                                                                   +
 -Will I be competitive?
 Physical Capability                                                                                                 +
 -Am I physically able to do this kind of work?

 -Do I possess the skills and abilities needed to enter the occupation? --Could I
 develop them? Would I enjoy using these skills?                                                                     +
 Tasks Performed
 -What tasks are performed in the job?
 -Would I be primarily working with people, information, or things?
           Is that what I want to do?                                                                                +
 -Are these the kind of people I like to help, serve, or be around?
 Training and Education
 -Am I willing and able to get the training required?
 -Do I have the time and money needed for training/education?                                                        +

 -Is this work compatible with my life priorities?
 -Will this kind of work help me reach my long-range goals?                                                          +
 -What salary does an entry level person in the position earn?
 -Is there potential for higher earnings later?
 -What is the organization's policies for financial promotions?                                                        -
 -What kind of benefits does the offer include? Vacation? Sick leave?
 Financial Need (calculate your Financial Needs in step #4 or see next form )
 -Will I earn enough to cover my living expenses & bills every month?                                                 +
 Work Setting
 -Where would I work? Is this a setting I would like?
 -What are the conditions (indoors/outdoors, noisy, etc?)                                                            +

 Results: Total the number of positive responses (+) for each offer under                                            10
 consideration. Which offer is the best match for you?
                              Factors in Accepting a Job Offer
                                  Financial Needs Assessment
This exercise identifies your current financial needs. Will the job you are considering cover your
financial needs AND the taxes you’ll need to pay every month?

Expense                                                       Cost / Month
Rent or mortgage                                              $
Electricity                                                   $
Home gas and water                                            $
Telephone/cell phone                                          $
Home insurance                                                $
Cable/satellite                                               $
Car payment                                                   $
Car insurance                                                 $
Gasoline                                                      $
Car maintenance                                               $
Food (restaurants, etc.)                                      $
Food (at home)                                                $
Household supplies                                            $
Clothing and footwear                                         $
Self-care (haircuts, makeup)                                  $
Entertainment                                                 $
Laundry/dry cleaning                                          $
Medical (doctor visits, meds)                                 $
Medical/life insurance                                        $
Debt and loan payments                                        $
Child support/alimony, etc.                                   $
Savings                                                       $
Miscellaneous                                                 $
Total Expenses                                                $
Taxes (Total Expenses X 1.175)      $

(This formula works if you are in the 15% tax bracket.
For other brackets or an explanation of this formula, select Texas Job Hunter’s Guide at

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