Oracle Database 10g Advanced PLSQL by axe11963


									                                   Oracle Database 10g: Advanced PL/SQL
                                                                                                                                     Course Outlines

Oracle Database 10g: Advanced PL/SQL                                                                                                Days of Training: 2
Overview                                            Lesson 1: Introduction                                 Lesson 6: PL/SQL Server Pages
                                                                Course objectives                                        Define embedding PL/SQL code in
  In this course, students learn how                            The Oracle complete solution                             Web pages (PL/SQL Server
  to use the advanced features of                               Course agenda                                            Pages)
                                                                Tables and data used for this course                     Describe the format of a PL/SQL
  PL/SQL in order to design and                                                                                          Server Page
  tune PL/SQL to interface with the                 Lesson 2: PL/SQL Programming                                         Write the code and content for the
  database and other applications in                           Concepts Review                                           PL/SQL Server Page
                                                                Identify PL/SQL block structure                          Load the PL/SQL Server Page into
  the most efficient manner. Using                              Create procedures                                        the database as a stored
  advanced features of program                                  Create functions                                         procedure
                                                                Create packages                                          Run a PL/SQL Server Page via a
  design, packages, cursors,                                    Use cursors                                              URL
  extended interface methods, and                               Handle exceptions                                        Debug PL/SQL Server Page
  collections, students learn how to                            Understand dependencies                                  problems
                                                                Identify the Oracle supplied packages
  write powerful PL/SQL programs.                                                                          Lesson 7: Fine Grained Access
                                                    Lesson 3: Design Considerations
  Programming efficiency, use of                                List the different guidelines for cursor              Control
  external C and Java routines,                                 design                                                   Understand how fine-grained
                                                                Describe cursor variables                                access control works overall
  PL/SQL server pages, and fine-                                                                                         Describe the features of fine-
                                                                Pass cursor variables as program
  grained access are covered.                                   parameters                                               grained access control
                                                                Compare cursor variables to static                       Describe an application context
Prerequisites                                                   cursors                                                  Set up a logon trigger
                                                                                                                         View the results
• Oracle Database 10g: Program with                             Describe the predefined data types
                                                                                                                         Query the dictionary views holding
                                                                Create subtypes based on existing
  PL/SQL                                                        types for an application                                 information on fine-grained access

At Course Completion                                Lesson 4: Collections                                  Lesson 8: Performance and Tuning
                                                                Describe and use nested tables                           Tune PL/SQL code
Upon successful completion of this                                                                                       Write smaller executable sections
                                                                Describe and use varrays
course, students will be able to:                               Describe and use associative arrays                      of code
• Design PL/SQL packages and                                    Describe and use string indexed                          Compare SQL to PL/SQL on
  program units that execute efficiently.                       collections
                                                                                                                         Understand how bulk binds can
• Write code to interface with external                         Describe and use nested collections
                                                                Write PL/SQL programs that use                           improve performance
  applications and the operating                                collections                                              Handle exceptions with the
                                                                                                                         FORALL syntax
  system.                                                       Describe the common collection
                                                                                                                         Identify data type and constraint
• Create PL/SQL applications that use                           exceptions and how to code for them
                                                                Compare associative arrays to                            issues
  collections.                                                  collections                                              Recognize network issues
• Write and tune PL/SQL code                                                                               Lesson 9: Analyzing PL/SQL Code
                                                    Lesson 5: Advanced Interface Methods
  effectively to maximize performance.                          Execute external C routines from                         Use the supplied packages and
• Implement a virtual private database                          PL/SQL                                                   dictionary views to find coding
                                                                Understand the benefits of external                      information
  with fine-grained access control.                                                                                      dbms_describe supplied package
• Perform code analysis to find                                 Publish the external C routine in the                    Use supplied packages to find
  program ambiguities, test, trace, and                         PL/SQL code                                              error information
                                                                                                                         Trace PL/SQL programs using the
  profile PL/SQL code.                                          Execute a PL/SQL routine that calls
                                                                                                                         dbms_trace supplied packageq
                                                                the external C routine
                                                                Execute Java routines from PL/SQL                        Read and interpret the trace
                                                                Publish the Java class method by                         information
                                                                creating the PL/SQL subprogram unit                      Profile PL/SQL programs using the
                                                                specification that references the Java                   dbms_profiler supplied package
                                                                class method                                             Read and interpret the profiler
                                                                Execute the PL/SQL subprogram that                       information
                                                                invokes the Java class method

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