Bible Fellowship Church Membership Application Form by axe11963


									   Bible Fellowship Church Membership Application Form
Fill out and return the following information:
I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord, and desire to become an
active member and support the ministries of this church. Therefore I hereby apply for
First & Last Name:                                                      Date of Birth:

Home Phone:                           Work Phone*:                         Cell Phone*:

Address:                                        City:                                Postal Code:

E-Mail*:                                                Occupation:

Marital Status:  Single  Married  Divorced            Widowed        Remarried

Church previously attended (name of church & City/Prov):

*If available and applicable.

     Family Members in Your Current
              Household                                      Relationship                   Birthdate

Please write out your personal testimony of how you came to Christ on the back.
Have you been baptized (date)?                            If not, do you wish to be?  Yes     No
What way(s) do you desire to serve within our church family (based on your interests, abilities, gifts, and

Have you attended The Newcomers Class?  Yes  No
 I am willing to participate in this class the next time it is held.
 Note: Our church's Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws make no allowance for membership
 transfers. Please submit a separate Membership Application form for each individual applying for
 membership to the church office. An Elder will contact you to arrange a time for a membership

Membership Application Form – Jan 14 2009
Personal Testimony of:

When and how did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior?

I have read the Constitution of Bible Fellowship Assembly, Article 3 – Statement of Faith and Article 4 -
Covenant of Membership, and am in full agreement with them in both word and spirit. As a member of
this church, I will abide by these documents, and seek to fulfill the membership responsibilities to the
best of my ability, and will endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities to the Lord and to His work.

Signature                                                                    Date
Please turn this form (and the back page with your testimony) into the church office at 767 Landslide Rd
Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 6J8 Within 1-4 weeks you will be contacted by one of the elders who will set up
an interview to hear your testimony (i.e. personal story) of how you came to put your personal faith in
the Lord Jesus Christ. Following the successful completion of this interview you will be recommended
for membership at the next congregational meeting.

                                             Office Use Only

Interview by Elder Team ____/____/____

Elder Team Recommendation:

Congregational Affirmation ____/____/____

Membership Application Form – Jan 14 2009

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