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Bibis gifts


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									   tmiToday                                                WEB EXTR AS • SUMMER 2009

                                Bibi’s gifts
                                B y C I n Dy S C H n E I D,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Two TMI faculty
                                                                                                                                                                                   members recently
                                Director of Public Relations and Financial Aid                                                                                                     were honored for
Outdoor clay                                                      Before she left TMI for her home                                                                                 efforts above and
    The Clay House is                                        in Afghanistan, Bibi (a pseudonym                                                                                     beyond their teach-
the newest addition to                                       for her safety) had several tasks she                                                                                 ing duties. English
TMI’s Fine Arts facilities,                                  wished to complete. The first was                                                                                     Department Head
offering a new covered                                       to plant a tree as a lasting gift to the                                                                              Kay Parke, above,
outdoor work space for                                       school that had embraced her during           seeing American soldiers, but her contact with them was lim-            received an award
art classes. Completed          her year of study here. Bibi’s Friendship Tree now stands at the           ited. With the assistance of Tres Kleberg ’60, above, a civilian        for Outstanding
over the summer, the            top of the amphitheater. As the years go by, its branches will             aide to the Army who has served as a yES host parent, Bibi’s            Community Organi-
covered deck “opens up          grow, providing shade for generations of TMI students.                     final wish was granted.                                                 zation in May at the
a space for students to            Bibi also enjoyed developing her artistic talents while at TMI.             Tres was one of the adults who accompanied Bibi when                north Side School
work outside,” says art         She designed an original artwork and presented it to TMI Head-             she met with Maj. John Meyer, Executive Officer, and Master             District Partnership
teacher Allan Rupe ’80,         master Jim Freeman. It now hangs in his office, a reminder of              Sgt. Antwan nicholson, noncommissioned Officer in Charge,               Awards, recogniz-
who envisions the space         the young girl with the huge smile and big dreams. She is the              both assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion at the War-           ing TMI’s Priceless
being used for outdoor          second student to attend TMI through the yES program, spon-                rior Family Support Center in San Antonio. Both men had                 People mentorship
sketching and technical         sored by the U.S. State Department to enhance understanding                served in Afghanistan and agreed to meet with Bibi. She                 program with Leon
theater projects, as well                                     between the United States and                expressed her appreciation for what they did to keep her                Springs Elementary
as by students in ceram-                                      countries with large Muslim popula-          safe from Taliban and learned that their mission was to train           School. The program,
ics classes, whose kiln                                       tions. Our first Afghan yES student,         Afghan soldiers to become a stabilizing influence.                      which marked its
                                                                                                                Photo courtesy Winfield little
and pottery wheels are                                        Roya, also donated a piece of art,               The journey from Bibi’s home to TMI was measured not only           fifth anniversary
housed nearby.                                                starting a lovely tradition.                 by miles, but by cultural, socioeconomic and religious markers          last year, matches
                                                                  Bibi, who hopes to become a              as well. Getting to know her was a valuable experience for our          students from both
                                journalist, also was interested in meeting with some Wounded               students, faculty and staff. After a year at home in Afghanistan,       schools who have
                                Warriors who had served in Afghanistan. She had grown up                   Bibi hopes to return to enter college in the United States.             been identified for
                                                                                                                                                                                   their leadership
Extreme make-                 Top fliers                               tive of San Antonio – whose                                                                                 teacher Claudia
over: Lab edition                 A former TMI headmaster              middle name is a nod to                                                                                     Clark, below,
    Students studying         reports that two alumni are              the air base where his pilot                                                                                received the Private
chemistry in 2009-2010        featured in the national Air             father was stationed – Scott                                                                                School Teacher of
will learn in a completely    and Space Museum, part of                is a graduate of San Antonio                                                                                the year Award in
renovated labora-             the Smithsonian Institution in           Academy who attended TMI                                                                                    June from the San
tory, built to optimal        Washington D.C.                          and completed high school                                                                                   Antonio Rotary Club
safety and educational            Mark D. Desjardins, Ph.D.,           in California after his father’s                                                                            at The Dominion.
standards. Judging from       who headed TMI from 1999 to              transfer.                                                                                                   Clark teaches Latin
photographs, the config-      2004 and is now headmaster                    During a July 23, 1971,                                                                                and Spanish at TMI,
uration of the chem lab,      of Holland Hall in Tulsa, Okla.,         “Dave Scott Day” visit to San                                                                               where she also
above, “hadn’t changed        visited the museum with his              Antonio, he was honored by                                                                                  serves as faculty
much since it was in Old      family earlier this year. “It was        both his local schools. Besides                                                                             sponsor for the Ju-
                                                                                                                                                 courtesy of sAn Antonio AcAdeMy
Main (on the former           with great pride,” he writes,            a welcome at his namesake                                                                                   nior Classical League,
Alamo Heights campus),”       “that we found that two                  base, a downtown parade and                          Met by a tMi honor guard, astronaut david r.           freshman-class form
says Science Department       TMI alums were part of the               ceremony at the Alamo, the                           scott ’49 touches down at san Antonio Acad-            leader, a student ad-
Chair Rob Friedrich. Dur-     exhibits.”                               astronaut made a dramatic                            emy during a 1971 ‘dave scott day.’                    visor and trip coordi-
ing the summer, the lab’s         One was the late David               helicopter landing on the                                                                                   nator for TMI Travel.
floors and plumbing were      Lee “Tex” Hill ’32 (TMI Today,           Academy campus and was                               rank of colonel and more than 5,600 hours of           She also was cited
replaced, and new state-      Summer 2008), a decorated                met by a TMI saber guard.                            flying time.                                           for her participation
of-the-art lab benches        pilot in the Flying Tigers/                   For his nASA service               Scott also has served as technical consultant on several films,     in projects of TMI’s
were installed, including     American Volunteer Group                 in the Gemini and Apollo            including Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13,” HBO’s series “From the Earth        chapter of InterAct,
one compliant with the        and commander of the first jet           programs, Scott earned two          to the Moon” and on the Tom Hanks IMAX film, “Magnificent               a Rotary-sponsored
Americans with Disabili-      unit in the Army Air Force.              Distinguished Service medals        Desolation.”                                                            youth community
ties Act. A mobile fume           The other was David                  and an Exceptional Service              Says Desjardins, “It was with great admiration and a large          service organization
hood that can be used in      Randolph Scott ’49, Apollo               Medal, as well as many Air          dose of patriotism that I pointed out these names and stories to        and for serving twice
other classrooms replaces     15 commander and the first               Force honors for his service        my sons and my father. (The displays are) a wonderful tribute to        as a host parent
three older built-in units,   astronaut to drive a surface             as a test pilot. He retired from    TMI and her legacy of producing servant-leaders who really have         for Rotary youth
and an instructor’s lab       vehicle on the moon. A na-               the Air Force in 1975 with the      impacted how our nation has evolved.”                                   Exchange students.
bench was removed,
“because we don’t teach
by demonstration any-         Middle passages
more,” says Friedrich. The
new lab features more         B y WA LT E R S P E n C E R ,
floor space and individual    Middle School Division Head
work stations to accom-
modate more students              Middle School traditions mingled
than before. With the new     with innovations last year. The                coinciding with the Corps’ retreat
configuration, instructors    Middle School Science Challenge                to Camp Bullis, evolved into Green
will have a more effective    celebrated its 20th anniversary, led           Day, when the entire civilian student
line of sight and increased   by science teacher Leland Goertz,              body joined together to construct
walk-through space.           who has been involved with the                 TMI’s new nature Center.                       Good fit
The new lab, below, was       hands-on learning event since its                  The Middle School also marked                  Last year, TMI students completed more
designed by Friedrich         inception. Repeats of our retreats to          some firsts. Under the guidance of             than 680 hours of community service, says
and retiring chemistry        Camp Capers, Friday-night football             band director Michael Palermo,                 Kathy Walsh, coordinator of the school’s
teacher Roger Kramer          tailgaters, Middle School dances,              the first-ever Middle School Band              chapter of Interact, a Rotary-sponsored youth
in collaboration with lab     Peer Mentor lunches and Wednesday              performed twice with the Middle                service organization.
suppliers VWR.                family-style meals were once again a           School Choir, newly resurrected                    Members collected food for Hill Country
                              tremendous success.                            after an almost 10-year hiatus. Most           Daily Bread, worked on a Habitat for Humanity
                                  We also expanded some events               significantly, we had our first Middle         house, took part in the Susan G. Komen Race for
                              to include more of the TMI commu-              School chapel service, a time dedi-            the Cure, raised funds for the American Heart
                              nity. Last year, the Science Challenge         cated to imparting a message to                Association with a Heart to Heart Ball, collected
                              enlisted the assistance of freshman            students in grades 6-8. Through this           prom dresses, above, for girls in a peer mentor-
                              physics classes to aid us in testing           chapel, we’re able to create more of           ing program at the Good Samaritan Center and
                              project theories. Our annual on-               our own identity and to grow stron-            made dinner at a Ronald McDonald House.
                              campus Community Service Day,                  ger as a “school within a school.”                 In 2009-2010, the number of hours is ex-           Spirit
 Who’s who                                                                                                                  pected to rise, as TMI launches a new require-         scavenger hunt
     Dave Knapp ’58,                                                                                                        ment of two community-service activities a                 Take a quiz on
 left, catches up at Home-                                                                                                  year for students in grades 9-12. Students may         the contents of this
 coming‘08 with retired                                                                                                     participate in an InterAct project, volunteer          page to compete for
 teacher Virgil Espino,                                                                                                     with the Green Club or Panther Animal Welfare          the Panther Pride
 Walter Sims ’58 and                                                                                                        Society, clean science labs or work the scoring        Package of TMI spirit
 George M. Martin ’58.                                                                                                      table at middle-school athletic events.                items. The reader
                                                                                                                                The new requirement will help students live        who sends the first
                                                                                                                            the mission of TMI, says Walsh: “Encouraging           all-correct response
                                                                                                                            and modeling servant leadership is at the heart        to p.allen@tmi-sa.
                                                                                                                            of what we do as a school and who we are as a          org wins the pack-
                                                                                                                            community.”                                            age.
                                                                                                                                                                                   1. How many years
                                                                                                                                                                                   has TMI had a
                                                                                                                                                                                   Middle School Sci-
                                                                                                                                                                                   ence Challenge?
                                                        Speaking of TMI                                               tions and distribute admissions material during the          2. Which country is
                                                            At Episcopal congregations in the Diocese of              Sunday School or fellowship period.                          home to TMI’s yES
                                                        West Texas, TMI is becoming part of the Sunday-                   “The trustees’ visits make the churches of the           program students?
                                                        morning message.                                              diocese feel as if they are part of the TMI community        3. What subject will
                                                            Members of the school’s Board of Trustees are mid-        and vice versa,” says Dirk P. Mosis III, executive direc-    be taught in the
                                                        way through a three-year plan to visit every church in        tor of the Board of Trustees. “This is the essence of        classroom remod-
                                                        of the diocese, providing information about its flagship      our ambassadorship role.”                                    eled over the sum-
                                                        school – the only one to offer grades nine through 12,            Most recently, trustees have brought TMI to the          mer?
                                                        as well as a boarding program.                                attention of members of Christ Church, St. David’s, St.      4. How many hours
                                                            At the request of the Rt. Rev. Gary Lillibridge,          Margaret’s and St. Philip’s, San Antonio; St. Chris-         of community
                                                        bishop of West Texas, trustees will visit all 91 West         topher’s, Bandera; St. Mark’s, San Marcos; and St.           service did TMI stu-
                                                        Texas congregations. They give a brief overview of            Stephen’s, Wimberley.                                        dents perform last
                                                        TMI’s mission during the announcements period of                  Alumni in the areas of each parish also are              year?
                                                        the service and remain on hand to answer ques-                contacted to join trustees at these informational ses-       5. Who are the
                                                                                                                      sions. not for Episcopalians only, this opportunity is       teachers who won
                                                        trustee ernest Brown iV answers questions about tMi           open to all alums who’d like to share their enthusi-         awards recently?
                                                        during a visit to christ episcopal church in san Antonio.     asm for their alma mater with interested families.

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