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                    INDEPENDENT STUDY
                                                    Credit: 3
                                    Class Hours: Independent

Independent Study Material

       Marshfield Campus
      2600 West Fifth Street
      Marshfield, WI 54449
          715 387-2538

    Instructor: Diane G. Wolf
715 389-7022 Office phone number)
                                 Marshfield Campus
                        2600 West Fifth Street Marshfield, WI 54449
                                   715 387-2538


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                                Business Math Applications
                                       Independent Study

Welcome! You are enrolling in the challenging, yet rewarding, Business Math Applications
course. I am your instructor, Diane Wolf. Feel free at anytime to contact me via phone
(715.389.7022); e-mail (; or by visiting me on the Marshfield campus
(2600 West Fifth Street, Marshfield).

All assignments and quizzes must be submitted by May 11, 2010.

All assignments must be turned in to me for correcting, prior to putting your topic exams in the
Marshfield library or Stevens Point campus.


Business Math Applications develop math skills required in business including percentages, bank
statements, taxes and commission calculations. Problem solving and mathematical skills are
utilized in areas of negotiable instruments, discounting, insurance, depreciation, interest
computations, investments and statistics.


Slater, Jeffrey, Practical Business Math Procedures, 8th ed., Irwin McGraw/Hill, 2006.
Powerpoint slides for each chapter are available at my Faculty web link on MSTC’s home page.

The learning concepts covered in this course include:


   □    Works productively
   □    Learns effectively
   □    Communicates clearly with supervisor and others
   □    Works cooperatively with others
   □    Acts responsibly
   □    Thinks critically and creatively
   □    Works as a team member
   □    Demonstrates confidentiality


   1. Apply basic computational skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
   2. Analyze and solve word problems related to business applications.
   3. Convert decimals, fractions, and percents.
   4. Solve equations for the unknown.
   5. Utilize and create business charts, financial statements, and graphs in order to interpret
      and solve financial transactions.
   6. Apply formulas related to business applications.
   7. Round numbers to proper (or indicated) place.
LECTURE AVAILABILITY: this class is also taught in person and I post my lecture notes
(PowerPoint format) on my web page under Business Math applications. I would encourage you
to review this information.

   Apply pricing/payment strategies to buying and selling.
   Calculate business payrolls.
   Apply simple and compound interest rules.
   Calculate the cost of buying on credit and home mortgages.
   Analyze and compare financial reports.
   Estimate depreciation for financial reporting.
   Apply specific methods of valuing inventory.
   Calculate sales and property taxes.
   Compute insurance premiums, payments, and refunds.
   Calculate terms and costs associated with stocks and bonds.
   Analyze and graph business statistics.

Business Division students are expected to maintain and promote the highest standards of
personal honesty and professional integrity. These standards apply to all examinations, assigned
work, and projects. Therefore, a student who is found to have been dishonest (fraudulent, or
deceptive in the completion of work or is willing to help others to be so), or who plagiarizes
(presents the work of others as his or her own), is subject to the disciplinary action up to and
including suspension.

If you know you have a recognized disability, or suspect that you might have one, it is your
responsibility to identify yourself as soon as possible to the Disability Services staff in Student
Affairs. Course standards will not be lowered, but various kinds of accommodations are
available to you. Adequate and reasonable time will be required to develop and provide
appropriate accommodations. It is MSTC’s goal to assist you in your educational plan.

Five exams will make up the majority of the course grade. All exams must be completed after the
Practice Summary Tests (at the end of each chapter, starting with #7) have been submitted to
your instructor. The exams will be available in the Marshfield Mid-State Technical College
library (open Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
or at the front desk in Stevens Point. Students may use the Business Math Handbook (for tables)
and a calculator on exams. Your personal folder will be kept at the secretary’s desk in Room 104
to review graded assignments. All exams must be passed at a minimum of 76 percent (38 out of
50 points) accuracy. If a student fails to achieve this standard, one opportunity to retake the exam
will be allowed. This retake will be graded at 90 percent of value achieved. Retakes must be
taken within ten calendar days of the original test date.

Practice Summary Tests after each chapter will also count towards your grade. Each Practice
Summary Test will have a value of five points (total value of 80 points). No credit will be given
unless all work is submitted with answers.

                Grade   Requirement

                 A      313 – 330 points

                 A-     297 – 312 points

                 B+     287 – 296 points

                 B      273 – 286 points

                 B-     265 – 272 points

                 C+     254 – 263 points

                 C      240 – 253 points

                 C-     231 – 239 points

                 D+     221 – 230 points

                 D      200 – 220 points

                 F      Below 200 points
Name _____________________________

                            BUSINESS MATH APPLICATIONS


Chapter 7     Trade and Cash Discounts (5 points)              __________
Chapter 8     Markups and Markdowns (5 points)                 __________
Chapter 9     Payroll (5 points)                               __________
Exam I        (50 Points)                                      __________

Chapter 10    Simple Interest (5 points)                       __________
Chapter 11    Promissory Notes, Simple Discount Notes,
              Interest-Bearing Notes (5 points)                __________
Chapter 12    Compound Interest and Present Value (5 points)   __________
Chapter 13    Annuities and Sinking Funds (5 points)           __________
Exam 2        (50 points)                                      __________

Chapter 14    Installment Buying (5 points)                    __________
Chapter 15    Home Ownership (5 points)                        __________
Exam 3        (50 points)                                      __________

Chapter 16    Financial Reports (5 points)                     __________
Chapter 17    Depreciation (5 points)                          __________
Chapter 18    Inventory and Overhead (5 points)                __________
Exam 4        (50 points)                                      __________

Chapter 19    Taxes (5 points)                                 __________
Chapter 20    Insurance (5 points)                             __________
Chapter 21    Stocks and Bonds (5 points)                      __________
Chapter 22    Business Statistics (5 points)                   __________
Exam 5        (50 points)                                      __________

Total                                                          __________