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					                             35+ Singles Club Newsletter
                                    January 2008
 The 35+ Singles Club is a private, non-profit, social, supportive and charitable corporation
      for single people 35 years of age or over, www.singlesdanceclubanchorage.org

January Dances
1/5-Western (casual, jeans n’ boots); 1/12-Winter Wonderland; 1/19-Annual Meeting &
Election; celebrate birthdays (sing, cake); 1/26-Roaring Twenties (dress to theme--get $2 off)

February Dances
2/2-Super Bowl (wear your team shirt); 2/9-Valentine Ball; 2/16-Regular; 2/23-Beach Party (theme night)

Happy January Birthday
Cynthia Kersten, Dave Starkweather, Linda Adams, John Bywater, Cherie Anderson, Bill Streiff, Lou Anne
Maxwell, Harlen Adkinson, Lori MacGregor, Sean Devlin, Grace Frier, Bill Mauk, Patricia Johnsen, Ken
Jones, Vera Stepsics, Nicoale Von Frischi, Hilary Hardwick, Dan Walter, Betsy Cooper, Bill Tannenbaum,
Velez Ransom, Tom Crader, Mee Chong Collins, Greg Duran, Donna Delancey, Herb Garnto, Mary Ellen
Gordian, Bruce Duffy, Mary Jacks, Oscar Johnson, Carol Huber, Steve Rada, Rose Steiner, Eric Schauer,
Margaret Petersen You are entitled to one night’s FREE admission during your birthday month.

Club Mission Statement
In the spirit of camaraderie and community responsibility, the 35+ Singles Dance Club of
Anchorage, Alaska, seeks to bring together adult singles over the age of thirty five years for the
enjoyment of dancing, friendship, and social interaction. We welcome those who enter our club
with goodwill. As a non-profit organization, we promote and contribute to our community and
the well being of our members (2007 Board of Directors).

Dance Lesson
January will be Cha Cha. Lessons are FREE to members and taught by Charlotte Metcalfe, prior to weekly
dances, 7:00-8:00p.m. No lessons prior to our Annual Meeting-Election January 19, 2008.

From the President
A year ago, club members “adopted” 14 single male soldiers, ages 19-26, all serving in Iraq. We
sent them packages throughout 2007. On Thursday, December 17 at AmVets Post #2 during our
once-a-month get together, Crissy Ditmore, our contact for the engineering troop, presented the
35+ Singles Club members with a thank you plaque that contained a group photo of the guys we
had adopted in 2007. We met 2 of them that night, Tyler Berliner, 23, and Frank Palestini, 26.
Lelani King, age 5, sang “America the Beautiful” for them. Everyone sang “God Bless the USA”
together in their honor. All 14 men made it back to the USA. Welcome home, and thank you!
                                                                               Sincerely, Rosie
Insurance Available
American Income Life Insurance Co.’s specialty is large groups or companies. They are located
at 700 W. 41ST Ave, Suite #101, Anchorage, AK 99503. Contact Dale Kuntz, 561-0036 or
Darrell Barnett at 1(866) 413-7648 with questions. The company has various plans to offer club
members, and their extended families. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits are FREE
to members of this club (you must mail in the beneficiary card).
nIn Case of an Emergency
Please notice where our club’s two exits are located. Anticipate your exit, and how you might
help others in the process. People in the front half (stage) of the hall would exit by the building’s
back door. People in the back half (lobby) of the hall would exit through the front or the main
door of the building. The Sheraton Hotel lobby is our evacuation site if the need arises. Rest
assured that MANY of our members have extensive medical training.

Congratulations to Carrie Gold and Doug Redman on their recent engagement. Get well
wishes to Henry Ahumada, Wilbur Mattoon, and Betsy Cooper. Congratulations to Judy
Brady on her retirement! Members on the Annual Election Committee for 2008 are: Cindy
Steen, “Chip” Cox, Carol Marvel, Rick Coates, Debi McDonald, and Joe Shaw, Chair.

Thank You to Our Members
To those who helped with Saturday night cuisine during December: Della Hills, Josette Lightsey, Debi
McDonald, Wendy Pryor, Carol Huber, Joe Shaw, Byron Coatney (donated the turkey), Elsie Sexton,
Jeanette & Ken Folmar, Joyce Goeres; to Dave Pasold for making the rope barrier for the club bar; to
Whadan “Kim” McKay for donating $100 for veterans in need (“Red” Terrill will handle the matter); to
Cindy Jaranson for donating 2 tickets to the museum; to those who sing each month (3rd Saturday) for the
birthday party celebration--Sharon Webb, Rolando Bellon, Winico Martinez, Charles “Chip” Cox,
David Britz, Joe Shaw, Vince Staregowski, Cheryl Bethel, Sig Langnes; to Betty Meyer for being our
webmaster and creator of birthday cards for members, to those who worked the December raffle: Kristy
Gray, Bonnie Wright, Jane Moe, Norma & Leo Hannan; to those who donated to the December raffle:
Charlotte Metcalfe, Alice Wright, Mary & John Litterer, Dot Tideman; Cindy Jaranson; to those who
pick up our free ice at the Country Kitchen; to Eric Schauer, Elsie Sexton, Steve Rada, Denise Knapp,
and Al Sundquist for handling weekly recycling ($$ goes for coffee for veterans); to our decorators/set up
crew for December dances (Fri. 4:00p.m. & Sat. 6:00p.m.pre-dance): Cindy Steen, Gordon Spidle,
Wendy Pryor, John Greiff, Linda Lundstrom, Michael Perry, Cheryl Bethel, Patrick Carnevale,
Betty Meyer, James Anderson, Norma Hannan, Billie Bergstrom, Jan Warner, Lee Wilson, Audrey
Wright, Byron Coatney, Carol Huber, Rosie Stauffer, Leo Hannan, Joyce Goeres, Elsie Sexton, and
granddaughter, Lisa Mead; to those who consistently stay to clean up at the end of our dances--Eric
Schauer, Wendy Pryor, Steve Rada, Susan Piakak, Bill Simmons, Kim McKay, Byron Coatney,
Sharon Webb, Joe Shaw, Rosie Stauffer; Elsie Sexton (and daughter Susan); to our December
bartenders: Elsie Sexton, John Greiff, Rosie Stauffer, Marie Motschman; to those who have washed
dishes after our dinner: Della Hills, Wilbur Mattoon, Sharon Webb, Denise Knapp, Joe Shaw, James
Anderson; to Eric Schauer for delivering any leftover food to Safe Harbor Inn after our dances; to check
in people--Nancy Danford, Kristy Gray, Wendy Pryor, Linda Lundstrom, Rosie Stauffer; to door
greeters: Ron Black, Becky Brock, Maria Bartholemew, John Michaelis, Tom Smyth, Donna Schelin,
Marti Barnard, Audrey Wright, Vince Staregowski, Michael Perry, Billie Bergstrom, Carol Huber,
Sharon Webb, Patrick Carnevale, Sharon Lake, Joe Shaw, Cindy Steen, Rick Coates, Byron
Coatney, Betty Meyer, and Wendy Pryor; SPECIAL THANKS to the Day’s Inn of Anchorage for the
use of their parking lot each week for our dances and for a discount on our hotel rooms after our New
Years’ Eve dance. THANK YOU to those donating prizes for our New Year’s Eve Ball:
Granny B’s Cafe, Cattle Company, Eddie’s Sports Bar, Horse & Carriage Rides, Sac’s
Thrift Ave, Alice Wright (her children’s book), Dot Tideman (her art prints), ABC
Motorhomes (3nights), Country Kitchen, Eureka Lodge (2 nights w/ snowmachining)

2007 Dance Attendance
Jan. 6--156, Western; Jan. 13--157, Campaign Night; Jan. 20--137, Election Night; Feb. 3--123, Super
Bowl; Feb. 10--132--Valentine Sweetheart Ball; Mar. 17-163, St. Patrick’s Dance; Mar.24--142,
Western Night; April 7--128, Easter; April 28--126, Prom Night; May 5--128, Cinco de Mayo; May 12-
-130, Mother’s Day; June 17--120, Father’s Day; July 7--130, Regular; July 14--121, Crazy Hat/Tie;
Aug. 11--123, School Daze; Aug. 25--125, Hawaiian Luau; Sept. 22--138, Autumn Equinox Apple
Dance; Oct. 20--130, Western; Oct. 27--145, Halloween Costume Ball; Nov. 10--176, Honor Veterans
Night; Nov.17--144, Thanksgiving; Nov. 24--141, Snowflake Ball; Dec. 22--141, Holiday Dinner
Dance; Dec. 31--118, New Year’s Eve Ball Total members for 2007: 531

The Raffle
Your purchase of raffle tickets supports on-going donations to these charities: St. Jude’s, Beans Café,
Victims for Justice, AWAIC, Special Olympics, Intervention Hotline, Food Bank, STAR, American Lung
Association, Covenant House, Kids Kitchen, Anchorage Domiciliary (veterans in rehabilitation), Safe
Harbor Inn, Women’s Run for Breast Cancer research; prostate cancer research, Gospel Rescue Mission,
Light the Night (blood cancers, phone cards (troops)

Club Community Service
Our club: 1) will be working with children at Fairview Recreation Center (3:30-8:00p.m., homework,
computers; reading/writing/math, eating dinner/social skills, indoor sports/games); 2) collects (ongoing)
men's clothing--coats, sweaters, warm hats, gloves, socks, dress pants, shirts, suits/sports jackets--given to
homeless veterans, those living at the Anchorage Domiciliary ( rehab facility), and those who qualify for the
Dress for Success ready-to-work program; 3) recycles (ongoing) glass, cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans;
4) serves meals at Beans Café; 5) will be visiting veterans in hospitals; 6) will be adopting one of our
member’s 2 sons and a daughter in law--that will be serving in Iraq (no addresses yet); 7) collects used
postage stamps (for veterans who are stamp collectors); 8) makes patriotic mementos presented to veterans
on vets night; 9) collects women’s ready-for-work clothing for the Women’s Resource Center; 10) members
make home/hospital visits, cook meals, provide transportation for other members; 11) held a canned food
dance for Food Bank of Anchorage; 12) collects eyeglasses (ongoing) for the Lions 13) delivers food items
to Safe Harbor Inn; 14) Club is collecting items for troops in Iraq: baby powder, foot powder, sun tan
lotion, yo yos, books, hard/gummy candy, beef jerkey, slim jims, Kool aid powdered mix, floss, tuna,
magazines, silly string, frisbees, kites, gum, sunflower seeds, sports/news updates, protein bars, cards,
bandanas, cash for postage. (35+ Singles Club will pack boxes in January at AmVets Post #2 with their
members, TBA).

Advantages for Being a 35+ Singles Dance Club Member
Save $3 on weekly fee. Save $2 on once-a-month theme night. Free entrance once during your
birthday month, free entrance on Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Veterans Day, and Holiday Dance.
Insurance benefits. Raffle. Opportunity to meet 120+ people weekly. Friendly networking.
Improve social and dance skills. Free dance lessons. Full bar. Cuisine. Live band. Thematic
ambiance. Engage in community service as a group date. Learn the art of volunteerism.
Interactive. Weekly fee is $12 (all inclusive). If two people, both current members, meet at the
club, then marry, they may continue to attend the dances as a couple. Annual membership is $25.
Numerous activities for singles extend into the community--some ongoing, weekly or monthly;
some experimental, planned or spontaneous; some seasonal, annual, or one time only.

Miscellaneous, but Important Information
        Annual membership for 2008 is available for $25.00. See Nancy Danford, treasurer.
        NOTICE:: Regular Board meeting Tuesday, Jan 15, 2007, 7:00p.m., Carpenters Hall.
        The Annual Meeting & Election will be Saturday. January 19, 2008, Carpenters Union
Hall, 700p.m. Date of Record is 11:59p.m. on January 12--you must be a member by that date.
        A phone (by bar) is available to members Saturday nights for emergencies only.
        Ladies-if you would like an escort to your car, notify a Board Member please.
          Club bartenders may refuse to serve you or ask you to leave the premises if it appears
that you are inebriated. Reminder--DO NOT ARRIVE at our dance in an intoxicated state.
Please order and pick up ONLY YOUR OWN alcoholic drink (one at a time). Cautionary note
from the bartenders--we want to preserve our club liquor license. Try dancing, eating, or talking
in between drinks. Sip your wine, nurse your beer, saver your cocktail. One drink an hour is
reasonable, not excessive. Please practice some of these tips. Help us protect our Club’s liquor
license. State Law forbids you to leave the building with a drink of any kind.
          Club information/announcements are published in: AK This Month, Anchorage Daily
News (Comm. Cal.), Ch 9 or 14 TV Public Announcements, Pulse, The Press, Club Newsletter
(available Saturday nights), and on our official website:www.singlesdanceclubanchorage.org
          For the movie goers…meet 5:00p.m. Sundays, Bear Tooth Theatre Pub, 1230 W. 27th,
Spenard, 5:30p.m movie, $3, food/drinks/friends. Contact Joe Shaw 727-2121, or 276-4200.
          For the night owls…after the Club--Leroy’s Family Restaurant (tea, talk, eat), or Time
Out Lounge, or Eddie’s Sports Bar for more dancing.
          For the early birds…members meet at Granny B’s Café (1201 W. Tudor Rd, strip
mall), every Sunday 9:00-11:00a.m. for breakfast. Good food, stories, jokes, and people, high-
gear conversation to “Jump-start your day!”
          For the dancing fanatics…Dance lessons w/ Charlotte ($5), 7:00-8:00p.m.,
Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Golden Lion Best Western Hotel Lounge (36thth & New
Seward), followed by Don Walker playing dance music starting at 8:30pm both nights (for tips
only). Plays until 10:30p.m. Food available until 10:00p.m.
          For Latino dancing…(NEW, Friday evenings), 9:45p.m., Club Soraya, 4th & C St,
downtown, contact Haydee Lopez.
          Dancing (performance), possibly in the Anchorage Folk Festival in January. Contact:
Charlotte Metcalfe if interested.
          Volleyball…(NEW, Mondays and Wednesdays), 700-9:00p.m., co-ed, Fairview
Recreation Center $2, Contact Gordon Spidle 338-4239
          For the real singers…members go to Amvets Post #2, 855 E. 38th & Old Seward, by
Natural Pantry, on the 3rd Thursday, (Januay 17), 6:00-9:00p.m.--$12 steak dinner, cocktails
($2.25 beer), 7:30-10:30p.m. karaoke (appreciate, or participate), and dancing. Sponsors are 35+
Singles Club members that are also Amvets Post #2 members. Our Club has many talented
singers. Guests need to sign in. LARGE crowds (30-45). Stress free affair. Casual wear. Mildly
rowdy. Our 3rd anniversary of this ongoing event was July 2007.Phone 561-8387.
          For January birthdays…Club celebration will be January 19, 3rd Saturday dance.
          For the walkers…walking around Lake Hood is on hold until April, however, members
are still meeting at Piper’s Lounge (Coast International Inn) .at 5:30-7:00p.m. for food-1/2 price
appetizers/drinks/sports updates/MN football/socializing, Mondays only (243-2233).
          For the Coffee/Tea/Chai/Smoothies/Italian Sodas/Biscotti/Social…members go to
Bells Nursery Coffee Shop the 4th Monday (January 28), 13700 Specking Rd, off DeArmoun,
3:00-5:30pm. Some bring snacks to share. Singles exchange information, recipes, jokes,
philosophize, and plan future events. Bell’s provides a complimentary Anchorage Daily
Newspaper. Ongoing event. If questions, call 345-4476.
        For those 60 years and over--your lifetime fishing/hunting license is FREE.
        Please DO NOT SAVE tables for friends; you may save a seat for 10-15 minutes.
        DOORS OPEN for dance lesson 6:30p.m. Saturday nights; dance begins at 8:00pm--
ends 12:00a.m.

Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairs
Club Officers:
President: Rosie Stauffer, Vice Pres.: Elsie Sexton, Sec.: Sharon Webb, Treas: Nancy Danford
Board of Directors
Leo Hannan (Chair), Byron Coatney (Vice Chair), Gordon Spidle, Rosie Stauffer, Sharon Webb,
Nancy Danford, John Greiff, Patrick Carnevale, Elsie Sexton
Club Committee Chairs
Bar: Elsie Sexton/Rosie Stauffer, Membership List: Nancy Danford/Betty Meyer, Promotions:
Rosie Stauffer, Bylaws: John Greiff/Carol Huber, Set Up/Decorations: Betty Meyer/Audrey
Wright/Gordon Spidle, Finances/Gaming: Nancy Danford, Take Down: Sharon Webb/Byron
Coatney, Newsletter: Rosie Stauffer, Sergeant of Arms: Doug Redmon, Birthdays: Betty
Meyer/Rosie Stauffer, Historians: Elsie Sexton/Sharon Webb, Safety: Jerry Walker/Doug
Redmon/Rick Helton/Sharon Webb/Byron Coatney/Joe Shaw/Larry Davis, Legal: Carol Huber
Club Information: Doors open 6:30pm.Weekly dance lesson: 7:00-8:00pm. Weekly dance:
Saturdays, 8:00-12:00am. Appetizers: 8:00-10:30 p.m.; Main food :9:00pm. Full bar opens
8:00p.m. Raffle at 11:00p.m. Last call for alcohol 11:30p.m. Live band: Tony & Bo; Location:
Carpenters Hall, 407 Denali St., (4th Ave/Denali). Emergency phone: 279-0097, Address: PO
Box 90956, Anchorage, AK 99509. Member fee $12

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