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									Traditional Outdoor Furniture
Whether it's plastic, aluminum, wicker or wooden outdoor furniture that you prefer, it is not surprising that weather and sunlight can cause them
damage. To guarantee long-lasting, beautiful outdoor furniture, there are different steps of care for each type.

Some frequently observed damages are: The paints getting peeled off, wooden or the plastic parts getting deformed beyond the repairs or the rusting
of the metal parts like the nuts and bolts. These damages may result to the replacement of the whole patio furniture including the patio cushions as
well because the parts are usually not replaced. This is more applicable to the wooden patio furniture.The process of wear and tear of our wooden
outdoor furniture could be ignored only if we know how to do it. Some very basic precautions that should be taken by all owners of the outdoor
furniture or even wicker patio furniture are as follows:

First among these is that all wooden pieces should be sealed with a wooden sealer. The main purpose of wooden sealers is that they help maintain
the integrity of the wood by preventing it from warping. After the first few layers of paint is applied to the wood a layer of wood sealer should also be

If you are planning to buy a cedar furniture set, be sure to buy a cedar planting box at the same time. Take it home and arrange it with your new
furniture set. If you like the look, you may want to consider adding another cedar planter box or two.

One of the best woods for outdoor use is cedar. Cedar is durable, decay resistant and water resistant. Cedar contains natural preservatives that help it
resist insects and pests and add to its appeal for outdoor use. The natural aroma produced by cedar is treasured by people everywhere, which is one
of the reasons that it is so often used to line closets and storage chests.

Keep those outdoor furniture and patio heaters away from too much heat and moisture. Any furniture if exposed to the elements for long periods of
time can cause its early deterioration. It is therefore important to keep these items in a shade or even inside the house when it is not to be used for
long periods of time. And preferably once the are stored for safekeeping they should have some furniture cover to help it against unnecessary
scratches and damages.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, check the manufacturers name and reputation. You can find customer reviews and comments by searching
online. Ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations. If someone you know had a problem with a particular store or manufacturer, it may be a
good idea to avoid that particular company. Likewise, if you are hearing lots of good things about a particular place or set, give it consideration.
Whether you are buying a cedar planter box or a complete set of high-end outdoor furniture, you want to find the best bang for your buck. Thorough
research and investigation before you make your purchase will ensure a happy outcome.

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