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									The Secrets to Teak Outdoor Furniture Care
These days the outdoors has become an important part of every home. A garden or patio should therefore receive as much decorating attention as
any other part of the house. One way to make sure that your outdoor area stays beautiful is to choose the right outdoor furniture. What can be the best
choice for outdoor tables and chairs?

Make a Choice

Modern outdoor furniture can now come in plastic or metal. Even with these great outdoor furniture types however, wood is still a preferred choice.
Wood is still a famous choice because wood naturally sends out the message of class and elegance. Even so, wood can still match almost every kind
of dcor theme and outdoor arrangement. Among the many different kinds of wood furniture, teak outdoor furniture stands out.

Teak outdoor furniture is ideal for outdoor use because it is considered the most durable kind of wood. This means that teak outdoor furniture can
withstand all sorts of seasons, insects and other possible sources of external damage. You can therefore easily enjoy the great look of wood while
being at ease with the hardiness of your furniture.

Understand Teak

The specific reason why teak outdoor furniture is the best choice for wood furniture is because of its inherent qualities. This coarse hardwood furniture
material has natural silica which is a protective substance against external conditions and normal wear and tear. More importantly though, teak
outdoor furniture has natural protective oil content. It is this oil that protects it against dryness, moisture and insect attacks. All these qualities means
that you don't need to spend much effort and money to maintain your furniture.

Leave it Alone

The best quality of teak outdoor furniture is its durability but you should be aware that this kind of furniture is not for people who like the polished look.
New teak outdoor furniture will definitely look smooth and clean. Through time though, teak will normally age and will acquire a less polished look. This
also means that certain imperfections and a weathered appearance will become obvious. Some furniture owners however prefer this aged look since it
can add to the image of a rugged outdoor piece.

Get Some Teakwood Oil

You may want to sometimes have a polished appearance for your teak outdoor furniture. You can achieve this by using teakwood oil which you can
buy from a local hardware store. Simply use a paint brush to apply the oil on the clean surface of your teak outdoor furniture. Occasional oiling can
also help provide additional protection to your furniture.

Store or Clean Your Furniture

If you want additional protection for your teak outdoor furniture you should consider installing a wide and durable cover. You should also store your
teak outdoor furniture during extremely harsh weather or during winter.

If you have to clean stains off your furniture, you could simply wipe off the stain with a soft cloth. You could also use mild soap and a non-metal brush.
Soft sand paper and re-oiling are also good maintenance options.

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