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					                                THE DALERUSH WORKSHOP:
         Bespoke Outdoor Furniture – Traditional Skills, Contemporary Style

May 2009 – The Dalerush Workshop, the bespoke, luxury outdoor furniture company, will
showcase its latest 2009 collection at Chelsea Flower Show. Consumers are also likely to run in to
it again at other must-see British events, such as Hampton Court and Tatton Park.

Rooted in the old traditions of British furniture making, The Dalerush Workshop uses only the
highest quality, sustainable wood from British and European sources. Each piece of furniture is
that rare combination of personal touch and endeavour - lovingly made by a small team of highly
skilled craftsmen, some with over 40 years traditional woodworking expertise. The company
follows a strict design philosophy – the highest quality raw materials and engineering skills are
utilised to produce refined, contemporary outdoor furniture. In short, simplicity and elegance
blended with modern ergonomics and design. The items created – by commission or to order - are
designed to be highly practical and comfortable, yet beautiful and durable – the perfect
combination of form and function.

All Dalerush Workshop furniture is original – with design and styling working in complete harmony
with the natural beauty of the timber. Every piece will work within a variety of settings, from urban
garden, conservatory and terrace to woodland, park and estate garden.

                      The Dalerush Workshop Collection on show at Chelsea:
                      The highlight of its collection is the unique Oak Swing Chair – complete with
                      a distinctive natural willow canopy and uniquely engineered frame.

                      The Hollington Oak Table and the Hollington Bench are perfect for
                      contemporary and traditional settings.     Their tactile smoothness and soft
                      edges and lines exude subtle sophistication as well as ensuring the most
                      comfortable seating
The Churchill Bench boasts clean, classic lines – the epitome of elegance:

Those searching for rustic minimalism will adore the unfussiness of the Rustic Bench – a
benchmark in understated chic!     Each piece of wood is treated completely individually, so its
unique grain and shape is incorporated into a stunning, yet elegantly simple, bench.

                         Fiona Dunne @ Gabrielle Shaw Communications
                                       Tel: 020 7731 8811

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