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					MINUTES of the Annual General Parish Council meeting, held on 8th May 2008 in the Terry Bray Room,
Stanton Community Village Hall at 7.00p.m

Present: J Thorndyke, S Shaw, J Mann, D Atherton, J Miller, B Cooper and A Tween.

1. Apologies for absence: B Smithson -absence through illness, M Scowcroft – emergency hospital visit.
   K McDonald –late arrival.

2. Election of Officers: Owing to the absence of numerous Councillors the election of the Chairman and
   Vice Chairman was deferred until the June Meeting, therefore Cllr Thorndyke chaired the meeting.
   RFO Appointment – Cllr Shaw proposed that Mrs Audrey Hubbard be elected to serve as RFO. This
   was seconded by Cllr Tween and agreed by all present. Mrs Hubbard accepted the appointment.
   Internal Auditor – Mr John Smith had previously agreed to accept this position on a permanent basis
   and was voted unanimously to act as Internal Auditor.

3. Approve minutes of previous meeting: 10th April 2008. It was proposed by Cllr Mann and seconded by
   Cllr Atherton that the minutes be accepted as correct. This was agreed.

4. Public Forum:
   There were no members of the public present.

5. Clerk’s Report:
   a) The clerk reported on an e-mail received from Monster Play Systems in answer to the Parish
      Council’s complaint about the poor design of the seat in the Teen Shelter which had been vandalised.
      In his e-mail Mr Neil Roberts assured the Parish Council that a new part would be manufactured and
      replaced at no cost to the Parish Council.

6. Declaration of Interests:
   There were no declarations of interest

7. Matters Arising:
   a) Highway Matters – The clerk had reported the following items to the Highway Dept 1) Vegetation at
      the edge of the road in Grove Lane leading from Upthorpe Road. 2) Overgrown vegetation
      obstructing the 30mph speed limit signs in Upthorpe Road. 3) Damaged grating on the footpath
      outside the Village Store. Mr Jim Nunn had replied that all of these matters would be dealt with as
      soon as possible.
   b) A representative from the residents of Church Close had asked for a ‘No Through Road’ sign to be
      erected at the beginning of the Close in order to deter vehicles from using the road as a turning area.
      A request had been made to the Highways Dept and Mr Jim Nunn had replied that the County
      Council were not encouraging new road signs but he could, with the Parish Council’s permission
      arrange to have the information incorporated onto the street name sign. All members agreed to this
      suggestion and the clerk was instructed to write to Mr Miller informing him of the outcome.
   c) The clerk had also given details of the complaint received from the residents in Old Bury Road
      regarding the speeding cars leaving and entering the A143. County Councillor Spicer had been
      informed of this matter
      Councillor Spicer who was present agreed to speak to John Wallace to see if a solution could be
      found to the problem. A number of traffic calming measures could be used but Cllr Spicer felt that
      consultation with the residents offering different solutions would be the first step. It was decided that
      a letter be prepared by the Parish Council, with consultation with Cllr Spicer, to be sent to residents.
   d) In the absence of Cllr Whymark no further progress had been reported regarding the wreath
      attachment to the War Memorial.

8. Report from Ixworth Police:
   There was no report from Ixworth Police this month although PCSO Burke attended the meeting for a
   short while to check if there were any problems. PCSO Burke reported that information on the ‘A
   Boards’ outside schools would be sent by Inspector Calton to all schools.

                                   Cllr McDonald joined the meeting at 7.40p.m.

    Report from: Borough Cllr J Thorndyke:
    Councillor Thorndyke had nothing to report from the Borough Council

    Report from County Councillor Joanna Spicer:
    a) Cllr Spicer reported that the outline plans for the footpath in Upthorpe Road are in hand and this
       should start in May or June.
    b) Cllr Spicer is still working on the proposed ’20 is Plenty’ speed restriction signs for the school areas.
    c) A letter had been written to the Rights of Way Officer on behalf of the Parish Council regarding the
       re-location of Footpath 11. Cllr Spicer was given a copy of this letter.
                            County Councillor Spicer left the meeting at 7.55p.m.

9. New Village Hall:
   Noise assessment from the new building for the Environmental Health department at St Edmundsbury
   will be carried out before planning consent is considered..

10. Stanton Community Village Hall & Car Park:
    There were no matters to discuss under this item.

11. Recreation Ground:
    The outcome of the letter sent to Monster Play Systems was discussed under Item 5.

12 Village Tubs & Containers:
   Cllr Miller proposed that the quotation for £322.40 + VAT, received from Hillcrest Nurseries for the
   planting of tubs and containers with summer bedding be accepted. Cllr McDonald seconded the proposal
   and all agreed. The clerk was asked to write and accept the quotation and also arrange with Mr Gully
   about the watering of the tubs throughout the season.

13. Notice Boards:
    In the absence of Cllr Whymark this item was deferred until the June meeting.

14. Peronnel Matters:
    Annual leave for Mr Grieveson and Mr Gully was approved. Clerk to organise cover for both absences.

15. Items for Noting:
     a) Suffolk Acre – Certificate of Membership 2008 – 2009.
     b) Swaingrove Limited – High Quality Printing.
     c) SSE Administrator – Proposed Airspace Changes.
     d) Bago – Hand Tools for litter Catalogue.
     e) Glasdon – Producta for Local Councils.
     f) Suffolk Preservation Society – Suffolk View.

16. Correspondence from Borough and County Councils:
    a) SCC – Mid Suffolk Mobile Library – Visit Changes. No objections to slight changes. Clerk to reply.
    b) SCC – Suffolk Information Link.
    c) SEBC – Adoption of the St Edmundsbury Statement of Community Involvement.
    d) SCC – Local Government Review in Suffolk. The Local Government review was discussed at length.
    Councillors considered carefully the options and their decision favoured a West Suffolk Council over a
    One Suffolk Unitary. A letter was prepared to send to the Boundary Committee voicing the Parish
    Councils preference.
    e) SEBC – Moyses Hall Special Events 2008.
    f) MSD – Local Development Framework Update.
    g) SEBC – Local Government Review.
    h) SEBC – Best for the West.
    i) SEBC – Re-alignment of Payphone Provision by B.T.
    J) SCC – Urban and Rural Outdoor Furniture.
17. Planning Aplications:
    Miss T Buxton, Dunham House, Duke Street, Stanton IP31 2AA. Trees in a Conservation Area
    Notification: Fell one Eucalyptus tree.

   The Berkeley Leisure Group, 73 Shepherds Grove, Stanton IP31 2AY. Tree Preservation Order
   Application – Fell one Hawthorn tree (within area A1 on order).

   Mr Jonathan Ainsley, Church Cottga, The Street, Stanton IP31 2DB. Planning Application – Erection of
   two storey and single storey extension to west elevation (ii) erection of double garage.

   H Frost & Sons, Lower Chare Farmhouse, Stanton. Planning Application – Erection of two storey and
   single storey extension to west elevation (following demolition of existing extensiom) (revised scheme
   to planning permission SE/07/1101).

   Mrs Marilyn Hazelton, 2 Rose Cottage, Duke Street, Stanton, IP31 2AB. Planning Application –
   Erection of timber shed.

   Mr S Rowlingson & Mrs O McGregor, Meadow Court House, Meadow Court, Stanton IP31 2AQ.
   Planning Application – (i) Erection of part single part two storey side extension incorporating dormer
   window to front elevation and cat slide roof over single storey garden room (as amended by fax received
   10.04.08 omitting the re-siting of conservatory from the proposal). Granted

   Mr J McDonnell, Burnham Lodge, The Street, Stanton IP31 2DQ. Trees in Conservation Area
   Notification – (i) Fell one Holly (2) and one Plum tree (3); (ii) reduce limbs to one Plum tree
   overhanging footpath in The Street by 30% (1) and (iii) reduce limbs to one Apple tree by 30% (4).

   Mrs H J Holden, Old Mill, Barningham Road, Stanton IP31 2AD. Planning Application – Erection of
   single storey rear extension and construction of pitched roofs over existing flat roof. Granted.

   Mr I Cooley, Land fronting Bury Lane, Stanton IP22 1DL. Planning Application – Erection of (i) single
   storey detached dwelling and (ii) detached garage. Granted.

18. Correspondence:
    a) a) Safer Neighbourhoods – Invitation to Neighbourhood Watch Forum Monday 12th May.
    b) Crime Reduction Partnership News.
    c) Suffolk Acre – Community Initiative Awards.
    d) Suffolk Acre – Suffolk Scene.
    e) Crime Reduction Partnership – News April 2008.
    f) SALC - Crime Prevention in the Community – New Events
                - Boundary Committe Review for Suffolk.
                - Consultation Services.
                - National Security Strategy.
                - Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration
                - New Mileage Rates.
    g) Smith of Derby – Maintenance Service on Millennium Clocks.
    h) Letter from Mr G Ward re Recreation Ground boundary. Clerk to send copy of letter to Gross & Co
       Solicitors who are dealing with this matter.

19. Accounts:

Cllr Mc Donald declared an interest in the accounts.

It was proposed by Cllr Miller and seconded by Cllr Tween that the accounts be accepted as correct. This
was agreed by all.

20. Any Other Business:
    a) The street sign for Honeymeade Close/Newlands Way has been damaged. Clerk to report.
    b) The street light on the corner of Church Close is restricted by the large tree which now covers the
       light. Clerk to report
    c) A black Toyota car has been parked on the grass to the rear of 1 Sturgeons Way. Clerk to contact the
       Borough Council.
    d) Uneven paving on the footpath leading to Field Court from The Street was reported. Clerk to contact
       the Havebury Housing as they are responsible for this area.
    e) The clerk was asked to add two items to the June Agenda 1) Fireworks Order and 2) Millennium
       Clock Tower.

Cllr Miller thanked Cllr Thorndyke and Cllr Cooper on behalf of the Parish Council and the
Community for once again painting the bus shelter in time for the bank holiday Gardens Weekend.
The clerk was asked to write to the Borough Council thanking them for the sweeping of the village.

                        There being no other business the meeting concluded at 9.20 p.m.

          Date of next scheduled Parish Council Meeting will be on Thursday 12th June 2008.