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                 Citizens' Oversight Committee
                    Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting
                  Thursday, June 8, 2006, 6:30 p.m., Board Room


I.    Call to Order

      A.   Call to Order
           The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

      B.   Pledge of Allegiance
           Mr. Payan led the pledge

      C.   Roll Call
           Members present: Mr. Oscar Payan (Chair), Ms. Sylvia Southerland (Vice
           Chair), Ms. Patricia Romero, Mr. John Diaz Sr., Mr. John Gonzales, and Mr.
           Peter Chinn.
           Staff members present: Ms. Teresa Dreyfuss and Dr. Steve Lohr.

      D.   Open Communication for Public Comment
           There was no request for open comment.

      E.   Approval of Minutes: April 20, 2006
           The minutes were approved, with a change to John Gonzales’ name. It was
           misspelled with a “z.”

II.    Reports
       Ms. Teresa Dreyfuss, Vice President of Finance and Business, welcomed the
       Committee and explained that Dr. Andy Howard retired and that she would be the
       liaison from the College for the Committee. Ms. Dreyfuss then introduced Dr.
       Lohr who will also be participating with the Committee.

       A. Update of the Master Plan
          Dr. Lohr explained to the Committee that there are several components of the
          Master Plan, such as: The Facilities Master Plan, the Lighting Master Plan, The
          Landscape Master Plan, and the Architectural Guidelines. Each of the
          components will work together to attract students and hopefully offer the
          service and spaces to retain the students. The intent is to have the Board
          approve the Master Plan with all of its components at the September Board
          Meeting. Dr. Lohr explained that before the Board can approve the Master
          Plan, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be approved. Dr. Lohr let

   the Committee know that the LRC plans are still with the Department of State
   Architect, but as soon as they are approved, the project will go out to bid.
   Before the LRC can be built, the demolition of the Putnam Center must be
   approved and go out to bid.

   As related to parking at Rio Hondo, the college has held several parking
   forums. The Board of Trustees has been presented with several options for
   parking, including parking structures, increased tram service to the Terrace lots
   or a walkway from the Terrace lots to the Main Campus. The Master Plan has
   in several different areas of the College where parking structures could be
   located and Dr. Lohr reviewed those with the Committee. The costs for a
   parking structure can vary depending on size and location. The range of costs
   at Rio Hondo College is projected to be from $18,000 to $20,000 per space,
   and the total cost of building a structure from $5,000,000 to $28,000,000.
   Currently, the Board has not decided at which phase of the Master Plan a
   structure would be built. The College is also working on lighting by retrofitting
   the current lighting to create more illumination and sense of safety. Sylvia
   Southerland suggested that the College look into rebates that are available
   because of making that change. There will be noticeable improvements to the
   College over the next several months including: sidewalks on North and South
   drive, new outdoor furniture and conversation spaces, and landscaping.

B. Update on the Environmental Impact Report
   Dr. Lohr explained to the Committee that each individual question or concern
   that was brought up during the EIR process had to be answered, which Rio
   Hondo College did. In addition to what was mandated the College chose to
   hold additional meeting with the Community in regards to wild life impact,
   traffic and the environment. Dr. Lohr then went on to say that the new
   construction will primarily take place in areas that have already been
   developed. The exception is the new north entry to the campus.

C. Bond Financial Update
   Sylvia Southerland, Vice Chair of the Committee asked Ms. Dreyfuss to
   clarify the Satellite locations and the work that is being done. Ms.
   Southerland explained that she had been contacted by Ralph Pacheco and
   was interested in the South Whittier site. Ms. Dreyfuss explained that
   College is conducting a feasibility study at the Los Angeles County Sheriffs’
   STAR Center to assess if it can serve as a South Whittier satellite location.
   The Committee asked why the costs of the satellite locations were coming
   out of the bond money. Ms. Dreyfuss explained that project centers were a
   part of the proposed projects in the Bond. Then Ms. Dreyfuss handed out a
   Projects Expenditure Summary as of 4/30/2006 to the Committee. A few
   explanations were made about which column correlated to current
   expenditures and which column represented year-to-date expenditures.
   There was some discussion of about the expense that was incurred by
   hiring an arborist. Dr. Lohr explained that the arborist is necessary not only
   for the Oak tree at the Putnam center, but also to identify sick and dying
   trees throughout the campus.
III.   Election of Officers for 2006-07
       The Committee voted to table the election of new officers to the next meeting
       when the new committee members were appointed.

IV.    2006-07 Meeting Schedule
       The Committee voted to wait until new members were appointed to create a year
       long meeting schedule.

V.     Comments from Committee Members
       Oscar Cruz, a prospective appointee to the Committee was introduced and
       welcomed by the Committee. Mr. Cruz would be appointed to the Committee by
       Trustee Gary Couso-Vasquez. The Committee will meet on September 14, 2006.
       Ms. Dreyfuss recommended comfortable shoes for a campus tour and let the
       members know that photos would also be taken. Peter Chinn asked Ms. Dreyfuss
       if they could discuss the budget on a one on one basis. Ms. Southerland said that
       she also would like to better understand the budget. They both suggested that the
       budget be put on the internet since it is public record. Ms. Dreyfuss said that she
       would e-mail the committee the back-up documentation for the budget. All
       committee members seemed satisfied of her with her suggestion.

VI.    Adjournment
       The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.