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					               Renaissance Casual & Outdoor Furniture
                                                            Modification #A-054

                           GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION
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FSC GROUP 71                                                                          DUNS # 15-320-5307
CONTRACT: GS-27F-0007P                                                                Tax ID #52-1451423
CONTRACT PERIOD: October 1, 2009 through October 30, 2013                             CAGE CODE # 0GPX7
                8425 Progress Dr, Suite BB
                Frederick MD 21701-4767
CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION:            Commercial Marketing Associates Inc.
                                    c/o CMA, INC., 8425 Progress Dr., Suite BB, Frederick MD 21401-4767
                                    PHONE: (240) 215-9700/FAX: (240) 215-9721
BUSINESS SIZE: Small                Email:

1a    Awarded SIN(s)
      71-207 Casual & Outdoor Furniture                                        13.        Ordering Address:
                                                                                          Commercial Marketing Associates Inc.
1b.       Lowest Price Model Each Sin:                                                    8425 Progress Dr. Suite BB
          71-207 C-1023 Chair                        $147.99                              Frederick, MD 21701-4767
                                                                                          Phone: (240) 215-9700 Fax: (240) 215-9721
2.        Maximum Order Limit:                       $1,000,000.                          Email:

3.        Minimum Order:                             $       100.              14.        Payment Address:
                                                                                          CMA Inc
4.        Geographic Coverage:                                                            8425 Progress Dr, Suite BB.
                  Continental United States (CONUS)                                       Frederick MD 21701-4767

5.        Point of Production                                                  15.        Warranty:One year against manufacturing defects under
          Roanoke VA 24012                                                                normal conditions.
                                                                                          Restocking Policy: 20% restocking charge within 60 days
6.        Prices Shown are RETAIL LIST                                                    of receipt of standard product. No returns on custom
          (Discount is 43.3%, Multiplier is 0.5667)                                       merchandise. Notify CMA in writing to obtain required
                                                                                          Return Authorization.
7.        Volume Discounts:                                                               No returns without prior written authorization.
          Call CMA at 240-215-9700 X20                                                    CANCELLATION: Prior written authorization
                                                                                          required from CMA. No change prior to production
8.        Prompt Payment Terms:                                                           (within 7 days of order date. Custom or Logo
          NET 30 days                                                                     merchandise may not be cancelled.
                                                                               16.        Export Packing Charges: None
9a        Government Credit Card Accepted                                      17.        Gov't Credit Card Accepted
9b        Discount for Credit Card Payment None                                18.        Terms & Conditions of Repair &
                                                                                          Maintenance: Contact CMA 240-215-9700
10.       Foreign Items:        None                                           19.        Terms & Conditions of Installation: N/A
                                                                               20.        Service: Call CMA at 240-215-9700
11a.      Time of Delivery: 45 to 60 days ARO                                  21.        Service Points: Call CMA at 240-215-9700
11b.      NO Items Available for Expedited Delivery                            22.        Dealer Participation: Call CMA @240-215-9700
11c.      Overnight & 2 Day Delivery NOT Available                             23.        Preventive Maintenance: N/A
11d.      Urgent Requirements:                                                 24.        Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliant Yes
          Call (240) 215-9700 for Information, or                              25.        Energy Efficient, Reduced Pollutants
          Email                                             26.        DUNS # 15-320-5307
                                                                               27.        Registered in CCR Database #15-320-5307
12.       FOB Point : Origin – Roanoke VA

                         Call 240-215-9700 for additional GSA Contract Information