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Outdoor furniture, Sun loungers & Patio Chairs - Waterproof Giant Bean Bag Furniture for Sale

       By Cosypods - Giant Bean Bag Furniture
       Dated: Nov 09, 2009

       Cool, Contemporary, Comfortable and made from Waterproof material. This years essential must haves in
       Cape Town - waterproof Giant Bean Bags which are just great as outdoor furniture and pool side sun

       Its a Sun Bed, Its a Lounger, its a Sofa, Its a Chair...

        Cosypods are made using high strength thread and the fabric is Strong and Water proof meaning that you
       can use these Cosypods both indoors and outside!

        They come in a variety of sizes as follows:-

        Jumbo COSYPOD
        Price - R5,995 (includes 3 cushions)
        dimensions : 250cm (L) x 130cm (W) x 70cm (H)

        Large COSYPOD
        Price – R4,995 (includes 3 cushions)
        dimensions : 224cm (L) x 105cm (W) x 70cm (H)

        Corner COSYPOD
        Price – R3,995 (includes 2 cushions)
        dimensions : 151cm (L) x 144cm (W) x 70cm (H)

        Medium COSYPOD
        Price – R3,995 (includes 2 cushions)
        dimensions : 197cm (L) x 91cm (W) x 70cm (H)

         For further information visit our website

        COSYPODS are made to order with your own choice of fabric & colour (subject to availability)

        At COSYPODS, we don't skimp on anything - size, comfort, quality, or durability.
        Our exclusive bean bags provide the perfect combination of softness and support that will last poof after

       Every one of our COSYPODS come with a FREE heavy duty twill inner liner! Our super soft covers are
       machine washable, so your COSYPODS will always look and feel like new.

        All our COSYPODS are made by hand in South Africa

        To Order your COSYPODS Tel: South Africa: 074 295 4727 (from outside SA Tel : 00 27 74 295 4727)


       Cosypods ™ are the most amazingly comfortable, oversized, overstuffed couch you have ever owned. A

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

true conversation piece. These impressive giant bean bag pods are like your average bean bag on steroids -
and up to 5 people can relax together on one.

 Made available in your choice of fabric, including waterproof material meaning that they are suitable for
both indoor and outdoor furniture use - great in a kids bedroom and great as a sun lounger by the swimming

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