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EuroPartners is a service operated by the Euro Info Centre.
The following details have been provided by offices in the Euro Info Centre network and collated on the EIC UK
Network website
For full contact details of the partnership offers published or if you want to have your own offer disseminated
through the EIC Network please contact the Euro Info Centre: Brynmor Jones Library The University of Hull
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                                             December 2004

                                                                 protection systems, installation and services
Agriculture & Food Industry                                      seeks manufacturers of similar products for
                                                                 reciprocal distribution agreements, production
BERRIES                                                          agreements, transfer of know-how and possible
Distributors                                                     joint venture.
Estonian producer specialising in frozen berries                 REF: V12/Lv1
(blueberry, cranberry…) seeks agents/distributors
for commercial agreements.
REF: V12/Ee2
                                                                 Computer Hardware and Software

Building materials & Products                                    Partners
                                                                 Italian company specialising in Enterprise
SILICON DIOXIDE                                                  Resource Planning (ERP) software seeks trade
Partners                                                         intermediaries and offers technological
German manufacturer specialising in silicon                      cooperation, R&D and manufacturing licences.
dioxide and mixed glass components seeks                         REF: V12/It2
partners for production and commercial
agreements.                                                      IT SOLUTIONS
REF: V12/Ger1                                                    Distributors
                                                                 Danish company specialising in IT solutions for
                                                                 planning, controlling and monitoring of stock
                                                                 seeks distributors.
Consumer Products                                                REF: V12/DK1

Swedish company which has invented and                           Motor Vehicles, Transport Equipment &
developed a device (compatible with most brands                  Services
and sizes of inline skates) which allows rollerblade
skaters to walk indoors seeks distributors for
                                                                 ELECTRIC CARS
commercial agreements.
REF: V12/Sw1
                                                                 Portuguese Manufacturer specialising in electric
                                                                 cars seeks experienced distributors for
                                                                 commercial agreements
                                                                 REF: V12/Pt2
Electrical & Electronic Construction

Main Contractors                                                 Textiles
Polish manufacturer specialising in refrigeration
and air conditioning units seeks main contractors
                                                                 PROTECTIVE CLOTHING
for subcontracting agreements.
                                                                 Main Contractors
REF: V12/Pol3
                                                                 Polish manufacturer specialising in protective
                                                                 clothing, work wear and uniforms seeks main
                                                                 contractors for subcontracting agreements.
                                                                 REF: V12/Pol1
Latvian company specialising in security and fire

1                                                Euro Info Centre Humberside   Tel: 01482 465940/35      Fax: 01482 466488
Plastics and Chemicals                                            HOSPITAL FURNITURE
DISINFECTANTS                                                     Portuguese manufacturer specialising in hospital
Distributors                                                      furniture seeks agents/distributors for commercial
Estonian producer specialising in disinfectant and                agreements
cleaning products seeks distributors for                          REF: V12/Pt1
commercial agreements.
REF: V12/Ee1

CHEMICALS                                                         Medical
Italian company specialising in chemicals seeks                   NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS
producers of chemical products and raw materials                  Distributors
for imports agreements.                                           Belgian company specialising in the development
REF: V12/It3                                                      of natural health products for veterinary and
                                                                  medical use seeks distributors for commercial
                                                                  REF: V12/Be11
Wood & Furniture
                                                                  MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS
GARDEN FURNITURE                                                  Distributors
Suppliers                                                         German manufacturer of medical instruments
Irish importer of garden furniture/outdoor timber                 specialising in catheters with accessories seeks
products seeks suppliers for commercial                           distributors (with knowledge of disposable medical
agreements.                                                       products) for commercial agreements.
REF: V12/Ir1                                                      REF: V12/Ger2

Italian manufacturer specialising in high quality                 Services
wooden chairs seeks agents and distributors for
commercial agreements.                                            RECRUITMENT AGENCY
REF: V12/It1                                                      Partners
                                                                  Polish recruitment agency specialising in
PLYWOOD                                                           workforce working abroad seeks similar agencies
UK Partners                                                       for reciprocal agreements.
Italian producer specialising in fire-retardant                   REF: V12/Pol2
poplar plywood and chipboard seeks wholesalers,
importers and agents interested in distributing                   IMPORT/EXPORT
their products in the UK.                                         Partners
REF: V12/It4                                                      Hungarian import/export company offers to
                                                                  represent foreign company interested in the
WOODEN HOUSES                                                     Hungarian market.
Distributors                                                      REF: V12/Hu1
Lithuanian manufacturer of wooden houses seeks
distributors for commercial agreements.
REF: V12/Lt1 Lithuania

                                       E u r o P a r t n e r s
                                             How it works
                From the rest of Europe                                         From the Humber Region
                 to the Humber Region                                              to the rest of Europe

The partnership offers in the bulletin give the                If you are looking for business opportunities in
basic information on the kind of co-operation                  Europe, we can disseminate your requests to the
that is sought by the company making the offer.                EIC network; targeting specific regions or countries,
If you are interested in the proposal we can                   or the entire geographical region covered by the
provide full details of the company so that you                EIC network. Responses to your requests will come
can make contact.                                              to our office to be passed on to you.

For details of companies in the bulletin contact us at the EIC: full available details are free of charge.
For dissemination of your own partnership offer there is a charge of £25.00 + VAT. Payment can be
made by credit card only.

The Euro Info Centre Humber accepts no responsibility for the information provided or for any outcome resulting from
its use.

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