A Safe and Natural Approach to Fertility

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                                                A Safe and Natural Approach to Fertility
                                                           By Jennifer Mays

   Infertility rates continue to rise throughout the world. This is due to a variety of circumstances such
as poor living conditions in developing nations, lack of accessibility to fertility treatment centers, and an
overall lack of education. In addition, in most developed countries, men and women are waiting longer
to have children thus increasing their chances of infertility.

 Thankfully, as the infertility rate rises, so too do the options available for both men and women that are
having a difficult time conceiving. Besides traditional fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization,
artificial insemination, and a multitude of prescription medicines that aim to increase the chances of
conception, there are also safe and natural approaches to fertility.

 If you are having trouble conceiving and would like to try a safe, holistic approach to increase your
chances of fertility, please take your time so that you will be able to properly research each one of your

 Below are a few factors that often complicate and prohibit fertility. It is in your best interest to address
these issues before starting a treatment regiment.


 There is a distinct and direct link between stress and health. In fact, those with pent up stress not only
have decreased immune systems, but will also have a harder time conceiving. If you have a stressful
job, family, or partner, you are not alone. Stress is simply part of life.

 While it is virtually impossible to prevent the onset of stress, it is possible to control and release it.
However, it is up to you to find a routine that helps you relieve stress. Some people prefer exercise
such as participating in Yoga classes or playing sports like tennis or golf while others prefer creative
outlets such as painting or sculpting. Whichever avenue you choose, it is vital that you release stress
not only for the sake of your health, but to also increase your chances of conception.


Fertility Tips
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 In addition to releasing stress, leading a healthy lifestyle is also related to improving the odds of
conception. However, like everything in life, too much of something may ultimately prove detrimental.
For example, those obsessed with health often develop emotional problems due to the fact that they
denied themselves some of life’s greatest pleasures, which unfortunately are often unhealthy like
chocolate cake.

 This is why it is important to find a balance between health and relaxation. In reality, this is the best
way to improve your lifestyle because you will feel like you are getting the most out of life and are not
missing out on too many pleasures. Typical lifestyle improvements should include an increase of
regular exercise, a better and more balanced diet, and the avoidance of unhealthy vices such as
smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

 Many people find that by allowing themselves to have a “cheat” day they are able to maintain a
healthy lifestyle for much longer.

Fertility Supplements

 Once you have addressed your health, it is time to weigh your treatment options. There are a number
of avenues you can explore including traditional medicines. However, many people prefer using
alternative treatments such as fertility supplements. These supplements contain key ingredients which
have been proven to increase the chances of conception.

 One of the most important natural ingredients used in these supplements is Folic Acid. This is
because Folic Acid or Folate is beneficial to both men and women. For men, it contributes to
spermatogenesis. For women, Folic Acid contributes to oocyte maturation, implantation, placentation,
as well as helps women avoid subfertility.

 Whichever infertility treatment path you choose, be sure to explore all your options including using
natural fertility treatments.

Jennifer Mays specializes in holistic approaches to common health issues such as infertility. Jennifer
recommends using the safe and all-natural fertility supplement Fertovulate available @ to help increase the chances of conception.

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                                        Fertility Treatment: What You Should Know
                                                               By Gabriel Adams

 A fertility treatment is used when a man and a woman are unable to conceive a child naturally. The
fertility treatment is designed to increase their chance of pregnancy. There are many different fertility
treatments. A specialist will conduct testing on both individuals to determine the possible reasons
behind the infertility, and then the treatment options that are available are discussed. Fertility
treatments aren’t always effective and they are often very expensive. Most insurance plans don’t cover
fertility treatment.

Ovulation Induction involves the female taking fertility drugs to increase her chances of getting
pregnant. These drugs often come with some health risks and side effects but they can help regulate
the menstrual cycle and increase the likeliness of pregnancy.

Artificial insemination is the process of injecting sperm from the male into the female. This is often
combined with fertility drugs and methods of helping the male produce more sperm that are stronger.
Assisted Reproductive Technology, known as ART, are more complicated fertility treatments. This
involves removing the ova from the female, fertilizing it with sperm from the male, and placing it back in
her body before it is known if conception has taken place.

Invitro Fertilization is similar but it involves removing the ova from the female, fertilizing it with sperm
from the male, and making sure conception takes place. Then the embryos are placed into the uterus
of the female. One side effect of this method is the possibility of multiple embryos being formed at the
same time, leading to as many as seven babies being born at one time.

The process of fertility treatments can be very simple for some couples such as increasing the sperm
count of the male. Other couples struggle for years with fertility issues because of the let down of not
finding an effective treatment and the side effects. In addition to the financial cost, fertility treatments
affect couples physically and emotionally.

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