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                               School District
                               Beaumont, Texas

        District Goals and Objectives
         for the 2007-2008 Budget

1.   Provide a budget that will allow Beaumont Independent School District
     to become an Exemplary School District that meets all state and fed-
     eral standards and enables our students to compete on a global basis;

2.   Provide employees with the best possible compensation package that
     meets budget constraints;

3.   Develop a budget through affordable operating expenses and avoid
     reduction in force (RIF);

4.   Maintain a fully funded basic health insurance program for employees;

5.   Provide additional funding for maintenance and other critical areas.
Key Strategies Proposed to Support the Achievement of Specific
                  District Goals and Objectives
   (1) Implementing and expanding                      to actions threatening student and em-
       initiatives to improve student                  ployee safety.
       learning and achievements in                b . Security Video Cameras – Installing
       math and science.                               cameras in all school buildings to in-
   a. Recruitment – eliminating or de-                 crease student and employee safety.
       creasing shortage of math and sci-
       ence teachers by offering a $5,000          (3) Improve communications with all
       sign on incentive to qualified new              BISD audiences, including employ-
       recruits.                                       ees, parents, students, taxpayers
   b. Retention – Expanding the current                and other stakeholders.
       math teachers’ stipend program to           a . Awareness, image enhancement,
       include science teachers. As teachers           attendance – Implement ParentLink,
       of math have received a $1,500                  ConnectED,
                                                       ConnectED, AlertNow or similar
       annual stipend, so will teachers of             program allowing communication with
       biology, chemistry and physics who              parents about student-related issues as
       are not only teaching one of these              tardiness, absence, discipline, academics
       subjects but who hold degrees in and            and more; also, to communicate with
       are certified to teach these subjects.          specific audiences as students, employ-
   c . Teacher Abilities – Increase teacher            ees, parents, taxpayers and other stake-
       knowledge and abilities for teaching            holders in a short timeframe. Emergency
       math and science at higher levels by            messages, events/activities and other
       implementing a course/testing pro-              updates are available for audiences to
       gram for teachers of math. Partici-             receive in the format of their choice, i.e.,
       pants completing targeted scores on             telephone call, voice mail, text message
       certain levels of prescribed advanced           and/or email. Audiences receive BISD
       courses designed/approved by BISD               messages immediately, including reach-
       will receive a one-time stipend of              ing all students and employees within a
       $1,000.                                         few minutes (6,000 calls/contacts a
   d . Advanced Students – Continue the                minute). In addition to keeping parents,
       summer math and science academy                 employees and other publics better
       designed to enrich advanced students            informed, the system has proven to
       for gaining higher levels of success in         increase attendance by as much as two
       math and science skills and knowl-              percent a year in several school districts.
       edge.                                       b. Telephones – Installing telephones in all
                                                       classrooms will improve intra-campus
   (2) Improving learning, attendance                  communications as well as security and
       and work by making school                       emergency communications.
       operations as safe, secure and              c . Publications – improve the district’s two-
       cost-efficient and -effective as                way communications process with its
       possible.                                       constituents.
   a . Police Department – Establishing a                 i. Employees – Produce and
       fully functioning district police depart-          distribute the OneVision Newsletter at
       ment with officers located at several              least 40 times a year, including helpful
       campuses and on rolling patrol with                work improvement tips and awareness
       duties leading to proactive crime                  about issues and concerns of interest to
       prevention and immediate response                  the employee family.
       ii. General public – Produce and                     b . Computer Upgrades – Upgrade comput-
       distribute 30,000 copies per quarter of the              ers in elementary schools (middle and high
       district magazine, The Beaumont InSiDer, to              schools received upgrades in previous two
       help constituents get a truer understanding              years.)
       of the achievements, challenges and op-              c . Cable TV Studio Upgrade – Photogra-
       portunities within their school district.                phy/video/sound equipment/channel 7;
       i i i . General school brochures – Produce               video taped programs and archives are
       a first class brochure on each school de-                obsolete. The training and production
       signed to help newcomers know the options                operation of the educational television
       available to their family as they decide on              system will be upgraded to higher quality
       where to live and to which schools to send               technology providing high definition to video
       their children. The brochures will give                  and sound productions and longevity to the
       families moving to Beaumont a clear                      new digitized recordings.
       picture of the academic, cultural, athletic          d . Security Cameras – Installing security
       and extracurricular activities available to              cameras in all school hallways and around
       them at each school. The brochures will                  school buildings.
       also be available to support employee                (5) Employees – Employee development,
       recruiting.                                              support and retention initiatives remain
  d . Electronic media – upgrading photography/                 critical to the continued success of the District
  video/sound equipment to meet industry’s quality              in achieving its mission to effectively educate
  standards, functional for educational training,               the children of this community.
  efficient for district presentations, on par with         a . Insurance – Despite rising insurance costs,
  technology used in media outlets within the BISD              the District proposes to pay 100% of the
  media audiences and to facilitate more effective              health insurance for every employee. This is
  communications with BISD main audiences.                      plan two of the three offered by TRS
       i. Channel 7 – The studio and production                 ActiveCare. The generous benefits package
       center for program development will be up-               represents a 13.78% increase over the
       grade from antiquated tape operations to high            previous year and is valued at a minimum
       definition digital video productions.                    annual contribution of $7,005 per em-
       ii Digital cameras – A digital camera will be
       ii.                                                      ployee.
       purchased for each school’s public relations         b . Salaries – The District is one of the better-
       liaison officer to utilize in capturing school-          paying educational employers in Southeast
       related events and achievements for posting on           Texas. In an effort to maintain this position
       the District’s website, using in district publica-       and reward employees for overall achieve-
       tions, highlighting on the educational channel           ments, an average pay raise of 4.8% for
       and providing for other media outlets.                   paraprofessionals, 4.1% for teachers and
                                                                3.6% for administrators is recommended.
       iii. Board Meetings – Improve the functional-
                                                            c . Mid-year incentive – The mid-year incen-
       ity of the Board Room for better sound and               tive awarded in December will increase from
       visual quality; improve room to maximize use             $100 to $200.
       for professional development, including utilizing    d . Stipends – Several initiatives of stipends and
       video conferencing and other technology.                 incentives are proposed for recruitment,
(4) Technology                                                  retention and advancement math and
    a . VoIP – Installing the recently purchased                science teachers. Included is a $100 stipend
    Voice Over Internet Proctocol system which will             to non-administrative employees who suc-
    replace the standard PBX telephone operations               cessfully recruit new science or math teachers
    in most buildings. Also, VoIP will provide a                to the District.
    telephone in each classroom—eliminating                 e . Training – To improve employee skills,
    disruption of class for minor office errands and            training will be conducted throughout the
    decreasing student discipline problems. VoIP is             district, including utilizing the newly updated
    a higher quality, more cost-effective and –                 tele-conferencing capabilities of the Board
    efficient cutting edge communications system.               and meeting rooms.
Our Vision: Striving for excellence.
Our Mission:
The mission of the Beaumont Independent School
District, as the unifying force of the community, is to
guarantee that our graduates possess the necessary
skills, values and knowledge to compete successfully as
productive citizens in a diverse global society through
an educational system characterized by:

• Expectation of success for each person;
• Optimum application of technology;
• An appreciation of various cultures;
• Full involvement of parents, teachers
  and the community;
• Respect and care for each other.

                        Board of Trustees
                   Bishop Ollis Whitaker, President
                   Janice Brassard, Vice President
                       Terry Williams, Secretary
                             Martha Hicks
                          Dr. William Nantz
                           Woodrow Reece
                        Howard J. Trahan, Jr.
                        Dr. Carrol A. Thomas
                      Superintendent of Schools

                       3395 Harrison Avenue
                      Beaumont, Texas 77706
                         (409) 899-9972