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					Vodafone Configuration Guide

Samsung Tocco (F480)
Setting up Email
Note: An internet profile will need to be created (see “Setting up Internet”) before following
this guide.
1.    Select Menu
2.    Select Messaging
3.    Scroll to and select Settings
4.    Select Email
5.    Select Email profile
6.    Scroll to and Select the internet profile you create e.g. Vodafone Internet
7.    Press Back
8.    Select Yes at Save? prompt
9.    Select Email accounts
10.   Select an empty account e.g. account 2
11.   Press Options
12.   Select Edit
13.   Select Account name, enter e.g. Vodafone email and select ok
14.   Select SMTP server, enter and select ok
15.   Select SMTP port, enter 25 and select ok
16.   Scroll to and select Incoming email server type, set to POP3/IMAP4 dependant on
      your email providers server type and select
17.   Scroll to and select POP3/IMAP4 server, enter your email providers incoming server
      address e.g. and select ok
18.   Scroll to and select POP3/IMAP4 port, and enter

      for POP3 accounts: 110
      for IMAP accounts: 143

      and select ok
19.   Scroll to and select My address, enter account email address e.g. and select ok
20.   Scroll to and select User name, enter account user name e.g. john.smith and select ok
21.   Scroll to and select Password, enter account password and select ok
22.   Press save
23.   Tap on the newly created account to put a tick in the box
24.   Press back 5 times to exit