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Poplar Road Cleethorpes


                                                                                     Item No.

 DATE                                       16 December 2008                         11
 REPORT OF                                  Executive Director Environmental

 SUBJECT                                    Poplar Road, Cleethorpes : Control of
                                            HGV Traffic - Options

 STATUS                                     Open


 The report sets out suggestions for amendment to weight limits and waiting
 restrictions in Poplar Road in response to concerns raised by residents and their


 Poplar Road already enjoys the benefit of a weight limit but it is reported that this is
 subject to abuse. The suggestions are designed to minimise the level of this abuse.
 Previous proposals to amend waiting restrictions have resulted in objections being
 lodged. There, however, remains a desire to increase the on-street parking


 Crime and Disorder – no proposals are made that potentially impact on Crime and
 Human Rights – Any promoted form of action is required not to interfere with the
 established rights of road users, residents and businesses in the area..
 Diversity – national exemptions to forms of waiting restrictions exist for disabled
 “blue badge” holders.
 Value for Money – Consideration of solutions to a variety of problems in the same
 area will enable works to be undertaken together this presenting cost saving
 Impact on the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Borough – the
 suggested forms of action directly arise from consultation with the community.


1.1    At its meeting of 30 September 2008 this Panel considered the results of a
       survey taken of residents regarding traffic issues in Poplar Road. The survey
       specifically focused on the issue of HGV usage. Results from the survey
       indicate that a significant majority of respondents (87.5%) feel that HGV usage
       of the street present problems to residents. A summary of the residents
       comments are given as Appendix 1 to this report.
1.2   It was resolved that a further report was required outlining options for
      restrictions in the street (minute SPEN.32 refers).

1.3   Since 2002 a weight limit has existed for Poplar Road between its junctions
      with Grimsby Road and Neptune Street and for the whole length of the short
      Poplar Grove cul-de-sac. This restriction prohibits any heavy commercial
      vehicle from proceeding in the specified lengths or road except when
      accessing properties on, abutting or adjacent to the roads.

1.4   The weight limit was introduced in response to problems associated with
      vehicles servicing the nearby industrial areas of Neptune Street and Norfolk
      Lane. Since its introduction development has taken place to the site of the
      former Cleethorpes Borough Council depot. This area is now known as the
      Poplar Road Business Park and is solely accessed via Poplar Road. A
      consequence of this will be an increase in HGV traffic using sections of Poplar
      Road in travelling to and from the Business Park.

1.5   Since 2002 works have taken place at the Grant Street car park to cater for
      the parking of coaches and HGVs. Signing to the car park is present on High

1.6   The Business Park and lorry parking facility may have contributed to an
      increasing HGV usage of Poplar Road.

1.7   Residents have indicated what they wish to see as a solution to their
      problems. Each option is considered below.

1.8   Total Ban on HGVs

      1.8.1. The existing Traffic Regulation Order imposing a weight limit on the
             road allows exemption for certain necessary activities. This information
             is given by the sub-pate sign that accompanies the terminal prohibitory
             signs. The sub-plate states “except for access”.

      1.8.2. HGV access is permitted for :
                 building operations;
                 removal of obstructions;
                 road reconstruction, including the laying of sewers etc.;
                 police, fire service or ambulance purposes;
                 garaging;
                 conveyance of goods from premises on or adjacent to the road

      1.8.3. These exemptions allow activities such as furniture removal, coal fuel
             delivery, attendance at emergency incidents etc to take place. Without
             such exemptions residents could be severely inconvenienced.

      1.8.4. Whilst it is understandable that residents may perceive a total ban as a
             solution to their problems it would present more severe and far
             reaching problems to the local community.
       1.8.5. A total HGV ban would probably lead to objections being received
              which, in turn, could require a Public Inquiry to be held for consideration
              of these.

1.9    Alternative Route Signing

       1.9.1. The only sign indicating a route to the Grant Street lorry parking facility
              is on High Street in advance of the Station Road junction. HGV drivers
              will have made decisions in relation to their route well in advance of
              this. Consequently the provision of route signing is one that may be
              beneficial. However, as many residents note the use of Sat-Nav
              systems can direct HGV traffic onto inappropriate routes.

       1.9.2. Any alternative route signing needs to emphasise that the only HGV
              destination that can be reached via Poplar Road is the Business Park.

       1.9.3. A prominent location needs to be found for signing to be readily noted
              by eastbound traffic on Grimsby Road. There may be some conflict with
              existing directional signs if this is to be achieved.

       1.9.4. Continuing directions for the alternative route could be given through
              amending the existing large directional signs at the Isaac’s Hill
              roundabout and those along Isaac’s Hill and High Street. This, it is
              suggested, will require a small signing scheme to be funded for this
              area. There may be links to other requests for signing in this area,
              specifically those associated with the tourist attractions within the resort.

1.10   Increased Police Enforcement

       1.10.1.        The success of any prohibition rests with the amount of
              enforcement it is perceived to receive. However, enforcement can be
              demanding on Police resources. It is consequently suggested that
              classification surveys of vehicles using Poplar Road be undertaken to
              ascertain what the actual level of abuse may be.

       1.10.2.        In the survey residents do not hold a common view on the
              amount of HGV traffic in the street. Some residents consider only 2 or
              more HGVs use the street daily whereas others indicate that they feel
              over 30 do so. There needs to be a level of abuse that would make the
              diversion of Police enforcement resources worthwhile. A survey would
              establish the actual level of HGV usage and would consequently be
              useful for the Police in according enforcement here any priority.

1.11   Width Restrictions

       1.11.1.       A strategically placed width restriction could help highlight that
              HGVs should not continue northward into the street past the junction
              with the Business Park. However any restriction must not physically
              prevent HGV access as this may be legally required under the
              exemptions listed above in 1.8.2.
       1.11.2.       A width restriction therefore could not realistically be used to
              prevent HGVs accessing the street but only to emphasise the presence
              of the Business Park.

       1.11.3.        Similar arrangements could be made at the northern end of the
              street. These would serve to divert HGVs into Neptune Street and St.
              Hellier’s Road. Consequently this may simply serve to relocate a
              problem and not solve it for the whole community.

1.12   Height Restrictions

       1.12.1.        Height restrictions are used to protect structures over a highway
              where the clearance is low (below 16’ 6”) and a risk exist of vehicle
              strike. As no such structure exists in Poplar Road there is no basis to
              impose a height restriction.

1.13   Speed Humps

       1.13.1.       The provision of speed humps would not address any problems
              occurring from HGV use of the street. Members will be aware of
              complaints from residents in other communities where vertical traffic
              calming measures have been installed and where HGV traffic is
              present. Consequently in view of the existing complaints and concerns
              it is suggested that the potential to install vertical traffic calming
              measures be dismissed.

1.14   CCTV and Camera Enforcement

          1.14.1. The provision of cameras is expensive to introduce and requires
             appropriately trained staff to view images. As it is not yet established
             what the level of abuse is it is considered that such an option is
             impractical to pursue at this moment.

1.15. Residents have previously requested that the on-street parking capacity of the
      street be improved. This led to a Traffic Regulation Order being advertised to
      which a number of objections were lodged. The Order sought to move the
      double yellow line restrictions from one side of the street to the other. The
      reason for this was that the side currently without waiting restrictions
      accommodates many properties having private off-street parking facilities. The
      driveways to these properties are required to be kept clear of vehicles and
      consequently there are a number of advisory “keep clear” road marking along
      this side of the road. By switching the restrictions to the other side, the yellow
      lines could serve to protect the driveways from obstruction and subsequently
      allow more kerb-side space to be given over to parking.

1.16. The proposals received objections as some residents did not want to have
      parked vehicles closer to the property frontages while others wished to retain
      the status quo feeling that the changes could make their access arrangements
      more difficult.
1.17. It may be possible to match proposals for amendment to the waiting
      restrictions to meet the known views of objectors and also to tie this to
      facilities such as road narrowing to provide some protection to parked
      vehicles. This, in turn could be used to highlight the location of the Business
      Park junction giving additional hindrance to any HGV traffic attempting to
      travel further into the street.

1.18. The options listed above together with any proposed alteration to waiting
      restrictions should be subject to consultation with the residents in order to
      enlist support from the community.

1.19. It is suggested that schemes be drafted for :
             alternative route signing, incorporation indication of the restriction in
              Poplar Road;
             amendment to waiting restrictions, incorporating localised road
              narrowing near to the Poplar Road Business Park;
      and that residents be consulted on each prior to these matters being placed
      before the Portfolio Holder – Environment for consideration.

1.20. The Portfolio Holder will need to be informed of estimated costs for each
      element of the proposals together with the means of funding the required


2.1   The costs cannot be quantified at this time and will be dependant upon the
      option selected. The costs will need to be met from within existing budgets.

3.1   Contained in the body of the report.

4.1   There are no HR implications arising from this report.

5.1   The options relate to issues solely within the Sidney Sussex Ward.

6.1   Scrutiny minute SPEN.32


      Dave Poucher, Principal Traffic Engineer (tel 01472 324497)

                                       Ray Oxby
                        Executive Director Environmental Service
                                                                                                                                              APPENDIX 1

Survey Results

                                                                                    Now many HGV do you
                 Do you feel the HGVs

                                                                                     estimate to be using
                 represent a danger?
                  using Poplar Road

                                                                                        the road daily
    Address                                 What measures would you like to see?                                       Any further comments?

27 Poplar Road           N              -                                                   -               More street lighting.

                                        All lorries, except for access, to be re-
28 Poplar Road           Y                                                          12 to 15 Passing HGV make the house shake.

30 Poplar Road           Y              HGV to use an alternative route.               30+                  -

                                                                                                            HGVs shake the foundation of the house - may
32 Poplar Road           Y              Ban all HGVs from using the road.                   -               cause future problems.
                                                                                                            Pot holes developing that collect water.
                                                                                                            More hazards exist from vehicles parking on
33 Poplar Road           Y              -                                           Several                 footways meaning pedestrians have to step into
                                                                                                            the road.
                                                                                                            Concerns regarding the safety of children who
                                        Additional signs on Grimsby Road advising
35 Poplar Road           Y                                                           3 to 4                 may not be readily visible from the drivers cab
                                        that Poplar Road is not a thoroughfare.
                                                                                                            of a HGV.
                                                                                      Now many HGV do you
                 Do you feel the HGVs

                                                                                       estimate to be using
                 represent a danger?
                  using Poplar Road

                                                                                           the road daily
Address                                 What measures would you like to see?                                  Any further comments?

                                        Advance warning sign on Grimsby Road.                                 HGVs use Poplar Road as short cut to and
37 Poplar Road        Y                                                               2 to 3
                                        More Police enforcement.                                              from Grant Street lorry park.

                                        Width restrictions.
39 Poplar Road        Y                                                                      -                HGVs are damaging the road surface.
                                        Better signs and enforcement.

                                        Lorry drivers ignoring the signs should be    Too                     If not resolved there will be a serious accident
40 Poplar Road        Y
                                        fined.                                        many                    down the road.

44 Poplar Road        Y                 No HGVs - only dust carts and deliveries.                             -

47 Poplar Road        Y                 Good signs at both ends of the road.          2 to 5                  -

                                                                                                              More of a problem with speeding cars.
51 Poplar Road        N                                                               2 to 3                  HGV drivers may be relying on Sat-Navs or
                                                                                                              driving to orders.
                                        No HGVs able to use the street at any                                 Concerns for the safety of children in the
59 Poplar Road        Y                                                              10 to 15
                                        time.                                                                 street.
                                                                                       Now many HGV do you
                 Do you feel the HGVs

                                                                                        estimate to be using
                 represent a danger?
                  using Poplar Road

                                                                                            the road daily
Address                                 What measures would you like to see?                                   Any further comments?

                                        A more prominent sign at Grimsby Road                                  Windows shake when HGVs pass.
64 Poplar Road        Y                 entrance.                                          20                  Even a minor accident will present major
                                        Height restriction.                                                    problems to residents.
                                        Need to enforce. Word would soon get out
65 Poplar Road        Y                                                                       -                HGV parking in Poplar Road.
                                        to drivers.
                                        Improved signs.
69 Poplar Road        Y                 Possible speed bumps.                                7                 Police prosecutions are needed.
                                        Markings on the road.

71 Poplar Road        Y                 refer to e-mail                                5 to 10                 refer to e-mail

                                        Police cameras at top and bottom of the                                HGVs pose a big danger to children and
79 Poplar Road        Y                                                                      8
                                        street.                                                                pedestrian on the street.

                                        Better directions of alternative route to
81 Poplar Road        Y                                                                  10+                   -
                                        lorry park.
                                        Improve restriction signing & better                                   Many foreign registered vehicles
                                        location.                                                              delivering/collecting from coldstore - possibly
85 Poplar Road        Y                                                                    2+
                                        Provide signing for alternative route to car                           following Sat-Nav directions.
                                        park and coldstore.                                                    Some vehicles travel in excess of speed limit.
                                                                                     Now many HGV do you
                  Do you feel the HGVs

                                                                                      estimate to be using
                  represent a danger?
                   using Poplar Road

                                                                                          the road daily
Address                                  What measures would you like to see?                                Any further comments?

                                                                                     Quite a                 Can feel the traffic go by when in the middle
98 Poplar Road         Y                 No HGV down the road.
                                                                                      few                    room.

101 Poplar Road        Y                 -                                               8+                  -

                                         Larger signing on Grimsby Road indicating
104 Poplar Road        Y                                                               10+                   Sat-Navs add to the problems.
                                         7.5T limit on Poplar Road.
                                                                                                             Make street a "one-way".
ukn Poplar Road        ?                 -                                           1 to 2                  Relocate yellow lines to outside houses with

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