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									The Kenmore Kog                                                                         Page 4
                            LAST MEETING 10 June
Members Attending        23 Rotarians
Visiting Rotarians       1 Fred Clark [South Africa]
Apologies                Ian Kilpatrick
Members Guests           2 Partners Anne Smith –John Smith, Nick Slow–Carol Koser
Club Guests              No Speakers
Raffle                   Not held
Joker Raffle             Not held
Heads & Tails            Not held
Make Ups                 None recorded
Leave of Absence         None recorded
Guest Speaker: No Guest Speaker, we enjoyed fellowship.
Our thanks go to Carol Koser and Nick Slow for hosting the Home Meeting at
their beautiful home at Brookfield. It was a wonderful night of fellowship
where, everyone brought something to eat or drink so much in fact that we all
went back for seconds both for mains and deserts. It was so successful that I am
sure we are all thinking of where the next one should be.

 A Rotary Grace                             THE FOUR-WAY TEST
 We break thy bread in brotherhood,         ‘Of the things we think, say or do’.
 And thank thee Lord for all things good,   1. Is it the truth?
 May we more blessed than we deserve        2. Is it fair to all concerned?
 Live less for self and more to serve       3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
                                            4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
                     The Kenmore Kog

              The Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Kenmore Inc.
                            Chartered 30 April 1969
Week 51 – 17 June P.O. Box 94, Kenmore, QLD, 4069        2008-2009

Tonight: RC Kenmore 40Years of service to the community
           Speaker: Various
                 Chair: Bob Rogers
                 Duty Officers: Brian Becconsall, Meyrick Croker, Ian Kilpatrick
                 Fellowship/Grace: Brian Duddington
                 Sergeant: Ray Giarola
 Date:            24 June         1 July                    8 July                15 July
 Subject:       Motor Neurone     Club                      TBA                   TBA
                Disease           Changeover
Speakers:       John Wearne       Kenmore                   TBA                   TBA
Chair:         Bill Otford        Ian Cameron               TBA                   TBA
Duty Officers: John Smith,        Ken Wasley,               TBA                   TBA
               Jack Rynn          Bob Rogers
F’Ship/Grace: Colin Melvin        Lyle Schuntner            TBA                TBA
Sergeant:      Michael Fitzgerald The Four Amigos           Michael Fitzgerald Ray Giarola
                                  - Ray Giarola
If you can't do this duty, please arrange a replacement and advise Paul McLaughlin 3876 3667
Theme for June: Rotary Fellowships Month & R.I. Convention

Date                   Event                                      Co-ordinator
1st July 2009          Club Changeover                            Ian Cameron/Bill Waterfield

www.rotarykenmore.org         Editor: Taso Kouvaras      enquiry@rotarykenmore.org
The Kenmore Kog                                                             Page 2

                            President’s Notes
Congratulations everyone!! The Rotary Club of Kenmore was again successful in being
awarded the Heather Kinross Memorial Trophy for International Service. Bill
Waterfield accepted the Trophy on our behalf at the District Changeover. I think that is
three years in a row.
It was a great meeting last week at the home of Carol and Nick Koser. Very relaxed,
with good company, food and wine. There was a small challenge to navigate there, but
seemed with persistence everyone made it. I was out in the middle of the bush based on
my Sat Nav system! Many thanks must go to our hosts Carol and Nick for having us at
their lovely hillside home.
President: Ian Cameron – Haven’t got long to go
        Welcomed Fred Clarke from South Africa
         Invitation to all Directors to get Annual Report for changeover
        Paul & Kerry have been named as counsellors for two incoming Ambassadorial
        scholars– a boy from Louisiana [Kerri] and a girl from Germany [Paul]
Spots :
        Bob Rogers – next weeks meeting will have 30 definitely coming from 4 Probus
        Clubs Bill Bowden – President of Probus was a past member of Kenmore Rotary.
        Russell Bennett will speak about Citizenship Ceremony, Ray Giarola will speak
        about Glenleighden School.

        Bill Waterfield – DIK - Rotary Club of Dee Why in Sydney arranged for Mater
De      Hospital to donate items for PNG. Four Kenmore Rotarians + 3 Rotarians from Mt.
        Gravatt loaded a container with hospital beds & X-Ray machines from Mater
        Brian Stevens [HOME] - Graham McHugh still not right, but has licence
Sergeant: Michael Fitzgerald – Started with a Joke and then the fines began-
        $3 – Ian Cameron – crimes committed at Cootha Classic.
        $1 – Lance Weller – sold jewellery equipment business
        $1 – Bob Rogers [for being Guest Speaker]
        $1 – Ray Giarola [for Cootha classic in Bikies’ gear]
        $1 – Geoff Haigh [keep tag on Andrew’s travel schedule; extra $1 for road to Carol
Koser’s house being better than Mains Road]
        $1 – Joan Maloney & Ian Nave [great parking]
        $1 – Carol Koser [never met her neighbours]
        $1 – Bill Waterfield [for the Cootha Classic]
        $1 – Brian Becconsall [not so excited with Cootha Classic- went on car rally next
        $1 – Royce Allan [in Jack Rynn’s absence]
        $1 – Royce & Jack [got up 6.00am for Cootha Classic – only collected 2,000
        paying, though 6,000 went to the Cootha Classic.
        $1 – Off everyone for the road maintenance
The Kenmore Kog                                                                          Page 3

Rotary News:
Members of the Rotary Club of Carlsbad, California, USA, plant a sustainable vegetable garden at a local
homeless shelter on 25 April for Rotarians At Work Day. Photo courtesy of the Rotary Club of Carlsbad
More than 25,000 Rotarians and volunteers from 35 districts worldwide rolled up their sleeves to improve
their communities as part of Rotarians At Work Day.
Started in 2006 by the late Bob Watson, past governor of District 5340 (California, USA), Rotarians At
Work Day happens the last Saturday in April each year and challenges clubs around the world to carry out
hands-on service efforts in their community.
"It truly is a grassroots project," says Pamela Russell, governor of District 5340. "The day is a great
opportunity to revitalize your club, bring in new members, and generate publicity for Rotary."
Watson's vision was that by 2014, every club and Rotarian would participate, says Russell.
"Imagine the impact when all clubs come together and perform community service projects," she says.
"Thousands of people will benefit both indirectly and directly from just our one-day efforts." Here are a
few of the projects that Rotarians carried out around the globe on 25 April:

        To emphasize the importance of bicycle safety, 15 clubs in District 1410 (Åland Islands; Finland)
         collected 2,000 knapsacks for bike helmets and delivered them to local schools.
        Members of the Rotary Club of Vasco da Gama, Goa, India, helped build two large steel lockers
         for a school in Chicalim.
        More than 100 Rotarians and Rotaractors from District 9200, which covers five countries in
         eastern Africa, planted trees, painted rooms, and repaired cow sheds for the Morning Star
         Children's Ministry for orphans in Nairobi, Kenya.
        A joint effort between the Rotary clubs of Ensenada Riviera, Baja California, Mexico, and
         Newport-Irvine, California, provided more than 100 new chairs to a primary school in Francisco
         Zarco, Mexico. Rotarians also painted part of the school, cleaned up the patio, and planted trees.
        The Rotary Club of Carlsbad, California, started a sustainable vegetable garden at a local
         homeless shelter, allowing residents to grow their own food. Rotarians also painted several areas
         of the facility.


Member Profile: Carol Koser: Education Queensland
As a full time guidance officer in the state secondary school system, I am based at
one city high school with an enrolment of 1100 students. I am responsible for
      Planning, negotiating and providing a comprehensive guidance and
           counselling program for all students
      Providing educational, personal, vocational and institutional advice and
      Engaging in effective and professional liaisons, referrals and reporting
      Providing specialist advice concerning the nature of disabilities, special needs, and
           psychological and emotional status
                       Winston Churchill of learning and adjustment issues
      Investigating and assessing a wide range Quote of the Week
      Assisting in the formulation of policies, particularly through the provision of expertspite of
              A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in advice
      Ensuring compliance obligations in international education are met under the National Code
               obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human
My passion in life is academic study and research.
I have attended seven universities here and in the United States (Rutgers U, Miami U, Uni of Calif,
Melbourne Uni, UQ, QUT and ANU) taking degree and diploma courses. I am completing a Diploma of

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