Okay_ Okay_ Okay whats so good about the new Yorkshire-Humber by sofiaie


									   Okay, Okay, Okay.... what’s so good about the
     new Yorkshire-Humber Deanery website?

                                 How to Get There:
    http://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/general_practice/
     and if you can’t remember that:
    http://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk and click “School of Primary Care” at the
     bottom of the page
     and if you can’t remember that, go to:
    www.bradfordvts.co.uk and click on Yorkshire-Humber Deanery on the main page

          We’ve listened to all of you and we’re now in a position to say that we
          think we’ve delivered on what you wanted and hope you will find the
          Y-H website a delight to use.

Calm and Restful Colours: Epilepsy sufferers fear no more; no more psychedelic
colours akin to Bradford’s original website back in 2002.

                           It has sensible submenus
                           It’s intuitive
                           It’s unambiguous

Navigation Menu             And it’s more comprehensive than the old one
                            (covers a lot more).
                            We guarantee you will find what you’re after within 5
                            taps! How’s that?

New section on GP Training News: so you’re up to date just after a few clicks!
Tells you what’s on offer in North, West, East and South Yorkshire and North
Now that Yorkshire Deanery has merged with South Yorkshire & North
Lincolnshire, this site covers them all.
                                   A separate list of courses for trainees and trainers:
                                     covering all of North, West, East and South Yorkshire and
                                     North Lincolnshire. You can attend any of them!
                                   Including courses hosted by affiliated organisations like
                                     our local RCGP faculty and the Academic Unit of Primary
                                   Full details including venue, postcode so you can use your
                                     SatNav and a contact person for each course!
                                   You can EVEN advertise your OWN local course e.g. the
                                     minor surgery course in York, DFFP, STIF etc
                                   There’s even a pre-coursework section where you can
                                     download stuff and be prepared before attending a
      course. Everything is in one place on one site.

nMRCGP section
   Totally revamped, logical in style with loads of useful downloads that will make your
    training lives easier.
   Even a section for consultants
   New section on ARCP panels and dates... keeping you informed all the time

A search box facility
   In the rare case where you can’t find what you’re looking: just
    plug it into the search box – hey presto.
   No matter how you index or set up menus and submenus, we
    all think differently and what is instinctive to one person is
    counter-intuitive to another. Someone said “Being able to type
    what I’m looking for into a box and find it a second later is
    what counts for me!”: we think we’ve done just that.
   The search facility is now in an obvious place holder so that
    you’re no longer “searching” for the “search facility”... crazy world we live in!

Other Stuff
     Who’s Who Directory in the Deanery: and their roles and contact details
     Programme Directors’ Directory: contact them with ease
     Intending Trainers’ Section: pathway to becoming a trainer and downloads
     Trainer Resources: Useful education links and downloads
     F2 doc training section – yes, even that too! (for training practices and trainees)
     Download Application, Claims and Other Forms; including WYCSA forms to get your
      trainees registered.
RSS feeds
   Don’t know what these are?
   Look here: http://www.make-rss-feeds.com/making-an-rss-
   You can subscribe to them in a variety of ways. Basically RSS
    feeds help keep you informed of big changes or additions
    made to the Y-H Deanery pages. You can incorporate this
    “link” into your local websites so they (trainees) get to hear
    of it too. If you use iGoogle, you can incorporate it into that
    too! We do all the work and bring it effortlessly to YOU.

And You Can, For the First Time, Moan and Groan Too!
        On the main page is a facility called “moan and groan” to help you vent
        any frustrations in using the Y-H Deanery website.         Why are we
        interested? Because we want to make the site better and better.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day but you can help us get there.

       And the site is fully backed up! No fear of stuff vanishing one day.

What We’re Working On
  A better (more intelligent) online system for booking into courses directly.
  Online Section for each trainer/practice to be able to view things online like
    the Tynedale Questionnaire.

  If you have any suggestions, or want to ‘moan and groan’ please email me on
        rameshmehay@googlemail.com (or you can do it through the site)

     BUT PLEASE COME AND CHECK IT OUT FIRST (just play around with it):

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