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					         Space for Business
           ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Newsletter

                                                                                                                              ISSUE 2 / 20

                                                                                                                   Gamma rays are, generally speaking, what
                                                                                                                 we would know as radioactivity. A gamma
                                                                                                               ray detection device determines the energy
                                                                                                             and the count rate of gamma rays emitted by
                                                                                                          radioactive substances (whereas the well-known
                                                                                                      Geiger counter only determines the count rate). Most
                                                                                                 radioactive sources produce gamma rays of various energies
                                                                                             and intensities. By detecting and analyzing them, a gamma
           A GAMMA-RAY BURST                                                            energy spectrum can be produced – a kind of radiation fingerprint,
                                                                                     which can tell us what kind of substance we are dealing with and how
Credits: ESA. Il
                 lustration by ESA/ ECF                                              much of it.
                                                                                     In space, this technology is used in astronomy applications, such as in
          Detecting dirty                                                            ESA’s International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL).
          bombs with                                                                 INTEGRAL, launched in 2002, is detecting some of the most energetic
          ESA gamma-ray                                                              radiation that comes from space. With its gamma ray technology, it is
          technology                                                                 able to detect violent explosions, the formation of elements, black holes
                                                                                     and other exotic objects in our Milky Way, the cosmic neighbourhood
          COMPANY USING ESA-DEVELOPED GAMMA-RAY DETECTION TECHNO-                    and much further, in distant galaxies at the edge of the observable uni-
          LOGY AWARDED POTENTIAL 222 MILLION DOLLARS WITH US                         verse.
                                                                                     140 MILLION EURO                     DEAL FOR              HUMAN PORTABLE RADIATION
          The European Space Agency has supported the development of techno-         DETECTION SYSTEM
          logy for gamma ray astronomy for over 40 years. Under ESA’s and the
          UK’s technology transfer support, British company Symetrica developed      Detection of illicit traffic in radioactive materials, which could be used to
          a unique technology based on gamma-ray detection equipment used in         make dirty bombs, is a very high priority for National Security on the
          ESA's INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTE-               US. Special Nuclear Materials, which could constitute a threat, must also
          GRAL), which can detect and accurately identify radioactive threat mate-   be identified against a background of naturally occurring radioactive
          rials as used in dirty bombs.                                              materials, such as clay tiles, ceramics or bananas, and a range of legally
                                                                                     transported radioactive materials such as medical isotopes. Effective
          UNIQUE PORTABLE DIRTY BOMB DETECTION DEVICE                                screening devices are required for personnel and freight at, for example,
                                                                                     ports and borders. Detection and identification of dangerous radioactive
          Symetrica was formed in 2002 to develop and commercialize unique           material has to be quick and reliable, without disrupting the normal flow
          radiation detection and identification technology. Through UK and ESA      of commerce. Symetrica and Smiths Detection are jointly developing a
          Technology Transfer support, contact with Smiths Detection, a world-lea-   unique handheld and backpack Human Portable Radiation Detection
          ding provider of explosives trace and X-ray detection systems, was esta-   System (HPRDS) tailored to meet those criteria. The device features
          blished. In 2006, Symetrica announced that its partnership with Smiths     space-based radiation detection hardware and signal processing soft-
          Detection has led to award of a contract with a potential total                        ware for use by emergency responders, border patrol agents,
          value, including options, of 222 million Dollars by the                                         customs and coast guard officers and other law enfor-
          U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)                                                        cement personnel. The detectors can identify and
          Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) to                                                           determine the location of incoming radiation and
          provide next-generation radiation gamma ray                                                           reliably discriminate between normally-occurring
          detection and identification systems.                                                                 radioactive materials and potential threats.
                                                                                              Credits: PRC99-09, STScI OPO, A. Fruchter (STScI) and NASA
          C O N TA C T :
          European Space Agency
                                          Technology Transfer Programme - www.esa.int/ttp - ttp@esa.int
                                                                                         a competitive advantage. That is why this year’s European Technology
                                                                                          Transfer Conference, initiated by ESA’s Technology Transfer Office, will
                                                                                          focus on the subject of security. ”The transfer of space technology into
                                                                                          the security sector has huge potential, but unfortunately is yet a rather
                                                                                        unexplored field”, says Frank M. Salzgeber, Head of ESA’s Technology
                                                                                        Transfer Programme. ”Symmetrica’s success story was facilitated with

                                                                            c ro
                                                                                        the help of ESA space technology, and I am convinced there are a lot

                                                                                        more of slumbering technology treasures to be discovered by the secu-

                                                                  di t
                                                           cr e
                                                                                        rity business in space tech. This will not only benefit both industries, but
                                                                                        also people everywhere, as it will make our world a safer place.”
                                               EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY The ‘2nd European Technology Transfer Conference 2008: Security’ will
                               TRANSFER CONFERENCE 2008: SAFETY             take place in Munich, at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, entrance
                                                                            north, October 13th and 14th
 A growing safety demand all over the world and rising safety standards
 not least due to the international terrorist attacks of the previous years Related link: www.ett-conference.com
 caused a boom in security business – and with it an omnipresent crave To apply for registration, please go to: www.ett-confe-
 of the security industry for innovations and top-notch technology to gain rence.com/html/generally.html

Space technology developed for
measuring the height of the ocean
surface helps to find natural
resources on Earth
                                                is scheduled for launch this September. This                     GOCE will also deliver data that will give us a
                                                method measures the differential acceleration                    better understanding of the processes occurring
                                                of the Earth’s gravity field over short distances.               inside the Earth.
                                                The minute changes that the gravity gradiome-
                                                ter measures are directly related to the density                 GRAVITY      GRADIOMETRY ON           EARTH –
  credit: ARKeX

                                                of the subsurface rock. So gravity gradiometry                   MAKING IT EASIER TO DETECT MINERAL
                                                is effectively the rate of change of rock proper-                RESOURCES
UK based company ARKeX, operating in the ties. GOCE will measure global variations in the
geophysical imaging technology area, announ- gravity field with extreme detail and accuracy.                     This space-derived technology was advanced
ced a 30 million dollar fundraising. One of It will be the first ever mission to employ the                      by British geophysical imaging company
ARKeX’s core technologies is their superconduc- concept of gravity gradiometry to do this. This                  ARKeX for use in the oil and gas industry, and
ting gravity gradiometer, which was initially will result in a unique model of the geoid,                        supported by managing director of ESA
developed by industry as an alternative gravity which is the surface of equal gravitational                      Technology Transfer Programme’s Technology
gradiometry measurement instrument for potential defined by the gravity field, which is                          Broker Qi3, Nathan Hill, from its very begin-
ESA's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean crucial for being able to accurately measure
Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mission.            ocean circulations and sea-level                                                                                  credit: AR
                                                                                                                                                                            Ke X

                                                change, which are affec-

                                                                                    ARKEX DEVELOPS AND USES GRAVITY GRADIOMETERS AND SUPERCONDUCTIVE GRAVITY
The technology of superconducting gravitatio-                                       GRADIOMETERS TO SCAN THE EARTH BY PLANE TO DETECT NATURAL RESOURCES
nal gradiometry was originally developed as
an alternative instrument for measuring gravity
for ESA’s Gravity-field and steady state Ocean
Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mission, which
nings. From the data acquired through the gra-gravity gradiometer, the EGG (Exploration
diometer, an image of the subsurface geology  Gravity Gradiometer). The EGG is designed to                  GOCE IN ORBIT
can be derived. This image is a vital piece ofachieve an order of magnitude improvement in
information for oil and gas companies looking resolution. This extra sensitivity is achieved
to drill wells or plan further exploration.   through the use of superconductivity. The
The ARKeX gravity gradiometry tools offer     EGG is cooled to minus 269°C with liquid
other major advantages for the oil and gas    helium to take advantage of super
industry. Seismic surveys are the prevalent   conductivity properties, namely zero
method of finding new gas or oil deposits and electrical resistance and the exclusion
often use dynamite to produce sounds waves.   of the interior magnetic field. It
                                              enables accurate measurement of
Gravity gradiometry on the other hand is a non-
invasive technology, which can also be used invery tiny signals and therefore a
environmentally sensitive areas without cau-  higher resolution picture can be pro-
sing immediate disruption.                    duced as a result. The EGG will
The instrument is mounted in a light aircraft enable a wider range of geologies to
and a survey grid is flown over the area to   be surveyed in greater detail, as the
record the different signals from the rock    extra sensitivity will be able to mea-
below. As a large area can be covered quickly sure smaller density contrasts that the
                                              non-superconductive system is not be
from the air, the cost of performing a survey is
10 times cheaper than performing a traditionalable to see.
seismic survey.                               Following successful early trials of the EGG,
                                              ARKeX has an aircraft under contract and is
30 MILLION DOLLARS INVESTMENT TO SUP- starting trials of the full system. Once operatio-
PORT DEVELOPMENT OF SUPERCONDUCTIVE           nal, the EGG will be of tremendous benefit to
GRAVITY GRADIOMETER                           the oil and gas industry as well as having other
                                              potential applications in defense, environmen-
ARKeX is currently in the process of building tal surveying and even back in to the space

                                                                                                                      ts :

and testing its own bespoke, superconductive program.                                                                                  AO
                                                                                                                                               M   edi
                                                                                                                                                         al a

POSITIONs 2008, 7-9 October, Dresden (D)                                 European Space Technology Transfer Congress,
                                                                         13-14 October, Munich (D)
The goal of the POSITIONs 2008 congress is to present and dis-
cuss current satellite navigation systems and their applications.        The annual European Technology Transfer (ETT) Conference will
In addition, it wants to stress the unique selling points of SatNav      take place during the Materialica tradefair in Munich from October
technology within the most interesting growth sectors. The               13-14, 2008.
POSITIONs 2008 is going to reach out directly to the users and           The second Technology Transfer Conference seeks to link up the
prospective customers of the SatNav technology and to build a            industry and the aerospace business in a targeted and active way.
bridge towards the SatNav experts.                                       This year’s conference focuses on security. The conference parti-
ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) will use the event as          cularly aims at industrial representatives and gives examples of
a platform to show the endless opportunities that satellite techno-      how space technology from the field of security can be used in
logy offers for novel and innovative business ideas as well as give      other industry sectors and how the findings from aerospace
some of TTP’s start-up companies from ESA’s business incubators          science can promote economic success. The conference focuses on
the chance to introduce their products to the SatNav community.          three main topics: safety and border control with Terahertz -
www.positions-kongress.de                                                Sensors, radar and earth observation and protection by shielding.

C O N TA C T :
European Space Agency
                           Technology Transfer Programme - www.esa.int/ttp - ttp@esa.int
Do you have an innovative idea for the transfer of space technology to a novel use on Earth? Then apply
to the Permanent Open Call for Technology Transfer!
The purpose of this Call is to allow space and non-space entities or individuals to submit proposals for studies to assess the feasibility of a possible
transfer of a technology from a space donor to a non-space receiver.
Interested? Please go to www.technology-forum.com/pocs/ for more information.

Better hams
with space technology
Space technology is now being used to help          body liquids experienced by astronauts in    the line and can then be used to produce boi-
Spanish ham experts ensure that hams awar-          microgravity by applying a low electrical cur-
                                                                                                 led hams.
ded the highly prized ‘jamon’ label are worthy      rent to the astronaut's body and analyzing its
                                                                                                 By improving the speed and efficiency of
of the name. Technology used to measure the         exit.                                        detecting hams that do not meet the high
liquid shift that occurs in an astronaut’s body     This technology has now been redeveloped     quality standards, the brand name of Esteban
in microgravity has been developed to mea-          and tailored to measure the water retention  Espuna’s products is strengthened and the
sure the water retention in cured hams.             level in the famous Spanish hams.            client receives a better quality product at a
'Jamon', the world-famous Spanish cured                                                          lower price.
ham, is the pride of a culinary nation. As such WHAT MAKES A ‘JAMON’ A JAMON?                    By applying this space-derived technology to
it is subject to rigid quality control. Highly                                                   ham production, Esteban Espuna has increa-
experienced experts can determine by a mere     To be labelled 'cured', a ham has to meet spe- sed its profits at a rate of 3% a year and is hel-
look, touch and smell whether a cured ham       cific criteria of water retention after several ping to guarantee the excellence of ‘jamon’.
deserves the desired label.                     months of curing. The hams can neither be                                                credit
                                                                                                                                               : Est
However, the main criteria for a jamon is       too dry nor too ‘wet’ as this would diminish                                                           nE
                                                                                                                                                         sp u
amount of water in the meat. This is very hard  the quality.
to spot with the naked eye, which makes it a    To make sure that a cured ham is really a 'ja-
difficult job even for the most experienced ins-mon', the so-called PSE (pale, soft and exuda-
pector.                                         tive) hams need to be weeded out before
                                                they hit the market and dilute the quality
ASTRONAUT’S PHYSICAL MONITORING TECH- brand of Spanish ham.                                                  ban
NOLOGY DETECTS LOW-QUALITY HAMS                                                                 cre

                                                SPACE-DERIVED              TECHNOLOGY
To solve this problem ESA's technology trans- IMPROVES EFFICIENCY AND PROFIT
fer broker Inasmet helped Spanish ham pro-
ducer Esteban Espuna to adapt technology A detection tool to measure the
first developed for space by Spanish enginee- level of water retention in
ring company NTE. The technology was des- the hams is now integrated
igned to monitor the fluid shift that occurs in in the production line of
an astronaut's body during spaceflight.         Spanish ham producer
Developed in the framework of ESA's Esteban Espuna. Hams
Technology Research Programme, NTE created that do not comply with
Spectroscopy of Electrical Impedance for the specified quality
medical purposes. The instrument minutely parameters are auto-
monitors and measures the upward drift of matically removed from