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					                      Minutes of Dilwyn Parish Council Meeting
                                      held on
                    Tuesday 15 July 2008 at 7.30 pm in Cedar Hall.

Present:       Councillors: Cllr C Davies (Chair), Cllr M Huxtable (Vice-chair), Cllrs A        Action
               Brown; R Brown; J Hall; P Meanwell; P Preston; R Smith, P Stilwell.                   s
In             K Smith, Clerk; Ms Erica Creer; Mr D Fowler; Cllr John Goodwin (late
Attendance: arrival)
  1.0  Apologies accepted from: Cllr D Brown
  2.0  Tina Woods – Affordable Housing Survey Results Update
       8 Affordable Housing needs had been identified from the questionnaires sent out,
       however no suitable sites have been identified. Suggestion that an article be            Action:
       placed in the Dilwynner asking landowners if they would consider selling land             Clerk
       within the development boundary.
       Full copies of the Housing Needs Update and the discussion at the Parish Council
       meeting are available on or via the Clerk.
  3.0  Approve Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting of 17th June 2008
       Minutes Approved and signed.
       The Parish Council was updated on the outstanding actions on the Summaries
  3.1 Following a meeting between Cllr Davies; Clerk; Andrew Barrand,
       Peter Howard and Steve Williams it was agreed that small advertisements for
       individuals with a local connection would be allowed – first 6 months free and then
       any after that charged with money going towards local charities (unspecified)
  3.2  Cllr D Brown extended leave of absence. Dilwyn Parish Council passed a
       resolution stating that they “understand and accept that as Cllr D Brown may be
       serving with the armed forces for 6 months or more he is unable to attend Parish
       Council meetings”. This will be reviewed at the end of 6 month. Proposed: Cllr
       Preston; Seconded Cllr Meanwell. .
  3.3  Request for use of land for Visitor Parking. No agreement has been reached
       about locations for parking within the village. Cllr R Brown agreed to raise the
       question of parking problems caused by large Church events at the next PCC
  3.4  Meeting. Parking issue to be an agenda item for September.                               Action:
  3.5  Home Guard Hut No progress. Clerk to chase.                                               Clerk
  3.6  Lengthsman Scheme On waiting list. Clerk to check progress.                              Action:
  3.7  Tyrrells Meeting Waiting for Julie Lewis to return from holiday                           Clerk
       Proposed Publication of the History of Dilwyn A meeting has been provisionally
       arranged for September with Mr Clark of Fownhope History Society to advise on            Action:
       the best way forward. Cllr Stilwell said that Mrs D Stilwell was currently writing        Clerk
       down her recollections of the village and that Mrs Girlie Fletcher would also be a       Action:
       valuable source of information. Clerk to contact her                                      Clerk
  3.8  Drainage Problems outside Karen Court Still no response to a letter sent in April.
       Clerk to follow this up
  4.0  Declarations of interest. – None.
       NB District Councillor John Goodwin arrived at the meeting
  5.0  Refurbishment of Underpass Mural
  5.1  Update on Project Painting was largely completed. 21 people helped on
       06/07/08; 28 people on 12/07/08 and 23 people on 13/07/08. Additional paint had          Action:
       to be bought on behalf of the Parish Council and some was kindly donated by               Clerk
       Beryl Coombes and Richard Bartholomew. Thank you letters to be written.
       Mr & Mrs Powell kindly opened their home and provided refreshments. Letter of
       thanks to them. Hot dogs provided at cost by The Crown Inn. Many Photographs             Action:
       were taken and an article to be written for the Dilwynner. Parish Council also            Clerk
       asked Erica Creer if she would be willing to write an article for the Hereford Times,.
       which she agreed to do
5.2    Gift for Mr R Bartholomew. Mr Bartholomew has spent a great deal of time
       preparing, organising and working on the Refurbishment project. The Parish               Action:
       Council approved offering a meal for two at The Crown as a Thank you. All his             Clerk
       expenses would also be covered.
6.0    Discuss Completion of Core Strategy Questionnaire                                        Action:
       Cllr Davies and the Clerk attended a briefing session at the Council Offices in           Cllr A
       Brockington which went into detail about the new Core Strategy Proposals. A              Brown;
       detailed questionnaire needs to be completed before 8th August. Cllr Davies                    C
       suggested that a small group complete the questionnaire as it would be a lengthy         Davies;
       process. It was agreed that Cllrs A Brown, C Davies; J Hall and the Clerk would           J Hall
       do this. Clerk provided all the Councillors with the précis booklet for their               and
       information.                                                                               Clerk
7.0    To Discuss The Crown Inn and Punch Taverns The Crown Inn Working Party
       had met with both the landlords and with Bill Wiggin MP to discuss the future of the
       pub which is now on the market. The main reason is the percentage taken by
       Punch Taverns on barrelage. A letter had been drafted to Giles Thorley, Chief
       Executive of Punch Taverns asking for a meeting to discuss the future of rural           Action:
       pubs and specifically The Crown. Subject to a few amendments the letter was               Clerk
8.0    To Discuss Trees on the Village Green                                                    Action:
8.1    Trees Cllr Davies has been sent a copy of a “Tree Condition Survey” originally               Cllr
       commissioned by Mr J Gerrish in February 2005 and undertaken by Jerry Ross               Davies
       Arboricultural Consultancy. Cllr Davies suggested that at the next Planning                 and
       meeting, time was taken to look at the trees in detail and with regard to this report.    Clerk
       Meanwhile Clerk to copy report to all Councillors. Cllr Huxtable suggested that an
       updated survey may be sensible. Chair to investigate cost.
8.2    Beech Trees. Linked to this Mr S Williams has requested that the beech trees on
       the village green are cut back as they are overshadowing private gardens. Will be
       reviewed at same meeting.
9.0    To Discuss Highways Maintenance
9.1    Sat/Nav system up the Haven. Reports have been made that lorries, being guided
              by Sat/Nav systems are going up lanes that are too small for them.                Action:
              Discussion of ways to prevent this including advisory road signs. Clerk to         Clerk
              seek advice from Richard Bull of Herefordshire Council about problems re
9.2           Sat/Nav systems.
       Resurfacing of roads in Weobley Comment was made that major road resurfacing
       work was being done in Weobley while some Dilwyn roads were still in a poor
       condition. Cllr Davies advised that this was partly due to laying new water pipes.
9.3    Cllr Goodwin also commented that there was a lot of resurfacing currently being          Action:
       done in North Herefordshire.                                                              Clerk
       Sand/Grit Bin The bad weather grit bin opposite the Coach House has
       disappeared without a trace and needs to be replaced.
10.0   To Discuss Planning Application/Concerns
       None received
11.0   To Discuss Correspondence Received
11.1   Request from Len Beach, chair of Dilwyn Neighbourhood Watch for donation for             Action:
       cost of publicity leaflets, £71.46 Approved. Proposed: Cllr R Brown; Seconded:            Clerk
       Cllr Hall.
11.2   To Discuss Update from Dilwyn Cedar Hall Committee on request for funding to
              repair the outside wall below the car park. The Cedar Hall Committee has          Action:
              decided to accept Graham Dyer’s quote as it includes the cost of all the           Clerk
              stone required to complete the wall. This was £960.00 + VAT (£168.00) =
                £1,128.00. Following discussion the Parish Council agreed to fund 50% of
                this project, £564.00 especially as the original work will need to be extended
                following Health and
         Safety advice from an external expert. Proposed: Cllr Stilwell; Seconded Cllr
11.3     Removal of Public Telephones 111 Public telephones are under threat of removal
         by BT. Although Dilwyn is not one a letter has been sent supporting the retention
         of public telephone facilities
12.0     Accounts
12.1     Copy of Accounts - £10,406.19
13.0     Updates from School/Village Hall/Dilwynner/PCC Representatives.
         School Report Cllr A Brown gave an update on the School touching on Ofsted re-
         inspection; financial review, school play, sporting achievements and anticipated
         SATS results. The full report is available from the Clerk and on
14.0     Open Discussion
14.1     Cllr J Goodwin
14.1.1   Sign post at Little Stocking Still chasing
14.1.2   Schools in Herefordshire There will be a main cluster meeting on 17/09/08 to
         discuss current ideas for schools
14.2     Cllr Stilwell
14.2.1   Replacement of Stageblocks at the Cedar Hall Cllr P Stilwell asked whether the
         Village Hall Committee was considering replacing the staging that has been              Action ;
         disposed off. Mr Fowler reported that they were investigating buying more staging           Cllr
         compatible with that which they already have. Cllr Preston was asked to raise this      Preston
         at the next Village Hall Committee Meeting
14.3     Cllr A Brown
14.3.1   30mph signs along The Common Cllr Brown pointed out that one of the signs               Action:
         which had been damaged was now in fact missing. Clerk to ask for sign to be              Clerk
13.0     Date and time of next Parish Council meeting: 7.30pm Tuesday 16th
         September 2008

           Dilwyn, Herefordshire HR4 8HL
                Tel. 07790 291247
Summary of Actions for Meeting held 15th July 2008

                          • Individual Councillors (alphabetical)
    •   Cllr A Brown – Assist with completion of Core Strategy Questionnaire
    •   Cllr R Brown – 1. Inform/ask PCC re Representing them at Parish Council
        meetings 2. Ask about solutions for parking issues for large Church events
    •   Cllr Davies    1. Complete Core Strategy Questionnaire with others ; 2
        Pursue Renovation of Home Guard Hut
    •   Cllr Hall Complete Core Strategy Questionnaire with others
    •   Cllr Preston Follow up on replacement of stage-block at next Village Hall
        Committee meeting
    •   Cllr Whittall –1. Compile of list of individuals willing to help locals in an
        emergency. 2. Provide Clerk with copy of photograph of Home Guard Hut;
                      •   Clerk
•       On-going
•       Provide with copies of minutes and agendas at same time as
•       Organise any training courses required by Councillors (partial new timetable
        now available)
•       Forward correspondence to the Dilwynner
•       Compile Monthly Correspondence list
•       Circulate Summaries Update from meeting with next Agenda
•       Report Highways issues
•       Specific
•       Affordable Housing Report on
•       Request for land for Affordable Housing article in Dilwynner
•       Underpass project article for Dilwynner
•       Letter of Thanks linked to Underpass – Mr Bartholomew; Mr & Mrs Powell,
        Beryl Coombes and Tony Bullen
•       Meet with Erica Creer re article on Underpass for Hereford Times
•       Confirm Grants Advisory Session with Clare Wychbold of Herefordshire
•       Contact Archaeological Dept and complete Expression of Interest Form with
        regard to Home Guard Hut (on hold while seeking approval of land owner)
•       Progress Lengthsman scheme so ready when funding becomes available and
        check details with Herefordshire Council
•       Chase Highways re Drainage Issue outside Karen Court
•       Complete Core Strategy Questionnaire with other Councillors
•       Send revised letter re The Crown to Punch Taverns and Bill Wiggin MP
•       Circulate Village Green Tree survey to all Councillors
•       Seek advice from Richard Ball of Herefordshire Council re Sat/Nav problems
•       Request replacement Sand/Grit container
•       Report new Highways problems - trees, 30mph signs, road signs,drain
        covers, potholes
•       Settle outstanding Cheques – Mr L Beech, The Crown and Cedar Hall
•       Compile Standing Orders and Financial Standing Orders for Dilwyn PC
•       Contact David Clark (Fownhope History Society)
•       Arrange a meeting with Julie Lewis and Mr Les Sayers at Tyrrells

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