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					qpap.                                     b) executive
                                          c) application
1.The major drawback of dynamic           d) monitor
linking is
a)Complexity                              7. databus has no effect on
b)overheads                               addressibility.
c) both a & b                             a) partially agree
d)none of these                           b) completely disagree
                                          c) partially disagree
2.Which of the following page-swap        d) completely agree
algorithms make use of time stamp of
every page?                               8. which scheduling system is best suited
        1. Least Frequently Used          for interactive systems?
        2.Least Recently Used             a) FCFS
        3.Not Recently Used               b) RR
        4.First In First Out              c) SJF
a) 1 & 2                                  d) SRT
b)2 & 3
c)1 & 3                                   9. UNIX can be best described as
d)2 & 4                                   a) single user-single processing system
                                          b) single user-multi processing system
3.In which case Procedures and data can   c) multi user-single processing system
be distinguished and seperately           d) multi user-multi processing system
a) paging                                 10. what is meant by starvation?
b) segmentation                           a) when a job requiring large memory
c)single contigous                        space cannot be included
d)none of these                             in main memory due to fixed partition
4.Sharing of subroutines is allowed by    b) when a long job may get delayed
a) paging                                 indefinately by a succession
b) segmentation                             of smaller jobs arriving in the queue,
c)both                                    in SJF scheduling
d) none of these                          c) when a processor is idle most of the
                                          time, starving for
5.Which type of multitasking is used in     instructions, resulting in
WINDOWS 3.1 ?                             underutilization of resources
a) preemptive                             d) all of the above
b) co-operative
c) non-preemptive                         11. A 16 bit program counter can access
d) Round Robin                            a memory of

                                          a) 256 KB
6. which word cannot be used to           b) 64 kB
describe OS?                              c) 1 MB
a) supervisor                             d) 128 KB
                                            a) 16 bits
12. To access a memory of 1KB we            b) 48 bits
would need an address bus of                c) 24 bits
                                            d) 32 bits
a) 16 bit
b) 10 bit                                   18. which register is used to store
c) 20 bit                                   intermediate results of previous
d) 8 bit                                    instructions?
                                            a) MAR
13. Logic of program is tested during       b) MBR
semantic phase.                             c) IR
                                            d) Accumulator
a) true
b) false                                    19. the instructions which change the
c) can't say                                sequence of instruction execution are
d) ignore                                   called
                                            a) Data Transfer Instructions
14. An interpreter produces an object       b) I/O Instructions
module.                                     c) Program Control Instructions
                                            d) None
a) true
b) false                                    20. MIPS is not a measure of floating
c) can't say                                point operations
d) false                                    a) True
                                            b) False
15. Error message such as -" no             c) None
matching ' if 'construct" is generated by   d) Depends upon processor

a) semantic                                 21. Program Counter contains the
b) syntactic                                address of the data in case of
c) lexical                                  a) Direct Addressing
d) code generation                          b) Immediate Addressing
                                            c) Implied Addressing
16. Segment table size is dependent on      d) PC never contain the address of the
a) logical address space
b) physical address space                   22. Parse tree is an input and output
c) size of memory                           respectively for
d) space available                          a) Semantic analysis / syntactic analysis
                                            b) Intermediate code generation /
17. In a paging system, if total memory     syntactic analysis
size is 16 MB and each                      c) syntactic analysis / Intermediate code
  page is of size 4096 bytes, then to       generation
access each byte in a                       d) Intermediate code generation /
  page , the physical address should be     Semantic analysis
23. Scanner is also called                 12. b
a) Semantic analyser                       13. b
b) Lexical analyser                        14. b
c) Syntatic analyser                       15. b
d) None of the above.                      16. a
                                           17. c
24. Run-time error is                      18.d
a) Divide by 0                             19.c
b) lvalue                                  20.a
c) both a) & b)                            21.b
d) None of the above.                      22.b
25. Routers operate at                     24.c
a) Physical                                25.c
b) Transport                               26.b
c) Network layer                           27.d
d) Data link

26. Additional FAT means
a) An extension of primary FAT
b) Duplicate FAT, updated along with
the main FAT
c) Duplicate FAT
d) None of the above.

27. Kernal refers to inode by index from
a) Super block
b) Boot block
c) Data block
d) None of the above.

11. b

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