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									The Venue
                     The Venue History…

 On October 6th, 2007 the Lord brought together twelve people,
  from a variety of churches in the Mankato area, to create an
 evening of faith and arts. It was open to the community free of
charge. Twelve artists displayed their art in a gallery, musicians
  and poets shared their work on the stage. Multimedia pieces
were shown on weaved projection screens. An art creation area
allowed people to sculpt, paint or draw faith-based art. This was
all wrapped around a wonderful cup of coffee, rich desserts and
          conversation with others that had like values.
     Miraculously, the event was pulled together in 30 days.
           Let us share some experiences with you…
   As I watched ‘The Venue’ take place it was an
             "experience" not an event.
   People were worshiping the Lord through their
art, music, poetry, multimedia, and creation of art…
Christian Jazz singer Pippi Ardennia, and musicians from 3 bands.
       A woman came up and began using sign language…
The Lord took this night and interacted with his people.
        The music, the art, the atmosphere!
I would love to have something like this more often
     and would love to help plan the next one!
I will never forget the old man who stayed for 3 hours. He shared with me that he stood in front of
              a picture for the longest time because he had never seen anything like it.
                                 He said he would never be the same…

The 12 artists mingled with the guests and shared inspiration about their work.
  I would come 2-3 times a week and pay top dollar to
support a coffee shop at a permanent location. I loved the
     variety of coffees and treats, plus the variety of
We were so blessed by the ministry that occurred at "The
 Venue". There is no doubt that God is doing something
very special. We encourage you to hold on to the passion
that God has placed in your heart for this vision. Surely, it
will be more than one night! I can see how people identify
    with the artwork- looking at these incredible images,
   hearing the stories and poetry, listening to the music,
    taken in by the sculpture. This is a way to reach the
  community on a whole new level. This is a way for the
 believer to express their relationship with Christ in a real
and honest way. This is what God would have us do! We
                 are excited! ~Dan & Shani~
     We enjoyed the art and fellowship.
This was a very classy event and well done.
               Kudos to all!
              ~Tom & Linda~

The artists were interviewed and shared their inspiration.
The total atmosphere impressed me. Well done!
 What an opportunity for artists and art lovers.
I heard of a blind woman creating a painting with her fingers. She was
                     experiencing faith in action…
Families created art together.
A sweet, six year old girl danced in front of the multimedia screen, pretending to
  hold the sun in her hands. Never have I seen that type of interaction before.
Amazing hot chocolate and good snacks! ~Unknown~
  This was the most unique event I have ever attended or
    read about. It was not just a coffee house, or an art
   showing, or a music concert. It was all of that, but very
experiential and interactive. Artists, musicians, and visitors
could converse, there was a Creation Station where visitors
  of all ages could express themselves. The multi-media
exciting. The setting was beautiful and inviting. Words just
  don't seem to express the multi-faceted experience--you
 just had to be there!! People who didn't attend but heard
about it have asked when the next event is. Let's see more
                 of this in the Mankato area!
     Dates have been set for the next 2008 event
         Friday, November 14 (6:30 – 3:00 am)
       Saturday,November 15 (6:30 – 3:00 am)
          Sunday, November 16 (1:00 – 4:00).
  The Venue will be right in the heart of the bar district at
             121 Cherry Street in Mankato
We plan to stay open late to welcome those leaving the bars and provide an
   alternative hangout for the young people in our community. We also are
  planning on providing free daycare earlier in the evening, so that Mom and
 Dad can enjoy warm fellowship along with a hot beverage, wonderful deserts
                                and great music.
     Would you like to help us with the next Venue?
          Do you feel a stirring in your heart?
_ Underwriter
         _ Building rental
         _ Stage, chairs, tables
_ Coffee supplies and desserts
_ Volunteer to help at the event
_ Artist
_ Musician
_ Comedian
_ Poetry
_ Unique gift you want to share with others
_ Free will donation

Please contact Julie Hawker at:
The Venue

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