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                   Capitol Hill welcomes Canada-U.S.
                   Partnership Day

                                                                                                                                         Photo credit: Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
                   O      n March 1, International Trade Minister Jim
                          Peterson was joined in Washington, D.C., by
                   Belinda Stronach, Conservative International Trade
                   Critic, the Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group,
                   the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture
                   and Forestry, provincial and territorial ministers
                   responsible for international trade and forestry,
                   and several industry associations on the occasion
                   of Canada-U.S. Partnership Day.
                      This important trade advocacy day provided an
                   opportunity for MPs, senators, provincial partners and   From left: Minister Peterson; California Congressman David
                                        continued on page 2 — Canada-U.S.   Dreier; and Senator for Metro Toronto, Jerry Grafstein.

                   Canada builds partnerships with key U.S. lab
                                                                            strengthening energy security and bolstering
                   P   artnerships, technology transfer, commercial-
                       ization and Canada-U.S. collaboration were the
                   predominant themes when 45 Canadians visited
                                                                            economic growth in North America. To signal our
                                                                            presence, Canada hosted a networking reception
                   the new Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in March.        at the Idaho Falls Museum prior to the business
  Vol. 23, No. 8   The "Canada-Idaho National Laboratory Technology         meetings. The delegation was warmly welcomed by
  May 2, 2005      Exchange and Partnership Development Mission"            the Mayor of Idaho Falls and the senior U.S. DOE
                   brought a mix of Canadian companies, research            representative responsible for overseeing of the lab.
                   agencies, academia and government officials to           DOE lab under new management
                   Idaho Falls, Idaho to meet with INL officials, discuss   The DOE recently restructured its contracts for
                   business and technology transfer opportunities and       lab management and site remediation. They broke
                   learn more about the capabilities of this important      the previous contract in two and awarded mana-
                   U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory.              gement of the lab facilities to the Battelle Energy
                     Led by Canada’s Consul General in Seattle, Jeffrey     Alliance, which took over management of the INL
                   Parker, the mission highlighted the cooperation          on February 1. A separate $3.5 billion site clean-
                   between the Consulate General, the INL and the           up contract was awarded to a consortium including
                   provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The           CH2M Hill and the Washington Group International,
                   mission’s aim was to identify and align compatible       effective in May.
                   science and technology interests into partnerships,              continued on page 2— Partnerships with U.S. lab
                                                                      U.S. CONNECTION

Partnerships with U.S. lab                                              — from page 1

    Mission members learned that the INL                        potential, reinforcing
has been designated by the DOE as                               important messages
the center for nuclear energy research                          on Canada as an
and development, and is the lead on the                         energy partner.
U.S. next generation nuclear program.                           Other participants
It is a multi-faceted lab with expertise in                     included staff from
alternative energy, fuel cell technologies,                     Atomic Energy of
critical infrastructure security, unmanned                      Canada Ltd's Chalk
vehicles and robotics, and wireless com-                        River facility,
munications and Supervisory Control                             Canada's closest
and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.                           equivalent to the
The INL has also been given a mandate                           INL. Alberta and
for National Security demonstration pro-                        B.C. were able to
jects, as well as academic, government                          speak to their            Jeffrey Parker, Canada’s Consul General in Seattle, speaks at the reception.
and international collaborations.                               economic
                                                                development agendas and showcase                   exchange. Ultimately, the sign of success
Technology exchange potential
                                                                companies and institutions that                    was that a number of the mission parti-
Consulate General staff provided an
                                                                attended from those provinces.                     cipants were able to enter into agree-
overview of Canada's Innovation
                                                                   In breakout sessions, each industry             ments with the INL for ongoing business.
Agenda, with many of its themes
                                                                sector group focused on their tech-                   For more information, contact
being exactly congruent with the new
                                                                nologies and were able to seek out                 Brian Parrott or Jane Shaw, Trade
direction of the Battelle management.
                                                                business partners through round table              Commissioners, Canadian Consulate
The mission also provided an oppor-
                                                                discussions. Mission members were                  General in Seattle, tel.: (206) 443-
tunity for TransCanada Inc. to outline
                                                                most pleased with the interaction and              1777, fax: (206) 443-9735, e-mail:
its Northern Lights project and provide
a summary of Canada's oil sands                                 their access to the lab facilities and staff. brian.parrott@international.gc.ca,
                                                                Specific action points were identified             jane.shaw@international.gc.ca, Web
                                                                for ongoing interaction and technology             site: www.inl.gov.

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 2     CanadExport        May 2, 2005
Introducing: “Partner Services”
Four new powerful resources
are now available on your
Virtual Trade Commissioner
Your Virtual Trade Commissioner now offers quick access
to a host of trade tools and services from our four partners:
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian
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and Export Development Canada (EDC).

Need to insure a deal or obtain a credit profile for a
foreign buyer? Want to strengthen your tender bid with
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You can find all these “Partner Services” and
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The Virtual Trade Commissioner provides export services,
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It’s easy! From the main page of your Virtual Trade
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      For more information on the Virtual Trade
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                                                                www.canadexport.gc.ca   3
                                                 ROADMAP TO ASIA

The allure of India:                                                                     available; the country has thousands
                                                                                         of engineering colleges offering
                                                                                         degrees and diplomas, while more
exporting opportunities                                                                  than 800 institutions concentrate on
                                                                                         advanced computer training alone.
                                            At the same time, however, about                And it all adds up. During April-
L  iving in a nation that stretches from
   the Himalayas to the tropics, India's
billion-plus people make up the world's
                                            65% of its people are villagers whose
                                            living depends on agriculture and
                                                                                         September 2004, for example, India's
                                                                                         GDP growth stood at 7% overall,
largest democracy. But the sheer size       poverty is widespread. In the large          despite a weather-related drop in
of the country and its urgent need for      cities, millions of people crowd into        agricultural output. According to the
development mean that it has an almost      cramped quarters, putting enormous           Indian Ministry of Statistics and
insatiable demand for goods and             strain on transit systems, water supplies    Programme Implementation, the services
services—a demand that Canadian             and waste disposal facilities.               sector and the industrial sector did
companies are well-positioned to fill.         In 1991, the Indian government, re-       especially well during this period,
                                            cognizing that faster economic deve-         growing at rates of 8.25% and 8.02%
Road work ahead
                                            lopment could help deal with such            respectively. On the consumer side,
To begin with, upgrading the country's
                                            problems, began to introduce reforms         lower interest rates have also contri-
roads, railways, seaports and airports
                                            to liberalize the economy. Among the         buted to the country's economic surge,
will require hundreds of billions of
                                            changes were deregulation of industry,       as the reduced cost of borrowing has
dollars of investment during the next
                                            sharp reductions in customs tariffs, lower   released pent-up demand. A reasonable
few years. In the energy sector, India
                                            domestic taxes and simpler rules for         forecast for economic growth during
hopes to double its electrical generation
                                            foreign investment. As a result, the         2005-2006 is 6%, although the Indian
capacity by 2012. Environmental qua-
                                            Indian economy began a steady expan-         government has established a target of
lity, largely because of the economy's
                                            sion that has continued to this day.         8% for the period. But no matter which
rapid growth, badly needs attention.
Agricultural development will demand        India’s blossoming economy                   prediction turns out to be correct, one
new storage, packaging and distri-          Economic liberalization isn't the only       forecast is a certainty—Canadian
bution systems. And in each of these        contributor to India's increasing pros-      businesses will continue to find new
sectors, Canada has both the capacity       perity. One of the country's greatest        horizons in the east.
and skills to provide what India needs.     strengths is its deep labour pool of            For more information, contact
    This is already beginning to happen.    highly educated, English-speaking            Team Canada Inc’s Export Information
According to Statistics Canada, mer-        workers, turned out by excellent schools     Service, toll-free: 1 888 811-1119,
chandise exports to India earned Cana-      and colleges teaching from high-quality      e-mail: info@exportsource.ca, Web
dian businesses $764 million during         curricula. Technical education is widely     site: www.canadaindiabusiness.ca.
2003. This was an increase of 13.4%
over 2002 and, because of under-
reporting, the real figure could be         EDC co-publishes India business guide
some 20% higher—which means that
Canada's average exports to India
are closing in on a billion dollars a
                                            I n keeping with its strategy to build
                                              momentum for Canadian trade and
                                            investment in India, Export Development
year. With such a soaring demand for
                                            Canada (EDC) recently supported the
services and commodities in view, it's
                                            publication of Canada-India: Moving
no wonder that more and more
                                            Forward, a special guide on the pros-
Canadian firms are discovering the
                                            pects and realities of competing in the
allure of India.
                                            Indian market.
A market like no other                         This collaboration between EDC and
India may, in fact, be the most important   L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd. of New Delhi,
emerging market in the world. Its           India, provides helpful and current
economy is already the 12th largest         market information, while illustrating
on earth and is expanding quickly,          EDC’s capacity to assist Canadian
with an expected GDP growth during          businesses—and their Indian
2004-2005 of between 6 and 7.5%.                           continued on page 5 — EDC

 4    CanadExport   May 2, 2005
                                                    ROADMAP TO ASIA

Canada-India trade relations to intensify
                                               begin to identify areas of cooperation,      scientists and companies,” said
D    uring the recent Canada Trade
     Mission to India, the Government
of Canada and the Government of India
                                               including biotechnology, health research,
                                               the next generation of information
                                                                                            International Trade Minister Jim Peterson.
                                                                                               Minister Peterson was also pleased
signed a Joint Declaration on Science          technologies, sustainable energy and         to accept an invitation from the
and Technology (S&T) Cooperation, set-         space and environmental research.            Confederation of Indian Industry and
ting the groundwork for an agreement              “Canada and India are both strongly       India’s Department of Science and
with India on cooperation in science           committed to increasing their science and    Technology to be the “partner country”
and technology. The agreement would            technology capacities. Important new         of the 11th Technology Summit and
further develop the S&T linkages between       investments by both countries in this area   Technology Platform to take place in
the two countries in academia, govern-         present unique opportunities to pool         New Delhi next September.
ment and the private sector. National          resources, share knowledge and open             For more information, go to
science advisors of the two countries will     doors for both Canadian and Indian           www.teamcanada.gc.ca/india2005.

EDC      — from page 4                         play the greatest role in providing finan-   presence in the market, Mr. Nesbitt
                                               cial and insurance support to Canadian       will be able to help Canadian exporters
counterparts—in pursuing numerous              companies: telecommunications, power,        and investors win more business and
opportunities in India. The guide has          advanced technology and machineries,         energize Canada's trade relationship
been distributed to key decision-              agri-food, oil and gas, railway transpor-    with India.
makers in both Canada and India.               tation, environment, forestry, highways,       For more information on
   EDC is keenly interested in developing      metals and minerals, aerospace and           EDC services available to Canadian
relationships with Indian businesses and       infrastructure (airports and ports).         exporters and investors and their
financial institutions that will help foster      As well, International Trade Minister     Indian partners, contact Peter Nesbitt,
Canadian and Indian partnerships by            Jim Peterson officially announced, on        e-mail: pnesbitt@edc.ca, or go to
leveraging and matching Canadian ca-           April 4, the appointment of Peter Nesbitt    www.edc.ca/india. To view a full copy
pabilities to India’s needs. It has identi-    as EDC's first permanent representative      of the guide, go to www.diplomatist.
fied several sectors where it expects to       to India. Through his on-the-ground          com/page/canada.htm.

A great place to build your exports
                                               buy Canadian goods and services. It          tions CXC President Michael Lyons. Other
O     n March 31st, the Canada Export
      Centre (CXC) opened it's doors
to a packed crowd of 500 VIP's. In
                                               has been referred to as the as the sorely
                                               needed focal point for those wishing
                                                                                            facilities boast long waiting lists, so
                                                                                            those able to capitalize now may soon
attendance for the ribbon cutting were         to engage in trade with Canada.              find themselves in an enviable position.
several federal and provincial ministers,         An impressive list of over a hundred         Eastern Canadian companies see the
37 foreign consuls, as well as executives      companies have already committed to          strategic placement of Vancouver on
and owners of many of Canada's                 participate. Some of the more recog-         the Pacific Rim as the gateway to the
leading exporting companies, several           nizable names include Alcan, Canfor          fastest growing economies in the world
of whom came from as far away as               Forest Products, Ballard Power, HSBC         and are participating in the centre in
Nova Scotia for the event.                     Bank Canada and Nature's Path Foods.         order to access these lucrative markets.
   Working alongside partners in                  "If the success of similar facilities        For more information,
government and industry, each month            dotted around the Pacific Rim is any         contact the Canada Export Centre,
the CXC will welcome thousands of              indication, the Canada Export Centre         toll-free: 1 877 685-7823, fax:
conference and trade show attendees,           will become a very powerful revenue          604-677-7289, e-mail: mark@
trade mission delegates and business           generator for those exporters who have       canadaexportcentre.com, Web site:
travelers looking for opportunities to         managed to become exhibitors," men-          www.canadaexportcentre.com.

                                                                                                           www.canadexport.gc.ca   5
                                           TRADE FAIRS AND MISSIONS

Business mission to Libya                                                                   Business opportunities for Canadian
                                                                                         firms cover major sectors and include
                                                                                         but are not limited to:
and Morocco set for June                                                                 • mining and energy (including oil & gas)
                                                                                         • telecommunications
LIBYA AND MOROCCO — June 2-10,              relationships in this region, as well as     • environment
2005 — Mark Eyking, Parliamentary           to introduce new companies to these          • engineering and project
Secretary to the Minister of Interna-       rapidly expanding markets.                      management
tional Trade and Dwain Lingenfelter,           The CABC has an extensive net-            • education and training
Chairman & CEO of the Canada-Arab           work of contacts in each country.               Participate in this business mission
Business Council (CABC) are leading         Combining these with the leadership          and learn more about these growing
a business mission to Libya and             of Parliamentary Secretary Eyking,           and dynamic markets.
Morocco to encourage the expansion          who has special responsibility for              For more information,
of Canadian trade and investment with       emerging markets, mission participants       contact the CABC, tel.: (905) 568-
both countries. The mission is intended     can expect access to potential govern-       9413, e-mail: info@canada-
to assist experienced companies make        ment and private sector clients at the       arabbusiness.org, Web site:
new contacts and reinforce existing         highest level.                               www.canada-arabbusiness.org.

Canada honoured at European Forum
on Electronic Administration
                                              Canada also had an information             Service of Canada” service as market-
C    anada was the honorary guest
     country at the second European
Forum on Electronic Administration, held
                                            booth in the exhibition hall, which pro-
                                            vided a meeting place for Canadian
                                                                                         able to French institutions.
                                                                                            Canada’s expertise will be showcased
in Paris in December 2004. Canada’s         representatives and their French contacts.   again at the Assises du Net (Nice,
participation allowed representatives       The booth also informed visitors about       May 11-12, 2005) and at the Digital
to showcase our country’s expertise in      Canada’s e-government initiatives and        Information Exhibition, or I-expo
e-government, especially through the        Canadian suppliers.                          (Paris, June 1-2, 2005). Both events will
Government On-Line program, and             Provincial presence                          feature a closer look at e-government,
to establish numerous contacts with         Two Canadian provinces—Quebec and            with the Assises focusing on communi-
France’s e-government community.            New Brunswick—were represented at            cation tools available to French com-
Canada’s e-government                       the Forum. The Quebec delegation             munities and I-expo discussing infor-
expertise on display                        consisted of a dozen people from the         mation management solutions available
Canada’s presence at the Forum was          public and private sectors. They pre-        to French businesses and institutions.
very much appreciated, both for the         sented various applications, including       For further details on these events,
many ways Canada showcased its              the “Business Services” portal, which        go to www.reseau-ideal.asso.fr/site-
experience in e-government and for          caught the attention of the French dele-     ntic5/index.html for the Assises du
the partnership opportunities this          gates. New Brunswick’s two represen-         Net and www.i-expo.net for I-expo.
facilitated. The Forum attracted more       tatives took part in the Forum to make       Registration is still open for these two
than 3,100 people, an increase of           the province’s on-line information portal,   events and there will be a “Canadian
26% from the previous edition.              developed by CGI, known to businesses        Village” at the I-expo exhibition.
   The event had two main components.       and individuals.                                For more information, contact
One was a series of talks, including           All of these activities favoured many     François Gauthé, Trade Commissioner
four plenary keynote speeches on            contacts aimed at potential partnerships     (Information and Communication
strategic and policy issues. The other      between Canadian governments and             Technology), Canadian Embassy in
was an exhibition, where exhibitors         businesses and their French counter-         France, tel.: (011-33-1) 44-43-23-58,
included government agencies and            parts. In particular, Public Works and       fax: (011-33-1) 44-43-29-98, e-mail:
many business firms offering electronic     Government Services Canada proposed          francois.gauthe@international.gc.ca,
and other services.                         its “Change Management in the Public         Web site: www.amb-canada.fr.

 6    CanadExport   May 2, 2005
                                             TRADE FAIRS AND MISSIONS

Tap into Andean ICT markets with Wireless Mission
COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU AND                   Fidelity) and VSAT (very-small-aperture       to benefit from networking events
VENEZUELA — October 17-28, 2005 —             terminal) equipment—is also being             and to receive expert advice on doing
International Trade Canada (ITCan) is         driven by development-focused projects        business locally. For seminars in Peru,
inviting Canadian exporters to join an        led by national and international             Ecuador and Venezuela, a non-
"ICT Wireless Mission" to explore sales       public institutions.                          refundable business program fee of
and investment opportunities in the              The ICT Wireless Mission will              $750 will apply for each company
Andean region. The Andean ICT market          include the following destinations:           and registration is on a first-come,
offers many opportunities—particularly        • Lima, Peru - October 17-18                  first-serve basis.
in the wireless sub-sector. Major invest-                                                      The last stop on the trip will be in
ments and upgrades are planned by             • Quito, Ecuador - October 20-21
                                                                                            Cartagena, Colombia, where Canadian
numerous telecommunications companies         • Caracas, Venezuela -
                                                                                            companies will have the additional
operating in the region, both domestic          October 24-25
                                                                                            opportunity to participate in ANDICOM
and foreign, fixed-line and wireless.
                                              • Cartagena, Colombia -                       2005, one of the largest telecommuni-
   The market is characterized by strong
                                                October 26-28                               cations trade fairs in the Andean region.
demand and interest in voice over
Internet protocol (VoIP) technology and         The mission programs in each country           For more information, contact
wireless technologies at the enterprise       will provide participating Canadian           Rana Burley, South America Division,
and carrier levels, with strong oppor-        companies with an opportunity to              International Trade Canada, tel.: (613)
tunities in optical and security-focused      present their products and services to        944-1438, fax: (613) 943-8808,
ICT products and for applications such        a targeted audience of key industry           e-mail: rana.burley@international.gc.ca.
as e-learning. On the wireless side,          and government representatives, to            For more on ANDICOM 2005, go to
demand—particularly for WI-FI (Wireless       meet one-on-one with potential partners,      www.cintel.org.co.

Canadian Consulate in Detroit                                                                  The Canadian Consulate General,
                                                                                            in Detroit since 1948, is Canada's
toasts the wines of Canada                                                                  official government trade representative
                                                                                            to the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana
                                              and legal regulations governing the           and Kentucky, and welcomes your
I n March, Canadian wines were
  the star attraction when Canada’s
Consulate General in Detroit, Michigan,
                                              sale of wine in four U.S. states in the
                                              region. It also features interviews with
                                                                                            requests for assistance.
                                                                                               For more information and to
                                              some of the area’s importers, distributors,   receive a copy of the Exporter’s Guide,
hosted "Wines of Canada”—a tutored
                                              retailers and restauranteurs.                 contact Tom Quinn, Canadian Consulate
tasting event in their Renaissance Center
                                                 The tasting featured a broad               General in Detroit, tel.: (313) 446-
offices. The tasting and accompanying
                                              variety of wines, including Cabernets,        7024, fax: (313) 567-2164, e-mail:
lecture were attended by over 30 U.S.
                                              Pinots, Chardonnays and others—               tom.quinn@international.gc.ca, Web
wine and beer importers, distributors and
                                              not just the ice                              site: www.can-am.gc.ca/detroit.
retailers, as well as by food and wine
writers from both Michigan and Ohio.          wines for which
   In an effort to raise awareness of         Canada is already
Canadian table wines, the Consulate           renowned. Wine
General, last fall, commissioned a            producers from
group of international business MBA           Ontario, British
students from Walsh College, a business       Columbia, and Nova
school in suburban Detroit, to create a       Scotia were repre-
Canadian Wine Exporter's Guide. The           sented at the event.
report, which was officially presented        Similar programs may
to Canadian wine producers prior to           be held in other cities
the tasting, provides information about       throughout the region
label requirements, distribution channels,    later this year.

                                                                                                          www.canadexport.gc.ca   7
                                                     TRADE EVENTS

AUTOMOTIVE                                                        exhibition showcasing a large range of equipment and
TUNIS, TUNISIA — June 16-17, 2005 — Tunisia’s Industry            services for the mining, energy and engineering industries.
Promotion Agency is organizing an international partner-          For more information, contact Sarah Powles, Trade
ship in the auto parts and plastics sectors, a side               Commissioner, Canadian High Commission in Australia,
event to SIAT 2005, Tunisia’s international auto show. For        tel.: (011-61-2) 6270-4000, fax: (011-61-2) 6270-4069,
more information, contact Lassaâd Bourguiba, Trade                e-mail: sarah.powles@international.gc.ca, Web site:
Commissioner, Canadian Embassy in Tunisia, tel.:                  www.me.reedexpo.com.au.
(011-216) 71-104-056, fax: (011-216) 71-104-193,
e-mail: lassaad.bourguiba@international.gc.ca, Web                KALGOORLIE, AUSTRALIA — October 18-20, 2005 — Attend
site: www.tunisieindustrie.nat.tn.                                Goldfields Mining Expo in Western Australia, a region
                                                                  with major gold, silver and nickel production. For more
CONSUMER PRODUCTS                                                 information, contact Sarah Powles, Trade Commissioner,
DUBAI, U.A.E. — September 17-19, 2005 — The Private               Canadian High Commission in Australia, tel.: (011-61-2)
Label Middle East exhibition will bring together buyers who       6270-4000, fax: (011-61-2) 6270-4069, e-mail: sarah.powles
are looking for manufacturers and suppliers that can help them    @international.gc.ca, Web site: www.gmexpo.com.au.
in creating their own label and private branded products.
                                                                  OIL & GAS
For more information, contact Venky Rao, Organizer's
                                                                  MACAÉ, RJ, BRAZIL — June 15-17, 2005 — Don’t miss one
Representative, tel: (905) 896-7815, email: venkyrao@
                                                                  of the fastest growing offshore events in the world at the
rogers.com, Web site: www.channelsexhibitions.com.
                                                                  Brazil Offshore trade show and conference. The Canadian
                                                                  Consulate in Rio de Janeiro will be featuring display areas
                                                                  with information about Canadian companies. For more
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — June 14-26, 2005 — The SPCI 2005
                                                                  information, contact the Canadian Consulate General in
World Pulp & Paper Week will include conferences and
                                                                  Rio de Janeiro, tel.: (011-55-21) 2543-3004, fax: (011-55-
an international exhibition for pulp and paper industry
                                                                  21) 2275-2195, e-mail: rio@international.gc.ca, Web site:
suppliers. For more information, contact Maria Stenberg,
Business Development Officer, Canadian Embassy in Sweden,
tel.: (011-46-8) 453-3000, fax: (011-46-8) 453-3016,              MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA — June 28-30, 2005 — Attend the
e-mail: stkhm-commerce@international.gc.ca, Web site:             Latin American Petroleum Show 2005, Venezuela’s
www.spci2005.com.                                                 international oil & gas event, where Canada’s Trade Commis-
                                                                  sioner Service in Caracas will have a booth where Canadian
METALS, MINERALS & RELATED EQUIPMENT                              companies may wish to exhibit or provide material for distri-
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — July 5-6, 2005 — The Austmine               bution. For more information, contact the Canadian
2005 conference is a major event in the Australian mining         Embassy in Venezuela, e-mail: crcas-td@international.gc.ca.
industry for buyers and sellers, featuring presentations and
a trade exhibition. For more information, contact Sarah           RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — October 17-19, 2005 — There
Powles, Trade Commissioner, Canadian High Commission              will be a Canada pavilion at the Rio Pipeline 2005
in Australia, tel.: (011-61-2) 6270-4000, fax: (011-61-2)         Conference and Exhibition, where both the Federal
6270-4069, e-mail: sarah.powles@international.gc.ca,              Government and Alberta Economic Development will partici-
Web site: www.austmine.com.au.                                    pate. For more information, contact the Canadian
                                                                  Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, tel.: (011-55-21)
MUSWELLBROOK, AUSTRALIA — September 20-22, 2005 —                 2543-3004, fax: (011-55-21) 2275-2195, e-mail:
Mining & Energy 2005 is an international standard                 rio@international.gc.ca, Web site: www.ibp.org.br.

 Enquiries Service                          International Trade Canada’s and Foreign Affairs Canada’s Enquiries Service
                                            provides counselling, publications and referral services to Canadian exporters.
  Trade-related information can be obtained by calling 1-800-267-8376 (Ottawa region: (613) 944-4000), by fax at
  (613) 996-9709, or Web site at www.international.gc.ca.

                                                                     Return requested
                                                                     if undeliverable:
                                                                     CanadExport (BCS)                   Canada Post
                                                                     125 Sussex Drive
                                                                                                  Agreement Number 40064047
                                                                     Ottawa, ON K1A 0G2

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