“This is 4-H” Trivia Questions by sofiaie


									                                 4-H Trivia Questions
History                                           Question   Who are members of the county
Question   What is the 4-H Club Motto?                       planning committees (activities,
                                                             events, training, etc.)?
Question   What are the four program areas of
           the Mississippi State University       Question   What is the primary purpose for
           Extension                                         Junior Council?

Question   What is the purpose of the             Project Work
           Cooperative Extension Service?         Question   Which is more important, a blue
                                                             ribbon project or a blue ribbon
Question   What do the four H’s represent in                 child?
           the 4-H emblem?
                                                  Question   4-H project work provides members
Question   What is the primary purpose for                   an opportunity to “____________.”
                                                  Question   How does the life skill of Planning
                                                             make 4-H members more capable
4-H Club                                                     individuals?
Question   What is the family responsibility to
           the local club?                        Question   4-H projects are the tool for
                                                             developing capable adults. What
Question   Identify which parts of the business              things does project work teach?
           meeting each of the following fits:
           snacks, public speaking, and           Question   What are the various roles of a
           committee work.                                   parent/volunteer in 4-H project
Question   Name the three parts of a well-
           planned 4-H meeting and the            Roles
           percentage of time allotted to each.   Question   What is the purpose of Mississippi
                                                             4-H Volunteer Certificate of Training
Question   What is the correct term for a                    process?
           certified volunteer who learns about
           and teaches specific subject matter    Question   Who is responsible for the
           to a group of 4-H members?                        management, leadership, and
                                                             direction of the total 4-H Youth
Question   What are good reasons for using                   Development program in the
           the Monthly 4-H Meeting Planning                  county?
                                                  Question   What are the roles of the 4-H
County Program
Question   What is the purpose for the 4-H        Question   What one activity can parents,
           Foundation?                                       families, and volunteers participate
                                                             in to enhance their personal
Question   What is the purpose of the County                 knowledge of 4-H and assist in
           Volunteer Organization?                           the development of 4-H members?

Question   What are the 3 main responsibilities   Question   What is the responsibility of the 4-H
           of a County Volunteer Organization                member?
           activities or events committees?

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