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					                              February 2009

                              THE UPDATE
                      The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Student Life Office Recruits Peer Advisors
Are you interested in           Then you should consider     Peer Advisor Information
helping your fellow stu-        becoming a Peer Advisor.     Sessions are also being
dents adjust to life at the     Peer Advisors are volun-     held on campus to answer
Health Science Center?          teer students from each of   your questions. Feel free
                                                                                          Sports Trivia Question
Do you enjoy planning           the five schools who will    to stop by one of the fol-
                                have completed their first                                This month’s trivia question
events and activities?                                       lowing sessions.
                                semester/year at the                                      is about high school basket-
Are you the type of person                                   All sessions are 12-1 p.m.   ball in San Antonio. What
                                Health Science Center by
others naturally go to for      the start of the 2009/2010   February 2—4.670U DEN        San Antonio boys 5A team
advice?                         academic year.                                            was ranked as high as 6th in
                                                             February 3—4.110 AH
                                                                                          the ESPN National rankings
                                Peer Advisors communi-       February 4—2.038 MED         and looks to return to the
                                cate regularly with new
                                                             February 5– 1.102 NS         state tournament for the
                                students, assist with ori-
                                                                                          3rd year in a row? And,
                                entation, and plan activi-   February 11—3.104A
                                                                                          what San Antonio girls 5A
                                ties throughout the year.    MED
                                                                                          team looks to return to the
                                For more information or      Applications are being       state tournament for the
                                for an application, visit    accepted through the end     2nd year in a row?
                                the following website:       of February in the Office
                                                                                          Be the first person to
                                                                                          answer this trivia question
                              correctly by e-mailing your
                                                                                          answer to

Celebrate Mardi Gras                                                             to
                                                                                          receive an intramural
                                                                                          champion T-shirt.
                                Lagniappe—French word
Greehey (North) Campus                                        Long (Central) Campus
                                meaning “a little some-
       7:30 am-9 am             thing extra.” That’s what          11:30 am-1 pm          Campus Closed
                                you’ll get when you cele-                                 The Health Science
                                brate Mardi Gras at the                                   Center will be closed on
    February 24, 2009                                            February 24, 2009
                                HSC.                                                      February 16 in
                                Come join us for King                                     observance of
Health Professions Lobby                                      Lecture Hall Commons
                                Cake or pick up a few                                     President’s Day.
                                beads to wear for the day.
Signing Up for HSC Alert Could Save Your Life
The UT Health Science Center at          Alert, please sign in on the portal    service to facilitate notification of
San Antonio uses an emergency            ( and follow the    campus emergencies. The only fee
notification system, HSC Alert, to       instructions. Up to four               users incur is the usual cost
notify faculty, staff and students of    devices can be designated to receive   charged by their carrier for a text
emergencies and campus closures.         these      mes-                        message.
Those who sign up will receive text      sages, including
messages through their designated        e-mail        ad-                      If you have already signed up, take
electronic devices. A few test           dresses, cell                          this opportunity to double-check the
messages will also be sent each          phones and other                       electronic devices you have
year to ensure the system is             electronic de-                         designated to ensure that you will
working properly.                        vices.                                 receive these important messages
                                                                                should an emergency occur. These
A test of the HSC Alert System will      The Health Sci-                        actions could save your life in a real
occur on Friday, Feb. 13.                ence Center                            emergency.
If you have not yet signed up for HSC    pays for this

Relay for Life
Join in the fight against cancer by      all of which goes to the American             CELEBRATE.
participating in the Relay for Life of   Cancer Society.
Greater NW San Antonio.                                                                REMEMBER.
                                         The evening will consist of a
          April 10-11, 2009              “Celebrate” ceremony to celebrate             FIGHT BACK.
             7 pm-7 am                   battles won against cancer, a
                                         “Remember” ceremony dedicated to
      HSC Intramural Fields              the lives lost, and a “Fight Back”
                                         pep rally to encourage the             Hechanova at
You can participate by forming a
                                         community to keep fighting this or check
team of up to 15 people who will
                                         deadly disease. For more               out the following website.
take turns walking the track
throughout the evening. Teams are        information contact Ani Jivani at

encouraged to raise at least $100, or Martin

Briscoe Library Construction Continues
Phase 1 of the project to build new,     unavoidable. Earplugs are available                            For more
state-of-the-art classrooms in the       at the Circulation Desk and most                               information,
Briscoe Library is underway. This        library computers are equipped                                 contact:
phase includes construction of staff     with headphones. We apologize for                              Jonquil
offices and relocation of computers      any inconvenience. The 3rd, 4th, and                           Feldman,
from the 2nd floor. Additional data      5th floors of the Briscoe Library                              associate
lines and electrical outlets for lap-    building now have new                                          library
top users will be installed on the 3rd   carpeting. We thank students for                               director for
floor. The construction staff will do    your patience during the                                       public services
their best to keep down the noise,       recarpeting project.
but some disturbance is

 Page 2                                                                                                      THE UPDATE
Wellness and Recreational Sports
Classes are in full swing and so are    of the main cam-                                 Yoga: Mondays @ 5:30 pm
the spring intramural sports. Here      pus. The recrea-                         Kickboxing: Tues/Thurs @ 5:30 pm
are the different sports and nights     tional area has a
we play.                                ½-mile walking/                               Tai Chi: Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm
Monday & Tuesday: Co-Rec Softball       running track, 3                              Pilates: Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm
                                        sand volleyball
Tuesday: Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee        courts, a lighted
Wednesday: Flag Football                softball field and                       The Fitness Center is still free for
                                        other open areas                         all students, and close to campus
Wed. & Thurs.: Co-Rec Volleyball        for recreational                         with plenty of parking.
Thursday: Co-Rec Soccer & Tennis        play. The soccer                              79 miles in the spring of 2009
All intramurals are held at the         and flag football games are played
                                        in the outfield of the softball field.   Fitness Challenge to all students –
recreational fields on the south side                                            walk/run 79 miles this spring and
                                                                                 win a free T-shirt courtesy of Stu-
                                             Bluffcreek Fitness Center           dent Life. Stop by and pick up your
                                        The Fitness Center at Bluffcreek         mileage log or e-mail riv-
                                        Towers is still operational with for a copy.
                                        twenty five new pieces of exercise              Salsa, Tango and Zumba
                                        equipment and different aerobic          Check out Free Dance Classes dur-
                                        classes.                                 ing the month of February!

Recycling: Do Your Part
Have you seen the new recycling            Parman Auditorium Lobby                 Outside Dental Dean’s Office
containers around campus? The
                                           Medical & Graduate Dean’s               Dental Lounges 2nd-4th floors
Health Science Center has
expanded its recycling program and                                                   Outside Texas Star Café
has added containers to several            Outside of 209L, 309L & 409L
                                                                                     Nursing Lobby, Auditorium
new locations. We collect paper,           Just before breezeway leading             Foyer and outside of 1.463 NS.
plastic and aluminum cans.                   to University Hospital
                                                                                     Health Professions Porch
Locations include the following
                                           Lecture Hall Commons area
sites:                                                                               CTRC Main Entrance
                                           Library 2nd- 5th floors
   Garages A & B                                                                   GCCRI Lobby
                                           Near Medical Student Lounge             McDermott Main Entrance
   AAB Building 1st & 4th floors

Annual Chili Cook-off and Talent Show Sponsored by S.G.A.
Pull out those chili recipes and dust                                                        March 25, 2009
off those dancing shoes. The                                                            5:30-7 pm Chili Cook-off
Student Government Association is
hosting its annual Chili Cook-off                                                         7-9 pm Talent Show
and Talent Show.                                                                      HSC Auditorium & Courtyard
Sign up a team or act with your                                                  Chili teams must consist of 2 to 5
SGA representative or in the Stu-                                                members. There is no limit on the
dent Life Office.                                                                number of participants for talent
                                                                                 acts. Both solo and groups acts are
                                                                                 encouraged to participate.

                                                                                                                  Page 3
 The University of Texas
 Health Science Center at
 San Antonio

 To submit an item to                                             Spectrum Update
 March’s THE UPDATE,
                                                             Have you seen the walls of the new
 please e-mail
                                                            Spectrum Fitness Center going up on                                     campus? If not, take a look down by the
                                                                    recreational fields.

                                                            Don’t forget that all students pay a fee
    SGA Appropriations Meeting                              to use the facility. During construction
                                                             you can work out at other Spectrum
                                                           facilities here in town. Just stop by any
        Registered student organizations...                Spectrum to activate your membership
                                                              or stop by the Student Life Office to
  Are you looking for additional funding for travel
                                                           speak with Kirk Robinson, Membership
  or activities. Submit an appropriations request             Director for Spectrum. You can also
  to the Student Government Association before                   sign up family members for an
  February 19, 2009. Forms can be turned in at                      additional fee if you wish.
  the Student Life Office. Eligible groups will
  then be scheduled to present their request
  before the Appropriations sub-committee.

Dear What’s On Your Mind?
Dear What’s on Your Mind?              did not know how to feel. Should I       vantage point of having all the
  I have had a number of dating        just give up on the relationship or      facts.
relationships. Recently, I have been   should I be more open and direct in        At times the demands of training
seeing the same guy for almost 6       expressing my deeper feelings?           may appear overwhelming. This
months and I have been feeling that    What are your thoughts?                  can create stress and impact
he is the one. But now I am                                                     relationships of any nature;
confused. We went out last week        Dear Confused,                           however, if both parties are
and he started talking about                                                    interested, a relationship can
keeping our relationship casual          Relationships can be confusing         withstand and potentially grow in
since we still have not completed      and one often finds it challenging to    such an environment.
our training. When I went home, I      discuss their deeper feelings with
                                       their partner. Assessing your              Just as each person develops
                                       feelings separate from your              along their own trajectory, so does
                                       partner’s behaviors may provide          each relationship. Do not base your
                                       you with a better picture of your        judgment of how intense you think
                                       emotional involvement in the             your current relationship should be
                                       relationship. Although the outcome       by comparing it to previous
                                       of having a deeper discussion may        relationships. An open discussion
                                       not match one’s expectations, it         with your boyfriend could help
                                       may allow for decision-making            clarify the situation for you.
                                       regarding the relationship from the

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