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					                      THE SOUTH MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB

                                                                                 September 2004
                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

                  The Swan
                                                          BEHIND THE SCENES
HAPPENINGS AT                      We would like to welcome all the new players to South Melbourne, as well as the
SOUTH DURING THE                   English players returning to the club for their second season. We have had several
OFF-SEASON                         players who played in England during the winter, achieving successful performances
                                   for their clubs.
•   Congratulations to             Our club has been through some tough times financially in the last two years and we
    Andrew & Sally Watson          are not quite out of the woods yet. Please get behind the club by paying your fees
    on their marriage in May       and memberships as early as possible to ensure we can get the teams on the field
•   Congratulations to Ben         for the start of the season on October 2nd. Family and friends, we encourage your
    & Alicia Boyd on the           support through becoming a non-player (social), 100 or 200 club member for the
    birth of their first child     2004/05 season. Anyone willing to help with match day lunches, scoring and
    Ethan Ryan Boyd                general preparations please call Neil Galloway on 0438 020 645.
•   Good Luck to Justin &          Looking to the future, Casey fields looks to be our new venue from season 2006/07.
    Stacey Ferguson with           The City of Casey is really positive about having a Premier Cricket Club, the facilities
    the upcoming birth of          are second to none in the competition, the catchment zone for future players will be
    their first child due in       enormous. If we manage our club well financial anxieties will be a past issue.
    December                       Friends of the club, we would love to see you cheer for the red and the white and
                                   join in the singing of our rousing song at a day’s end when our teams win.
                                   Neil Galloway — Administration Manager

                            SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT
A new social committee has emerged for the 2004/05 season comprising of Matthew Hawking, Steve
Galloway, Greg Galloway, Marty Rhoden, James Seeary, Ossie Wright, Steve Funnell, Jolyon Leaver, Jackie
Perella and Nicole O’Brien. We have revamped the “old” social calendar of previous seasons.
We look forward to seeing all the players, parents and friends attending the events we have planned. So get your
diary’s out and pencil in these major fundraisers for the club.
OCTOBER 30              -        SMCC TRIVIA NIGHT
NOVEMBER 27             -        FELIX THEME NIGHT
DECEMBER 18             -        CHRISTMAS BREAKUP
JANUARY 16              -        UK DAY
JANUARY 23              -        SPONSORS AND MEMBERS DAY
FEBRUARY 6              -        LADIES DAY
FEBRUARY 20             -        THE GAMMON
MARCH 12                -        MAX REEVE PRESENTATION NIGHT
               International Beer
               And Wine Festival



Time:    8pm ONWARDS

Format: Purchase a passport for $20.

This entitles the passport holder to Six International Bottles of Beer or Six
different glasses of Wine or Champagne from different countries.

Light finger food will be provided.
                ** Neat Casual Attire — Party on at Felix**

                        THE SOUTH
                       CRICKET CLUB
                       TRIVIA NIGHT


Venue: THE ALMA SPORTS CLUB — 1 Wilks St, North Caulfield (58 J9)

Time:    8pm for an 8.30pm START!!!

Cost:    $15 per person, finger food provided and drinks at bar prices

Format: Eight Rounds of Trivia from a wide variety of topics, Famous
Faces, Music (pick the song), Games and a Major Raffle Prize to be drawn.
                   A TASTE OF WHATS TO COME AT THE
                   SOUTH TRIVIA NIGHT 30th October

Q. 1      Where are the next Winter Olympic Games to be held?
Q. 2      Which one of these players did not play in the 1977 Centenary Test side
          for Australia? Ian Davis, Graeme Wood, Gary Cosier or Gary Gilmour
Q. 3      If you dialled 13 11 66 what would you get?
Q. 4      A volleyball kept Tom Hanks company in the movie Cast Away. What did he
          name it?
Q. 5      What does the W stand for in George W. Bush?
Q. 6      What was the currency of Greece (before the Euro)?
Q. 7      In the Austin Powers films, what is the name of Dr. Evil’s cat?
Q. 8      If you have x and y chromosomes are you male or female?
Q. 9      In which year did Elvis die?
Q. 10     What is the postcode of the South Melbourne Cricket Club grounds?

       Sixty Seconds with JOLYON (Lip balm)
So Jols, what grade do you play at South? Ah, firsts and fourths mainly
Heh? A bit inconsistent, are you? Aw, I wouldn’t say that.….just some days I
bring the wrong club, I mean bat
Sounds like you like to tee off a bit? Nah, I just don’t have much time for
Do you dabble in bowling yourself? I reckon I chuck….ah, bowl them down
alright. Bit of pace, good bouncer
I see. So tell me Jols, is there a Mrs Leaver? A yeah, that’s my mum
Um, no I meant do you have a girlfriend or wife? Oh, sorry. Well, no, I am kind of in between girl-
friends at the moment
How do you like to prepare for cricket games? Oh, my Fridays are usually pretty tame. Just a few
bowls of pasta and a Meg Ryan film normally
Ok then, are you a VB or a draught man? Ah Mount Franklin actually
No no, alcohol? Aw Sorry, Bacardi Breezers….Peach
What do you never leave home without? Easy, my chapstick and a bottle of water
Who’s your sporting hero? Ah, Andy Symons-he’s got no respect for bowlers either. Oh, and John
Seeary, just coz of his attitude…he loves the game just like me.
Thank you for your time Jols

           Q. 6 Drachmas, Q. 7 Mr. Bigglesworth, Q. 8 Male, Q. 9 1977, Q. 10 3206
           Answers to Trivia Questions: Q. 1 Turin, Italy, Q. 2 G. Wood, Q. 3 Pizza Hut, Q. 4 Wilson, Q. 5 Walker,
       South Melbourne Cricket Club Fixture 2004/05

Round 1 — Sat 2nd Oct                          Round 10 — Sat 8th Jan (Bairnsdale 1sts)
Ringwood vs South Melbourne                    South Melbourne vs Fitzroy-Doncaster
Round 2 — Sat 9th Oct                          Round 11 — Sat 15th Jan
South Melbourne vs St.Kilda (Photos)           Camberwell-Magpies vs South Melbourne
International Beer and Wine Festival at Club   Sun 16th UK Day
Round 3 — Sat 16th & 23rd Oct                  Round 12 — Sat 22nd & 23rd (1sts Only) Jan
Frankston Peninsula vs South Melbourne         South Melbourne vs Geelong
                                               Sun 23rd Sponsors & Members Day
Round 4 — Sat 30th Oct & 6th Nov               Round 13 — Sat 29th Jan & 5th Feb
South Melbourne vs Melbourne                   Carlton vs South Melbourne
SMCC Trivia Night 30th October
Round 5 — Tues 2nd Nov (1sts Only)             Round 14 — Sun 6th Feb (1sts Only)
Hawthorn-Monash vs South Melbourne             South Melbourne vs Dandenong
Support the 1sts on this away game day         Ladies Day at South Melbourne
Round 6 — Sat 13th & 20th Nov                  Round 15 — Sat 12th & 19th Feb
South Melbourne vs Prahan                      Northcote vs South Melbourne
                                               Sun 20th February — The Gammon
Round 7 — Sun 21st Nov (1sts Only)             Round 16 — Sat 26th Feb & 5th Mar
North Melbourne vs South Melbourne             South Melbourne vs Essendon
Round 8 — Sat 27th Nov & 4th Dec               Round 17 — Sat 12th Mar
South Melbourne vs Melbourne Uni               Footscray vs South Melbourne
Felix Theme Night 27th November                Max Reeve Presentation Night
Round 9 — Sat 11th & 18th Dec                  FINALS
Richmond vs South Melbourne                    EVERYONE REQUIRED EVERYDAY!
Christmas Break-up 18th December               “CHEER CHEER THE RED AND THE WHITE”


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