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Media Release


									                                   Media Release
January 22, 2009                                   Contact Information:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              Jo McMullen-Boyer or Muriel Kingery
                                                   Office: 320-308-3053
                                                   Fax:    320-308-5337

            KVSC 88.1 FM Presents XXX TRIVIA: 30 Years of Trivia Lovin’

ST. CLOUD, MINN. – Residents of Southern Minnesota are about to get a taste of live

radio like they’ve never experienced before. For the past 29 years, KVSC 88.1 FM has

been cooking up their 50-hour Trivia Marathon in the St. Cloud area. In its 30th year,

the Trivia Marathon will be simulcast live on KMSU in Mankato and KMSK in Austin,

along with translators in Albert Lea and Fairmont. KVSC is literally taking over their


       ―Growth is really exciting, and this is an idea that we’ve been considering for a

while,‖ said, Jim Gray, Operations Director at KVSC. ―Having these changes take place

during the 30th annual contest is special, because it shows the participants just how

much they’ve enabled us to grow.‖

       The rich history of KVSC’s Trivia Marathon began in 1980 as an event put on by

KVSC and the St. Cloud State University Residence Hall Association as a way to

alleviate Minnesota’s cabin fever. That year, there was a staff of 14 answering calls on

four phone lines from 50 teams. In 2008, KVSC required hundreds of volunteers to staff

the 24 trivia hotlines and 78 teams participated in the three-day contest.

       The Trivia rules require teams to register by 4:30pm on the Friday of Trivia

weekend, but the number of team members is unlimited. Teams create a name,

designate a headquarters, and are free to go wild with websites and mascots. During

the marathon, contestants call the phone bank to answer more than 450 trivia questions

of varying point values—all in a quest to be the most knowledgeable team at the end of

the 50-hour contest.

       ―It’s not what you know that helps with this trivia contest,‖ says Jo McMullen-

Boyer, station manager, ―it’s the clever and inventive ways participants investigate

questions under extremely tight deadlines that provide winning results.‖

       Throughout the marathon, teams can call the studios and issue challenges to the

other teams. Team members can also perform songs and poems to be broadcast.

       Much of the fun of trivia weekend can be found in the studios of KVSC. Hundreds

of phone bank volunteers, many in theme-appropriate costume, answer calls around the

clock, sustained on food donated by area restaurants and stores. The Shake A

Hamster Band, a trivia staple, writes and performs parody songs in KVSC’s

performance studio, preparing for the post-trivia party.

       At the conclusion of the 50 hours of hysteria, an awards ceremony in Ritsche

Auditorium at St. Cloud State reveals the winning team, who then receive the coveted

Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy. The golden urn (trophy) shows the

names of each of the winning teams over the past 29 years.

       Following the awards ceremony, the exhausted contestants and volunteers are

invited to attend a Post-Trivia Party, at the Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud,

to celebrate surviving another trivia weekend. The Hamsters take the stage and

perform their new theme-based numbers as well as some of the favorites from previous


         In this 30th year, KVSC has chosen the theme, ―XXX TRIVIA: 30 Years of Trivia

Lovin’‖ to acknowledge both the 30th anniversary and the timing of the contest—over

Valentine’s Day weekend. The theme has contestants and staff members alike pouring

over the possibilities.

         KVSC encourages trivia enthusiasts from across the state (country and world) to

pull together friends and family members to create a team or to consider becoming a

phone bank volunteer for the weekend. The entire contest is also streamed live online.

         For information on registration and volunteering, be sure to visit

         KVSC 88.1FM, the Voice of St. Cloud since 1967, offers listeners an alternative

format without commercials. KVSC features a diverse variety of music as well as news

coverage and community events. KVSC 88.1 FM is staffed by students and community



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