Former Campers Putt with a Purpose by sofiaie


									   Fall                    Partnering with churches to build up children and families in Christ                                  2004

                      Former Campers Putt with a Purpose
   The Keith and Norma Gavard family of Villa Park, IL, has at least three reasons to
be involved with the Scramble for Scholarships. Their names are Amy, Emily and
   A beautiful August morning greeted Keith and the other golfers as they gathered
to scramble the straits of the Golf Courses of Lawsonia. The Scramble for
Scholarships event is held so that all children and young adults who want to attend
Camp Grow are able to do so.
                                                      “Camp Grow evokes
                                                  childhood memories, young adult
                                                  responsibilities and adult hopes
                                                  for the future,” remembers Keith.
                                                      For 13-year-old Emily, Camp
                                                  Grow is a place where she can be
                                                  herself. “It’s a place you can make
                                                  friends, not worry about what
                                                  other people think of you or what Keith Gavard and his wife Norma with children
                                                  you wear. It’s a place where you Emily, Jeremy and Amy (above) pause for a
                                                  can become closer to God, hang family photo in the Camp Grow playground.
                                                  out and have fun.”
                                                      Emily, along with siblings Amy and Jeremy, have manned the Lemonade stand at the
                                                  Scramble for the last few years. “Camp is a place to have fun. I like archery, campfires
 Former campers Keith Gavard, Roy and the sand box,” says nine-year-old Jeremy with an ear-to-ear grin.
 Moyer, Daniel Ige and Mark Sarros
                                                      Norma has been coming to camp for many years, first as a camper, then as a cabin
 (above) made up one of the 13 foursomes
                                                  counselor. “I have many fond memories of camp; of campfire songs and evening
 at the 6th annual Scramble event.
                                                  devotions. I have met many friends at camp and enjoy seeing familiar faces almost every
                                                  time I go. Camp Grow is a beautiful place - with the woods and the lake - it is a perfect
   “It has been over 7 years since the dream of place to reflect and get closer to God.”
 Camp Grow Ministries…a partnership                   Since the Scramble began five years ago every camper who has applied for financial
 between the American Baptist Churches of assistance has been awarded some amount of assistance. In addition, increases in
 Metro Chicago and the Green Lake summer camp rates have been kept to a minimum over the last few years as a result of
 Conference Center...began. Camp Grow… subsidies for all camper fees.
 was not being used to its potential. [Our vision     The Lord’s work at Camp Grow continues to be strengthened because of people who
 was to] transform it into a safe place for young care about providing a place for children
 people to find God's purpose for their life.”    and families to find God’s purpose for their S c r a m b l e v o l u n t e e r s J u d y
     - Ken Giacoletto, Scramble golfer, donor, lives. See page 2 for information on the Zimmerman and Evalyn Spinder
 and Green Lake Conference Center President seventh annual event to be held August 21, (below) prepare lemon meringue pie for
                                                  2005.                                        the post-Scramble Luau-themed party.

                                                                       Every camper
                                                                       benefits from the
                                                                       scholarships and
                                                                       program fee
                                                                       subsidies provided
                                                                       by the friends of
                                                                       Camp Grow
                                                                       involved with the

  The mission of Camp Grow Ministries is to glorify God in all we do by providing a quality, safe, Christian
outdoor environment for ministry, to help children, youth and families find God’s purpose for their lives, and to help
build Christian family life.
From the Director…                                                       The 2004 Family Campers and Kinder Kampers
                                                                         couldn’t even stand still for just one serious picture….
   Our youngest son, PJ, is a nearly-three-foot-tall toddler with
curious hands and an affinity for adventure that surely rivals that
of Christopher Columbus. Ever want to find out what it would be
like to float your big brother’s Peter Pan action figure in toilet
water? PJ could tell you. Ever wonder what it would be like to wait
until mom finally turns her back so you can tackle the filled-to-
the-brim kitchen garbage can like it’s a present on Christmas
morning? PJ’s been there.
   To the inquisitive mind of our little 26-pound explorer, I must
be a real killjoy at times. It may take awhile before PJ discovers
that toilet water is not the same as bath water and that garbage cans
are not really filled with a delightful assortment of random prizes.
But until then, he can count on me chasing him, grabbing him, and
setting him down in front of his Playskool Magic Popper with a
kiss on the forehead and a “PJ, the garbage can is a no touch.”
   James, on the other hand, is a “three-and-three-quarters-going-
                                                                          2005 Program Schedule
on-four-year-old” who knows the ropes. If he’s found something          Date                   Program / Grade Entering in Fall
fun and mischievous in the bathroom drawers and he sees that his        May 13-15              Spring Work Weekend
mom still has her eye on him from the bedroom, he’ll shrug his
shoulders and politely ask his dad to come over and close the door      May 27-30              Memorial Day Family Weekend
so his mom can’t see what he’s doing. Although I’m not normally         June 13-17             Summer Ministry Team training
one to brag about my detective-like prowess, I will say that I
caught on to my son’s antics after, well, the second or third time.     June 19-25             Trailblazers / 4-6 grade
   I know that James has already learned that his mom and dad           June 19 - July 2       Leadership Development / 10-12
don’t simply want to harness his penchant for exploration. We
want to keep him safe. Even if it means, of course, missing out on      June 26 - July 2       Explorers / 6-9 grade
surefire fun once in a while. That’s why a recent conversation we       July 3-6               Kinder Kamp
had was reassuring for me.
   “Dad, does Jesus love me when I do naughty things?”                  July 3-9               Family Camp
   Lately Pam and I have seen answered prayers in James’ life, as       July 10-16             Senior High / 9-12 grade
he has been asking more and more about the things of God. So this
was my chance.
                                                                        July 17-23             Trailblazers / 4-6 grade
   “He sure does, James. His love for you doesn’t depend on the         July 17-30             Leadership Development / 10-12
things you do - it depends on who He is, and He will never              July 24-30             Explorers / 6-9 grade
   “You mean like when you say you love me just ‘cause I’m your         August 10-13           Pioneers / 2-4 grade
boy?”                                                                   September 2-5          Labor Day Family Weekend
   “That’s right, little buddy. But Jesus knows that things you do
now that are naughty will eventually hurt you, so that makes Him        September 9-11         Fall Work Weekend
sad.”                                                                   September 23-25        Harvest Moon Family Weekend
   That may not be the most theologically in-depth and well-
rounded answer, but I’m content for now to know that James is
beginning to see a reflection of God’s consistant love in us.             Call Camp to Register in 2005
   This, of course, is the goal of our camping programs – for              Registrations for 2005 programs will be handled directly
children and families to see and hear a clear message about who          through the Camp Grow office. Registration forms for 2005
God is and what he desires in their lives – as well as have an           summer camp programs will be on the Camp Grow website at
opportunity to respond in a safe environment. As we look toward by January 15. Registration packets will
the winter season, please pray with us that God would continue to        be mailed to 2004 campers in January 2005. Registration for
approach all of our campers in a way that they can understand.           family programs can be made over the phone. The new toll-free
   As for PJ, it may take a few more garbage can tackles or some         number to call for family program registration or for questions
more Peter Pan diving lessons in that little round porcelain             about summer camp is 1-866-926-CAMP (2267). Camp Grow
swimming pool, but we’ll keep                                            office assistant Beth Zik will be overseeing the camper
our hopes up. Clearly God has                                            registration process.
His hand on this little guy and it
certainly is a wonderful                                                     Scramble for Scholarships Set
privilege to be his daddy.
                                                                           The seventh annual Scramble for Scholarships will be held
                                                                        August 21, 2005, at the Golf Courses of Lawsonia. The $250 fee
                                                                        includes an 18 hole amateur scramble with carts on the Links
                                                                        course, event favors, on-course beverages, group photos, hole-in-
                                                                        one prizes, and admission for participant and a guest to the South-
                                                                        of-the-Border-themed awards reception and buffet. Sponsorship
Paul Ethington
                                                                        benefits include golf for one to four players and recognition on the
                                                                        Scoreboard sign at Lawsonia for an entire year. Join us for this
                                                                        fun, annual event as a golfer, auction guest or sponsor. For more
                                    Paul Joseph “PJ” Ethington          information or an entry form, call (800) 558-8898 ext. 7336.
                       Stoeck (left)
                       grins after
                       dressed up
                       by her
                       campers as
                       the Statue
                       of Liberty.

                           Program Coordinator
                           Kara Zacharias (above)     A few young family campers (above) celebrate their
                           dons a sombrero for the    victory in the toilet paper mummy contest during the July 4-
                           Friday night taco bar.     10 family program.
Cabin counselor
Tomisi Kikama                                              “It’s really true that something special takes place at camps
poses with some                                       that doesn’t happen typically anywhere else. I was a senior in high
boys from his cabin                                   school…I needed to make that deeper move toward the Lord and
(right) during the                                    it happened on the last night. I will never forget the emotional
July 25-31                                            experience of really walking into the presence of the Lord. And
Trailblazers camp                                     it’s with me all these years later.”
(for boys and girls                                                        -Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family)
going into 4th
through 6th grades).

A string of
campers (below)
move the hula hoop
down the line during
the weekly all-camp
field olympics.                                           Campers in the first session of Leadership
                                                          Development Camp (above) have a laugh after their
                                                          Thursday night talent show skit.

                                          Potato sack
                                          relays (left)
                                          are also a
                                          fun part of
                                          the field         Six trailblazers and two leadership campers in
                                          olympics.         Julie Sarros’ cabin (above) pause for a group
                                                            photo after their talent show skit.

                                                 There are two types of people in this world:
                                                 1. Those who don’t need closure
                           Hair Today.                                      Zik Assumes Office Duties
                                                                             Camper. Volunteer. Summer staff
                           Gone Tomorrow?                                 member. First Aid training
                                 Temporary baldness could be Rich         instructor.
                              Brain’s fate if his challenge to fellow        Beth Zik has also added Office
                              alumni is met. Rich has vowed to have       Assistant to her resume. Beth
                              his locks lopped off during the spring      provides office support two days a
                              2005 work weekend if enough pledges         week. Beth and her husband, Ken,
                              are raised to purchase a new boatlift for   have lived near Camp Grow since
                              Camp Grow. The total? $2,736.               1992. The Ziks homeschool their
    Rich is part of a faithful crew of camp alumni/volunteers who         two children, Micah and Sarah.
come to camp every spring and fall to                                        One of Beth’s primary roles will
put in and take out the dock on the                                       be to oversee all camper
Green Lake waterfront. When Rich                                          registrations. In addition, Beth will Office Assistant Beth Zik
saw the need for a new boatlift, he                                       serve as the coordinator for the alumni and advocate programs.
began to plot his scheme.                                                    An Alumni Association has been established for current and
    After asking Camp Grow office                                         former campers, volunteers and staff of Camp Grow. The purpose
assistant Beth Zik to find out the                                        of the association will be to glorify God by:
price tag on a new boatlift, Rich went                                    • Helping camp alumni keep in touch with each other and with
to work. By the time the dock crew                                           what’s happening at Camp Grow.
finished their work in September, he                                      • Supporting the Lord’s work at Camp Grow by taking on special
already had some pledges in.                                                 projects to improve the program and facilities for future
    Rich started coming up to camp with his youth Sunday school              campers.
teacher, Tim Winans. “I come up every year because it is a place             If you are interested in getting involved in the Camp Grow
where I feel closer to God…and see some friends I don’t get to see        Alumni Association, contact Beth at or toll-
very often.”                                                              free at the camp office at 1-866-926-CAMP (2267).
    Rich hopes to be seeing a lot more of those friends in spring, even      The Advocate Program is one of the primary means for
if it’s just to see him follow through with his promise.                  establishing a more effective partnership between Camp Grow
    If you are interested in making a pledge, contact the camp office     and the churches served by its program and facilities. Read more
at or toll-free at 1-866-926-CAMP (2267).               about the Advocate Program on page 5 (“Advocate Program
Rich Brain can be reached at                       Explained”).

                                                                          A puppet workshop was the morning activity of
                                                                          choice for these campers (above) during the last week
                                                                          of July. Vern and Shirley Levengood of Daytona Beach,
                                                                          FL, prepared these 4th-6th graders to perform at the
       A group of Senior High girls (above) pause                         Thursday night talent show.
       for posterity after their Senior High talent
       show dance routine.

                                                                               Camp Grow Trivia (answers on page 5)
                                                                          1) What is the coldest the water in Green Lake has ever been
                                                                             while putting in the dock?
                                                                                  A - 63˚ B - 54˚ C - 43˚ D - 39˚
                                                                          2) How much do the anchors weigh that hold down the new
                                                                             water trampoline? -
                                                                                  A - 400-600 lbs.            B - 600-800 lbs.
                                                                                  C - 800-1000 lbs.           D - over 1000 lbs.
                                                                          3) How many square feet of pizza did the campers eat this
                                                                                  A - 134 B - 154 C - 204 D - 294
Flying high on Green Lake In late July Camp Grow                          4) How many churches sent campers to Camp Grow this
became home to a 15-foot Rave Aqua Jump trampoline                           summer?
with Aqua Launch (left) and Aqua Log (right) attachments.                         A - 12 B - 32 C - 52 D - 72
            Investment Opportunities with Eternal Rewards
   Friends of Camp Grow are invited to support part or all of a project listed below
                             Project                                    Investment
Boatlift for second ski boat                                          $2,736 (see pg. 4)
Hand tools and maintenance supplies                                        $10-$25
45"rakesweepertotowbehindlawntractor                                         $310
Flexpipeandfittingstoreplace2,025feetofrustyironwaterpipe                    $446
Husqvarna 325P5x pole saw                                                    $399
Broomball equipment for winter guests (24 sticks @ $24 each, 2 balls)     $590 total
Camper scholarships for 2005 season                                       $25-$215
Tru-flite fiberglass safety arrows (need three dozen)                     $36/dozen
Fax machine and spare toner cartridge                                        $234                  Leadership Development Camper Nick
Office supplies                                                             $5-$30                 Cruz (above) cheers on a team of campers
Ski rope and bridle                                                           $45                  during the field Olympics.
Archery target faces (need 4)                                                 $32
Cordless phone for camp office                                                $55

  If you would like more copies of the
Harvester to give to friends or to distribute in
your church, please let us know. Contact the
camp office at or 1-
866-926-CAMP (2267) and we will be glad
to mail them to you.

       Attention Prayer Partners
 • We thank God for the new churches that have chosen to partner
   with us to see their children grow in Christ.
 • We thank God for the vision that He leads us with; we ask for                     Advocate Program Explained
   wisdom to be good stewards of the program and property of                         The purpose of the Camp Grow Advocate Program is to
   Camp Grow.                                                                      develop a point person in each of the churches we serve in order
 • We thank God for the ministry partners who have joined with us                  to establish an effective partnership between the outdoor
   to support His work at Camp Grow through their prayers and                      ministry programs of Camp Grow and the children, youth and
   financial gifts.                                                                family ministries of the local church.
 • Please pray with us that all the campers who met Jesus for the first            The role of the advocate is to:
   time or re-committed their lives to him will receive adequate                   • keep his/her church up-to-date with current Camp Grow
   follow-up support from their home church.                                         information, including newsletters, program brochures,
                                                                                     registration packets, etc.
    “Be joyful in hope…faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12                           • attend a meeting in the Chicago area in March to receive
                                                                                     current program information and provide feedback to the
                                                                                     Camp Grow staff about what is happening in his/her home
  Answers to trivia questions (from page 4)                                          church.
 1) D - The coldest the water in Green Lake has ever been while                    • sponsor a Camp Grow Sunday in his/her home church.
    putting in the dock was 39˚ .                                                  • encourage parents of campers to get their registration
 2) C - There are three anchors weighing a total of about 950                        materials in to camp as soon as possible to ensure a space is
    pounds.                                                                          reserved for them in summer.
 3) A- The campers ate about 134 square feet of pizza this summer.                   The spring advocate meeting will be held at Northern Baptist
 4) D - 72 churches sent campers to Camp Grow this summer.                         Seminary in Lombard, IL, from 9-12 on Saturday, March 5,
                                                                                   2005. If you are interested in being the advocate from your
   If you have a trivia question you’d like to submit for the next                 church or would like to know more about the program, call Beth
 edition of the Harvester, send the question, correct answer and                   Zik or Paul Ethington toll-free at 1-866-926-CAMP (2267).
 your name, city and state to:

                            I used to think I was indecisive,          “I doubt, therefore I might be.”         -Ambiguous
                                 but now I'm not sure.
                                                                                           I used to work in a fire hydrant
                                 How much deeper would                                         factory. You couldn't park
                                 the oceans be if sponges                                       anywhere near the place.
                                     didn't live there?
                                Thanks to for providing the anecdotes for this edition of the Harvester.
                     Special Thanks to Friends of Camp Grow
     The campers, volunteers and staff of Camp
Grow wish to thank the following individuals,
churches and business for their generous
financial partnership in the Lord's work at
Camp Grow: Mr. & Mrs. James Aalfs, Mr. & Mrs.
Dennis G. Ahrens, Ms. Mary C. Allen, Mrs. Carol
Lee Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Andersen, Mr. &
Mrs. Howard F. Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. James D.
Anderson, Mr. Edwin & Rev. Carlene Appel, Mr. &
Mrs. Joseph J. Arens, Mr. & Mrs. Derek Arnold, Ms.
Patricia Ann Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Arnold,
Mr. & Mrs. James S. Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. John H.
Ault, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Avery, Ms. Judy Ayers,
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bahlow, Dr. & Mrs. Brent Bandy,
Mr. & Mrs. John Barrett, Mr. & Mrs. Scott
Bednarke, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Beran, Ms. Dana Camp Grow’s prayer partners, volunteers and financial partners make
Bourland, Mr. Rich Brain, Mr. & Mrs. Harry it possible for children of all ages to find God’s purpose for their lives in a
Brotzman, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Brotzman, Mr. & Christ-centered, safe and fun environment.
Mrs. D. Clyde Buckstaff, Ms. Mary Jane Bumby,
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bunn, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Burns, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Carew, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. John S.
Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. John Clark Sr., Ms. Ashley Coale, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Cody, Mr. & Mrs. David R. Corrado, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P.
Costello, Mr. & Mrs. William H. Crawford, Mr. Zach Crider, Mr. Ken Devine & Ms. Russann Hadding, Dr. & Mrs. William S. DeWitt, Mr.
& Mrs. John C. Diedrich, Mr. & Mrs. Marc G. Dosogne, Mr. James Dougall Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Egger, Mr. & Mrs. Frans Eliason,
Mrs. Patricia Emerson, Mr. & Mrs. David A. Ethington, Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Ethington, Ms. Carol C. Foster, Ms. Stephanie M. Fowler, Mr. &
Mrs. David W. Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Francis, Mr. & Mrs. David Gary, Ms. Donna Gaunt, Mr. Jeff Gavard, Mr. & Mrs. Keith Gavard,
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Gerstein, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Giacoletto, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gilmore, Mr. Ben Giudice, Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Goble,
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Graham, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Grout, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Hamming, Mr. & Mrs. Delbert A. Hargrave, Mr. & Mrs.
Wayne E. Hedien, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Heiser, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hemmings, Mr. & Mrs. Donald N. Hobley, Mr. & Mrs. James L.
Humphrey, Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Hutcheon, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hynes, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ige, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Igel, Mr. & Mrs. Donald
R. Jackson, Ms. Sandy Jankovec, Dr. & Mrs. Willis J. Jensen, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Jenz, Mr. & Mrs. Kent Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G.
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. L. Daniel Jorndt, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Judd, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kearny III, Mr. &
Mrs. Jeffrey B. Kiener, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Kimen, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Kinas, Rev. & Mrs. Earl E. Kinney, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Kleinpaste, Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Kleinpaste, Mr. & Mrs. Norbert J. Klucznik, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Knauer, Mr. Terence L. Kothe, Mr. &
Mrs. Walter D. Kozlow, Mr. & Mrs. James Kreston, Mr. & Mrs. James Krueger, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kunzweiler, Mr. & Mrs. John Kurinsky,
Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Larson, Mr. Jeff Liddicoat, Mr. & Mrs. O. G. Locher, Mr. & Mrs. Rickie R. Lockwood, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Lofgren,
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Lofgren, Mr. & Mr. Tom Luccacioni, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lundstrom, Mrs. Audrey Lyke, Mr. Barry R. Mandel, Mr. &
Mrs. Richard A. Martens, Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Mecklenburg, Mr. Howard Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Meyer, Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Meyer,
Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Mills, Jessie Mitchell, Mr. Roy K. Moyer, Ms. Arlene Muehlenberg, Mr. & Mrs.
Varimants M. Murnieks, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Nelsen, Mr. John Norfolk, Mr. & Mrs. William Nyanue, Mrs. Mary Anne Ogilvie, Mr. & Mrs. Leo
E. Olmstead, Mr. & Mrs. J. Reed O'Malley, Mr. & Mrs. John O'Toole, Mr. John K. Overzet, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Pearsall, Mr. & Mrs. Rubin
Pelzer, Mr. & Mrs. Lance S. Percy, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Pettipher, Ms. Esther S. Pikel, Ms. Becky W. Poray, Ms. Valarie Powell, Mr. & Mrs.
Archie Price, Ms. Milner Ann Qualls, Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Rammelt, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Regan, Mr. & Mrs. Grant W. Reichard, Mr. &
Mrs. Clarke C. Robinson, Dr. & Mrs. Barry L. Rogers, Dr. & Mrs. John C. Rollet, Ms. Karen Rooney, Mr. & Mrs. Josias Salazar, Mr. & Mrs.
Mark S. Sarros, Mr. David Schultz & Ms. Vicki Duhr, Mr. & Mrs. David H. Scoble, Mr. & Mrs. William G. Scott, Mr. & Mrs. James
Semrow, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew K. Shermer, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sivright, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Specht, Mrs. Evalyn Spinder, Mr. & Mrs. Jim
Spinder Jr., Dr. Edward F. Steffen, Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Stoeck, Mr. & Mrs. Lennart S. Svensson, Mr. & Mrs. E. William Swanson, Mr. & Mrs.
Philip L. Tardrew, Mr. Henry Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Thomsen, Mr. Wilmar J. Villa, Mr. & Mrs. Curt Vogtritter, Mr. & Mrs. Peter K.
Volz, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund D. Wabiszewski, Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy N. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Brooks T. Walter, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald K. Walter, Mr. &
Mrs. Fredrick K. Wead, Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. Weinberger, Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wheelan, Ms. Janet P. White, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Whitson,
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Wright, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd K. Yeomans, Ms. Margaret A. York, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Zamzow, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A.
Zeratsky. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Zik, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Zimmerman, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Zimmerman, Jr., ABC of Metro Chicago,
Churchville Baptist Church, Community Baptist Church of Warrenville, First Baptist Church of Maywood, First Baptist Church of Oak
Park, Moraine Valley Community Church, MVCC Deborah Circle, North Shore Baptist Church, NSBC Friendship Class, Oak Park
Avenue Baptist Church, Rogers Park Baptist Church, Westchester First Baptist Church, Alsum Produce, Inc., ARAMARK Facility
Services, Avis/Midwestern Wheels, Inc., Bay Towel & Uniform, Bay View Motel & Resort, The Berlin Journal Co., Bloch's Farm,
Centurytel, Chris Schroeder Insurance, Inc., Coca Cola Bottling Company of Wisconsin, Creative Business Interiors, Inc., Cruise Center,
DeWitt Designs, Diedrich Jewelers, Inc., Foot Joy, Goose Blind, Etc., Graphic Sign & Letter Co., Inc., Green Lake Conference Center,
Green Lake Marina, Green Lake Rotary Club, Green Lake State Bank, The Grocery Bag, Heidel House Resort & Conference Center,
Holiday Wholesale, Horicon State Bank, Interact Travel, J.J.C. Interiors, Jason's Foods, John Engelhardt & Sons, KBS Construction Inc.,
Mecan River Outfitters & Lodge, Modern Rentals Inc., North Bay Sport & Liquor, Norton's Marine Dining Room, Norwegian Bay Books
& Gifts, Pick N Save of Ripon, Reinhardt Food Service, Royal Ridges, Sara Lee Baking Group, Suzanne Smelcer Robinson Foundation,
Sysco Food Services of WI, Titleist, Tranzact Technologies, Vitense Golfland, Wallenfangs of Green Lake, Worldwide Gifts (at the Green
Lake Conference Center). This is a list of donors since the last issue of the Harvester (spring 2004). We apologize if we forgot your name.
Please contact the camp office and your name will be included in the next issue.

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