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literacy - PowerPoint


									               Literacy in the Landscape
• The following pages outline some of the different ways that the natural
world can inspire literacy. It also includes examples of work by visiting
 school groups and teachers on training days at Chelsea Physic Garden.
• “Literacy” refers to the ability to read and write, to understand and use
language proficiently.
• The “Landscape” can be defined as one’s environment; human-built,
perfectly natural and whatever lies between.
• The first page shows an overview of this subject, the others aim to
expand upon it.

                             Michael Holland - Chelsea Physic Garden, U.K.
                                   Historical and
                                   (ethno)botanical stories               Story*
       Nature diary*

                          Non-fiction                                 Fiction

    Reportage style *                                                           Myth

                                              Literacy in
                                            the Landscape                                        Structured
        Uses of
        different word

Here are some of the different strands of literacy.                   Picture a word*
Many of them have links to other curriculum areas
such as History, Geography, Art, Music, Design and
Technology, Science and Numeracy. Those marked                Other
* are elaborated upon in the following pages.
                   Developing                                                      Developing an
                  observational                                                  appreciation of the
                      skills                    Nature diaries
                                                                                 natural world and
                                                                                    its diversity
                   different                                                         Use of local
                   styles of                                                         green spaces
                                                                     Awareness of
                               Provides data       Different          seasons and
                                for further       presentation      other processes
                                  studies            styles

  History link       Links to numeracy         Art & ICT          Science          Geography        Citizenship

Nature diaries can be a simple written record of events; or perhaps more complex with illustrations,
audio and even video entries to document natural phenomena.
Important information includes: location, date, time, weather, the event itself and any other comments.
Examples of diary ideas: Bird table observation, Metamorphosis, seed germination and subsequent
growth, seasonal changes, astronomical and meteorological events.
                                                          Haiku - A 3 line Japanese poem;
  Acrostic - where either                                 Numbers of syllables in each line are
  the first letters or last                               5,7,5 = a total of 17 syllables.
  letters of each line spell                                                Literacy is:-
  out a word.                                                               Expressing “it” into words,
                                                                            In some sort of way.
  Tall plants,
  Reaching to the sky,                                                     Spreading up and out,
  Ever changing,                                                           Casting shade onto the ground -
                                                                           Leaves rustling in wind.
  Each one different -
  Shading us below.                       Poetry inspired by
                                               nature                              Freeform -these are
                                                                                   poems without any
                                                                                   particular constraints.
           Rhymes - examples are
                                                                Before he went to school he
           not needed if your garden is
                                                                could read
           well weeded.
                                                                the bark of trees,
                                                                leaf veins,
                                                                sea shell convolutions,
Here are some types of poems which                              and the touch of fingers;
can be useful when expressing aspects                           now he goes to school,
of the natural world. More examples                             and he can only read
can be found elsewhere in this display.                         words.      Jennifer Farley
                            Nouns: Different regional
                            names for the same plant;             Verbs: growing, flowering,
                            meanings of Latin names;              gardening, photosynthesising,
                            parts of a plant, place names         germinating, adapting, climbing,
                            and their origins; habitat            evolving, raining, sprouting.
                            names; names of colours.

 Alliteration - the complex
 creeper carefully climbs across
 crevices and cracks; small              Different
 Saussurea seedlings slowly
 sprout sideways, seeking               word types                    Similes: As tall as a tree; As
 solstice sunshine.                                                   rough as bark; as light as a feather,
                                                                      as fragile as a seedling.

 Adjectives: A long, green,
 spiny, shiny, thick, weathered,                 Synonyms: Wet-damp-dank-
 fragrant, medicinal, mottled,
 asymmetrical, narrow, old leaf.
Of course, these are just                        brambly…
some examples.
               THE DAILY                                           SUNSHINE
           Issue 1, Tuesday 1st October 2002

“ One minute she was                   By Sarracenia Spider
there, the next she had
gone”, explained a distraught      responsible for as many as
Ben Blowfly -friend of the         400,000,000 missing
deceased - yesterday at the        invertebrates worldwide
scene of the sad event on a        annually.
London kitchen windowsill.         It is thought that the plants
“These pitcher plants are a        (of which there are many
menace to us all; we hope to       types, mostly growing in
stamp out these pernicious         damp places) lure our fellow
pests”, exclaimed Officer Grub     insects by offering
of Ants Hill Accident              stupefying, narcotic nectar,
Prevention Station.                causing them to lose their
                                   footing on the already
Experts believe that these         slippery sides of these
insectivorous plants are           specially adapted leaves.
                                   Turn to page 2, col. 3          Picture of the Pitcher of doom
           Based upon historical events,
           e.g plant hunters, voyages           Based upon objects
                                                collected around the

   Written about
   special places                                     Differentiate between
   and journeys in                                    story, legend and myth
   the garden
                                                               Incorporate as many
                                                               words from your nature

                                          Stories              word bank into your
                                                               stories as possible
 from books

                                                             Adapt existing stories

Stories are a wonderful way of bringing
any subject to life. They tap into our
imaginations and entwine the different
strands of Literacy, whether we are
readers or the writers
           Paper cones                   Books

                            Ways of
                         Literacy work
 Word                                                  Audio
                                                    web pages
                           Other         Verbally
                                 F       O       D
Picture a word
                                 W           B
This is a useful visual way of       E
writing words and terms
associated with nature.

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