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1Q 2004pub


									                                             The Society of American Military Engineers
                                                                                                           Volume 3, Issue 1

                                               Sacramento Post
                                                                                                            First Quarter 2004


 In This Issue...
                                        Students...Exciting Summer Camp Opportunities!
 • Summer Camp Opportunities!

 • Committee Reports
                                       The Sacramento Post wants to sponsor two high school students for the upcoming
 • Engineer’s Day at the Mall
                                       summer's Engineering and Construction Camps at the Air Force Academy in Colorado
 • Programs Review—1 Q 2004            Springs, CO from July 5-11, 2004 and at the Naval Facilities Engineering Center in Port
 • Golf Tournament ’04—coming
                                       Hueneme (Ventura County), CA from July 24-30, 2004. Interested students should refer
   soon!                               to our post website for details and/or contact Ms. Linda Ngim at (916) 557-7267 or by e-
                                       mail at for details concerning the camp. Applications are
 • This Quarter’s Trivia Question...
                                       due by the Close of Business, April 1, 2004.

                                       Corporate sponsorship is also needed for the Seabee Engineering and Construction
                                       Camp at the Naval Facilities Engineering Center at Port Hueneme. Lets make this
                                       camp a true Southwest Regional Event. If your sustaining member firm is interested in
                                       sponsoring an event or making a monetary donation, please contact Linda Ngim.

                                       The camps are open to high school students who have completed their freshmen,
                                       sophomore, or junior year and are interested in the fields of architecture, construction,
                                       and engineering. Students will get hands on experience in construction and engineer-
                                       ing. The camps run approximately one week from July 5-11, 2004 for the Air Force
Board of Directors                     Academy session and July 24 – 30, 2004 for the Naval Facilities session.
COL Mike Conrad
                                       Review of 2003 Camps                           a summer you'll never forget…
1st Vice President
Margie Namba

2nd Vice President                     Last year, 29 students learned about struc-
Mitch Langlois                         tural engineering, surveying, computer
                                       aided design, and nautical engineering at
Pat Persi
                                       the Naval Facilities Engineering Service
                                       Center (NFESC) in Port Hueneme Califor-
Treasurer                              nia. Also, 60 students learned about materi-
Carl Lang                              als and soils testing and various design and
Elected Directors                      construction techniques at the Air Force
Alan Driscoll        (03-05)           Academy’s Field Engineering and Readi-
John Hageman         (03-05)           ness Laboratory in Colorado Springs, CO.
Kelly Heidecker      (03-05)                                                              Build a cardboard canoe... and race it!
Patrick Luzuriaga    (02-04)
Mike O’Hagan         (03-05)
Graham Sharpe        (03-05)           F U T U R E P os t Meet i ngs
Appointed Directors                    April 22nd       @ Beerman’s                      June 24th        General Meeting
Cheryl Bly Chester (03-04)             May 27th         General Meeting                  July 22nd        General Meeting
Russ Nygaard       (03-04)
                                       June 7th         Golf Tournament                  August 26th      General Meeting
                                                                                                            ie     m ric n ilita
                                                                                                      TheSoc tyof A e a M ryEng eine rs

Committee Reports:
                                     Welcoming                                            Young Members Affairs
                                     Pat Persi                                            Lind Ngim
                                     Sustaining Member Firms can elect to be-             Last quarter the Young Members spon-
Membership Drive                     come a sponsor for the SAME General Meet-            sored and planned the November general
  $25 Gift Card                      ings. In exchange for donating raffle prizes,        meeting— the meeting was a success,
                                     the Sponsor is allowed five minutes to speak         thanks to Linda Ngim and Sarah Madams.
                                     about their firm. Money collected from raffle        Please be sure that if you are a Sustaining
The Post is holding a New Mem-
                                     ticket sales supplements the Post's schola  r-       Member, that you have a young member
ber Drive. Recruit new members       ship fund. Sponsors have included Versar,            representative— the benefits are invalu-
and you will be eligible for a $25   e2M, HDR Engineering, Kleinfelder, Tetra             able! Contact Linda Ngim for more infor-
gift card from Starbucks Coffee      Tech, URS, Air Toxics, CH2M Hill, Geocon,            mation at (916) 557-7267.
Shop, or a Jamba Juice Card.         Harding ESE, SCS Engineers, Parsons, Ja-
                                     cobs, and Earth Tech. Please contact Pat             Community Service
To be eligible for a Starbucks       Persi at (916) 737-3000, ext. 3120, or
                            if interested.                     Carl Lang
$25 gift card, obtain a new sus-
taining member or obtain five                                                    This quarter the Post donated $1,000 to
individual members.                  Membership                                  the St. John’s Shelter for a new account-
                                   Mitch Langlois                                ing software package. In addition, the Post
To be eligible for a Jamba Juice Although the Post lost one individual member sponsored the local chapter of MESA. If
Card, obtain two new individual and one sustaining member firm over the last you have any causes that would promote
members.                          month, membership should grow rapidly as our involvement in the community or pro-
                                  Satellite Posts are established at Beale AFB, mote our Post’s purposes, please contact
Membership applications, and and perhaps Travis AFB. Sustaining members Carl Lang at
more information is available on should have 5 representatives listed under
                                  their membership. Update membership infor-
o u r     w e b s i t e       a t mation at New            members can also sign up electronically on the Awards and Scholarships
                                     website. Call Mitch Langlois, (916) 355-8444         Margie Namba
                                     with questions.                                      The Scholarship Committee has been very
                                                                                          busy reviewing the Scholarship Applica-
                                     Readiness                                            tions submitted to the Sacramento Post
                                     Kelly Heidecker
                                                                                          recently. The Sacramento Post awards
                                                                                          annual scholarships to eligible high school
                                     The Readiness Committee has taken a well de-
                                                                                          and college students studying engineering
                                     served break following distribution of the most
                                     recent Fast Start Plan and Capability Database
                                                                                          or related technical disciplines. Scholar-
                                     at the end of 2003. Soon we will begin working       ships vary from $500 to $2,500 for cur-
                                     on removing programming bugs and developing          rently enrolled senior high school, junior
                                     the database for interactive web use. Our hope       college or college students. The Commit-
                                     is that by doing so we will not only allow all us-   tee will make selections before the end of
                                     ers to search the database on the world-wide-        each year. If you have any questions
                                     web, but also allow participating firms to update    please contact Judy Nottoli at 916-563-
                                     their own information as necessary. We are           6412 or Dave Zuber at 916-853-5318.
                                     very excited about this potential and have been
                                     given permission to proceed from the Post’s
                                     Board of Directors. Any members interested in
                                     joining the Readiness Committee should con-          Communications
                                     tact Kelly Heidecker at       Patrick Luzuriaga
                                                                                          This newsletter has been prepared by your
                                     Programs                                             Communications Committee. Distribution
                                                                                          is electronically via email, and the website
                                     Alan Driscoll
                                                                                 and hard copy
                                     Upcoming Post Meetings are listed on the
                                                                                          at the General meetings. If you have any
                                     first page of this newsletter. If you have
                                                                                          comments, improvements, or recommen-
                                     any recommendations for presentation top-
                                     ics or are willing to share your company’s           dations regarding this newsletter, please
                                     success story with the Post, please contact          contact      Patrick      Luzuriaga      at
                                     Alan Driscoll at    
V olum e 3, Issue 1

  Engineer’s Day at the Mall                                          Upcoming 2004 Golf Tournament
  by Russ Nygaard

  On Saturday March 6th, S.A.M.E. participated in the En-                          MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!
  gineers Day at the Mall at the Sunrise Mall. This annual                                  For
  event is the culminating affair for the Sacramento re-
  gion’s participation in National Engineers Week. The                             The Sacramento Post’s
  main purpose is to reach out to the youth in the area and
                                                                           Society of American Military Engineers
  expose them to engineering. This year’s event included
  booths from nearly every local engineering society.                          Scholarship Golf Tournament
  The S.A.M.E. booth highlighted the great variety of disci-          This year’s tournament will be held on June 7, 2004
  plines active in our organization. To encourage kids to               At the Wildhorse Golf Club in Davis, California
  stop by and chat, a hands-on activity gave the kids a                               Noon Shotgun Start
  chance to build truss bridges and geodesic domes out of
                                             toothpicks and gum       To register contact Lisa Ostergren @ (916) 372-2000
                                             drops. Often times               or email
                                             the children’s imagi-     Download the Registration Form—
                                             nations would take
                                             off and we would
                                             suddenly have multi-
                                             story buildings or
                                                                      Programs Review, 1st Quarter 2004
                                             other    contraptions    by Alan Driscoll
                                             growing across the
    Patrick and Russ ready for the next rush Table (we even had      The Sacramento Post finished its 2003 program with what
                    of kids!                 a H2 Hummer)! This      has become a very enjoyable tradition, the annual Holiday
                                             also gave us a          Mixer, co-hosted by the Professional Environmental Mar-
  chance to talk with the parents and let them know the
                                                                     keters Association (PEMA). The Mixer was held on De-
  many ways engineers benefit their everyday lives.
  In addition, a “Guess the Number of Bolts” contest was             cember 11th at the Discovery Museum in Old Sacramento
  held. A tank containing various sizes of bolts sat at the          with great food, spirits, and the run of the Museum en-
  booth and kids would fill out entries with their guess. It         joyed by all. The Post would like to thank the Museum,
  was fun watching kids and parents try to figure out a              the many raffle prize donors, and the SAME and PEMA
  way to calculate the right value! The winner of the $50            volunteers who made this event a success. The 2004
  gift certificate to The Discovery Channel Store was 9              program was kicked off with another tradition on January
  year old Michaila Hays. She guessed 198 bolts and the              29th, our annual meeting at Travis AFB with the San
  actual count was 176.                                              Francisco Post. Colonel Michael Conrad shared his per-
  After a full day and many bags of gum drops, S.A.M.E.              sonal photographs and experiences from his recently
  helped to spread the word about engineering and a very
                                                                     completed tour in Iraq. Over 100 people from the Sacra-
  good time was had by all!
                                                                     mento Post, Travis AFB Satellite Post, and the San Fran-
                                                                     cisco Post enjoyed the presentation, the popular Mexican
 Other Happenings...                                                 buffet, and generous raffle prizes provided by the meet-
                                                                     ing’s sponsor Diamond D General Engineering. The 2004
                                                                     program continued on February 26 with a presentation by
                                                                     Ms. Barbara Marshall of the U.S. Army Corps of Engi-
                                                                     neers on the new Standard Form 330, designed to re-
                                                                     place the old SF 254/255. In March, Mr. Dave Hawkins of
                                                                     the California Independent System Operator will discuss
                                                                     the impact of the northeastern blackout on the power in-
                                                                     dustry. Please watch for news on this and other upcom-
                                                                     ing events. If you have comments, suggestions, or re-
                                                                     quests concerning the Post’s programs, please contact
  "Sacramento County Undersheriff John McGinnis presents Sacra- Alan Driscoll at (916) 638-1119, or adriscoll@forsgren.
  mento Post's Readiness Chair Kelly Heidecker with a Certificate of com.
  Completion and Volunteer Badge for participating in the Community
  S e r vi c e Re s e r v e Corps t ra i n i n g , October  2003."
The Society of American Military                            Community Service Donations
                                                           The Post’s Community Service Committee is accepting dona-
  General Meeting Costs:                                   tions for hotel-type toiletries (soaps, shampoos, etc.) to pro-
  (unless otherwise posted)                                vide them to the St. John’s Shelter for Women & Children.
  Younger members (< 35 y.o.)      $15                     Donations are accepted continually. If you would like to do-
  Military or public servant       $15                     nate small toiletries or larger items, please contact Carl Lang
  Members                          $20                     at
  Non-Members                      $25
                                                           This Just in…
  Meeting sponsors for this quarter were:
                                                           Your SAME Sacramento Post WON the
  January— Diamond D Engineering —
                               GRAND SLAM Streamer award for 2003!
  February— EM Assist—
                                                           Congratulations to all for a year well done!

                                                           This Quarter’s Trivia Question:
  March— Rosewood Environmental Engineer-
                                                           How many students went to the Engineering Sum-
                                                           mer Camps in Port Hueneme and Colorado
  e-mail updates:                                          Springs last year?
  To update your e-mail address with the                           200 7 133 89
  post, please visit our website to request                Guess, then read through this Newsletter for the answer!
  an update.
                                                           Answer to Last Quarter’s Trivia Question:
       T HI S N EWSLET T ER I S A L SO                     How many sustaining members does the Post
               ON T HE W EB!                               have? 52 (The answer is below!)

Our Sustaining Members                        Please contact Mitch Langlois at to
                                                     inquire about Sustaining Membership and its benefits!

3D/Int'l. Western Region
Acropolis Development and Management Inc           Jones & Stokes
AHTNA Government Services Corp                     Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Air Toxics LTD                                     Kleinfelder Inc
Alpha Analytical                                   Luster National Inc.
AMEC Earth & Environmental Inc.                    MACTEC Engineering and Consulting
ARCADIS                                            Mead & Hunt
Brown and Caldwell                                 MKM Engineers
Burleson Consulting Inc                            MWH
CDM Federal Programs Corp.                         Parsons
CH2M Hill                                          Raito Inc.
Chung and Associates Inc.                          SAIC
CKY Incorporated                                   Sequoia Environmental Corporation
DMJM Design                                        Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure
Earth Tech Inc.                                    Stantec Consulting
EDAW Inc.                                          Synectics
EM-Assist                                          Tetra Tech EM Inc.
engineering-environmental Management               Tetra Tech Inc.
Environmental Chemical Corp.                       The Dutra Group
Forsgren Associates Inc.                           URS Corporation
Geocon Consultants Inc                             US Army Corps of Engrs. Sac. Dist.
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services            USPHS/HIS/CAO Office of EH & E
Harris & Associates                                Vanir Construction Mgmt. Inc.
HDR                                                Versar Inc
HydroGeoLogic Inc                                  Washington Group International Inc.
Innovative Tech. Solution                          Weston Solutions Inc.
Publish Date: March 25, 2004

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