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The principals newsletter of Stone Mill Elementary School


									The principal’s newsletter of Stone Mill Elementary School
Kimberly A. Williams, Principal

December 8, 2009                                                                           Newsletter #5

DECEMBER                            Guidance pillar and theme: Caring – “A kind word is like a spring
                                    day.” Russian Proverb

         18                         Cookie Exchange for staff
         24                         No School – Christmas Eve
         25                         No School – Christmas
         28-Jan 3                   No School – Winter Break

         School resumes Monday, January 4, 2010

JANUARY 2010                        Guidance pillar and theme: Trustworthiness – “The cruelest lies are
                                    often told in silence.” Robert Louis Stevenson

         4                          School resumes!
         7        7:00-8:00         PTA meeting, APR
         14       7:00              Choral/Instrumental Music assembly
         15                         Highly Gifted Center Testing, grade 3 students
         18                         No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday
         19                         4th Grade field trip to Smith Center (2 classes)
         20                         4th Grade field trip to Smith Center (2 classes)
         21       9:30              Club Pictures
                  6:30 – 8:00       Spelling Bee, APR
         22                         Second Marking Period ends
         25                         No School – Teacher professional day
         26-29                      MAP-R testing grades 3-5

PRINCIPAL’S WRITING WALL – Congratulations to the students whose writing has been highlighted
since the last newsletter!
                  Grade 4 – Palak Kavi, Winnie Liang, Nick Guerra, Sarah McGrath, Aditya Sarkar,
                  Thomas Matthews, Josh Oser, Katie Seibert, Ellyn Rebein
                  Grade 3 – Devesh Agarwal, Nicole Daoust, Tyler Huang, Sydney Lobel, Carly Ross,
                  Archita Sood, Carissa Wei, Brian Zelvy
                  Grade 1 – Harry Lu, Arzoe Singh, Jacob Bruckheim, Ari Glazier, Jenna Shi, Jane Jou,
                  Brant Jiang, Eunice Ok
                  Kdg. – Rachel Cheung, Bevneet Kaur, Jeffery Chen, Jonathen Wen, Varun Sharma,
                  Rebecca McMillen, Christopher Qiu

MANNA FOOD DRIVE RESULTS – Thanks to everyone who contributed to our VERY successful food
drive! The children had hoped to gather 700 items and were able to collect and donate 1149 instead!!
Because of your generosity, so many families have food. Thanks!

SGA TOY DRIVE - The Student Government Association (SGA) is sponsoring a toy drive for the Shady
Grove Hospital Pediatric Unit. The hospital is looking for unwrapped toys/games for their patients, and are
looking for items/toys that can be used in the pediatric unit. Attached is a list of items needed. Please note
that the unit services children from birth to 19 years and these patients are from various cultures. You can
drop off your game/toy/supplies in front of the Stone Mill office from December 14 – December 18. Thank
you in advance for your generous donations!
ARRIVING AT SCHOOL – Please note that the school day at Stone Mill begins at 9:15 am. Students are
allowed to enter the building at 9:05 am. In the ten-minute window between these times, students unpack
their backpacks, get ready for instruction, order lunch, turn in homework and begin their morning work.
When students arrive late for school, they begin the day behind as the teacher is teaching the class as they
are trying to catch up with all the tasks everyone else completed between 9:05 and 9:15. Please help your
child begin the day well by giving him/her plenty of time to prepare for the day’s instruction.

JAPAN FAIR – The Sakura Educational Exchange USA (SEE-USA) of Rockville in conjunction with the
Bauer Drive Community Center will be sponsoring a free fair at the Bauer Drive Community Center with
Japanese demonstrations, activities, games, crafts, sports, etc. on Sun, Dec. 13, 2009, from 1-5 pm. 14625
Bauer Drive, Rockville, MD. All are welcome!

REUNIFICATION PLANS – In the unlikely event that Stone Mill has to dismiss after regular school
hours or in another unusual manner, we have developed a plan of how to reunite parents and their children
in a safe and orderly manner. (For all of you on our Code Blue committee, this would be the time to come
to the school to help out!). This reunification plan will enable us to account for every child’s departure
while enabling parents and/or other parentally approved adults to retrieve the children from the school. The
front doors of our school will be locked and arrow signs will lead parents to the side entrance of the All-
Purpose Room (APR) located on the Quietwood Drive side of the building. Tables will be set up by
student’s last names so adults can request their children. Fifteen parents at a time will be allowed into the
APR. Adults picking up their own and/or others’ children MUST indicate on a sign out sheet who they are
taking – i.e., Bobby Smith signed out to Mrs. Hoi and each adult will receive an index card indicating who
they are taking. All adults’ identification will be checked against the school emergency forms.

  Mrs. Hoi (parent)

  Bobby Smith
  Jeff Hoi
  Cindy Loo Who

Personnel at tables in the APR will radio to classrooms via blue walkie talkies. Parents will exit the APR,
reunite with the children inside the building, and be exited through a side door. MCPS will still arrange
bus service, and staff members will maintain cards listing which children are on which buses. Between the
bus boarding cards and the car transport list, we will have an accounting of how every student left the
school. We realize that out-of-the-ordinary dismissals could be stressful, but know that by following the
plan, everyone will get home safely. Thanks in advance for working with us!

FROM THE COUNSELOR - During the month of January the staff and students will focus on the pillar,
TRUSTWORTHINESS, in the Character Counts! Program. At Stone Mill everyone works hard to be
trustworthy on a daily basis. Parents and teachers feel that lying is a serious issue and should not be
ignored. Research has shown that children who lie may begin to exhibit other unacceptable behaviors, such
as: stealing, fighting, or picking friends who might not make the best choices. These behaviors impact the
learning process. I have included some suggestions that might help a child overcome not telling the truth:
1.             Encourage your child to say what he/she means.
2.             Teach your child to think before speaking and then following through with what he/she says.
3.             Encourage your child to keep promises that are made.
4.             Model honesty for your child. If you want your child to be honest, then you must be honest.
5.             Do not call your child a liar. Another reaction might be to take away a privilege.
6.             Compliment your child when he/she is honest.
7.             Teach your child the importance of being reliable.
8.             Encourage your child to learn to be honest and trustworthy.
9.             Discuss with your child the consequences of lying and that lying can lead to a lack of trust.
10.            Stress that not telling the truth is inappropriate. Help your child learn appropriate behavior.

         Tracy Bottiglieri and Carol Greenspun (and their boys, Matthew and Jordan) for
         treating all the teachers on the professional day to rolling carts of delicacies!
         Vicki Ellison, Gail Ebrahimi, Lena Gordiyeno and Jen Schnur for baking wonderful treats
         for staff!
                                            SHADY GROVE ADVENTIST HOSPITAL
                                                     Items Wanted For Presents
  •       Superhero Action figures (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, • Anything Dora, Spiderman, Elmo, Disney Princesses,
          Power Rangers, Transformers)                                Thomas the Train, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, or
  •        Small craft kits                                        • Velvet poster to color kits
  •        Small sets of Legos or Duplos                           • Hotwheels or Matchbox type cars
  •        New stuffed animals (with tags)                         • books for children AND teens
  •        Coloring Books, word find, crossword, soduko, mazes,    • Baby dolls (Caucasian and African-American)
           dot to dot
  •        Barbies (Caucasian and African-American)                • Puzzles- especially 100-300 piece (Prefer small size
                                                                       when completed that will fit on tray tables)

                                          PEDIATRICS & PICU CHRISTMAS WISH LIST
                           Games/Toys Needed for the Patients While Staying at the Hospital
• Crayons (Please no Dollar Store crayons)                 • Markers, colored pencils, Crayola model magic individual
• LiteBrite refill paper and pegs (1)                      • Toy Doctor kits
• Cans of playdough                                        • Thomas or other train engines and cars for the Brio train
• People (all types) for Fisher Price Loving Family        • Duplo table
• Infant rattles and infant toys (We need lots of these!)  • Toddler toys, musical toys. We love the ones without
                                                               lots of pieces. (We need lots of these!)
• Pinwheels and small bottles of bubble stuff (unscented)  • V-tech ABC Food fun refrigerator magnet set (2)
  for breathing exercises
• Fisher Price Garage, Farm, House playsets                • Board games: checkers, Risk, Guess Who, We love
                                                               games in metal tins or sturdy plastic boxes.
• Leapster game cartridges for handheld Leapster (New or   • Book/ cartridge sets for Leappad (New or Used)
• Step 2 Lifestyle play kitchen                            • Video games for Playstation 2, or Gamecube, rated E or
• 2 hand controllers, and a steering wheel for the Wii

                                Everyday Items Needed for the Patients While Staying at the Hospital
      •    Packages of disposable sippy cups (without straws)      • Packages of Pull-ups, Easy ups, or Good Nights (sizes
      •    Packages of disposable plastic baby spoons              • Boxes of kids character Band-Aids, for boys and girls
      •    Packages of children’s underwear, especially sizes 3T
           and up through size 10-12

                 DVD movies (rated G- PG-13) New or Used. Classics, comedies, adventures, and movies that
                 inspire are great! Please avoid movies with death themes. We would especially appreciate
                 anything Disney, Dora, Backyardigans, Scooby-Doo, Spongebob, movies for teens, & new
                 releases. Some requested titles are: Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Annie, The Sound of Music,
                 Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, Dr. Dolittle, Indian in the Cupboard, Friday Night Lights, Remember
                 the Titans, Batman, Spiderman 3, Superman, Robinhood, The Incredibles, Cars, Pirates of the
                 Caribbean movies, Night at the Museum 1 & 2, Shrek 3, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Akeelah and
                 the Bee, Power Rangers, Transformers, Hulk, Sweet Home Alabama, The Wedding Planner,
                 Princess Diaries, Mean Girls, College Road Trip, Oceans 13, Clueless, Bewitched, Nimh’s Island,
                 Kit (American Girl), Elf, Get Smart, Ella Enchanted, Ice Age 2 & 3, National Treasure 2, James
                 Bond movies

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