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Instructor: Tammy S, Hooper                                  Email: (home)
            Room 2204 Physics lab                         

Cell phone: 582-7710                                         Web Page:

Textbook: Physics-Principles with Applications 6th edition by Douglas C. Giancoli {ISBN 0-13-184661-2}

Supplemental Materials: Cracking the AP Physics B &C exams by Princeton Review 2006-2007 edition
                         “Peer Instruction” by Eric Mazur & “Thinking physics” by Lewis Epstein

AP Physics B is a college level course that uses advanced algebra and trigonometry as the
primary tools for problem solving. The course covers topics in mechanics, energy,
waves, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, optics, quantum theory, and nuclear physics.

Grading Policy:
Homework is assigned each night with the theory that ‘less is more’. Therefore, while only a few problems may
be assigned each night, the problems assigned are in depth, cumulative in nature and representative of the
kinds of questions you will see on the free-response section of the AP Physics B exam.

This includes Labs, Quizzes and Exams.
Labs are open ended inquiry based experiments. Each lab activity is precede by a free response open ended
quiz, in which students will simply be given the objective or hypothesis to test and a list of available equipment.
For example, “Determine the specific heat of sample X” or “determine the focal length of lens B”. It will then
be up to each student to design their own procedure and methods of analyzing & gathering data. . Results of the
quiz will be discussed the same day or the next day prior to beginning the lab exercise. A formal Lab report will
be required for 15 of the 25 labs through out the semester. (*See calendar for which labs require formal write
ups). Four lab exercises will be graded as „lab practical‟ meaning your grade is solely determined by your
performance and three are computer simulations. (see calendar)
Quizzes will consist of multiple choice questions representative of questions on the AP physics B exam. You
will not be allowed to use a calculator. In addition to these scheduled quizzes, unannounced pop quizzes over
the chapter reading assignements, previously covered material and daily lecture will also be given from time to
time (especially if students are not keeping up with their outside of class reading)
Daily assessments will also be given consisting of one multiple choice question from either Eric Mazur‟s Book
“Peer Instruction” or “Thinking Physics” by Lewis Epstein. These short assessments will take place the first 5
minutes of class and are worth 5 points daily. Students are free to discuss the question along with the possible
answers with each other until the allowed 5 minutes is up and then all students must submit an answer.
Exams will consist of both multiple choice and free-response questions. They will be timed in order to prepare
you for the AP physics B exam format. You will only be allowed to use a calculator on the free-response
section. Students should also note; all exams will be cumulative in nature and cover all the content up to the
exam date.
(See calendar for exam dates)
Course Calendar Outline:
    Dates           Newtonian                      Topics                            Labs
August 12th-      One dimensional &    Displacement, distance, velocity,    Graph Matching*:
September 10th    Two Dimensional      acceleration, uniform acceleration   to analyze the motion of
                  Kinematics           equations, kinematics graphs, free   objects using position time
                                       fall, Horizontal and angled          graphs along with velocity
                                       projections, relative velocity       time graphs (60 min)
                                                                            Ball drop*-measuring g
                                                                            using a tennis ball and
                                                                            stop watch (graph position
                                                                            vs. time 2)-60 min
                                                                            Ball Roll* –measuring g
                                                                            on incline using Pasco cart
                                                                            and stopwatch (graph
                                                                            position vs. time 2)-60min

September 11th                         Short Exam-12 Multiple Choice
                                       Questions & 3 free-response
September 12th-   Newton’s laws of     Inertia, F=ma, action-reaction       Origami cubes*-construct
October 3rd       motion               forces                               cubes of different
                  Forces & Free Body   Gravity, normal force, friction,     volumes. Then plot
                  Diagrams                                                  volume of cube vs. length
                                                                            of original paper (90 min)
                                                                            Newton‟s second law *-
                                                                            measure mass of cart from
                                                                            force and acceleration
                                                                            (graph force vs.
                                                                            acceleration) -60 min
October 4th                            Short Exam-12 Multiple Choice
                                       Questions & 3 free-response
October 5th-      Uniform Circular     Centripetal acceleration, period,    Centripetal motion of toy
October 14th      motion               frequency, satellite motion,         plane*-calculate the
                                       Kepler‟s laws (optional if time)     tension in string that
                                                                            maintains airplane in
                                                                            circular path & compare it
                                                                            to experimental results.
                                                                            (90 min)

October 15th                           Short Exam-12 Multiple Choice
                                       Questions & 3 free-response
October 16th-    Work & Energy      Kinetic & potential energy, work     Bungee egg Drop –
Nov.13th         Momentum           energy theorem, power, law of        calculate length of bungee
                 Simple Harmonic    conservation of energy               cord needed to safely
                 Motion                                                  bungee drop egg. Grade
                                    Impulse, law of conservation of
                                                                         depends on number of
                                    momentum, collisions, explosions,
                                                                         attempts! (90 min)
                                    center of mass
                                                                         Spring constant of a
                                    Hooke‟s Law, Potential energy of
                                                                         slinky*-measure spring
                                    springs, simple & physical
                                                                         constant k using graph of
                                    pendulums, damped and driven
                                                                         force and amount of
                                                                         stretch for spring. (60
                                                                         Period of Pendulum*-
                                                                         determine factor that
                                                                         affects period of a
                                                                         pendulum (1st day) then
                                                                         use this knowledge to
                                                                         determine g the
                                                                         acceleration due to gravity
                                                                         (day 2)
                                                                         Marble Projectile -lab
                                                                         practical! Calculate height
                                                                         a marble must be lifted to
                                                                         in order to hit target
                                                                         located on floor. (uses
                                                                         conservation of energy,
                                                                         projectile motions) Grade
                                                                         depends on attempts to hit
                                                                         target! (90 min)
Nov. 14-15th                        Long Exam 70 Multiple Choice
                                    Questions (90 min) & 6 free-
                                    response (90min)

   Dates            Fluids &                  Topics                              Labs
Nov. 16 -       Fluid Dynamics     Density, PASCAL‟s principle,         Archimedes‟ Mylar
Nov.31st                           pressure vs. depth, Archimedes‟s     Balloon*-calculate the
                                   principle, buoyancy, Bernoulli‟s     density of helium using
                                   equations and fluid flow along       buoyancy force! (60 min)
                                   with hydraulics, flight,             Water target lab Practical-
                                   applications to sports and           calculate the height of water
                                   plumbing systems.                    in a cylinder so that water
                                                                        leaving „spout‟ hits target
                                                                        (pressure & projectile
                                                                        motion)- (90 min)
Dec. 1st                             Short Exam 12 Multiple Choice
                                     Questions & 3 free-response
Dec. 2nd-Dec.   Temperature & heat   Temperature scales, Thermal              Specific Heat of unknown
14th            Kinetic Theory       expansion, latent heat, methods of       metal*-use calorimeter to
                                     heat transfer, calorimeter (optional     identify unknown metal
                                     if time)                                 sample. (60 min)
                                     Kinetic molecular theory, rms
                                     speed, gas laws
Dec. 15-16th                         Long Exam (Semester exam)

Jan. 5th-30th   Thermodynamics       Laws of thermodynamics,                  Gas Properties Simulation-
                                     thermodynamics processes such as         use simulation to study
                                     heat engines, heat pumps &               properties of gases

Jan 31st                             Short Exam -12 Multiple Choice
                                     Questions & 3 free-response

    Dates           Waves &           Topics                                   Labs
                   Optics Unit
Feb. 1st-7th     Waves & Sound        Types of waves, speed, frequency,        Speed of Sound –use an
                                      wavelength, transmission,                echo to calculate the speed
                                      reflection, refraction, beats,           of sound with Vernier
                                      interferences, Doppler effect,           microphone (60 min)
                                      standing waves, resonance etc...         Physics of Music-use
                                                                               Vernier microphone to
                                                                               determine the relationship
                                                                               between musical scale &
                                                                               frequency. (60 min)

Feb. 8th-22nd    Light & Optics       EM spectrum, polarization, Snell‟sFocal Length of Convex
                                                                        Lens*-solve thin lens
                                      law, reflection, refraction, mirrors,
                                      lens, thin lens equation, lens    equation for f, and then
                                      makers equation etc...            use this to determine data
                                                                        to graph so that slope of
                                                                        line is the focal length. (90
Feb. 23-27th     Wave nature of       Huygens Principle, single &double Spectroscope-only those
                 light              slits, diffraction gratings, thin film   students not enrolled in
                                    interference                             AP Chemistry! Determine
                                                                             wavelength of light to
                                                                             identify elements.

                                                                             (done before or after
                                                                             school-60 min)

Feb. 28th                           Short Exam-12 Multiple Choice
                                    Questions & 3 free-response

    Dates         Electricity &     Topics                                   Labs
March 1-7th      Electrostatics     Charging methods, insulators,            Egg Stamper-lab practical.
                                    conductors, Coulomb‟s Law.               Determine height a spring
                                    Electric forces, electric fields,        with a „stamp‟ on the end
                                    electric potential & capacitors          (weight with carbon
                                                                             paper) must be placed to
                                                                             gently stamp egg and not
                                                                             break it! (90min) grade
                                                                             depends on number of
March 8th-15th   Current Electric   Electric current, Ohms‟ law, AC          Ohm‟s Law*-determining
                                    vs. DC, resistance, Kirchoff‟s           Resistance from voltage
                                    Rules, circuit analysis, power,          vs. current graph! (60
                                    circuit diagrams                         min)
March. 16th                         Short Exam 12 Multiple Choice
                                    Questions & 3 free-response

March. 19-       Magnetism          Magnets, Magnetic fields,                Magnetic Field of a
March 29th       Electromagnetism   magnetic forces, right hand rules,       slinky*-using slinky toy
                                    solenoids                                solenoid to determine the
                                                                             relationship between
                                    Faraday‟s Law, Lenz‟s Law,
                                                                             magnetic field & current!
                                    Induced emf, counter torque,
                                                                             (60 min)
                                    counter emf, transformers
                                                                             Catapult Project*-design a
                                                                             catapult to hit target
                                                                             located 50 ft away
March 30th                          Short Exam-12 Multiple Choice
                                    Questions & 3 free-response

Dates            Atomic &     Topics                                         labs
                 Physics Unit
April 9-20th     Quantum Physics       Black Body Radiation,                 Photoelectric effect
                                       Photoelectric effect, Compton         Simulation-use simulation
                 Atomic & Nuclear      scattering, pair                      to study photoelectric
                 Physics               production/annihilation, de Broglie   effect
                                       wavelength, wave-particle dual        Model of Hydrogen atom
                                       nature of light                       simulation-use simulation
                                       Atomic models, atomic spectra,        to learn how atomic
                                       Bohr Model, energy level              structure is determined
                                       diagrams, nuclear structure,
                                       binding energy, radioactive decay,
                                       half life, e=mc2 etc…                 base.html (both)
April 23rd                             Short Exam 12 Multiple Choice
                                       Questions & 3 free-response
April 24-25th    Seniors Job
May 1st -2nd     Shadowing (no class)
April 26-27th,   Prepare for AP       Practice exams                         Design your own lab! *
30th             Exam!
                                      Tutoring sessions                      Students will design open
May 3rd-11th                                                                 ended inquiry lab on topic
                                                                             of their choice (60 min to
                                                                             take data)
                                                                             You may have access to
                                                                             all of the equipment in the
                                                                             science department!
May 14th                               AP EXAM!!!!!!

May 15th-23rd    Special Topics        Relativity, Cosmology, Black
                 (after the exam)      Holes, time travel, string theory
May 24th                               Final exam-50 Multiple Choice

                  Einstein Thought for AP Physics B

  “The Only way to escape the personal corruption
          of praise is to go on working.”