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                                         1984 - 2007

        AGRICULTURE & ANIMAL                        Water Distribution by
        HUSBANDARY                                  Warabandhi System -
                                                    Experiences of Rawlapura
                                                    Distributory Block
Pashupalan                                          00:19:13:00              1988 GUB-232
00:47:14:00                 1986 GUB-92             Producer : Malti Mehta
Producer: NDDB, AMUL
                                                    Equitable water distribution under canal systems
Pashupalan Part-1 & 2                               is a key to overall productivity and social justice
00:17:48:00           1986         GUB-93           under public canal projects. The system
00:19:13:00                                         encourages farmer participation, also at the
Producer: NDDB, AMUL                                management level.

Live Stock Farming - Part 1                         Mohni Water Cooperative
00:17:57:00               1987     GUB-124          Society – Under Ukai
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                         Kakarapar Project
                                                    (Irrigation Management)
This program deals with the characteristics of      00:17:46:00             1989 GUB-264
different kinds of goats, sheep, etc. and their     Producer : Drashti
usefulness in the Arid Zone of Rajasthan.
                                                    Mohni Water Co-operative Society in Surat
Live Stock Farming - Part 2                         district of Gujarat is one of the societies which
00:20:00:00               1987     GUB-125          collects water charges from the members and
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                          pays to government on volumetric basis. The
                                                    Society has shown that it‟s possible to bring
This deals with the problems of live stock          together beneficiary farmers under one forum for
farming and the probable solution using various     irrigation management below outlets.
breeds among sheep and goats.
                                                    Field Channels
Drip System                                         (Irrigation Management)
00:19:47:00                 1988 GUB-196            00:17:42:00                   1989 GUB-277
Producer : Malti Mehta                              Producer : Drashti

One of the ways is the irrigation by drip system.   Field channels are small and relatively simple
Save the trees and thereby to save the farmers by   flow channels compared to those of the canal
putting the trees at a high productivity level is   network. The program shows some of the
their motto. The program deals with the various     important technical aspects of field channels.
aspects of the irrigation by the drip system. The
fight of the farmers for saving their trees from    Water Distribution by
dying in the drought creates a new history in the   Warrabandhi System:
field of agriculture.                               Experiences of
                                                    Rawalpura Distributory
Irrigation Management                               Block (Hindi)
Action Programme Under                              00:19:13:00            1989         GUB-232
Mahi-Kandana Project                                Producer: Malti Mehta
00:20:08:00            1988 GUB-232
Producer : Malti Mehta
Mohini Water                                            A talk with
Co-operative Society                                    Prof. C.P. Malik
Under Ukai Karapar                                      Part-II Crop
Project (Hindi)                                         Productivity: Role of
00:17:46:00               1989     GUB-264              Plant growth Regulators
                                                        00:12:12:00             1993        GUB-612
Poultry Farming                                         Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:16:02:00            1990        GUB-305
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                  Plant growth regulators is one of the 5
                                                        technologies. It also reduce plant height, fruit
The program „Poultry farming‟ introduces the            shattering and increase seeds and fruits per plant.
zoological aspects of the Poultry farming.              These aspects are discussed in this programme by
Detailed information of each poultry farm has           Prof. C.P. Malik.
been explained in the program. Different aspects
of poultry management such as food, supply of           Use of Water for
water are also include in the programme.                Agriculture
                                                        00:25:00:00              1994       GUB-441
Dantiwada Project –                                     Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Participatory Water
Management                                              Sugar Science Part-1
00:19:38:00               1991     GUB-334              Micropropagation
Producer: Malti Mehta                                   In Sugarcane
                                                        00:25:00:00                1995     B/6/16
The programme talks about the success of                Producer: Malti Mehta
participatory water management and equitable
distribution of water over a large area under the       With the rapidly expanding sugar industry and
Dantiwada Irrigation Project of Gujarat during          somewhat stagnating yield levels during the
the Rabi season of year 1990-91.                        1970‟s, it was felt that, there was an urgent need
                                                        to increase cane productivity without further area
Operational Research                                    expansion.
Project for
Reclamation of saline                                   Sugar Science Part-2
And water logged Soils                                  Germ Plasm
00:17:04:00               1991     GUB-239              00:25:27:00                1995     B/6/16
Producer: Malti Mehta                                   Producer: Malti Mehta

This program talks about a research project             In this program, sugarcane germplasm, that is,
wherein an effort has been made to evolve a cost-       sachrum-based      grasses,   are   discussed.
effective soil reclamation technique.                   Developing new varieties, evaluating and
                                                        identifying different clones and breeding are
A talk with                                             some of the programmes.
Prof. C.P. Malik
Part-I – Crop                                           Sugar Science Part-3
Productivity Constraints                                Breeding Techniques-I
00:12:00:00              1993      GUB-612              00:26:44:00                1995     B/6/17
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                  Producer: Malti Mehta

The program „A talk with Prof. C.P. Malik‟ Part-        Varietal evolution work is carried out at
1 tells about productivity in Indian agriculture.       Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore since
The increase in crop production was achieved            1912. In this programme all the steps of
through the use of pesticides, better water             hybridization work are explained with
management.                                             demonstration.

Sugar Science Part-4                                     Coffee Science Series
Breeding Techniques-II                                   Part-3
00:17:17:00            1995         B/6/17               Chemistry & Coffee
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Nutrition
                                                         00:17:02:00                 1997     B-3/136
The Sugarcane Breeding Institute has also                Producer: Malti Mehta
formulated a special Sugarcane Seed Production
Programme and a National Hybridisation Garden,           In this programme, fertilizer requirement of
both of them are explained in this programme.            coffee plant based on soil and leaf test is
                                                         discussed. Standard fertilizer schedules, fertilizer
Sugar Science Part-5                                     application methods and curative measures for
Biofertilizers                                           overcoming deficiency are described in details.
00:16:06:00                1995     B/6/17
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Coffee Science Series
Sugar Science Part-6                                     Coffee Biotechnology –
Managing Diseases                                        An Insight
And Pests                                                00:16:21:00            1997          B-3/137
00:26:43:00                1995     B/6/17               Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                         The conventional breeding has limitations for
There are over 217 species of insect pests               coffee improvement because of the genetic
attacking sugarcane. They are classified as              barrier of chromosom number. Biotechnological
regular and occasional pests. In this program, the       approaches help in overcoming these bottlenecks.
diseases, pests and nematodes of sugarcane crop          Besides the tissue culture methods such as
are explained in details.                                micropropagation, embryo rescue, anther culture,
                                                         cell line and somaclonal selection, protoplast
Sugar Science Part-7                                     fusion and genetic transformation are also
Sugarcane Breeding                                       discussed in the programme.
00:25:44:00                1995     B/3/33               Coffee Science Series
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Part-5
                                                         Physiological Manipulation
Sugarcane Breeding Institute at Coimbatore is            For Higher Yield
one of the world renowed sugarcane Research              00:21:16:00             1997         B-3/138
Organisation founded in the year 1912. This              Producer: Malti Mehta
program is a profile of the institute.
                                                         In this programme, use of growth regulators in
Coffee Science Series                                    increasing the fruitset and controlling the
Part-1                                                   premature berry drop, physiological approaches
Agrotechniques in Coffee-I                               of drought management are discussed.
00:21:00:00             1997        B-3/44
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Coffee Science Series
In this program, a few agrotechniques are                Disease Management in
described like Nursery, Field Planting, Soil             Coffee
management and weed control.                             00:16:00:00           1997           B-3/139
                                                         Producer: Malti Mehta
Coffee Science Series
Part-2                                                   Disease control plays a major role in the
Agrotechniques in                                        management of coffee plantation. Coffee plant is
Coffee-II                                                susceptible to fungal diseases. Most of them can
00:20:00:00                1997     B-3/135              be controlled by timely application of fungicides.
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Programme was initiated by the Central Coffee
                                                         Research Institute as early as its inception in
Bush management by topping, debudding,                   1946.
pruning, handling and rejuvenation. Also
irrigation and shade management are other
important agrotechniques

Coffee Science Series                                      Coffee Science Series
Part-7                                                     Part-11
Pest Management                                            Central Coffee Research
in Coffee                                                  Institute – A Profile
00:25:30:00                 1997     B-3/140               00:30:26:00             1997        B-3/144
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Producer: Malti Mehta

As any cultivated crop, coffee is also subjected to        The pioneering success achieved at the Mysore
an attack of various pests which cause economic            Coffee Experiment Station in Coffee Research
loss by way of damaging the plant as well as the           laid strong foundation to expand research
crop. Biology of these pests and the management            activities further. This programme depicts the
practices are depicted in details in this                  Institute‟s profile and its contribution to coffee
programme.                                                 industry. Future strategies also are described.

Coffee Science Series                                      Coffee Science Series
Part-8                                                     Part-12
Coffee Improvement                                         Coffee in changing
Past, Present &                                            Scenario – A Talk with
Future                                                     Mr. P. Chidambaram
00:22:10:00                 1997     B-3/141               00:14:57:00            1997         B-3/145
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Producer: Malti Mehta

Varieties developed at Central Coffee Research             In the long history of coffee breeding in India,
Institute now occupy over 90% of the total area in         significant changes have occurred. This
India. This programme gives chronological data             programme is an interaction with then Union
on the same along with the propagation methods             Commerce Minister. He talks about price control,
using seeds, single node mallet and terminal               quality, high productivity, role of research and
cuttings as well as wedge-cleft grafting.                  development and transfer of technology.

Coffee Science Series                                      The use of fertilizers has revolutionized crop
Part-9                                                     production system. Use of bio-fertilizers is one of
Quality in Coffee-I                                        the many measures suggested to fight pollution.
On Farm                                                    In this program, the beneficial effects of bio-
00:23:50:00                 1997     B-3/142               fertilizers (Azospirillum, Azotobacter, etc.) are
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      discussed with examples.

Coffee is a favourite beverage the world over.
Now it is the time for Indian coffee to show its
strength in quality capabilities – which refers to a                  ARCHITECTURE
summative index of raw, roast and liquor
characteristics of coffee. Various steps involved          Earthen Architecture
for this are discussed in the programme.                   An Old idea:
                                                           A new future
Coffee Science Series                                      00:13:10:00            1989         GUB-223
Part-10                                                    Producer: Ashok Mewada
Quality in Coffee-II
In Cury & Cuptasting                                       The program starts with different uses of the
00:21:54:00                 1997     B-3/143               earthen material since dawn of mankind and its
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      negligence in the recent time. Important
                                                           techniques of the earthen architecture have been
Coffee processing is an art and science. Estate            shown.
level processing ensures the moisture standards,
the grading and garbling standards have to be
strictly maintained by the curing works. All these
are described in details in this programme.

An introduction to                                         talk about their master works. So this program
Architecture                                              gives an idea to the students how temples are
00:17:15:00                1989     GUB-255               designed, carved and built in present.
Producer: Neha Shah
                                                          The Living Heritage
It explains how man moulds his physical                   Of Temple
environment or habitat just as a potter creates his       Architecture
wares of clay. It explains how various shapes and         Part-III (Sompura)
forms are generated from a point.                         00:29:28:00                 1991     GUB-374
                                                          Producer: Vismay Shah
Music in Marble Part-I
00:23:25:00            1989         GUB-281               This program is the third and last part of the
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     serial “The living heritage of temple
                                                          architecture”. This program discusses the
The program is targeted on the students of                preparation of temple drawings, distinguishable
Ancient Art History, Aesthetics, Sculpture                features of Western Indian temple architecture,
Architecture, Archaeology and Indology. It deals          etc.
with the structural beauty and sculptural value of
the Delwara temples made out of Marble located            Majestic Edifice:
at Mt. Abu in Rajasthan.                                  A programme on
                                                          Hathisinh Temple
Music in Marble Part-II                                   00:21:24:00                 1992     GUB-522
00:21:56:00             1990        GUB-276               Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Vismay Shah
                                                          This program is about the architecture and
It deals with the structural and sculptural work of       sculpture of Hathisinh temple built in 1848 in
Loona Vasahi temple built in 12th century by              Ahmedabad.
Vastupal and Tejpal at Mt. Abu. The program
accelerates an artiste‟s delight with audio               Ferro Cement –
combination of Indian classical music.                    An Available option
                                                          00:17:50:00            1992          GUB-297
The Living Heritage                                       Producer: Ashok Mewada
Of Temple
Architecture Part-I                                       Ferro cement appears to be one such technology
00:20:10:00                1990     GUB-359               where essentially layers of wire meshes are
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     sandwiched in cement mortar. Ferro cement is
                                                          used for wide range of application such as roofs,
This program deals with the tradition of temple           walls, coping, doors, liquid containers, toilet pans
architecture. There are two major styles of temple        and even furniture.
architecture, the Naagaradi Shaili and the
Dravidadi Shaili. The dedication of making life           Sun Temple of
size drawings and then constructing the temple            Modhera
parts according to the drawings is really great.          00:21:51:00                 1999     B/3/181
                                                          Producer: Vismay Shah
The Living Heritage
Of Temple                                                 Sun temple of Modhera is an epitome of Indian
Architecture Part-II                                      culture. The programme shows the architectural
(Sompuras the sculptures                                  and sculptural beauty of the temple. Some basic
and architects of                                         information about the location, period and the
Jain temples)                                             architectural style of the temple is given. The
00:27:25:00             1991        GUB-340               various sculpture of Gudhamandapa (the main
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     temple), Sabhamandapa and Suryakunda is also
                                                          described in the programme.
This program is an interview of Shri Amritbhai
Trivedi and Chandubhai Trivedi of how
Sompuras who explain the history of Sampura,
how a temple is designed, what are different parts
of the temple, how they are related, etc. They also

Rani Vav –                                               Video Lecture on Architecture
The Step well of                                         Part-1 –
Patan                                                    Unveiling Architecture
00:22:24:09               2000     B/3/224               00:17:10:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
Producer: Vismay Shah                                                                         177
                                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
The program deals with the subject of Stepwell –
Vav, especially, Rani Vav. Its peculiar                  The presentation explained that Architecture is a
architecture and sculpture. The function of the          fusion of art and science. Dictums of good
step-well, the location and brief history of Rani        architecture are utility, strength and beauty.
Vav.                                                     Architecture is a sum total of forces of climate,
                                                         construction and culture. Siting, approach, form,
Harmony in Stone                                         massing, space organization, movement, scale,
00:18:8:00                2002     B/3/303               proportion and surface articulation are the tool of
Producer: Vismay Shah                                    architecture.

The program is about two important stepwells in          Video Lecture on Architecture
and around Ahmedabad (Dada Harir and Rudabai             Part-2 –
stepwells). It deals with the location, period,          Space Perception
architecture and sculpture of both the stepwells.        00:16:24:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
Building Visions                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
00:23:38:00            2002        B/3/294
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                   This presentation identified the process of
                                                         encoding and decoding messages.
This program is a comprehensive overview of the
architectural treasures of the city over past six        Video Lecture on Architecture
centuries – since its founding. This constant            Part-3 -
process of change and amalgamation is brought            Elements of Space
out through this documentary.                            00:15:19:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
BuildingVisions                                          Producer : Ashok Mewada
00:12:00:00            2004        B3/320                This presentation identifies that there are 7
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                   fundamental physical elements that constitutes
Ahmedabad is placed on the world map of
architecture owing to its rich architectural             Video Lecture on Architecture
legacies. The program showcases the buildings            Part-4 : Elements of Space
designed by the two modern masters in the city. It       Making : Column
aims to provide understanding of their salient           00:16”03:00              2005        B/AHM/3/
architectural features and the issues they                                                    627
demonstrate.                                             Producer : Ashok Mewada

An Ancient Getaway                                       Column is a slender, vertical supporting element,
00:14:05:00            2004        B/3/424               loaded from the top and transferring the load
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                   axially to the base. It is one of the seven basic
                                                         elements of space making.
Nestled at the foothills of the Aravalli and
blanketed by dense forests, „Polo‟ was once the          Video Lecture on Architecture
escape route for kings of the Idar and Patan             Part-5 : Elements of Space
Kingdoms. Natural splendor and exquisite human           Making : Wall
efforts encased in solitude make Polo                    00:13”44:00              2005        B/AHM/3/
philosophical in spirit. The documentary attempts                                             627
at capturing this elusive beauty of Polo.                Producer : Ashok Mewada

Wall is one of the basic seven elements of space         Stair is a most dynamic element of the 7 basic
making attributing support and volume to the             space making elements from Floor to Roof.
space. Wall remains most registrable in the case         From Steps, Ramp, Ladder, Stairs to modern day
of vision and therefore has communication value          escalators and elevators, stair signifies
in visual terms.                                         simultaneous displacement in horizontal and
                                                         vertical director, which makes it dynamic and
Video Lecture on Architecture                            sculptural.
Part-6 : Door
00:14:20:00             2005        B/AHM/3/             Video Lecture on Architecture
                                    600                  Part-10 :
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                  Elements of Space Making : Floor
                                                         00:17:17:00             2006    B/AHM/3/
This presentation covers the attributes and roles                                        676
of door as one of the basic space making                 Producer : Ashok Mewada
elements. Door guides the movement through its
positioning as connecting points.                        In this lecture we learnt that floor is one of the
                                                         most pragmatic and functional elements of space
Video Lecture on Architecture                            making. Floor provides datum plane for the
Part-7 : Windows                                         superstructure aand gives a sense of repose.
00:18:36:00             2005        B/AHM/3/             Definition of space by demarcating territorial
                                    598                  limit, guiding of movement through floor
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                  articulation and patterns, modulation of scale
                                                         through floor levels and forms; and encoding of
This lecture covers how versatile window is as           messages through encrypted visual clues are
one of the seven basic space making elements.            some of the most fundamental spatial roles of a
Transparency and porosity for light, view and            floor. Floor being the only architectural element
ventilation are the universal attributes of              that involves the sense of touch its texture and
windows.                                                 levels remain the most potent dimensions of
Video Lecture on Architecture
Part-8 :                                                 Video Lecture on Architecture
Elements of Space Making : Roof                          Part-11 :
00:14:57:00             2006    B/AHM/3/                 Kinnesthetics in Architecture
                                658                      00:21:02:00              2006         B/AHM/3/
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                                                        699
                                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
This lecture covers various examples i.e.
connoting with sky in most cultures, the overhead        Kinesthetics is a changing perception while in
plance and shelter are the universal attributes of       movement. In this presentation of spacial
the roof.                                                narratives through Kinesthetics, it is a movement
                                                         that holds the key to perception in Architecture.
Most visible element from distance roof imparts          Good architecture understands this phenomenon
identity and character to the building. Enclosure        of Kinesthetics and applies its principles in space
of space, modulation of volume, image making             organization. This prenomenon is explained by
and encoding symbols are the spatial roles of a          the examples of Modhera-Sun Temple, Stepwell
roof.                                                    of Adalaj and Contemporary ATMA Building of
                                                         Le Corbousier.
Enclosure of space by containing volume,
modulation of scale by ceiling manipulation,             Architecture for water :
encoder visual symbols as distant plance and             Stepwells
image maker through its visibility are the key           00:05:19:00              2007         B/AHM/3/
spatial roles of the roof.                                                                     704
                                                         Producer :Ashok Mewada
Video Lecture on Architecture
Part-9 :                                                 This short documentary illustrates two great
Elements of Space Making : Stair                         architectural examples of step wells existing in
00:17:47:00             2006     B/AHM/3/                Gujarat. Primarily step wells are built to fetch
                                 671                     water, but it is a social platform as well as shrine.
Producer : Ashok Mewada

The various characteristics are also described in
this programme about step wells.                        Rasa Ranjita
Architecture for Worship :                              Indian dance
Temples                                                 Kathakali
00:05:40:00             2007        B/AHM/3/            Part-I
                                    705                 00:16:39:00               1990     GUB-313
Producer :Ashok Mewada                                  Producer: Savita Hegde

This short documentary depicts the temple               The program begins with a brief history of
architecture. This architecture communicates            Kathakali and then goes on to explain about the
through space sequences, its organisation, scale,       training.
form, symbolism, entrance gates, ascending
platforms, rising volumes of „Shikharas‟, degrees       Rasa Ranjita
of wall enclosure, light etc.                           Understanding
                                                        Indian dance Kathakali
                                                        00:15:01:00            1990        GUB-336
           ART AND CULTURE                              Producer: Savita Hegde

                                                        How the Rasas are used in the actual dance is
Rasa Ranjita                                            explained and after that the importance of make-
Understanding                                           up which is an essential part of Kathakali dance.
Indian dance
Kuchipudi                                               Rasa Ranjita
00:18:01:00                1990     GUB-327             Understanding
Producer: Savita Hegde                                  Indian dance
                                                        Mohini Attam
The program begins with an introduction to              00:22:49:00               1990     GUB-336
Kuchipudi and then explains the various aspects         Producer: Savita Hegde
of the training and the dance. A few of the
popular items are also demonstrated and                 The programs are in a lecture cum demonstration
explained.                                              type of format wherein various aspects of dance
                                                        are explained and begins with an introduction to
Rasa Ranjita                                            Mohini Attam.
Indian dance                                            Western Theatre
Bharata Natyam                                          00:25:14:00               1990     GUB-357
Part-I                                                  Producer: Vismay Shah
00:18:09:00                1990     GUB-313
Producer: Savita Hegde                                  The program give us panoramic view of the
                                                        theatre Architecture in Europe beginning with the
The program begins with an introduction to              ancient Greek, the costumes, masks and the
Bharatanatyam and about the vigorous training           scenery used in different period and also the
students undergo.                                       methods adopted to change scenery during a play.

Rasa Ranjita                                            Modern Theatre
Understanding                                           00:19:09:00               1990     GUB-381
Indian dance                                            Producer: Vismay Shah
Bharata Natyam
Part-II                                                 Sanskrit Theatre
00:18:01:00                1990     GUB-327             00:18:35:00               1990     GUB-373
Producer: Savita Hegde                                  Producer: Vismay Shah

Abhinaya is introduced and explained items with         This program gives a glimpse into the „Natya
Abhinaya are shown and explained. The                   Mandapa‟ the theatre described in the
programme ends with a Tillana in full costume.          „Natyasastra‟ of „Bharata‟, in which the plays of
                                                        greatest Sanskrit play writes must have been
                                                        staged. It gives an idea to the students how

scientifically, creatively and meaningfully our
ancient theatre was designed.                             Japan‟s Noh Theatre
                                                          00:22:11:00                 1990      GUB-396
Medieval Sanskrit                                         Producer: Vismay Shah
00:20:02:00                1990     GUB-373               This program deals with the Japan‟s Noh theatre.
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     It tells about the brief history of it, its stage and
                                                          auditorium and its architecture in detail. The
„Kootiyattam‟ is the glorious Sanskrit dramatic           program also mentions how in modern times the
tradition which survives even today. This                 Japanese has preserved their ancient art.
tradition of Kerala continued for a thousand years
in theatres specially constructed in temples.             The hand that creates
These theatres are called „Kootampalam‟ which             Part-1
means „temple of drama‟. We have explained the            Introduction
„Kootampalam‟        theatre   and     how     the        00:11:16:00                 1991      GUB-477
„Kootiyattam‟ performance takes place in it.              Producer: Malti Mehta

Modern Sanskrit Theatre                                   It talks of art appreciation and gives an
Phase III & IV                                            introduction to the basic elements. It traces the
00:19:04:00            1990         GUB-364               origin of arts from pre-historic cave paintings to
Producer: Vismay shah                                     communal arts which originated in palaces and
                                                          places of worship.
In this program we discussed the Modern
Sanskrit play production in Bharat Natya                  The hand that
Shastra‟s style or western realistic style.               Creates Part-2
                                                          Elements of Art
Modern Sanskrit Theatre                                   00:12:34:00                 1991      GUB-477
Part-5                                                    Producer: Malti Mehta
00:22:47:00            1990         GUB-390
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     This program details the elements and techniques
                                                          used in a work of art. It deals with the four basic
This program informs the viewer that how,                 elements of a work of art viz., line, colour, light
whom, where and by whom the Sanskrit plays                and emotions.
were produced in modern times and gives an idea
what is the stage of Sanskrit theatre in modern           The hand that creates
times.                                                    Part-3: History-I
                                                          00:20:13:00                 1991      GUB-477
Chinese Theatre                                           Producer: Malti Mehta
00:25:33:00                1990     GUB-402
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     This program deals with the pre-historic cave
                                                          paintings in France and Spain and goes on to the
This program deals with „The Peking Opera‟ and            great civilizations which flourished on the banks
its theatre the Tea Houses and its architecture in        of rivers and their contribution to arts.
detail. It also tells about how the present Chinese
government and people has preserved and used              The hand that creates
their classical theatre.                                  Part-4: History-II
                                                          00:15:58:00                 1991      GUB-477
Kabuki Drama of                                           Producer: Malti Mehta
00:16:57:00                1990     GUB-400               It begins with the Buddhist influences on the far
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     east and Christian influences on Europe in the
                                                          development of art, the influence of dance and
This program mentions the different roles and             music on Indian art. The program ends with a
how it performs, etc, ultimately an appeal to             brief glimpse of the modern Indian painters.
preserve our great ancient classical Sanskrit
tradition is made.                                        Luis Braille: A Mono
                                                          Acting By C.C. Mehta
                                                          00:38:00:00                 1991      GUB-467
                                                          Producer: Vismay Shah

Renowned theatre personality of Gujarat and                 Education through Art:
India Shri C.C. Mehta performs a mono acting of             Knowledge is Freedom
Luis Braille. Shri C.C. Mehta talks about Luis              00:12:09:00            1992          GUB-538
Braille, the mono acting and how he performed it            Producer: Savita Hegde
in France and got the prize. The program is
targeted at the students of theatre, literature and         It uses dance with narration (voice over), using
students interested in Luis Braille‟s life.                 the story of Eklavya & Drona. The program also
                                                            stresses the importance of literacy.
Education through
Art - Kahegi Swayam Sita                                    Education through Art
00:18:55:00            1991          GUB-516                Zara Socheya
Producer: Savita Hegde                                      00:12:09:00            1992          GUB-538
                                                            Producer: Savita Hegde
From ancient times education has always been
imparted through the arts. Through the                      This is part of the series Education through art. In
entertainment much can be said about the                    a drama format it conveys messages of air
different problems, human values, etc. This                 pollution, noise pollution and hygiene. So called
program talks about the status of women.                    educated and modern people don‟t take care
                                                            about these environmental problems.
Education through
Art – Part-1                                                Design – History
The woman who dared                                         00:18:19:00             1992         GUB-520
To say “Rape”                                               Producers: Kaushik Brahmbhatt
00:15:30:00                 1991     GUB-516
Producer: Savita Hegde                                      This program is about the development of design.
                                                            The development of Design tells the story in
Among the social issues today, the problems of              different fields like language, shelter, cloth,
women are relevant and one of the worst is                  books, transportation and others.
perhaps the problem of rape. The program talks
specifically of rape. In a broader sense it conveys         Design – Today
the status of women in society and indirectly               00:15:19:00             1992         GUB-520
inspires women to fight for their rights.                   Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt

Education through                                           This program shows that the graphic design is not
Art – Part-1                                                the only design. Anything around us is a part of
Isa Vasya                                                   design.
00:19:03:00                 1991     GUB-516
Producer: Savita Hegde                                      Design – Process
Know them by Dialogue                                       00:24:35:00             1992         GUB-562
Claude Garrigues                                            Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt
00:16:31:00             1991         GUB-517                We are using number of products in our day-to-
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  day life but not known to the story behind that
                                                            creation. It start with the need of the product, new
Know them by Dialogue                                       idea, conceptualization, process involved upto
Claude Garrigues                                            final product.
00:15:46:00             1991         GUB-517                Design – Education
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  Part-IV
                                                            00:22:11:00             1992         GUB-568
The above 2 programms deals with information                Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt
on different subjects through the experts in the
field. Claude Garrigues is an Expert in Energy              An ambitious student wants to be a Designer. He
Conservation. In this program, he talks about               went to the Institute and found how the education
energy audit of industries, particularly the textile        of design is being given and what opportunities
industry, tips for energy conservation, how                 are there for him.
awareness could be created at social and
educational levels, etc.

                                                             Garbo-The Dance of Gujarat
The hand that creates:                                       00:29:24:00           2005         B/AHM/3/
Part-5                                                                                          653
Techniques of Drawing                                        Producer : Krishna Rao
00:13:45:00            1992           GUB-572
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        India has a rich legacy of many traditional folk
                                                             forms. “Garbo” popularly known as “Garba”.
Drawing is the backbone of all art. In this                  This marvelous folk form has many distinctions.
program the techniques of drawing like
architectural drawings are explained along with              An Artists Day Out
its evolutionary development.                                00:27:56:00               2005     B/AHM/3/
Divine Hues                                                  Producer : Krishna Rao
(Nathdwara Paintings)
00:18:56:00                 1994      GUA-1068               The main idea behind the expression by the
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        artists was to generate an awareness of new
                                                             creative way in which one can explore empty
This program traces the origin of Nathdwara                  public spaces in the city.
school of painting. Being the only living school
of traditional Indian painting, where painters               Kutch Art Part-1 :
paint as devotees, this school indeed reflects the           Interlacing Dreams
ethos of Indian culture and tradition in its original        00:16:47:03               2006     AHM/3/624
                                                             Producer : Malti Mehta
„Kusum-Rekha‟ –
Nature in Art &                                              Weaving is one of the significant arts of Kutch.
Art in Nature                                                In this programme whole process from starching ,
00:17:07:00                 1999      B/3/42                 drying, dyeing, spinning to weaving is
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        demonstrated. It also documents the contribution
                                                             by women in sustaining this beautiful handicraft.
Graphics give a facility to play with a variety of
textures, depth, points, lines and they can create a         Kutch Art Part-2 :
variety of colours. Anjou Chaudhuri prefers to               Embroidery : A Thousand Dialects
make her own paper by weaving variety of                     in Stitches
articles mainly from nature. Her creations are               00:26:51:00     2006  B/AHM/3/616
based on the philosophy that nature is the perfect
example of how everything is created and                     Producer : Malti Mehta
recreated through a process of recycling.
                                                             This programme depicts a rich tradition of
Kite Flying: Festival                                        Kutch. Ethenic communities maintain traditional
Of the Sun (Quickie)                                         crafts like embroidery of different types like
00:02:58:15                 2004      B/6/145                Aahir, Aari, Rabari, Jat, Kharekh, Soof, Pakko,
Producer: Ila Joshi                                          Mutwa.

Festival of the Sun covers different aspects of the
festival, people and how do they celebrate the
occasion, the trade and commerce attached to the
festival, people convey different messages                   A Comet (Flash)
through the festival of kite flying.                         00:05:30:00              1985      GUB-15
                                                             Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
Patola of Patan –
Handloom to Heirloom                                         A Comet (Gujarati)
00:26:14:00           2004            B/6/144                00:04:15:00                        GUC-16
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        Producer : Himanshu Trivedi

The Patola of Patan are renowned the world over              Welcome Mr. Halley
for their beauty and magnificence. The program               Science-1
aims to draw attention to the complex process                00:16:03:00              1985      GUB-54
behind the creation of a patolu.                             Producer : Himanshu Trivedi

Welcome Mr. Halley                                       Welcome Mr. Halley
History-1                                                Findings of Experiments-1
00:16:25:00              1985       GUB-54               00:15:15:00              1986         GUB-77
Producer : Mr. Himanshu Trivedi                          Producer : Himanshu Trivedi

Welcome Mr. Halley                                       Welcome Mr. Halley
History-2                                                (Findings of Experiment -2)
00:17:25:00              1985       GUB-55               00:22:00:00               1986        GUB-82
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                              Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

History Part 1-2 describes the sightings of              The above programs deals with the experiment
Halley‟s comet.                                          carried out by the Scientists of Physical Research
                                                         Laboratory, Ahmedabad. Through the Radio
Welcome Mr. Halley                                       Telescope they recorded the Radio Signals
Halley's Comet-1                                         coming from a quasar through Comet Halley‟s
00:20:04:00             1985        GUB-55               Plasma.
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
                                                         A Talk on Infrared Astronomy
Welcome Mr. Halley                                       00:15:20:00              1986         GUB-77
Halley's Comet-2                                         Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
00:22:05:00             1985        GUB-55
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               This program is an interview with Prof. George
                                                         Rieke of the University of Arizona on the
Part-2 is an elaborate discussion on Halley‟s            importance and study of infrared astronomy.
comet and contains data about the spacecrafts
launched for the study of the comet in 1986.             Comet Austin
                                                         00:20:32:00             1990          GUB-346
Welcome Mr. Hallery                                      Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Science -2
00:19:28:00              1985       GUB-54               There was a visitor to inner solar system which
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                              created a lot of expectations with 1st appearance –
                                                         Comet Austin. Prof. J.N. Desai of PRL analyses
This part deal with the science of comets, their         the situation with reference to earlier events of
origin, the formation of the different parts e.g.        different comets.
tail, comma, etc., the chemicals in them, and the
different orbits they follows.                           Sitaronke Naqushe Quadam
                                                         Chhoote Hue
A Talk on 'What is the                                   00:15:24:00             1994          GUB-1063
study of Astrophysics?                                   Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
00:25:10:00             1985        GUB-67
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               This program shows the working of the
                                                         observatory established on Guru Shikhar, Mt.
This program covers the historical aspects of            Abu. It includes the common man‟s myths and
astronomy, gravitation, theory of relativity,            confusions regarding astronomy. Although it
plasma stage, black holes, etc. It deals with the        targets a select audience, the layman can also find
important aspects of the study of astrophysics.          it interesting.

Giacobini-zinner Comet                                   Dekho Soorajko Gaurse
- A Flash News (Gujarati)                                00:16:44:00             1994          GUB-1064
00:4:15:00               1985       GUC-16               Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
                                                         This is a program on the solar observatory based
This flash program was to make people aware of           in the Fatehsagar region of Udaipur. The
the man-made probe „International Cometry                highlight of this program is the fact that as it is a
Explorer‟ which passed through the tail of               live telecast, it captures the changes taking place
Giacobini Zinner on September 11, 1985 to study          on the sun, directly using the camera made at
the comet‟s tail.                                        SAC / ISRO which is attached to the telescope.

Comet Hale Bopp: Part-1                                    It deals with the experiment conducted by PRL
00:20:30:00             1996        B-6/13                 on Comet Hale-Bopp and also refers to Comet
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Hyakutake.

Comet Hale Bopp: Part-2
00:24:00:00             1996        B-6/13                                  AYURVEDA
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

Part 1 & 2: After a gap of about twenty years two          Silent Sentinels (Ayurveda)
periodic comets have come to inner solar system.           00:18:24:00              1987       GUB-115
These two programmes deal with the information             Producer: Malti Mehta
about the Comet Hyakutake and Comet Hale-
Bopp.                                                      History of Ayurveda, the traditional methods of
                                                           medicine in India with reference of Rigveda and
Comet Hale Bopp                                            Atharvaveda is talked identifying different
Part-3                                                     medicinal plants with the help of tribals is
00:14:02:05             1997        B-6/36                 stressed.
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           Herbal Wealth of
This program deals with the photometric                    Gujarat (Ayurveda)
experiment conducted on Comet Hale-Bopp. So                00:24:20:00                1987     GUB-115
obviously it is shot while the comet was in the            Producer: Malti Mehta
sky. It explains the above content with the help of
various visuals, animations, expert‟s explanation,         Gujarat is rich in herbal wealth. This program
etc. At the end it refers the curiosity of viewers,        tries to highlight this wealth by describing sixty-
if, they want to know about comet, they can write          six important medicinal plants. It also emphasizes
to us.                                                     the importance of their cultivation and efforts
                                                           made by different organizations in Gujarat.
Comet Hale Bopp
Part-4                                                     Medicinal Plants –
00:15:57:05             1997        B-6/36                 From Forest to Pharmacy
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 00:17:01:00            1987         GUB-189
                                                           Producer: Malti Mehta
In this programme an experiment that was
conducted on Comet Hale-Bopp is explained. The             Medicinal plants have a fascinating legend.
program also explains the formation of tails, the          Medicinal plants have moved from forest to
way the scientists tackle the problem and collect          farms, from farms to pharmacy. A panorama
the information on the plasma tails. The program           from forest to pharmacy is a voyage of adventure,
also has a live shot of Comet Hale-Bopp when it            discovery and progress.
was in western sky in the month of May.
                                                           Kshar Sutra –
Comet Charisma                                             A New Treatment
1995-1997                                                  For Fistula-in-Ano
Part-5                                                     00:24:04:00                1987     GUB-189
00:13:19:00             1998        B-3/111                Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           The program covers the historical aspects of the
The series of 6 parts explains the use of Charged          disease Fistula-in-Ano. The program covers the
Couple Device Camera, its function, to study the           overall benefits to the so far known methods of
cometary nucleus and the tails. There is a                 treatment, both from the patients socio-economic
comparison between CCD and optical camera.                 condition to the problems faced while tackling
The program ends with the interpretation of the            the disease.
                                                           Sushruta & Surgery
Comet Charisma                                             (Ayurveda)
1995-1997                                                  00:25:40:00                1988     GUB-138
Part-6                                                     Producer: Malti Mehta
00:13:10:00             1998        B-6/56
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

                                                         routines and seasonal routines, in order to achieve
Herbal Wealth                                            it. It also examines the effects of cosmic changes
(Gujarati)                                               on bodily functions and the importance of yoga
00:24:38:00               1988     GUB-150               for both physical and mental health.
Producer: Malti Mehta

Panchakarma Part-1                                                           CIVICS
00:26:40:00               1988     GUB-212               Urbanization
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    00:14:18:00            1988         GUB-89
                                                         Producer: Ashok Mewada
In this first part of the program on Panchakarma,
two measures i.e. Snehana and Svedana are                The program aims to depict the causes, problems
described as Purvakarma.                                 and solutions of urbanization. The solutions are
                                                         just hinted at where as the problems and causes
Panchakarma Part-2                                       are highlighted.
00:20:17:00               1988     GUB-212               In Search of a
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Humane habitat
                                                         00:14:24:00            1990         GUB-326
In this program, all the five therapeutics along         Producer: Ashok Mewada
with their indications are demonstrated.
                                                         The program „In search of a Humane Habitat‟
Rasashastra Part-1 (Ayurveda)                            deals with the design issues in urban housing.
00:15:42:00             1990       GUB-345               The program gives idea about the traditional
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    architecture of Indian cities and discusses various
                                                         aspects of traditional architecture.
In this program the evolution of Universe, its
ultimate objective to achieve „Jeevan Mukti‟ with        Urban Local Bodies
the help of Rasa i.e. Mercury and the relation of        Part-1 History &
mercurial preparations with mythology are talked         Administrative Structure
and shown about.                                         00:16:42:00              1995       GUB-643
                                                         Producer: Malti Mehta
Rasashastra Part-2
(Ayurveda)                                               This series deals with different aspects of urban
00:15:56:00               1990     GUB-345               management and in this part, the history of
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    municipalities and Municipal Corporations, their
                                                         growth and administrative structure are dealt
In this program, all eight Samskaras – Svedan,           with.
Mardan Murcehan, Patan, Dipan, Niyaman and
Utthapana are demonstrated in detail.                    Urban Local Bodies
                                                         Part-2 „Functions‟
Rasashastra Part-3                                       00:14:29:00                1995     GUB-643
(Ayurveda)                                               Producer: Malti Mehta
00:21:31:00               1990     GUB-345
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    With growing industrialization and urban
                                                         population growth, demand for efficient
In this program, Gandhak Shodhan, Tamra                  management is created. This part of the series
Shodhan, Tamra Marana, Amritikarana of Tmra              deals with the functions – obligatory and non-
and the preparation of Loha-Asava and                    obligatory of the Urban Local Bodies.
Arogyavardhini are demonstrated along with their
applications in different diseases.                      Urban Local Bodies
                                                         Part-3: „Finance‟
The way to                                               00:17:27:00                1995     GUB-643
Healthy Life                                             Producer: Malti Mehta
00:15:37:00               1991     GUB-219
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    Finance is the key issue in the management of
                                                         urban affairs in India. This part deals with
The program discusses the concept of healthy life        different kinds of financial resources and
and highlights simple practices based on daily

expenditure patterns, budget and potential fresh
fields to mobilize various sources of income                Introduction to
                                                            Computers Part-3
Urban Local Bodies                                          00:23:08:00              1984   GUB-2
Part-4: „Role of Citizens‟                                  Producers: Malti Mehta & Ashok Mewada
00:19:15:00                1995      GUB-906
Producer: Malti Mehta                                       Introduction to
                                                            Computers Part-4
Civic patriotism or feeling of „My City‟ is a part          00:17:50:00              1985     GUB-108
of good and creative citizenship. This part of the          Producers: Dhiren Avashia & Malti Mehta
series deals with the present and expected role of
citizens in efficient urban management.                     Introduction to Computers -
                                                            'BASIC' - Part 5
Ghumali –                                                   00:21:05:00            1985         GUB-22
Reminiscence of                                             Producer : Malti Mehta
Glorious Past
00:24:32:00                 1998     B/3/70                 Computer Quiz (Part-1)
Producer: Malti Mehta                                       00:22:30:00             1985        GUC-9
                                                            Producer : Ashok Mewada
Ghumali, situated in Jamnagar district in Gujarat,
is an architectural treasure. The Navlatha temple,          This program is an introduction to computers in
Jeta Vav, Bhrugu Kund, Son Kansari temple,                  the form of a quiz.
Ram Pole gate, Chheleshwar temple, Vikia Vav
are some of the archeological sites of seventh,             Introduction to
eighth and twelfth centuries.                               Microcomputer
                                                            00:18:52:00            1986         GUB-34
Metamorphosis of                                            Producer : Ashok Mewada
Urban Square:
Manekchowk,                                                 When microcomputers becoming home appliance
Ahmedabad                                                   and finding its place in an office automation it is
00:12:12:00            2000          B-3/216                necessary to know how microcomputer differs
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                      from other large computers.

This program talks about the Manekchowk in                  Computer Devices
Ahmedabad. It is an Open Urban Square, which                (Indo-British ETV Workshop)
is utilized differently at different intervals of           00:07:27:00           1986          GUA-156
time. Manekchowk have sustained life for
centuries and it‟s a successful traditional urban           The program incorporates the three major devices
node thriving with different activities at different        for a computer. The Input, Storage and Output
time.                                                       devices. The importance of each device is
                                                            explained with suitable problems and the
                                                            different advantages of the same is also
                COMPUTERS                                   explained.

Introduction to                                             Computer Memory
Computers Part-1                                            Part-1
00:21:19:00               1984  GUB-1                       00:38:00:00            1986         GUB-121
Producer: Nitin Bhavsar (SAC/EMRC)                          Producer: Ashok Mewada

Introduction to                                             This program touched upon all the critical and
Computers Part-2                                            important component of all digital computers that
00:22:55:00               1984  GUB-1                       of primary storage sub systems.
Producer: Nitin Bhavsar (SAC/EMRC)
                                                            Computer Memory
Computer Applications                                       Part-2
00:13:20:00              1984   GUB-4                       (Sequential Access Storage)
Producers: Malti Mehta & Ashok Mewada                       00:28:31:00              1988       GUB-234
                                                            Producer : Ashok Mewada

                                                          It gives information about shutter speed in detail,
This part imparts information about sequential            how it works and its use.
access storage devices.
Computer Memory                                           00:02:20:00             1988         GUB-206
Part-3                                                    Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt
(Direct Access Storage)
00:27:15:00             1988        GUB-234               This is about the combination of both the
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                   important controls – how different combination
                                                          gives different result.
Computer in Office
Automation                                                Polarization of light
00:13:51:00             1989        GUB-238               00:20:18:00            1989     GUB-315
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                   Producers: Ashok Mewada/Malati Srinivas (NID)

Use of Computers in                                       The program „Polarization of Light‟ deals with a
Education Part-1                                          phenomenon of light, that is not directly visible to
00:20:47:00            1992         GUB-543               man. This is because it happens at the level of the
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    internal.

This program is in the form of panel discussion           Frozen Moments:
where members focus on the use of computers in            A talk with a Lens eye
institutions of higher education and research.            Personality
                                                          00:20:30:00              1991        GUB-414
Use of Computers in                                       Producer: Ravji Sondarva
Education Part-2
00:25:33:00            1992         GUB-543               This is a program about Henry Wilson a
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    photographer from England who has worked
                                                          extensively on religion, art and architecture in
In this program, panel members discuss about the          India and South East Asia.
use of computers in different fields like library,
computer simulation, use of computers for                 Black & White
distance learning.                                        Photography:
                                                          Developing and
                                                          Printing Part-I
         TELEVISION                                       00:13:38:00                 1995     GUB-362
                                                          Producer: Ila Joshi

Basic Camera                                              The programme demonstrates and explains the
Controls                                                  processes of Black and White film developing
00:04:42:00             1988        GUB-120               and printing. The program can be said to be made
Producer: Kaushik Brambhatt                               of three components – Introduction, Developing
                                                          process and printing process. The program also
This quickie is about the basic controls and              gives information about the methods to correct
handling of a 35 mm still camera. It gives                the underexposed and overexposed negatives
information about shutter speed, aperture, focus,         while developing and printing.
camera loading, etc.
                                                          Colour Photography:
Camera Aperture                                           Developing &
00:04:17:00             1988        GUB-232               Printing Part-II
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt                              00:13:38:00                 1995     B/6/9
                                                          Producer: Ila Joshi
It gives information about camera aperture in
detail, how it works and its best use.                    It explains the various adjustments of an SLR
                                                          camera and how desired colour tones and shades
Camera Shutter Speed                                      can be achieved by using different types of filters.
00:03:39:00             1988        GUB-232               It shows the automatic developing machine for
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt                              the development of the film.

Photography                                                                ECONOMICS
00:02:18:00            1995        GUB-451
Producer: CDC Trainees

                                                          Economic Growth in
               DEVELOPMENT                                India: Post Independence
Management & Development                                  00:17:20:00              1987      GUB-120
00:29:19:00              1984  GUB-2                      Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer : Bharat Dave (SAC/EMRC)
                                                          The achievements of public sector and private
What Does Under-development Mean?                         sector are explained in this program. Mainly this
00:15:55:00              1984 GUB-2                       program covers four components of industrial
Producer: Bharat Dave (SAC/EMRC)                          sector: Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing,
                                                          Construction, Electricity, Gas & Water supply
Indian Development -                                      and their contribution to GNP.
Historical Perspective
00:17:20:00               1984     GUB-4                  Growth of Population
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                                 In India – Post Independence
Population Growth in India:                               00:19:10:00              1987      GUB-190
Historical Perspective                                    Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:17:21:00               1985     GUB-4
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                                 Issue of pricing of
                                                          Agricultural Products
Agricultural Growth in India -                            00:19:33:00              1988      GUB-152
Historical Perspective                                    Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:19:33:00               1985     GUB-27
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                                 This program is related to the stability of farm
                                                          income agricultural and general economic
This program deals with the cropping issue of
agriculture in India. It discusses contribution of        Issue of pricing of
agriculture to GNP, how it affects factors like           Agricultural Products – II
employment, earning of foreign exchange, etc.             00:29:09:00              1988      GUB-210
                                                          Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Industrial Development
in India                                                  Issue of pricing of
00:20:42:00              1985      GUB-31                 Agricultural
Producer :Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Products – III
                                                          00:23:05:00              1988      GUB-153
Health - Development                                      Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:23:46:00               1985     GUB-31                 Consumer Protection
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                                 Part –I
                                                          An Introduction
Leading the Light                                         00:24:25:00            1989        GUB-286
(Sewa Rural)                                              Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:23:05:00               1988     GUB-236
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     The programme is an introductory part of
                                                          consumer protection. In the beginning it gives
“Leading the Light” is a documentary illustrating         brief idea about the historical perspective of
the inspiring activities going on at SEWA-                consumer movement.
RURAL, Jhagadia. The devoted at SEWA-
RURAL work mainly in the areas of                         Consumer Protection
immunization, technical training, social forestry,        Part –II Right to Safety
child development.                                        00:25:35:00              1989      GUB-286
                                                          Producer: Ashok Mewada

The program concentrates on the consumer‟s                 Economic Thoughts of
right to safety – which is the most important of           Karl Marx – Part-II
all consumer rights. Focus is also on how a                00:23:20:00                1994     GUB-577
consumer can take actions against unsafe goods             Producer: Vismay Shah
and services through media and consumer groups.
                                                           The Marxian theory of wages, relation between
Consumer Protection                                        rate of profit and rate of exploitation are
Part –III Right to information                             discussed in this program.
00:19:25:00              1989       GUB-414
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                     Economic Thoughts of
                                                           Karl Marx – Part-III
The program concentrates on consumer‟s Right               00:21:07:00                1994     GUB-582
to information. An example of textile is explained         Producer: Vismay Shah
in detail to explain about the tyranny of printed
words. Moreover the facility of research                   Part III discusses the views of Marx and the
laboratories and their role to exercise consumer‟s         Utopian socialists.
right to information is pointed out in the program.
                                                           Economic Thoughts of
Consumer Protection                                        Karl Marx – Part-IV
Part –IV Right to Choose                                   00:22:20:00                1994     GUB-414
00:19:26:00             1989        GUA-384                Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                           Art – IV deals with the crisis in Capitalism. Marx
The right to choose can be exercised through               shows that the capitalist crisis can be solved only
number of factors such as price factor, quality of         in the new socialist society.
the product, available brands and requirements of
a consumer.                                                Economic Thoughts of
                                                           Karl Marx – Part-V
Consumer Protection                                        00:23:51:00                1994     GUB-414
Part –V                                                    Producer: Vismay Shah
Right to Redressal
00:22:23:00                1990     GUB-315                In this program Karl Marx‟s vision of new
                                                           socialist society is briefly discussed.
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                           Economic Thoughts of
A few examples are discussed in the program to             Karl Marx – Part-VI
illustrate the effectiveness of the non-legal              00:23:24:00                1994     GUB-609
remedies. The set up of the district, the state and        Producer: Vismay Shah
the national forums and commissions are very
important roles of legal remedies.                         It is showing the achievement of earlier socialist
                                                           countries and problems of modern techno-
The Historic Importance of                                 managerial world capitalist system.
May Day
00:20:13:00             1991        GUB-278
Producer: Vismay Shah
Economic Thoughts of
Karl Marx – Part-I
00:21:30:00                1994     GUB-575                Education Development in India -
Producer: Vismay Shah                                      Historical Perspective
                                                           00:25:00:00               1985  GUB-34
This series deals with the fundamental Economic            Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
Thoughts of Karl Marx. We have discussed the
process of exchange of money and commodity in              Pravesh Pasandagi
capitalist system.                                         Engineering or Medical
                                                           00:24:50:00            1985         GUC-30
                                                           Producer : EMRC

Edu. Development in                                          Visual Profile of
India : Post                                                 Countrywide Classroom
Independence                                                 Programmes
Perspective                                                  00:18:11:00              1989       GUA-582
00:23:10:00               1987        GUB-129                Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                             Research project was combined with visuals from
This program deals with the trend of educational             the field.
system in India after independence and till the
new education policy. It also brings out points              A Manipur University
affecting the growth of educational set up in the            Profile
country and recommendations of various                       00:19:50:00            1990         GUB-300
commissions to eliminate those problems.                     Producer: Ashok Mewada

Art & Craft in the                                           This is an interview with Ex. Vice-Chancellor of
Early years                                                  Manipur University Prof. K.J. Mahale. He
00:14:20:00                 1988      GUB-196                discusses some problems of building of a
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        university in the north eastern part of India and
                                                             gives information about the different courses and
In the early period of his growth a child imitates           various facilities available in various departments
his personal experiences and the natural objects             of Manipur University.
in doing art and craft. The sense of colour, shape,
size, figure, etc. develops through these activities.        Consumer Education
                                                             & Research Centre
Playing with Sand                                            00:16:00:00            1990         GUB-326
And Water                                                    Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:14:12:00                 1988      GUB-219
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        The program gives an idea about the centre, its
                                                             style of working, the way it handles various
The program focuses on a child‟s learning                    complaints of the consumer, ranging from the
process like, mathematical concepts or lingual               toothpaste to L.I.C. claims. CERC‟s contribution
expressions, etc. in natural environment.                    to educate masses about their rights through
                                                             exhibitions, seminars and media is unique.
Music and Rhythm
00:18:34:00                 1988      GUB-244                A Talk with
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        Malav Shah
                                                             (Studying Abroad)
Learning through music and rhythm does not stop              00:24:16:00             1990        GUB-392
at any stage. Music and rhythm activities help the           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
children to socialize.
N                                                            This program is an interview of a young scientist
Learning through                                             / teacher who is working in U.S.A., talks about
Games                                                        his work in his graduate degree and also about the
00:14:25:00               1988     GUB-281                   educational set-up.
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                             Home Science series-6
Child Welfare                                                University goes to
00:15:45:00                 1988      GUB-244                Villages part-1
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        The beginning
                                                             00:16:34:00                1992     GUB-473
The program focuses on the status of the Indian              Producer: Malti Mehta
children and shows the various conditions and
services available to them. Children are our major           In 1976, the SNDT University, Bombay started
valuable resource and they need the best the                 the Udwada Rural Development Project in Pardi
country has to offer.                                        Taluka of Gujarat. The first part of this series
                                                             talks about the aims, objectives and the
                                                             philosophy behind this project.

Home Science series-7                                    Education at your
University goes to                                       Doorsteps
Villages part-2                                          00:25:28:00            2001         B/3/283
A decade and Ahead                                       Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:20:21:00               1992     GUB-473
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    In Indian society, women faces many barriers in
                                                         general and hence they cannot continue and join
In the second part of this series, we meet the           higher education. In this program, seven case
beneficiaries of this project and examine how far        studies are documented.
this project has helped them.
                                                         Life is beautiful
Evaluation System                                        00:30:00:00                2005     B/AHM/3/
In Higher Education                                                                          535
(Hindi)                                                  Producer : Ashok Mewada
00:27:15:00               1994     GUD-538
Producer: Ila Joshi                                      Mr. Ranchhod Soni is one of the few visually
                                                         impared who can teach computers. He shares his
This program is discussion based. To introduce           ideas about the field of education, technology and
the aspects of higher education a montage is             literature especially for the visually challenged.
made. The montage in a quick succession shows
five different components.                               Beyond the Blackboard
                                                         00:15:22:05           2006          B/AHM/3/
Aspects of Higher                                                                            618
Education: Elections                                     Producer : Malti Mehta
00:25:31:00               1994     GUB-639
Producer: Ila Joshi                                      Programme depicts a relentless creative pursuit of
                                                         crafting an array of promising academic material
The programme is discussion based. To introduce          by a school teacher namely Ratilal Mandali.
the aspects of higher education a montage is
made. The group represent the different faculties        Stay Connected, Get
like arts, science, commerce, management,                Disconnected (Quickie)
medical, etc.                                                                       2006     B/AHM/3/
ETV in Japan                                             Producer : Malti Mehta
00:16:18:00              1994      GUA-548
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                 Can we have a playground?
In an interview programme Prof. Shozo Usami                                     2006         B/AHM/3/
explains the beginning of education through                                                  618
television in Japan, its process, development and        Producer : Malti Mehta
the future trends.
                                                         Kimono (Quickie)
Aspects of Higher                                                                   2006     B/AHM/3/
Education: Admission                                                                         618
(Hindi)                                                  Producer : Malti Mehta
00:25:42:00                1996      GUB-659
Producer: Ila Joshi                                      Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-1
The programme is discussion based. It deals with         Towards Holistic Learning
the aspect of admission in colleges and                  00:12:09:00              2006    B/AHM/6/
universities.                                                                             222
                                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
Higher Education:
Teaching                                                 The lecture deals with a look at the current
00:24:54:00               1997     B/3/63                educational system with its high drop out rate. It
Producer: Ila Joshi                                      examines the model of prisons and army systems
The programme is discussion based. It deals with         on which it is based historically as expounded by
teaching methods in higher education.                    Michel Foudcault.

The new challenges that we face in the 21st               Producer: Malti Mehta & Ashok Mewada
century with the advent of information
technology necessitate a systemic change towards          Gujarat University has completed 55 years and
a model of holistic learning that is experiential         has recently introduced various new courses to
and linked to real-life situations.                       meet the emerging needs of human resource in
                                                          the country. This is a brief profile of the largest
Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-2                          and oldest university of Gujarat.
Classroom Space as a resource
00:11:54:00              2006    B/AHM/6/                 Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-5
                                 222                      Verbal & Non-verbal
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                   Communication of Teacher
                                                          00:15:12:00              2007    B/3/696
The classroom is an important space and
resource. The classroom walls can be painted              Producer : Ashok Mewada
bright and used to display children‟s work that
make connections with their own learning. The             This lecture deals with verbal and non-verbal
linear and fixed seating arrangement leads to             communication in classroom. The body language
static education with a hierarchical system of            of teacher does communicate. One has to
front-benchers and back-benchers. The lecture             consider the aspects of behaviorism and kind of
seems to discover ways to create new ways of              language while teaching.
seating and group formation that foster healthy
interaction and lead to a sharing of space.               The lecture also deals with rising intonations,
                                                          remarks, using high pitched voice of teacher etc.
Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-3
Learner-Centric Education                                 Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-6
00:13:38:00              2006    B/AHM/6/                 Making links with real life
                                 222                      00:11:02:00               2007   B/3/696
Producer : Ashok Mewada
                                                          Producer : Ashok Mewada
The lecture deals with making a shift from
teacher – centric education to learner-centric            This lecture deals with the activities of learners in
learning. Thus, it emphasizes the need to foster          real life. One should make use of school
inquiry-based learning wherein the learners are           environment, surroundings, campus, school
active agents in the construction of their                building etc. during teaching. This leads to
knowledge. It also speaks of the need to follow           learning more enjoyable and real. The real
the pace of the learner, introduce differential           learning is outside the classroom, so let‟s link the
learning with a variety of teaching styles and            learning with available resources in our
thereby encourage learners to be active.                  surroundings, our festivals etc.

Lecture : Joyful Learning Part-4
Learner Profile
00:13:16:00              2007    B/AHM/3/                                 ELECTRONICS
Producer : Ashok Mewada                                   Transformers
                                                          00:21:10:00           1983 GUB-20
Different learner profiles are discussed in this          Producer: V.O. Joseph
lecture. Children have different modes of                 (SAC/UGC/EMRC WORKSHOP)
learning, some are more visual, some are
auditory, some are kinesthetic, some are logical.         Domestic Refrigerator
Recent theories speak about multiple intelligence.        00:18:00:00              1985     GUB-14
Teachers must bring different modes of learning,          Producers: Dhiren Avashia & Malti Mehta
modes that caters the needs of children in the
classroom.                                                Diodes and its Characteristics
                                                          00:13:28:00              1985         GUB-7
A Profile of Gujarat University                           Producer: Himanshu
Widening Horizons
00:23:33:00              2007       B/AHM/3/

                                                           Producer: Malti Mehta
Logic Circuits
(Digital Electronics-Series)                               In this program, the reduction of the expression
00:15:40:00               1985      GUB-45                 using the Karnaugh maps is studied. The
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      application of the multiplexer itself is brought out
                                                           giving the example of the electronic loom
Signals Part-1                                             monitor developed at PRL, Ahmedabad.
00:25:00:00                1985     GUB-40
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Power Supplies
                                                           00:14:50:00                 1986     GUB-37
Signals Part-2                                             Producer: Himanshu
00:21:20:00                1985     GUB-39
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      This is a program on Power Supplies – Regulated
                                                           and unregulated. In this program we have started
Levers (DECU/EMRC-                                         with electricity. Generally we get AC voltage
Somaiya College                                            from domestic points.
Workshop Prog.)
00:09:15:00             1986        GUC-30                 Sequential Circuits
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 (Prog. No.7 in Digital
                                                           Electronics Series)
This program shows the different kinds of levers           00:20:47:00                 1986     GUB-69
and the advantages of using them.                          Producer: Malti Mehta

Rectifiers                                                 This program explains what to do when the data
00:15:23:00             1986        GUB-37                 comes in sequence, stresses the important
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 element in sequential circuits i.e. memory.

This program deals with transformers and their             Shift Registers (Prog. No.8
uses, types of rectifiers, calculation of rectified        in Digital Electronics Series)
voltage, bridge rectifier and voltage doubler.             00:20:32:00               1986       GUB-89
                                                           Producer: Malti Mehta
Karnaugh Maps
(Prog. No.5 in                                             Basic concepts and applications are brought out
Digital Electronics Series)                                in the program. The application involving serial
00:19:09:00               1986      GUB-23                 to parallel conversion and parallel to serial
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      conversion is covered.

This program introduces the construction of                Memories
Karnaugh Maps which facilitate the process of              00:25:54:00                 1987     GUB-174
logical reduction. We start by quickly                     Producer: Malti Mehta
summarizing the 4 steps required for logical
design. The mechanics of Karnaugh Map                      Applications of ROM & RAM in industry and
construction is explained by formulation of the            computers are shown. Classification of memories
problem for B-C-D to 7-segment decoder.                    is discussed and EPROM programmes are
Introduction to
Air conditioning                                           Pulse Circuits – I
00:18:30:00                1986     GUB-69                 00:19:10:00                 1987     GUB-168
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Producer: Malti Mehta

The program introduces various terms used in air           The first program in this series on pulse circuits
conditioning. This program covers only Unitary             lists the 4 categories in which the Pulse Ckts
a/c system. Central air conditioning systems and           could be divided and the concentration is on the
applications of refrigeration will be discussed in         low-pass circuit and its use as an integrator.
next programs.
                                                           Pulse Circuits-II
Karnaugh Maps                                              00:18:20:00                 1987     GUB-168
(Prog. No.6 in                                             Producer: Malti Mehta
Digital Electronics Series)
00:20:35:00               1986      GUB-89

The action of high-pass Ckt to step, exponential            Electrical Circuits
and ramp inputs is studied in this program.                 Part-6
                                                            00:13:32:00                  1991     GUB-314
Pulse Circuits                                              Producer: Malti Mehta
00:19:50:00                 1987     GUB-168                Part-6 concentrates on the steady state
Producer: Malti Mehta                                       performance of inductors when excited by a
                                                            sinusoidal source. The program is in participatory
This program deals with the non-linear devices              format.
used for wave-shaping purposes.
                                                            Electrical Circuits
Counters (Prog. 9                                           Part-7
In Digital Eec. Series)                                     00:16:52:00                  1991     GUB-330
00:18:43:00                 1987     GUB-174                Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                            This program outlines the principle and
The working of a binary counter is demonstrated.            construction of coupled circuits. The methods for
Other general purpose applications such as                  finding out the dot polarity are discussed.
frequency and time measurement are also
demonstrated.                                               Electrical Circuits
Electron Microscope:                                        00:15:12:00                  1991     GUB-472
An Introduction                                             Producer: Malti Mehta
00:09:53:00              1987        GUB-156
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                    The final part of the series on „Electrical
                                                            Circuits‟, the applications of the electrical circuits
Biological Application of                                   namely the Q-meter, the car engine and the radio
Electron Microscope                                         receiver are explained.
00:25:14:00               1987       GUB-156
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                    Single Tuned
Electrical Circuits                                         00:10:34:00              1991    GUA-648
Part-1                                                      Producers: Tarun Shah/Janak Shah/Vijay Desai,
00:11:13:00                 1989     GUB-255                DDIT, Deval Bhatt - SNDT
Producer: Neha Shah
                                                            This program shows us how to obtain the
It explains the construction of a circuit, how it is        frequency response of a tuned amplifier through
completed, what is a resistor, what is its function.        an experiment using the circuit board.

Electrical Circuits                                         The History of
Part-4                                                      Electronics Part-1
00:16:28:00                 1990     GUB-314                00:14:39:00             1991          GUB-399
Producer: Neha Shah                                         Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

The program explains important points on current            In this short history, right from Edison‟s bulb to
i.e. its sinusoidal nature, that current leads              micro miniature electronics, is dealt with. The
voltage by 90o. It also explains the current                presentation of subject is through two students of
voltage relationship with the help of phasor                electronics.
                                                            What is Transistor
Electrical Circuits                                         (Ele. Part-II)
Part-5                                                      00:15:57:00             1991          GUB-399
                            1990                            Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                            This program deals with symbol, different
This program introduces inductor. Its basic                 transistors, their code, the functioning of a
construction is covered. The transients occurring           transistor, etc.
in the inductor circuits are explained and the
example of tube light started circuit is taught.

Transistor Characteristics                                 Data Structures
(Ele. Part-3)                                              Part-4 „Tree‟
00:14:31:00              1991       GUB-399                00:19:18:00                 1993     GUB-585
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Producer: Malti Mehta

To know about any element in electronics it is             In this program the data structure called „tree‟ is
essential to plot characteristic curves and                explored. The definition is given. One important
interpret them. In case of transistor (PNP or              traversal technique of the tree called inorder
NPN) three different configurations are possible.          traversal is explained and one of its application is
The program explains how these are drawn and               covered.
that is the circuit of it.
                                                           Digital Electronics :
Equivalent circuit                                         Number System Prelude-I
For Transistor                                             00:20:10:00           2007           D/AHM/
(Ele. Part-4)                                                                                   168
00:15:50:00             1991        GUB-491                Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           The subject of Digital Electronics is being taught
In this program, it is explained that after getting        at various levels of studies, from higher
characteristics curve how do you get parameters.           secondary to Master‟s Degree in various
(Ele. Part-5)                                              Dr. P.D. Lele at Physics Department has designed
00:18:03:00             1991        GUB-491                and developed circuits for explaining various
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 theories in the above subject of Digital
                                                           Electronics. The text books in this have
This program begins with information of                    explanations of theories, so these experiments
processes possible with a transistor. Then                 provides good insight in the theories. He has
specifically explain the process of Amplification.         been awarded and invited to various institutes and
Circuit diagrams and circuits of CBCE & CC                 universities to demonstrates his experiments.
circuits are explained.                                    These makes the study of digital electronics
                                                           easier. The series start with explanations of
Use of Computers in                                        Number Systems, later same is used to explain
Education Part-1                                           Analog to Digital Concersion and back. Also, the
00:20:47:00            1992         GUB-543                use in various fields of work like
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                     Telecommunication, Railways etc. The subject is
                                                           divided in 8 to 9 parts.
This is a panel discussion exploring the ways in
which computer can be used as a teaching aid.              Digital Electronics :
                                                           Number System Prelude-II
Use of Computers in                                        00:22:40:12           2007           D/AHM/
Education Part-2                                                                                168
00:25:33:00            1992         GUB-543                Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                           In this second programme of series, the
In this program, panel members discuss about the           similarities that were shown in the first
use of computers in different fields like library,         programme are different, that is explained.
computer simulation.
                                                           But other than decimal number system, other
Control System-1                                           systems are explained viz, Binary, Octal
00:13:22:00                1992     GUB-406                Hexadecimal and to the base 7.
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                           All in all, how number systems are developed is
This program talks about the open loop and                 explained in this programme. All these are useful
closed loop control system. Control system can             in the field of Digital Electronics.
be either automatic or manual.
                                                           Digital Electronics :
                                                           Number System : Part-3
                                                           00:20:06:00            2007          6/138

Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
                                                          How the silk is being twisted and woven on
The programme starts with recap of earlier                handlooms into beautiful silk fabrics is explained.
programmes. Then explains to learn different
number system with help of two experiments                Saga of Silk
which are developed by Prof. P.D. Lele.                   Part-4: Silk Haute Couture
                                                          00:18:30:00             1991          GUB-419
Digital Electronics :                                     Producer: Ashok Mewada
ADC-2 Bit : Part-4
00:23:36:00              2007        6/138                This part includes how silk is positioned on the
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                               global textile market, the exotic and high priced
                                                          creations of the famous world fashion designers.
The programme explains the conversion of
analog signal to digital signal with the help of          Promoting Entrepreneurship –
special circuits designed by Prof. Lele. He is            An interview
awarded for this circuit by NPTA.                         00:24:27:00              1992         GUB-406
                                                          Producer: Dhiren Avashia

         ENTREPRENEURSHIP &                               Prof. Malcolm Harper of Cranfield School of
         INDUSTRY                                         Management, U.K. talks to Prof. K.
                                                          Ramchandran of IIM, Ahmedabad about micro-
                                                          enterprise,      its    recent      recognition,
An interview with                                         entrepreneurship development projects in context
Prof. Tom Cannon                                          of China and Africa along with policy and
(Tips for Aspiring                                        regulatory actions.
Entrepreneur by
Prof. Tom Cannon)                                         Entrepreneurship
00:20:03:00              1990    GUB-364                  Part-1 – Willing to Dare
Producer: Dhiren Avashia/Malti Mehta                      00:28:08:00              1996         B/6/30
                                                          Producer: Malti Mehta
Professor Tom Cannon, Director, Manchester
Business School, in an interview, talks about             The focus of the program is to understand the role
small and medium entrepreneurship and                     and significance of small enterprise in the Indian
industrialization of business. He elaborates on           context using a case study of Softel. The
how aspiring entrepreneurs can carve a niche for          programme also emphasized the possible phases
themselves in the international as well as the            such as start up, survival and growth in the life of
home market.                                              an organization.

Saga of Silk : Part-1                                     Entrepreneurship
00:20:36:00            1991          GUB-416              Part-2 – Reaching Out
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    00:24:11:00                 1996      B/6/30
                                                          Producer: Malti Mehta
In this program information about history of silk,
its secret smuggling from China to other nations,         This program discusses challenges of building up
the industry growth and its present global status         multi-functional skills, the significance of starting
and how it plays an important role in India‟s and         with marketing and then integrating into
other nations‟ economy is explained.                      manufacturing. The case of Ajit Enterprise
                                                          manufacturing soft toys was used to develop the
Saga of Silk : Part-2                                     discussion.
00:16:10:00            1991          GUB-416
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    Entrepreneurship
                                                          Part-3 – Turning Around
This part imparts the knowledge about the                 00:29:29:42            1996           B/6/31
fascinating metamorphosis of the silkworm,                Producer: Malti Mehta
rearing and harvesting of cocoons.
                                                          The theme of this part is industrial sickness and
Saga of Silk : Part-3                                     revival in the context of small enterprises. The
Processing of Silk                                        influence of external and internal factors are
00:18:57:00            1991          GUB-416              discussed to prevent it.
Producer: Ashok Mewada

                                                           are explained. The functioning of the generator is
Entrepreneurship                                           also explained.
Part-4 –
Rise above the Rest                                        Bio Gas
00:29:00:00                1996     B/6/31                 00:13:35:00             1988        GUB-77
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Producer: Imamuddin Shaikh

This discusses the growth phase of an                      Electricity –
organization and summarises the discussion of all          Transmission &
the four parts. Recruitment and retention of good          Distribution Part-1
quality people for the growing needs of the                00:22:35:00                1993     GUB-581
organization are critical to sustained growth.             Producer: Malti Mehta

                                                           In India, the generation of electricity is normally
         ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES                              done at 11 KV which is stepped up to 66 or 220
                                                           KV. In this program, extra high and high voltage
                                                           transmission as well as sub-transmission and
         ENERGY                                            distribution systems are explained in details.

Solar Energy                                                        ENVIRONMENT
00:17:10:00             1985        GUB-21
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Fog Identification
                                                           And Interpretation
This program gives details of various solar                00:24:40:00             1985        GUB-60
energy appliances which could be used in regions           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
where solar radiation is available in abundance.
                                                           How to identify fog and forecast it from
CAZRI – An Information                                     sequences of satellite images, is shown with the
On Institute                                               help of a film.
00:21:35:00             1985        GUB-21
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Technology for
                                                           Productive Desert
Thermal Power                                              00:17:00:00             1985        GUB-25
Plant-I                                                    Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
00:23:20:00                1986     GUB-126
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      What is Desert?
                                                           00:18:37:00             1985        GUB-32
Part-1 deals with basic thermodynamic cycle and            Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
its modifications.
                                                           Revegetation of Desert
Thermal Power                                              00:20:00:00             1985        GUB-32
Plant-II                                                   Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
00:21:55:00                1986     GUB-126
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      Wasteland in India
                                                           00:15:25:00             1985        GUC-18
This deals with other three circuits i.e. Air & Gas        Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
circuit, Feed Water & Steam Circuit and Cooling
water circuit.                                             This program starts with a barren plateau of
                                                           saline soil near the sea coast and shows on
Thermal Power Plant                                        species that adapts to all type of soil from rocky
Part-III (Turbines)                                        terrain to saline soil and under adverse climatic
00:19:23:00                1988     GUB-189                condition.
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                           Global Vegetation
In this part of the series, the woking of the steam        Index – A Conversation
turbine is explained. The energy conversion in             With Dr. P. Krishna Rao
the nozzle and blade and classification based on it        00:09:05:00             1985        GUB-61
                                                           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

A program about satellite application for the              Arid Zone Ecology
study of meteorology and global vegetation. A              Phase-II
short film on changing global vegetation is                Plant Extraction
shown.                                                     00:16:44:00              1987       GUB-124
                                                           Producer: Himansu Trivedi
Climatic Variations,
Drought & Desertification                                  In a vegetation scared area like desert how plants
 (Gujarati)                                                are used to produce different organic chemicals
00:16:58:00             1986        GUB-17                 by extraction in laboratory is shown in the
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 programme.

Climatic Variations,                                       Fruits from Dryland
Drought & Desertification                                  (Arid Zone Ecology-II)
(English)                                                  00:22:42:00             1987        GUB-149
00:17:08:00             1986        GUC-30                 Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           Explaining the conditions and prerequisites to be
This program is made in reference to the World             fulfilled by plants, we have concentrate on three
Meteorology Organisation Day celebrated on 23              fruits – ber, pomegranate and date palm, some
March, 1986. This has relevance to the students            practices in horticulture as preached by scientists
in the light of present drought conditions                 of CAZRI.
prevailing in many parts of the country.
                                                           Rain making
Challenges of                                              00:18:40:00                1987     GUB-185
Environment                                                Producer: Vismay Shah
(An interview with
Mr. T.N. Seshan)                                           In this program, Dr. Pisharoty, an eminent
00:32:30:30                1986     GUB-75                 scientist discusses the rain making process,
Producer: EMRC                                             discusses the success ratio, cost factor, etc.

Air Pollution, Sound                                       The Chinkara
00:06:25:00           1986    GUA-153                      00:15:22:00             1987        GUB-125
Producer: Ashok Mewada/Malti Mehta                         Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

This program deals with air pollution, causes              This program projects the timid, beautiful animal
creating air pollution, sound pollution, etc.              called the Indian Gazel living in the hot Arid
                                                           Zone of Rajasthan.
Give Trees A Chance
00:34:35:00              1986       GUB-71                 The Black Buck
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   00:16:53:00             1987        GUB-125
                                                           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
A for Antarctica
00:31:20:00             1987        GUB-158                This program is on the Black Bucks i.e. the
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Indian Antelopes and shows how they are
                                                           protected by the Bisnoi Community in Rajasthan.
This is a program on voyage to Antarctica. There
are many scientific activities being carried out by        A Talk with
scientists from different disciplines.                     Dr. D. Desaiah
                                                           (Effect of Environmental
Arid Zone Ecology                                          Pollutants on Brain
Phase-II Mouse but                                         Functions)
Not Mickey                                                 00:18:48:00              1988       GUB-206
00:21:17:00             1987        GUB-149                Producer: Ashok Mewada
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           This program mainly deals with the deformities
This program deals with information on rats,               of brain taking place due to the environmental
rodents and partly deals with control operations.          pollutants mainly industrial wastes and
                                                           agricultural pesticides.

Man & Environment                                            The program gives an idea about the major
- What on Earth are                                          elements of the eco-system such as air, water.
we doing to our land?
00:17:29:00                 1989      GUB-268                Back to nature
Producer: Savita Hegde                                       (Nature Education
The fact that earth is the basis of human                    00:14:03:00               1991    GUB-397
civilization and is very useful for its                      Producers: Arti Parikh/Mita Bhatt
development. It deals with the different
geographical classifications of land and the issue           The program „Back to Nature‟ lovers different
of wastelands and how they should be cultivated.             aspects of camp-life in the lap of nature, which is
                                                             very important for youngsters.
Man & Environment-
What on Earth are                                            Serene Supremacy:
we doing to our environment?                                 Learning from
00:17:56:00             1989          GUB-268                Nature Part-III
Producer: Savita Hegde                                       00:17:43:00               1991      GUB-397
                                                             Producer: Arti Parikh/Mita Bhatt
It speaks of the constant interaction, direct as well
as indirect between man, animals, birds, etc. The            The program „Serene Supremacy‟ gives an idea
program urges towards a new awareness about                  about ecology of Little Rann of Kutch. Number
environment and its related issues.                          of migratory birds have found the little Rann as
                                                             an ideal place for their sojourn. This unique eco-
What on Earth are                                            system is also in great danger because of
We doing to our                                              flourishing salt industry.
00:20:13:00                 1989      GUB-451                Warning for Warming
Producer: Savita Hegde                                       00:06:41:00             1991        GUA-648
                                                             Producer: Tarun Shah, DDIT
The program emphasizes the importance of water
to the existence of life on earth – ranging from
men to microorganisms. The rain or water cycle               This program discusses the problem of global
and its role is explained.                                   warming and states the various factors
                                                             responsible for it.
What on earth are
We doing to our Forests?                                     Environment Friendly Detergent
00:25:18:00              1989         GUB-285                00:17:28:00            1991    GUB-419
Producer: Savita Hegde                                       Producer: Ashok Mewada

This program highlights the extent of                        The unorganized sector of detergent industry is
deforestation in India and the rest of the world             large and responsible for producing low grade
because we have not been able to balance our use             detergent causing many health hazards and
and the regeneration of forests. The program talks           environmental problems. This program is
about social forestry measures taken by the                  focusing its views on many aspects like
government in Gujarat.                                       environment, chemistry, health hazard viz.
                                                             dermatology and consumer protection. Various
A learning look at                                           interviews of experts are incorporated to enrich
WGBH                                                         the program.
00:46:26:00             1989          GUB-310
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                   Tips on Saving Fuel
                                                             00:04:35:00              1992    GUB-530
Neglected Nectar                                             Producers: Anuja Sharma/Jigna Shah/Kavita
(Nature education                                            Kakkad, CDC
00:16:45:00               1990    GUB-397                    The program titled „Tips on fuel saving‟ deals
Producers: Arti Parikh/Mita Bhatt                            with possible steps that can be taken in order to
                                                             avoid high fuel consumption in 2 wheelers. It
                                                             mainly suggests taking appropriate maintenance
                                                             steps so as to save petrol.

                                                           environmentalists. Bhutan is also educating their
Paper: A precious Commodity                                children about environment through different
00:05:54:00            1993         GUB-567                means.
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                           Environment Education:
To save paper and to use it judiciously.                   In & across the
                                                           Borders Part-V
Environment Education:                                     (In India, Sri Lanka
In & across the                                            & Malaysia)
Borders Part-I Introduction                                00:29:32:00            1993         GUB-590
00:19:45:00              1993       GUB-588                Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                           Modern technology has its own negative aspects
Environmentalists from different international             as faced by Malaysia. What different
organizations are talking about how they are               organizations in India like KSSP and St. Xaviers‟
creating awareness. The methods that are being             Social Service are doing for the nature
used in communication and how effective the                preservation.
communicators have been in disseminating these
messages to the people.                                    Environment Education:
                                                           In & across the
Environment Education:                                     Borders Part-VI
In & across the                                            (In India, Ecuador &
Borders Part-II                                            Nepal)
(In Hong Kong,                                             00:22:22:00            1993         GUB-590
Philippines & Indonesia)                                   Producer: Malti Mehta
00:24:13:00              1993       GUB-588
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      The environmentalists from different countries
                                                           like Ecuador, India and Nepal attended
The negative effects of the modern technology on           SASEANEE at Centre for Environment
both sea and land life, how and what media they            Education, Ahmedabad and talked about their
are using for the different age groups and to what         environment problems and the solutions, the
effect, is being talked about.                             media they used like Radio, TV and the
Environment Education:
In & across the                                            Environmental Engg:
Borders Part-III                                           A solution to Pollution
(In Hong Kong,                                             00:14:55:00              1993       GUA-968
Singapore & China)                                         Producer: Dhiren Avashia
00:24:00:00            1993         GUB-589
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      This program is an introduction to Environmental
                                                           engineering, its role and scope of the subject.
Environmental problems are the same in small               Further, it talks about the three main types of
countries like Singapore or Hong Kong or as                pollutions – Air, Water and Land
massive as China. What are Chinese doing about
their nature considering the large population they         Noise: Silent Killer
are having. The environmentalists from these               00:03:42:00            1993         GUA-903
countries had come to attend SASEANEE at                   Producer: Ashok Mewada
Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad.
                                                           To create awareness about noise pollution which
Environment Education:                                     has invaded our day-to-day life. Definition of
In & across the                                            noise and its alarming rise to dangerous levels are
Borders Part-IV                                            given in this program. Examples of noise
(In India, Pakistan,                                       pollution at work, at home, on streets.
Bhutan & Vietnam)
00:23:12:00            1993         GUB-589                Environment Quickie
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      (CDC)
                                                           00:05:50:00              1994       GUA-1013
In India and Pakistan the Environmental studies            Producer: Rupa J. Parekh
are incorporated in other courses at higher levels.
The need is for the specially trained

Water pollution                                            Importance of Wetland and particularly of Thol
Control: Environmental                                     Wetland and bird watching is covered in the
Engg. Part-IVA                                             programme. The programme also discusses some
00:19:23:00              1994       GUB-525                details of various waterfowls signted at Thol lake
Producer: Dhiren Avashia                                   like white-necked stork, coot, ruddy shelduck,
                                                           egret, black winged stilt, river term, spoon bill,
This program deals with water pollution control            cormorant, godwit etc.
equipment. Here we concentrate on conventional
water treatment, the different treatment systems           Water Birds in their natural habitats :
and the different treatment units involved in              Part-2 : The Sarus Crane
water treatment.                                           00:25:30:12              2007     B/AHM/3/
Water pollution                                            Producer : Vismay Shah
Control: Environmental
Engg. Part-IVB
00:15:35:00              1994       GUB-525                        FORESTRY
Producer: Dhiren Avashia

In this program we talk about waste water                  Wastelands Deve.
treatment, specially in municipal waste water. We          (Social Forestry)
dealt in this program specifically with primary            00:15:30:00              1986     GUB-74
treatment and the different treatment units of             Producers: Dhiren Avashia & Malti Mehta
primary treatment.
                                                           Integrated Approach
Secondary waste water                                      Toward Plant
Treatment: Environmental                                   Growth
Engg. Part-V                                               00:21:10:00              1986     GUB-74
00:18:43:00              1994       GUB-524                Producers: Dhiren Avashia & Malti Mehta
Producer: Dhiren Avashia
                                                           High Density
Environment                                                Agroforestry
00:02:30:00            1994         GUB-451                00:24:00:00              1986     GUB-74
Producer: CDC Trainees                                     Producers: Dhiren Avashia & Malti Mehta

Harnessing                                                 Vanya – Tryst with a
Biodiversity                                               Green Future
00:14:40:00            1996         B/3/20                 (Narmada Project)
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                     00:21:45:00              1990    GUB-369
                                                           Producer: Dhiren Avashia/Malti Mehta
This talk deals with our rich plant biodiversity.
Out of 18 Global “Hot-spots” of biodiversity; 2            This is a program about catchments area
are in India, which possess 70% of the world‟s             treatment measures around Sardar Sarovar Dam
species diversity. India lacks the biotechnological        in Gujarat. It talks about the plan to plant some
know how to maximally harness this biodiversity.           2,000 saplings per hectare.

Plastic Dost Ya Dushman
(Hindi)                                                    Importance of
00:08:32:16              2005       B/AHM/3/58             Fisheries
Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi                                   00:20:00:00                1985    GUB-45

The misuse of plastic has created environment              Producer: Dhiren Avashia
and health problems. Therefore plastic should be
used judiciously and disposed off properly.                Significance of
                                                           Ocean Survey in
Water Birds in their natural habitats :                    Fisheries
Part-1 : Thol Wetland                                      00:16:30:00              1985      GUB-49
00:23:21:22              2006     B/AHM/3/                 Producer: Dhiren Avashia
Producer : Vismay Shah

                                                           Producer: Vismay Shah
Pearl Culture
00:18:20:00              1985       GUB-49                 Gujarat ka
Producer: Dhiren Avashia                                   Loknatya Bhavai
                                                           Part-1 (Hindi)
Sea Weeds                                                  00:24:01:17                1997     B/6/41
00:16:12:00              1985       GUB-39                 Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Dhiren Avashia
                                                           This is a five part serial in Hindi language.
Prawn Hatchery                                             Different experts on „Bhavai‟ are interviewed and
00:21:00:00              1985       GUB-40                 actual Bhavai performances are demonstrated in
Producer: Dhiren Avashia                                   the programme. The first part gives the
                                                           information on meaning of „Bhavai‟, the political
Cash from Trash                                            and social conditions at the time, its origin.
00:23:48:00              1985       GUB-39
Producer: Dhiren Avashia                                   Gujarat ka
                                                           Loknatya Bhavai
                                                           Part-2 (Hindi)
                                                           00:23:00:00                1997     B/3/83
                FOLK ARTS                                  Producer: Vismay Shah

                                                           The second part deals with the different plots of
Glove Puppet making                                        their sources and classifications of Bhavai veshas.
00:08:50:00             1988        GUB-120
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt                               Gujarat ka
                                                           Loknatya Bhavai
This quickie is about how to make glove puppet,            Part-3 (Hindi)
just with the help of drawing, cutting, pasting and        00:24:48:13                1997     B/3/119
stitching.                                                 Producer: Vismay Shah

Shadow Puppet making                                       Part-3 (Swaroop deals with the form of Bhavai.
00:05:12:00             1988        GUB-120                Various aspects of Bhavai performances – dance,
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt                               music, make-up costumes, lighting, etc. are
                                                           discussed in the programme.
This quickie is about how to make shadow
puppet, just with the help of drawing, cutting,            Gujarat ka
pasting and stitching.                                     Loknatya Bhavai
                                                           Part-4 (Hindi)
Puppet making                                              00:19:19:07                1997     B/3/120
00:05:20:00             1988        GUB-121                Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt
                                                           Part-4 deals with the language, dialogue and
Maru Se Sagar Tak                                          songs of Bhavai. Bhavai language is a typical
00:20:55:00                1989     GUB-243                admixture of Gujarati and Hindustani. The
Producer: Vismay Shah                                      dialogues are in both prose and poetry.

Tribal Art &                                               Gujarat ka
Architecture of                                            Loknatya Bhavai
Manipur                                                    Part-5 (Hindi)
00:16:30:00            1990         GUB-300                00:25:29:00                1997     B/6/64
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                     Producer: Vismay Shah

The program „Tribal Art and Architecture of                This is the final episode of the series „Bhavai‟.
Manipur‟ covers the most ancient heritage of art           Bhavai is a dieing art, this program tries to look
and architecture of the zeliangroung tribe of              at the reasons for its slow disappearance. It also
Manipur.                                                   looks at the ways to save it and to relate it to
                                                           modern theatre with the help of experts in the
Bhavai, the folk                                           field.
Drama of Gujarat
00:27:20:00                1990     GUB-276

            FORENSIC SCIENCE                               The program shows different indoor and outdoor
                                                           games to understand how these games contribute
                                                           to the development of different aspects of the
NID Project                                                personality of children.
Iti Siddham
(Forensic Science)                                         Eye on the Earth
(Hindi)                                                    00:19:23:00            1989    GUB-211
00:17:37:00            2003         B/3/341                Producer: Ashok Mewada & Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                           Mr. Pramod Kale, Director, Space Applications
The film takes the viewer to the forensic                  Centre, Ahmedabad of Indian Space Research
laboratory where one can see the technology and            Organization explains the development process
techniques employed by forensic experts.                   and future of satellite communication in India.
Different shades and lighting have been used to
highlight the nature of the subject.                       Man & Machine
                                                           00:09:33:00            1989       GUB-241
                                                           Producer: Ashok Mewada

                 GENERAL                                   In Focus
                                                           00:31:21:00              1990     GUB-328
A Video Diary                                              00:35:11:00
Technical Personnel                                        Producers: Anvita Adeshra/Durriya Latif (CDC)
Training Workshop-
UGC-DECU                                                   In this quickie, one of the poems “The Dog Days‟
00:24:40:00                1986     GUC-42                 by Derek Mahon is visualized with a brief
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      introduction of him.

Housing (Urban)
00:12:04:00                1987     GUB-119                A touch of
Producer: Ashok                                            Adventure
This program gives the information about                   00:25:16:00               1990    GUB-351
housing problem in the urban areas of our                  Producer: Mita R. Bhatt
                                                           A touch of
Handle with Care                                           Adventure
00:13:29:00             1988        GUB-203                Part-II
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 00:23:03:00               1990    GUB-351
                                                           Producer: Mita R. Bhatt
The narrator and the expert explain the things in a
laboratory situation.                                      Mystery of Colours
                                                           00:07:51:00               1990   GUA-399
Taming the Terrible                                        Producer: Sangeeta Shah, SNDT, Pune
00:22:22:00             1988        GUB-131                Luis Braille –
Producer: Imamuddin Shaikh                                 A Mono Acting by
                                                           C C Mehta
This program deals with different traffic                  00:38:00:00               1991    GUB-469
problems, how they get arised, what public can             Producer : Vismay Shah
do to solve them etc.
                                                           Renowned theatre personality late Shri C C
Invisible Work                                             Mehta performs a mono acting of Luis Braille in
00:08:37:00                1988     GUB-239                this programme. .
Producer: Savita Hegde
                                                           Glorious Past,
The program talks about the need to redefine               Uncertain Future
„work‟ keeping in mind household work done by              00:07:04:00            1992       GUB-543
women at home.                                             Producer: Ashok Mewada

The program „Glorious past, Uncertain future‟           Colours
talks about the monumal neglect of Ahmedabad            (CDC Training Prog.)
city. Various reasons of monumental degradation         00:13:03:00             1993     GUB-905
are shown in the program.                               Producers: Alka/Vandana/Sunali (CDC)

Serpentile Senses                                       The program opens with the use of colour in
00:04:52:00              1992   GUA-606                 design, life and nature. It also speaks about
Producer: Savita Hegde & Others                         colour harmony and types of colours.
(CEE-EMRC Workshop Program)
                                                        Dinosaurs in Gujarat
We                                                      00:22:45:00                  1993     GUB-601
(Document on CDC)                                       Producer: Malti Mehta
00:44:45:00              1992   GUB-532
Producers: Malti Mehta + CDC Students                   This program deals with the dinosaurian fossils
                                                        namely foot prints and foottracks, eggs, and
This program is made on the occasion of                 bones, available in Gujarat particularly in two
completion of 10 years of CDC. Pioneers, faculty        areas, Kachchh and Kheda. A detailed analysis
and students speak about the course, the centre         has been carried out by the Geological Survey of
and its future.                                         India on the basis of these findings.

Quest for Excellence                                    Water & Civilisation
IIM (A)                                                 00:26:04:00              1994         GUB-441
00:42:42:00              1992    GUB-558                Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Malti Mehta
                                                        The role of water in starting the civilization is
IIM-A Quest for Excellence                              explored. Specific ideas regarding sharing of
00:44:10:00              1992    GUB-579                water between countries, regions and states are
Producers: Dhiren Avasia/Malti Mehta                    also explored.

Gujarat Government‟s                                    Water in day to day Life
Gaurav Puraskhar-1991                                   00:18:40:00              1994         GUB-541
(Gujarati)                                              Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:20:00:00           1992        GUB-559
Producer: Malti Mehta                                   This is an introduction to the overall concept of
                                                        utilization of water by all of us with emphasis on
Pan Chewing                                             the way we utilize water for various purposes
00:02:32:00            1993       GUA-903               including to our industrial needs.
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                        Lasting Impressions
To convey through the quickie that spitting is a        00:25:38:00                  1994     GUB-559
disgusting habit and a public nuisance. Tried to        Producer: Malti Mehta
present it in a light manner and incorporated
humour through visuals and music.                       The program gives a brief history of the evolution
                                                        of the still camera, its introduction into India.
Save Electricity                                        Photography reached the Indian shores only 7
00:01:55:00            1993    GUA-903                  months after it was unveiled to the world in 1839.
Producer: Ashok Mewada (M.S. Uni.)                      This program gives an account of photographic
                                                        activities in different parts of the country till year
Alcoholism                                              1947.
00:01:10:00            1993    GUA-903
Producer: Ashok Mewada (M.S. Uni.)                      Quest for Water
                                                        00:21:53:00              1994         GUB-624
Sanman Puraskar                                         Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
(Govt. of Gujarat)
1993                                                    Concept of desalination of water has been
                         1993   GUB-619                 explored in this program.
Producer: Malti/Ashok/Vismay/Ravji/M. Chavda

                                                            of competition like: 27 entries received, some
Use of Water for                                            jury members, views, prizes, results, etc. are
Industry                                                    included in the program.
00:26:00:00              1994        GUB-624
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                    A mirage for
                                                            A future
The utilization of water by various industries is           00:32:31:00            1998         B/3/177
explored. Specific discussion is on use of water in         Producer: Ashok Mewada
the heat-transfer process and how some of the
water utilization by industries can be controlled           Situated in western Gujarat, the Little Rann of
by appropriate recycling methods.                           Kachchh Wild Ass Sanctuary is the largest
                                                            protected area in India. Over 300 species of birds,
Conservation of Water                                       several rare and beautiful reptiles, amphibians,
00:20:22:00              1994        GUB-624                mammals, and plants are protected in this unique
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                    habitat. A local NGO filed a Public Interest
                                                            Litigation against the Government of Gujarat for
While we utilize the water, the way we do it,               leasing sanctuary land to the salt industry.
there is a large amount of wastage. Various ideas
regarding conservation of water, recycling of               Exploring the
water, etc. are explored.                                   Twilight zone
                                                            CDC workshop quickie-
Saahas                                                      00:06:37:00            2001         B/3/274
00:13:32:00              1994        GUB-369                Producer: Ashok Mewada
Producer: Dhiren Avashia
                                                            A quickie on non-formal education, three case
This is a program on Bharat Dave, a famous and              studies are showcased to throw light on the
experienced rally driver. He has taken part in              importance of non-formal education for those
different rallies so far and is now participating in        deprived of education.
the rally in New Zealand. This program is an
inspiration for the youth to inculcate such                 Uprooting the roots
courage and bravery.                                        CDC workshop quickie-
                                                            00:06:08:00            2001         B/3/274
Behind the Mask                                             Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:17:23:00                 1994     GUA-1069
Producer: Malti Mehta                                       In this quickie, the „Pol‟ houses of Ahmedabad
                                                            are highlighted with its characteristics, with some
Hridaykunj:                                                 of the houses being more than a hundred years
The soul of                                                 old. Migration from the „old city‟ to the „new
Freedom Movement                                            city‟ is also discussed.
00:30:36:00                 1995     GUB-650
Producer: Vismay Shah                                       Quickie – Body Speaks
                                                            M.S. Uni. Workshop
A talk with                                                 00:05:00:00            2002         B/3/274
Mm. Paulin on                                               Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:17:36:00            1995          B/6/15                 Quickie on body language, through the means of
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                      a birthday party, various kinds of communication,
                                                            via body language, in various circumstances is
Mm. Paulin is an expert on Museology. She talks             shown.
about what is a museum? Why we need
museums? In Paris there are about 200 museums.              The Magic of Invisible hands
Museum architecture and lighting, especially                CDC Workshop Quickie-
explained a Pyramid of Louvre museum.                       00:06:50:00              2002       B/3/314
                                                            Producer: Ashok Mewada
Competition Coverage
00:12:52:00            1995          GUB-646                A quickie on the history of puppetry and the
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                      various kinds of puppets used in India.

It is a coverage of 7th Educational Video
Competition held at EMRC, Ahmedabad. Details

Synthesizing Life                                         Profile of EMMRC, Ahmedabad
CDC workshop quickie-                                     00:06:02:00            2007 B/AHM/3/
00:03:02:00            2002         B/3/314                                           706
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    Producer : Malti Mehta

A quickie on the importance of leaves and their           From she to herself :
various uses in day-to-day life.                          A never ending odyssey
                                                          00:18:20:00            2007         B/AHM/3/
Attention Please                                                                              711
CDC workshop quickie-                                     Producer : Ashok Mewada
00:05:20:00            2003         B/3/263
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    The documentary is based on Home Based
                                                          women workers which falls under unorganized
A quickie on hoardings as a tool for                      sector. It mainly focuses on the present plight of
communication. Various kinds of hoardings and             the women who work in their home under
this medium‟s pro‟s and con‟s are shown.                  exploitative condition.

Ageless exploration                                       Earthquake Resistant Construction
CDC workshop quickie-                                     Part-2 : Basic Concepts of Dynamics
00:05:40:00            2003         B/3/263               00:26:23:11              2007   B/AHM/3/
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                                                    701
                                                          Producer : Malti Mehta
A quickie aimed at changing the perception of
people, that museums are boring and to                    In this programme, basic terminologies of
encourage them to make museums a part of their            Dynamics are explained with models in the lab,
daily life.                                               where students are participating live.

Tomorrow of our                                           Earthquake Resistant Construction
Nation                                                    Part-3 : Structural Dynamics
00:16:54:09                2004     B/6/72                00:17:22:17             2007    B/AHM/3/
Producer: Vismay Shah                                                                     615
                                                          Producer : Malti Mehta
The program is an attempt to inspire students by
sharing the experience and views of the HSC               In this part of series, structural dynamics is
toppers of Gujarat. It is a part of the series –          discussed along with degrees of freedom,
student achievers, suggested by CEC.                      mathematical modelling and methods of analysis.

Portrait of a Painter :
Natubhai Parikh Part-1                                                       HEALTH
00:18:57:00             2007        B/AHM/6/              Human Health
                                    224                   Care
Producer : Malti Mehta                                    00:27:11:00              1986       GUB-71
                                                          Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
It is a biographical sketch of a renown landscape
artist Natubhai Parikh – from his childhood to his        Occupational Health:
grooming in the profession.                               A Talk with
                                                          Prof. Hogstedt
Portrait of a Painter :                                   00:15:13:00              1986       GUB-129
Natubhai Parikh Part-I1                                   Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:16:53:18             2007        B/AHM/6/
                                    224                   Surgery:
Producer : Malti Mehta                                    An Introduction
                                                          00:20:11:00                1987     GUB-97
It is the second part of Natubhai Parikh‟s                Producer: Vismay Shah
biographical sketch depicting his contribution to
the field of art. His family and friends describe         This program is just an introduction to surgery.
his rare qualities.                                       The aim of the program is to excite students to
                                                          know about this wonderful branches of medical
                                                          science and to show the development of it.

Kidney Stone                                             A Talk with
Surgery                                                  Dr. L. Simonato on
00:20:15:00               1987     GUB-97                Occupational Cancer Part-1
Producer: Vismay Shah                                    00:18:44:00            1987         GUB-164
                                                         Producer: Ashok Mewada
The cause of kidney stones and its operative
treatment is explained in detail with modern             A Talk with
techniques.                                              Dr. L. Simonato on
                                                         Occupational Cancer Part-II
Brain & Nervous                                          00:10:17:00            1987         GUB-164
System-I                                                 Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:24:00:00               1987     GUB-95
Producer: Vismay Shah                                    Part I & II: A talk with Dr. L. Simonato, an
                                                         eminent Epidemiologist from IARC – France
We learn about the Cerebrom and some of                  gave idea about occupational cancer and its status
important parts like sulci, gyri, motor gyrus,           in developing as well as developed countries.
sensory gyrus. We talk about the grey matter, the
nueaon, spinal fluid, etc.                               A Talk with
                                                         Dr. P. Comba on
Brain & Nervous                                          Occupational Health
System-II                                                00:19:33:00            1987         GUB-164
00:15:28:00               1987     GUB-96                Producer: Ashok Mewada
Producer: Vismay Shah
                                                         A talk with Dr. Comba an eminent scientist from
This part explains the structures and other parts        Italy gave this idea about Occupational health and
of brain and nervous system which are not                its preventive measures.
explained in Part I. For e.g. the thalamus, hypo-
thalamues, mid-brain, the pons, medulla –                Fractures – I
oblongata, spinal cord and its related structures        00:11:36:00                1987     GUB-113
and nerves.                                              Producer: Vismay Shah

Some aspect of Cancer                                    What is a fracture ? How does it occur ? How is a
Research In India                                        fracture diagnosed ? These are the questions
00:22:00:00              1987      GUB-155               which are covered in this program.
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                         Fractures – II
Cytoskelitan Mobility                                    00:19:04:00                1987     GUB-113
00:17:25:00              1987      GUB-155               Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                         In the first part we have discussed what is a
Somaclonal Variation                                     fracture, how does it occur, what are its types and
00:13:28:00              1987      GUB-155               how it is diagnosed. In the second part we have
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                 discussed various methods of treatment, how
                                                         does a fracture heal and the factors affecting
Sex Determination in                                     healing of a fracture and the rehabilitation.
00:15:00:00              1987      GUB-151               Issues in Health – Post
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                 Independence Perspective
                                                         00:20:40:00              1987       GUB-190
Dosage Compensation                                      Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:10:56:00              1987      GUB-156
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                 Reply to the Viewers:
                                                         Doctor Answers Part - 1
Chromosome and Sex                                       00:23:35:00             1987        GUB-95
Determination                                            Producer: Vismay Shah
00:11:41:00              1987      GUB-156
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                 In this programme answers to viewers‟ queries
                                                         on „Kidney stone surgery‟ are mentioned. In this

first part answers viewers questions regarding
factors influencing stone formation are given.              Galucoma &
Reply to the Viewers:                                       00:18:45:00                1988     GUB-222
Doctor Answers Part - 2                                     Producer: Vismay Shah
00:14:47:00             1987         GUB-96
Producer: Vismay Shah                                       This program explains in brief what is Glaycoma
                                                            How the vision is affected by Glaycome, how it
In this programme answers to viewers‟ queries               can be corrected by operation.
on „Kidney stone surgery‟ are mentioned In this
second part answers viewers‟ questions regarding            Silicosis – An
surgical treatment of stone and the prevention of           Industrial Disease
recurrence are given.                                       00:19:20:00            1988         GUB-207
                                                            Producer: Ashok Mewada
Management of Kidney
Failure Part-I Dialysis                                     This is a program of a series on Environmental
00:21:32:00             1988         GUB-199                Biology. It also gives information about the slate-
Producer: Vismay Shah                                       pen industry and the local exhaust system as a
                                                            preventive measure.
This is the first part of the program on
„Management of Kidney Failure‟. An idea of the              Management of
types of dialysis and its details are given. The use        Portal Hypertension
of immuno-suppresive drugs and the risks                    By Digital Spleeno
involved therein are also depicted.                         Renal Shunt
                                                            00:26:56:00                1989     GUB-176
Management of Kidney                                        Producer: Vismay Shah
Failure Part-II Transplant
00:36:16:00              1988        GUB-199                AMC Quickies
Producer: Vismay Shh                                        00:01:16:00
This part shows a kidney transplant operation. It           00:03:00:00
shows the parallel operations going on in two               00:04:07:00              1989       GUB-112
adjacent theatres – one on the donor and the other          Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
on the receiver who is being prepared to receive
the kidney.                                                 Some Endocrine
Methods of Physical                                         00:18:56:00            1990         GUB-319
Rehabilitation                                              Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:33:10:00                 1988     GUB-177
Producer: Vismay Shah                                       The program „some endocrine disorders‟
                                                            discusses disorders of pituitary gland, thyroid
This program explains the concept of physical               gland, pancreas gland and adrenal gland location
rehabilitation and then shows in detail various             of the each gland and secretion of hormone are
methods of physical rehabilitation like                     important to know about endocrine disorders.
occupational therapy, rehabilitation physical
means of electrical gadgets, hydrotherapy, etc.             Nervous system and
                                                            Conduction of
Cataract & Intra-                                           Nerve impulse
Ocular Lens                                                 00:17:07:00                1990     GUB-177
Implantation                                                Producer: Vismay Shah
00:20:47:00                 1988     GUB-222
Producer: Vismay Shah                                       This program mainly deals with the generation
                                                            and conduction of nerve impulses, the
This program explains in brief what is a Cataract,          depolarization and repolarization is also
types of Cataract the defect in vision due to               discussed. The program will inspire them to
cataract and how it can be corrected, the Intra             know more about the magic computer –
Ocular lens implantation operation and explains             „HUMAN BRAIN‟.
the techniques of it.

Human Genetic                                             Artificial
Diseases                                                  Insemination
00:11:00:00            1990         GUB-300               00:08:15:00            1991           GUB-297
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    Producer: Ashok Mewada

Radiation and its                                         Bio-technology has paved the way towards
Applications                                              genetic improvement of livestock through
00:07:11:00            1990         GUB-315               artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    the introduction of semen into female
                                                          reproductive tract by artificial methods.
This program gives information about what is
radiation, sources of radiation and types of              A talk on Cancer
radiation. The program also gives an idea about           By Prof. Sen Pathak
radiation‟s applications in various fields.               00:20:00:00            1993           GUB-594
                                                          Producer: Ashok Mewada
Down Syndrome
00:14:03:00            1991         GUB-319               There are many causes for cancer – some are man
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    made. In the program it is explained that how
                                                          various types of cancer caused by dislocation in
The program „Down syndrome‟ discusses about               chromosomes.
genetic disease of „down syndrome‟. Preventive
measures are most important for this disease.             Acupressure Therapy
                                                          00:21:11:00                 1996      B/3/8
History and Evolution                                     Producer: Malti Mehta
Of Drugs: Pharmacology
Part-I                                                    Human body is like an electric power house and
00:21:00:00             1991        GUB-365               there is best arrangements just like computers. It
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                is proved through „Acupressure Therapy‟. In this
                                                          program, this therapy is explained in context of
This part of the program covers the history of            the health issues of youth.
medicines and drugs from ancient times.
Sources of Drugs                                          Medicines Part-1
Pharmacology Part-II                                      00:30:03:00             1996          GUB-651
00:33:14:00             1991        GUB-365               Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                          The content of these two parts of program
This part deals with sources of various drugs, the        concerns the various forms in which we take
administration of drips and the various routes of         allopathic medicines. In the first part initially the
administration of drugs.                                  brief history of development of allopathic
                                                          medicines in India is discussed. The first one is
Pharmacodynamics:                                         oral solid dosage form tablets. The other dosage
Phamacology Part-III                                      form explained next, is that of capsules.
00:28:34:00             1991        GUB-407
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                Manufacturing
                                                          Medicines Part-2
This parts shows how the drug goes to its site of         00:23:41:00             1996          GUB-651
action after administration and how it combines           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
or not with the receptors there.
                                                          In this program we deal with another two popular
Pharmacokinetics:                                         dosage forms e.g. Oral liquids and Parenterals.
Pharmacology Part-IV                                      The oral liquid dosage form is further divided
00:29:14:00             1991        GUB-407               into Solutions, Syrups, Emulsions and
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                suspensions. We explain the manufacturing
                                                          process and tests carried out on parenteral
This part shows how a drug affects and reacts             products.
with the body and also how a drug undergoes
biochemical changes.

Eye to Eye:                                               Dentistry : Lecture-7 :
Sutureless                                                Pharmacodynamics :
Cataract Surgery                                          Mechanisms of Drug Actions
00:17:27:00            1998        B/3/170                00:12:13:00             2005        B/AHM/6-
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                                                        181
                                                          Producer : Vismay Shah
The programme deals with two types of
sutureless surgery. One of the methods is much            It explains what a drug does to the body, how and
useful and cost effective in India where resources        where it acts, role of its physical, chemical or
are scarce. At the end lens implantation is shown.        biochemical properties in these mechanism and
                                                          its interactions.
Total Knee Replacement
Surgery Part-1                                            Lecture-3 : Drug Absorption :
00:18:21:00            1999        B/3/195                The Journey Begins
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     00:40:40:00             2005        B/AHM/6/
The steps of the surgery are explained here with          Producer : Vismay Shah
the help of animation, model surgery and actual
surgery.                                                  What is absorption and how the knowledge of
                                                          absorption can help us in modifying the use of the
Total Knee Replacement                                    drugs in such a manner that it becomes beneficial
Surgery Part-2                                            to the recipient.
00:19:39:00            1999        B/3/200
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     Lecture-4 : Drug
                                                          Distribution :
In this part, the remaining part of the surgery is        Reaching the Destination
covered. We have shown the femoral, the                   00:38:01:06              2005       B/AHM/6/
chamfer cuts, trial reduction and assessment of                                               193
gap, cementing the femoral component, insertion           Producer : Vismay Shah
of tibial tray and checking of patellar trekking
etc. In the end advantages and disadvantages are          Apparent volume of Drug Distribution and
also discussed.                                           regulation is explained. How long a drug is
                                                          likely to remain in the body and possible duration
Dentistry : Lecture-1                                     of action of a drug.
 Pharmacology :
The Science of Drugs                                      Prevention & Treatment
00:28:21:00               2005     B/AHM/6-               of Kidney Diseases
                                   183                    00:20:30:18            2006         B/AHM/3
Producer : Vismay Shah                                                                        621
                                                          Producer : Malti Mehta
Defines pharmacology and introduces some
branches important for a student of dentistry with        Prevention is better than cure in Kidney diseases.
brief mention of the history.                             This programme deals with preventive as well as
                                                          curative treatments i.e. haemodialysis, peritonial
Dentistry : Lecture-2                                     dialysis and transplantation. It also talks about
Drug Administration :                                     the activities of India Renial Foundation.
How and why
00:36:48:08               2005     B/AHM/6-               Dentistry
                                   182                    Part-5 :Drug Metabolism
Producer : Vismay Shah                                    00:33:08:17            2006         B/AHM/221

Art and Science of drug administration with               Producer : Vismay Shah
specific advantages and disadvantages and factors
affecting selection of routes of administration.          In this part the Pharmacology series for second
                                                          year B D S students, drug metabolism is
                                                          discussed. It is a process either non synthetic or
                                                          synthetic reactions mediated by various enzymes
                                                          either present in the endoplastic reticulum which
                                                          is described as micro somal enzymes or may be

because of the presence of enzymes either in
other parts of the lever cell or in other tissues of        Dentistry
the body. The non synthetic and synthetic                   Part-1 :Occlusion
reactions that are taking place through these               00:25:01:08                2006     B/AHM/3/
enzymes are modifiable by drugs. Enzyme                                                         684
induction are enzyme inhibition both are possible.          Producer : Vismay Shah
Both of these can produce drug interactions as
well as these can also be utilized for certain              The programme deals with the definition of
therapeutic benefits.                                       Orthodontics and aims/objectives of the series. It
                                                            explains normal occlusion and the development
Drug Action (Quickie)                                       of the concept through different periods like
00:00:41:11                 2006     B/AHM/3/               fictional period, hypothetical period and factual
                                     601                    period. Dental arch form, occlusal plains,
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      angulations and inclination of teeth, occlusal
                                                            contact of each tooth with opposing teeth,
Drug Absorption                                             occlusal contacts during movements, centric
00:01:50:06                 2006     B/AHM/3/               relations, centric occlusion, habitual occlusion
                                     601                    etc. explained in the programme.
Producer : Vismay Shah
                                                            Orthodontics Part-2 :
Drug Distribution                                           Classification of Mal Occlusion
00:01:17:23                 2006     B/AHM/3/               00:24:23:00              2007       B/AHM/3/
                                     601                                                        691
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      Producer : Vismay Shah

The Journey of a Drug                                       As the title suggests this programme which is the
00:02:31:15                 2006     B/AHM/3/               2nd part in the series on Orthodontics deals with
                                     601                    the classification of Mal-Occlusion. Mal
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      Occlusion can be individual tooth Mal position,
                                                            Mal-relation of dental arches, skeletal Mal-
Action of Insulin                                           relationship or combination of all. The
00:01:27:01                 2006     B/AHM/3/               programme explains them in detail. The
                                     601                    programme explains angles classification of Mal-
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      Occlusion and its disadvantages. Dewey‟s &
                                                            Lischer‟s modification of angles classification,
Dentistry                                                   Benett‟s classification, Simon‟s classification and
Part-6 :Drug Metabolism                                     Ackermann-Profitt system.
00:19:25:14            2006          B/AHM/3/
                                     677                    Prevent Thalassemia (Quickie)
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      00:01:38:07            2007         B/AHM/3/
This programme explains the process of drug                 Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi
excretion. Excretion takes place through various
channels and organs but kidney is the main organ            Thirst for Blood (Quickie)
of drug excretion. So process of drug excretion             00:01:46:08              2007       B/AHM/3/
by kidney is explained detail.                                                                  692
                                                            Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi
Part-8 :Kinetic Principles                                  Prevention is the only cure :
00:16:47:10               2006       B/AHM/3/               Thalassemia : Part-1
                                     680                    00:17:38:08               2007      B/AHM/3/
Producer : Vismay Shah                                                                          697
                                                            Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi
The programme explains the Bio-availability,
Volume of distribution and Clearance of a drug.             It talks about Pathophysiology of the disease at
Plasma half life of a drug, First order kinetics,           length. Then deals with diagnosis and overview
Zero order kinetics and Therapeutic monitoring              of treatment is also mentioned.
are also discussed in the programme.

                                                           00:16:40:00              1985       GUB-31
Prevention is the only cure :                              Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Thalassemia : Part-2
00:15:20:09               2007        B/AHM/3/             „Towards the Languages‟
                                      692                  A Talk with
Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi                                   Prof. R.S. Lindzen
This mainly deals with treatment and is useful for         00:21:52:00             1985        GUB-12
medical students.                                          Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

Prevention is the only cure :                              A Talk with Prof.
Thalassemia : Part-3                                       R.S. Lindzen
00:17:12:15               2007        B/AHM/3/             (Part-2)
                                      698                  00:21:00:00             1985        GUB-12
Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi                                   Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

The programme is basically meant for creating              Understanding Poetry
awareness on prevention of the disease. There              (DECU/EMRC –
are interviews of the patient, their relatives and         Somaiya College
experts working for the cause.                             Workshop Prog.)
                                                           00:11:01:00                1986     GUC-34
Orthodontics Part-3 :
Development of Dentition                                   Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:14:16:05             2007          B/AHM/3/
                                      716                  The life of William
Producer : Vismay Shah                                     Shakespeare
                                                           00:19:00:00              1990       GUA-448
The programme discusses Development of                     Producer: Ravji Sondarva
Dentition from Orthodontics point of view.
There are four important stages in Development             This program covers the entire span of
of Dentition (1) Prenetal Development of                   Shakespeare‟s life and reflects visually various
Dentition (2) Development from birth to                    places he lived and worked in like Stratford upon
decidious dentition (3) Mixed dentition stage (4)          Avon, London, etc.
Permanent Dentition stage.
                                                           Three Neighbours - Modern Gujarati Poety
Since the Prenetal Development of Dentition is             00:24:36:00            2002
discussed in earlier parts this programme                  Producer : Vismay Shah
discusses the other three stages in detail.
                                                           This programme begins with glimpses of modern
Orthodontics Part-4 :                                      Gujarati poetry.    Further a brief historical
Diagnosis                                                  background of Gujarati poetry and a short
00:24:09:01                 2007      B/AHM/3/             account of poet Sundaram‟s life is given.
Producer : Vismay Shah                                     Mugdha Bhraman
                                                           (a Prog. About
Diagnosis is very important for any kind of                Rajendra Shah‟s
treatment. Diagnostic records are very important           Poetry)
in Orthodontics. There are two types of                    00:19:28:07                2003     B/3/269
Diagnostic aids. Essential aids and supplemental           Producer: Vismay Shah
aids. The essential aids are case history, clinical
examination, photographs, radiographs and study            The program includes an interview with Rajendra
models. In this programme case history and                 Shah in which he talks about his poems, the
clinical examination is discussed in detail.               language used, his diction and his participation in
                                                           the civil disobedience movement during the
                                                           freedom struggle.
                                                           Quickie of Air show :
                                                           Join the Indian Air Force
All India Oriental                                         (Parachute)

00:00:48:16                 2003     B-3/194                Ayushyana Avsheshe
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      (At the fag end of life)
                                                            00:03:24:21                2003     B-3/268
The Paratroopers of Indian Air Force jump from              Producer : Vismay Shah
the helicopter with parachute and performed
different combination while landing in the                  The poem is beautiful sonnet series, which the
definite ground.                                            poet wrote at the age of 35. The poem depicts
                                                            memoirs of an old man visiting his ancestral
Sail High (Parachute)                                       house and about his experiences. It is astonishing
00:01:36:06                 2003     B-3/194                that the poet, who at present is of 90 plus age,
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      wrote his poem in his youth, which ironically
                                                            depicts his current experiences.
The Paratroopers of Indian Air Force jump from
the helicopter with parachute and performed                 Niruddeshe
different combination while landing in the                  00:00:52:18                2003     B-3/357
definite ground.                                            Producer : Vismay Shah

Join the Indian Air Force                                   The aimless wandering in the life of the poet has
(Planes)                                                    given him rich experiences. His infatuation with
00:01:54:15              2003        B-3/194                the nature has given him inspiration to write
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      poetry on nature. The poem reflects the creative
                                                            process of the poet.
To inspire youth for joining the Indian Air Force,
the Indian Air Force people performs air show in
different cities. In this Quickie the pilots of                      LIBRARY SCIENCE
Indian Air Force performed their skills by doing
different types of acrobatics in the air.
Quickie of                                                  00:15:53:00              1992       GUB-496
Rajendra Shah‟s Poem                                        Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

Poyani unche joyun                                          INFLIBNET: Space
akkash maa                                                  Communications for
(Oh! A nigh lily is                                         Inflibnet
 gazing up at the sky)                                      00:22:09:00              1992       GUB-496
00:01:14:02                 2003     B-3/304                Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer : Vismay Shah

In this poetry Shri Rajendra Shah has depicted
the picture of nature in the form of lily, gazing up
at the sky. It seems as if the moon has fallen in           INFLIBNET-II
love with lily and vice-versa. The poem reflects            Inflibnet Programme
beautiful description of nature symbolizing                 Of U.G.C.
human love.                                                 00:20:32:00              1992       GUB-496
                                                            Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Apnan Kheteria Mangal
(A treat for our field)                                     Library &
00:01:29:09             2003         B-3/354                Computerization
Producer : Vismay Shah                                      (Hindi)
                                                            00:21:22:00            1994         U-6-116
The first spell of monsoon have brought back                Producer: Ashok Mewada
greens on the face of mother nature. The poem
depicts the rural life during monsoon. Amongst it           This program is about the internal working of a
the farmer and his wife with happiness and hope             library and it discusses the computerization of
go out into the field to fill the land. Thus                various libraries. It also provides information on
projecting the love and working together,                   networking and INFLIBNET in terms of the
shoulder to shoulder.                                       libraries all over India.

Just a Click Away                                         Management of Library &
A Program on Information                                  Information Centres Part-4
And Library Network                                       (Unit-1)
00:16:28:00            2004         B-3/434               00:19:01:00             2004          B/AHM/6-
Producer: Vismay Shah                                                                           155
                                                          Producer : Malti Mehta
The need and objective of the centre and its
activities like library automation, training,             In this lecture, the expert talks about various
software     development,       union  databases,         topics like scientific management, thoughts,
information services, networking, e-subscription          human resource management etc.
etc. are shown. The centre‟s major contribution is
the creation of Inflibnet website on which                Management of Library &
anybody can click and can get information about           Information Centres Part-4
books, serials, thesis experts, etc.                      (Unit-2)
                                                          00:29:20:00             2004          B/AHM/6-
UGC-Infonet                                                                                     155
E-Journal                                                 Producer : Malti Mehta
00:31:14:20              2004       B/6/141               In this lecture the subject expert talks on financial
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  resource, budgeting control, cost effectiveness,
                                                          cost benefit analysis etc.
Library & Information
Science: A Profession                                     Library & Information Science
Part-1                                                    Part-5 (Unit 1)
00:28:02:00           2004          B/AHM/6-              Total Quality Management
Producer. Malti Mehta               160                   00:20:26:00            2004           B-AHM/6-
This program narrates the history of knowledge            Producer : Malti Mehta
assimilation and its reach, print technology, role
of a librarian, etc.                                      In this lecture on Total Quality Management, the
                                                          expert talks about quality, its implementation in
Library & Information                                     libraries, definitions of quality, etc.
Science: Knowledge
Organization,                                             Library & Information Science
Information                                                Part-6
Processing &                                              Types of Information Sources
Retrieval Part-2                                          00:32:12:00             2006          B-AHM/6-
00:38:47:00           2004          B/AHM/6-                                                    213
Producer: Malti Mehta               160                   Producer : Malti Mehta

This program deals with four major areas namely           In this lecture, four types of information sources
universe of knowledge, methods of knowledge               are described with details like Primary,
organization, bibliographic description and               Secondary & Tertiary Documentary sources,
subject cataloguing.                                      Evaluation of these sources and National-
                                                          International Information systems.
Library & Information
Science: Information                                      Library & Information Science
Technology Basics                                         Part-7
Part-3                                                    Types of Information Services
00:26:48:20           2004         B/AHM/6-               00:23:33:00             2006          B-AHM/6-
Producer: Malti Mehta              158                                                          213
                                                          Producer : Malti Mehta
In this lecture, expert describes the basics of
information technology.                                   In this lecture, different types of information
                                                          services are described in details.

                                                        Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of
            MANAGEMENT                                  measurement which reflects the capability of the
           AND CULTURE                                  process.

Decision Making Styles                                  Six Sigma :
00:31:26:00            1989        GUB-307              Implementation-6
Producer : Vismay Shah                                  00:18:04:00                 2005    B/AHM/3/
The Decision Making Styles of Managers have             Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
been explained with the help of dramatized
sequences in the programme.                             Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of
                                                        measurement which reflects the capability of the
Six Sigma at Wipro-1                                    process.
00:16:47:00                 2005   B/AHM/6/
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                                MASS COMMUNICATION
Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of
measurement which reflects the capability of the
process.                                                Communication courses:
                                                        An overview by Prof. K.E. Eapen
Six Sigma :                                             (Journalism and
Fundamentals-2                                          Communication Studies
00:21:03:15                 2005   B/AHM/6/             In the Indian Sub continent –
                                   185                  An interview with Dr. K.E. Eapen)
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                               00:24:44:00              1991   GUB-452
                                                        Producer: Malti Mehta
Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of
measurement which reflects the capability of the        Prof. K.E. Eapen in an interview talks about the
process.                                                present scenario in India as well as other
                                                        developing countries in this regard.
Six Sigma for Quality
Improvement – 3                                         Communicating
00:09:40:00                 2005   B/AHM/6/             Communication:
                                   185                  Indian Media Scenario
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                               00:24:24:00              1991     GUB-451
                                                        Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of
measurement which reflects the capability of the        First it talks about the great communicators India
process.                                                has had like Shankaracharya and Gandhi and
                                                        non-verbal communication. It also talks about
Six Sigma :                                             political and social communication and even the
Methodologies-4                                         rural media scene in India.
00:27:41:00                 2005   B/AHM/6/
                                   185                  Communicating Communication:
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri                               Communication as an
                                                        Academic Discipline
Six sigma is a statistical unit/metric of               00:25:26:00              1991     GUB-450
measurement which reflects the capability of the        Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
                                                        This program attempts to give an overview of
Six Sigma :                                             University and other involvements about the
Case Studies-5                                          knowledge and use of media of communication.
00:11:33:09                 2005   B/AHM/6/             It talks about the need for improved instructional
                                   185                  efforts in communication.
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

Communicating                                             Communicating
Communication:                                            Communication:
Origins of                                                Research in
Communication                                             Communication
00:29:32:00              1991     GUB-449                 00:18:09:00              1991     GUB-534
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde                    Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde

This is the 1st part of the series “Communicating         Communicating
Communication”. This year we complete 50                  Communication:
years of journalism and mass communication                Some Dichotomies
studies in India. The first part talks about the          00:22:40:00              1991     GUB-534
origins of communication by explaining the six            Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
stages in the development of communication.
Communicating                                             Communication & Culture
Communication:                                            00:19:42:00              1991     GUB-534
Communication as a                                        Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
00:16:51:00              1991     GUB-446                 Communicating
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde                    Communication:
                                                          An Introduction
There are various viewing glasses for                     00:17:53:00              1991     GUA-806
communication.      This  program     examines            Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
communication from a system perspective. It
defines communication and goes on to talk about           Communicating
the sub-systems of communication.                         Communication:
                                                          Communication as
Communicating                                             a Profession
Communication:                                            00:15:04:00              1991     GUB-533
Communication as a                                        Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
00:20:01:00              1991     GUB-447                 Communicating
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde                    Communication:
                                                          Communication as
Initially it explains how communication takes             Technology
place even among birds and animals. Earlier               00:18:59:00              1991     GUB-533
communication was considered to be a one sided            Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
process with the sender as the initiator. It also
talks about the changing ecology of                       Communicating
communication        structures  of      satellite        Communication:
communication, video, cable TV and the                    Communication and
processes they generate.                                  Ideology
                                                          00:18:01:00              1991     GUB-533
Communicating                                             Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
Communication &                                           Role of Media in
Development                                               Development
00:18:48:00              1991     GUB-448                 Communication
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde                    00:20:31:00             1992     GUB-473
                                                          Producers: Anuja Sharma & Kavita Kakkad-CDC
It talks about the role of communication in
development. It talks about the role of TV in             This program is a discussion about the role which
development and the messages that are sent out            the media plays in development communication –
by the various programmes. It also talks briefly          media such as puppetry, street play and posters.
about the new development communication
models being evolved.                                     Press & Communalism
                                                          00:02:46:00            1993        GUA-903
                                                          Producer: Ashok Mewada

                                                            Research, Space Applications, Education and
This program brings to notice the partisan role of          Development with the spirit of commitment and
press over a period of time from the                        concern.
independence struggle to the present times. Uses
symbolic visuals supported by apt audio and
Sahir Ludhianvi‟s poem.                                     A talk with
                                                            Prof. John K. Galbraith
                                                            00:20:04:00             1988      GUB-241
                                                            Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                            This is an interview with Prof. Galbraith which
                                                            includes the discussions regarding price control
                                                            and price rigidity in India and efforts at
Know them by                                                development.
Dialogue: A Talk
                                                            A talk with
With Prof. Wetherill-I                                      Prof. W.R. Lee and
00:20:57:00             1987         GUB-158                Prof. Malinee
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  Wongphanich
                                                            00:23:26:00            1989       GUB-0259
It‟s a talk with Prof. Wetherill on the astronomy           Producer: Ashok Mewada
and the theory for the evolution of solar system.
                                                            This program covers the lectures of Prof. W.R.
Know them by                                                Lee, U.K. and Prof. Malinee Wongphanich,
Dialogue: A Talk                                            Thailand regarding the problems of occupational
With Prof. Wetherill-I                                      health in their countries.
00:21:25:00             1987         GUB-124
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  A Talk with
                                                            Prof. J.C. Kothari
It continues to talk about the other members of             00:11:30:00            1989       GUB-259
solar system like comets, meteorites, etc.                  Producer: Ashok Mewada

Know them by Dialogue                                       Detailed information has been given regarding
Sir John Mason-I                                            the health problems as well as measures to
00:18:00:00             1987         GUB-116                prevent occupational diseases in those sectors,
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  through suitable devices.

In all the three parts, Sir (Basil) John Mason, Uni.        Know them by dialogue
Of Manchester talked about Satellite observation            Prof. Roberto Terlevich
in the production of climate changes in ocean and           (A talk with
about meteorology education.                                Astronomer)
                                                            00:30:54:00             1990      GUB-346
Know them by Dialogue                                       Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Sir John Mason-II
00:22:00:00             1987         GUB-116                This is one of the programmes in which we invite
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  „The Vikram Professor‟ who comes to Physical
                                                            Research Laboratory. This year it was Prof. R.
Know them by                                                Terlevich, who is working in Greenwich Royal
Dialogue                                                    Observatory. He has talked about Peculiar
Sir John Mason-III                                          Velocities and the Great Attractor of Galaxies.
00:23:00:00             1987         GUB-116
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                  In conversation with
                                                            Sir John Harvey Jones
Vikram: The Visionary                                       00:26:55:00              1990     GUB-334
00:19:01:00             1988         GUB-231                Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                            In this programme, Sir John Harvey-Jones, MBE,
The program is about how Dr. Vikram Sarabhai                former Chairman of ICI, U.K. talks to Prof.
turned his dreams into reality by establishing              K.R.S. Murthy of IIM, Ahmedabad about
institutes in various fields like Science, Textile          management and leadership. He also stresses the

importance of change in the growth of any
organization.                                             Mahatma Gandhi
                                                          As a Journalist Part-2
A talk with Prof. Mock                                    00:18:11:00                 1996     GUB-648
00:28:52:00             1991        GUB-453               Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                .
                                                          Part 1 & 2: This program is in two parts. In the
A talk with Prof. Holmes                                  first part we talk about how he started writing and
Part-1                                                    his first newspaper (weekly) Indian Opinion and
00:19:47:00              1991       GUB-430               difficulties faced by him. His objectives of
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                journalism are also discussed here. Gandhi‟s
                                                          views about the advertisements, language, news,
A talk with Prof. Holmes                                  reporting and equipment of journalist are
Part-2                                                    expressed in context to his weeklies Indian
00:22:57:00              1991       GUB-430               Opinion, Young India, Navjivan and Harijan.
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                          Preeti Sengupta
A talk with Prof. Holmes                                  - A vivid traveler
Part-3                                                    00:19:54:00                1998     B/3/154
00:20:28:00              1991       GUB-423               Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                          Preeti Sengupta has written extensively about the
In the above programmes Prof. Holmes talks                people and the places she has visited – 18 books
about the chemical processing of textile materials        – mainly travelogues and 2 poem collections,
and what will be the course of future                     mostly in Gujarati, have won her seven awards
development in the field.                                 from Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Gujarati
                                                          Sahitya Parishad.
Know them by Dialogue
A talk with Eric Larson                                   Prof. A.R. Rao –
Part-I                                                    Everybody‟s
00:21:24:00             1993        GUB-417               Mathematician
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                00:29:01:00            2003         B/3/215
                                                          Producer: Ashok Mewada
These are two programs about energy
conservation and technological menu. The                  Winner of the Government of India‟s “National
concept of menu is given by Dr. Larson.                   Award for popularizing Mathematics”, Prof. A.R.
                                                          Rao is “Everybody‟s Mathematician”. The
Know them by Dialogue                                     documentary attempts to portray Prof. A.R. Rao‟s
A talk with Eric Larson                                   life long dedication to the study and spread of
Part-II                                                   mathematics through his games, puzzles.
00:23:45:00             1993        GUB-417
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                Reminiscences –
                                                          Student days of
Ramanathan –                                              Dr. P.C. Vaidya
A life time of work                                       00:20:26:07                2004     B/3/184
00:32:20:00              1993       GUB-551               Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                          Dr. P.C. Vaidya is a renowned mathematician.
23rd March, 1993 is World Meteorological                  This program deals with his major contribution in
Organisation Day and Prof. Ramanathan was the             mathematics, his inspiration, how was it like to
first person to receive the World Meteorological          be a student in pre-independence atmosphere,
Organisation‟s medal in India. Prof. P.R.                 why he choose mathematics as a subject, etc.
Pisharoty is the 2nd Indian to receive the World
Meteorological Organisation‟s medal.                      Reminiscences –
                                                          Student Days of Advocate &
Mahatma Gandhi                                            Professor Girish Patel
As a Journalist Part-1                                    00:28:43:00            2004         B/3/466
00:20:05:00                1996     GUB-648               Producer : Vismay Shah
Producer: Vismay Shah

Prof. Girish Patel is an eminent lawyer and             It is a straight talk with Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS. She
human right activist. In this programme we have         speaks to the students directly and asks them to
asked him questions regarding his primary,              take their student life seriously with focussed
secondary and college education.                        attention on building careers and building the
Reminiscences –
Student Days of
Prof. D N Pathak
00:29:05:08               2004    B/3/530                                PHILOSOPHY
Producer: Vismay Shah
                                                        Time without End
In this programme we have asked him questions           (Part-1)
about his student days and memories of freedom          00:18:14:00             1985        GUC-15
movement.                                               Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

Reminiscences –                                         Time without End
Student Days of Advocate &                              (Part-2)
Professor Girish Patel                                  00:19:55:00             1985        GUC-16
00:28:43:00            2004       B/AHM/3-              Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer : Vismay Shah                                  The above programmes are a speculation on what
                                                        will be the form of life and the universe, millions
Prof. Girish Patel is an eminent lawyer and             of years hence.
human right activist. In this programme we have
asked him questions regarding his primary,              Time Keepers of
secondary and college education                         Centuries -1
                                                        00:20:40:00             1988        GUB-203
Reminiscences –                                         Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Student Days of
Prof. Devrat N. Pathak                                  This program talks about the need for time
00:29:05:00            2004       B/AHM/3-              keeping. It tells us from where the concept of
                                  530                   time has come. It also talks about the solar or the
Producer : Vismay Shah                                  tropical year and the sidereal year.

Prof. Devrat N. Pathak is a well known professor        Time Keepers of
of Political Science. In this programme we have         Centuries
asked him questions about his student days and          Part-2
memories of freedom movement. He recounts his           00:21:35:00             1988        GUB203
days in Chicago University as a student.                Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

Student days of                                         It talks about the important time scales which
Celebrities                                             help in making calendars like a year and day.
Legendary Dancer
Smt. Mrinalini                                          Time Keepers of
Sarabhai                                                Centuries
00:25:53:00               2004    B/6/87                Part-3
Producer: Malti Mehta                                   00:20:11:00             1988        GUB-220
                                                        Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai remembers her student
days, her passion for dance, establishment of           The cenetinal points on the earths orbits – the
Darpana, her social contribution, etc. in an            equinoxes and the solstices are explained.
                                                        Time Keepers of
An Interface with                                       Centuries
Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS                                     Part-4
00:12:13:00               2005    B/AHM/3-              00:22:25:00             1988        GUC-32
                                  564                   Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer : Krishna Rao

Explained a unit of time – the month, solar              Amplitude
month, lunar month, sidereal lunar month are also        Modulation
explained.                                               00:07:27:00              1986    GUA-156
                                                         Producer: Indo-British ETV Workshop
Time Keepers of
Centuries                                                Waves
Part-5                                                   00:13:24:00                1987     GUB-133
00:22:48:00             1988       GUC-31                Producer: Shaikh
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                         This program on waves shows the importance of
Talks about how Indian calendars are matched             waves in our day to day life. It also includes
with the solar calendar with the help of                 points on different kinds of waves and features of
intercalary month, disappearing of a month or            waves.
days, etc.
Time Keepers of                                          00:16:47:00             1988        GUB-128
Centuries                                                Producer: Imamuddin Shaikh
00:19:25:00             1988       GUB-220               This program Light is in a documentary format. It
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               explains different phenomenon of light. The
                                                         importance of light is explained in a popular
Talks about the standardization of calendars and         manner.
some futuristic aspects like proposal for a new
calendar, etc.                                           Liquid Crystals – I
                                                         Basic Concepts & Classifications
                                                         00:21:49:00             1988     GUB-206
                                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
                                                         It is a program dealing with a multi-disciplinary
                                                         subject. The basic concepts and classification of
Introduction to                                          liquid crystals are explained in detail. The
Electrons                                                definition of liquid crystal and the classes viz.
00:16:00:00               1984  GUB-1                    Nematic, Smectic A & C, Cholesteric, Lyotropic
Producer: Praful Bhavsar (SAC/EMRC)                      – Hexagonal Lamellar are elaborately dealt with.

Semiconductor                                            Liquid Crystals – II
00:14:00:00             1985       GUB-12                Properties & Applications
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               00:24:15:00             1988        GUB-207
                                                         Producer : Ashok Mewada
(Supplement)                                             In this programme properties like consuming
00:21:45:00             1985       GUB-17                very little space, lowest power, good readability,
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               durability etc. are explained. The applications
                                                         like use in displays, portable computer terminals
Diodes                                                   and ferroelectrics are explained in detail. The use
(Supplement)                                             of liquid crystals in thermography is highlighted.
00:20:27:00             1985       GUB-17
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               Ooty Radio Telescope
                                                         00:12:27:00            1988         GUB-207
Cathode Ray                                              Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:14:30:00               1985     GUB-23                The program is about the Ooty Radio Telescope.
Producer: Malti Mehta                                    How is it made, its dimensions, etc. and its
                                                         function. It also tells you about the results
Lewis Structure                                          obtained by the ORT.
00:18:30:00             1985       GUB-21
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

Radio Astronomy and                                       This is the recording of a public lecture given by
Indian Scene                                              Dr. Jayant Narlikar on the occasion of
00:13:42:00            1988        GUB-206                International year of Physics to mark the 100 th
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    year of publication of Einstein‟s important papers
                                                          in Physics.
The program mainly tells you about the origin of
radio astronomy. The facilities in India in the           Cosmology in the post
field of Radio Astronomy are discussed in depth.          Einstein Era Part-2
                                                          00:22:50:00                 2005     B/AHM/3/
Physics of the Sun                                                                             644
00:15:01:00            1988        GUB-223                Producer : Vismay Shah
Producer: Ashok Mewada
                                                          Dr. Jayant Narlikar has explained different
Why the Sky is Blue?                                      solutions to Einstein‟s equation, given by
(Sir C.V. Raman‟s                                         Einstein, De sitter, Fried Mann and Lemaitre, for
Tribute programme)                                        the static and expanding universe.
00:25:12:00              1988      GUB-245
Producer: Dhiren Avashia                                  Cosmology in the post
                                                          Einstein Era Part-3
This program is based on Nobel laureate Sir C.V.          00:20:50:00                 2005     B/AHM/3/
Raman‟s discovery about the scattering of light                                                645
and his finding about why the colour of the sky is        Producer : Vismay Shah
                                                          Dr. Narlikar has explained that people began to
Beyond Vision                                             disbelieve the steady state theory but it made
(Optical Telescope)                                       many interesting proposals like bayon number,
00:17:07:00            1989        GUB-223                scalar field, super clusters etc. So finally he has
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    asked the students to be little more critical and
                                                          not to join a flock just because a flock is going in
Since dawn of an astronomy, optical telescope             a certain direction (Big Bang).
has been the most important tool to explore the
universe. It gives information of the vainu bapu                   POLITICAL SCIENCE
observatory, Kavalur, a prominent centre for
optical astronomy in India.
                                                          India Elects
Kodaikanal                                                00:29:48:00                 1990     GUB-328
Observatory                                               Producer: Malti Mehta
00:11:13:00            1989        GUB-259
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                    This program deals with the general elections in
                                                          India including the process of election and role of
The program starts with a brief history of this           the Election Commission and media in context of
oldest observatory, giving information about              the Constitution of India.
different areas of scientific inquiry.
                                                          A discussion on
Glimpses of science                                       Secularism
Of the Physical                                           00:20:14:00                 1992     GUB-570
Research Laboratory                                       Producer: Vismay Shah
00:29:39:00             1989     GUB-270
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi/Kaushik                        In this program, the interviewer Prof. Abid
                                                          Shamsi gives the dictionary meaning of the word
Cosmology in the post                                     „secular‟ and requests the participants to throw
Einstein Era Part-1                                       light on the concept of secularism.
00:18:43:00               2005     B/AHM/3/
                                   646                    Human Rights:
Producer : Vismay Shah                                    The Evolving concept
                                                          00:17:50:00                 1993     GUA-960
                                                          Producer: Vismay Shah

All rights and human rights cannot be fulfilled              Plant Killers - Part 1
unless corresponding duties are fulfilled. In the            00:19:50:00              1985      GUB-25
interview based programme, Prof. D.M. Pathak                 Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
gives a vast and panoramic view of human rights
– declaration of human rights by UNO, a state                This program is about different diseases of the
can be evaluated on the basis of human rights and            plants of arid zone caused by bacteria, fungus,
how it maintains it.                                         etc.

Basic Democratic                                             Plant Killers - Part 2
Processes –                                                  00:23:10:00              1985      GUB-25
T.N. Seshan in Conversation                                  Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
with Pramod Kale
00:32:29:00             1994          GUB-524                This program explains about the different insets,
Producer: Malti Mehta                                        pests and nematodes responsible for the damage
                                                             to plants.
Mr. T.N. Seshan, Chief Election Commissioner –
(1) highlights the status of India before and after          Fungus
the adoption of the constitution; (2) describes the          00:14:26:00              1991     GUB-328
function of three pillars of democracy vis.                  Producer: Malti Mehta/ Kavita Thakkar
Legislature, Executives and Judiciary; (3)
informs about the process of Registration of                 This program deals in general with the benefits
voters in the electoral list and (4) also talks about        and harmful effects of fungus. The program
the proposed changes in the election procedure.              contains classification of fungi, its role in
                                                             maintaining the ecological balance, growth and
Human Rights and                                             reproduction, different mushrooms which is also
Indian Constitution                                          fungus.
00:19:49:00                 1996      B/6/25                 Cactus: A Beautiful
Producer: Vismay Shah                                        Bramble
                                                             00:19:20:00            1992        GUB-567
This program discusses the importance of basic               Producer: Ashok Mewada
human rights and why we have included human
rights in our constitution.                                  In the program Cactus, characteristics of cactus
                                                             roots, spines, stem, flowers and fruits are also
Human Rights and                                             explained.
Indian Constitution
00:22:25:00                 1996      B/6/25                         CHEMISTRY
Producer: Vismay Shah
                                                             Anoxic Biodegradation
This program discusses enforcements and                      00:14:40:00               1983  GUA-21
effectiveness of human rights in India, the                  Producer : Nitin Bhavsar (SAC/UGC/EMRC
citizens and students role in furtherance.                   WORKSHOP)

                                                             Fibres to Fabrics        1983
                                                             Producer : Bharat Dave (SAC/UGC/EMRC
              PURE SCIENCES

                                                             What is Chemistry?
         BOTANY                                              00:29:30:00               1985     GUB-22
                                                             Producer : Malti Mehta

Flower                                                       Introduction to Chemical Bonding
00:19:52:00               1984  GUB-3                        00:18:02:00               1985 GUB-29
Producer : Nitin Bhavsar (SAC/EMRC)                          Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

                                                             Chemistry of Dyes
                                                             00:22:52:00               1985     GUB-23
                                                             Producer : Malti Mehta

Fuels                                                      Producer : Malti Mehta
00:17:35:00              1986       GUB-34
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   Different classes of “Polyvinyl Derivatives” type
                                                           synthetic organic fibres are explained. Actual
Chemistry of Detergents                                    manufacturing process of polyacrylonitrile fibres
00:22:52:00             1986        GUB-75                 is reviewed.
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                           Chemistry of Man-Made
Chemistry of Man                                           Fibres Part-6
Made Fibres - 1                                            (Polyster Fibres)
Introduction                                               00:18:45:00            1989        GUB-264
00:18:33:00                1987     GUB-138                Producer : Malti Mehta
Producer : Malti Mehta
                                                           Manufacturing process and applications of
Chemistry of man-made fibres begins with the               polyester fibres is considered in this conclusive
historical background of the subject. The                  part of the program.
fundamental concept regarding fibre and its
chemical structural nature has been explained.             Professor Dreaming
The classification of fibres has been given.               Chemistry
                                                           00:17:13:00               1990     GUB-369
Chemistry of Man-Made                                      Producer: Malti Mehta
Fibres Part-2
'Natural Polymer                                           In this program a professor is showing dreaming
based Man-Made Fibres'                                     about Chemistry while having tea, while
00:14:12:00            1987         GUB-138                conversing with his daughters, friend and while
Producer : Malti Mehta                                     thinking of teaching chemistry.

The series on Chemistry of man-made fibres,                Nomenclature of
basic principle of different classes of natural            Organic Compounds
polymer based fibres have been discussed.                  Part-1: Introduction
                                                           00:19:30:00               1991     GUB-363
Chemistry of Man-Made                                      Producer: Malti Mehta
Fibres Part-3
'Viscose Rayon'                                            Growth of organic chemistry during 19 th and 20th
00:20:30:00            1988         GUB-196                century can only be compared with the growth of
Producer : Malti Mehta                                     mushroom. Program on nomenclature of organic
                                                           compounds discusses certain specialized areas
Viscose Rayon is one of the most important types           concerned with the nomenclature.
of natural polymer based man-made fibres. In this
program, the actual manufacturing process of               Nomenclature of
Viscose Rayon is shown.                                    Organic Compounds
Chemistry of Man-Made                                      00:17:07:00               1991     GUB-363
Fibres Part-4                                              Producer: Malti Mehta
(Synthetic Polymer
based Fibres)                                              This series talks of nomenclature of Aliphatic
00:14:03:00            1989         GUB-236                Hydrocarbons namely alkanes, alkenes, alkynes
Producer : Malti Mehta                                     and cyclic aliphatic compounds.

In this part, synthetic polymer based organic              Phase Equilibrium
man-made fibres and Inorganic man made fibres              Episode-1
are discussed. Different types of synthetic organic        00:32:42:00               2005     B/AHM/6/
fibres are explained.                                                                         195
                                                           Producer : Krishna Rao
Chemistry of Man-Made
Fibres Part-5                                              Explains the operational definitions of Phase,
(Polyvinyl Derivatives &                                   Types of      Systems, their classifications,
Poly Acrylanitrile Fibres)                                 surrounding and the physical & chemical
00:17:28:00               1989      GUB-236                equilibrium.

Gibbs Phase Rule                                         Phase Diagram –
Equation – Episode-2                                     Two Component System :
00:32:03:01                2005    B/AHM/6/              Solid-Liquid Systems
                                   206                   Episode-6
Producer : Krishna Rao                                   00:30:14:00          2006       B/AHM/3/
Josiali Gibbs, the father of Thermodynamics              Producer : Krishna Rao
theory has propounded an everlasting equation on
phase rule.                                              Phase Diagram –
                                                         Two Component System :
Phase Diagram –                                          Salt Water System
One Component System                                     Episode-7
Water H2O Episode-3                                      00:35:27:00          2006       B/AHM/6/
00:32:32:11          2005          B/AHM/6/                                              210
                                   203                   Producer : Krishna Rao
Producer : Krishna Rao
                                                         Phase Diagram –
Explains about the phase diagram with one                Two Component System :
component system. One component system -                 Condensed Phase Diagram
Water is taken       and a phase diagram is              Episode-8
constructed to explain several phenomenon like,          00:34:14:00           2006      B/AHM/6/
how a pressure cooker works.                                                             210
                                                         Producer : Krishna Rao
Phase Diagram
One Component System                                     Organic Chemistry –
CO2S,HE & C –                                            Electro Magnetic
Episode-4                                                Spectrum Episode-1
00:36:38:08          2005          B/AHM/6/              00:20:30:00              2006   B/AHM/6/
                                   201                                                   212
Producer : Krishna Rao                                   Producer : Krishna Rao

Explains how CO2 system varies from water                Organic Chemistry –
system and why?    Sulphur system and its                Ultra Violet & Visible
polymorphism and Helium exists in two liquid             Spectroscopy Episode-2
forms.                                                   00:31:05:00            2006     B/AHM/6/
Two Component System –                                   Producer : Krishna Rao
Application of Phase Rule
Episode-5                                                Organic Chemistry –
00:36:29:24             2005       B/AHM/6/              Infrared Spectroscopy
                                   200                   Episode-3
Producer : Krishna Rao                                   00:28:00:00              2006   B/AHM/3/
Discusses about phase rule to two component              Producer : Krishna Rao
systems. If we use the phase rule to solid-liquid
systems, in which the two component systems
form an eutectic mixture.                                Physical Chemistry
                                                         Solid Liquid System :
Chemistry of Elements                                    Episode-6
of 1st Transition series                                 00:35:27:00              2006   B/AHM/6/
00:19:17:14                2005    B/AHM/3/                                              210
                                   610                   Producer : Krishna Rao
Producer : Krishna Rao
                                                         Physical Chemistry
Explains about the modern periodic table, its            Two Component System-
classification in relation to elements of 1st            Salt-water System
transition series.                                       Episode-7
                                                         00:30:14:00           2006      B/AHM/3/

Producer : Krishna Rao
Physical Chemistry                              00:22:50:00              1985       GUB-14
Two Component System-                           Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Condensed phase diagrams
Episode-8                                       Evolution of Man
00:34:46:00           2006      B/AHM/6/        00:26:55:00              1986       GUC-53
                                210             Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer : Krishna Rao

Physical Chemistry
Liquid Gas & Liquid Vapour                      Theory of Evolution
Equilibrium                                     00:27:53:00              1986       GUB-82
Episode-9                                       Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:28:31:13            2006     B/AHM/3/
                                549             The program deals with the theories of evolution
Producer : Krishna Rao                          by Charls Darwin, Jean Lamark and Gragore
Physical Chemistry
Liquid Vapour Equilibrium                       Growth in Animals
Fractional Distillation                         00:10:10:00              1987       GUB-119
Ideal Liquid Mixture                            Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Episode – 10
00:32:18:16             2006    B/AHM/6/        Different aspects of animal growth, its regulation
                                214             and factors controlling growth have been
Producer : Krishna Rao                          highlighted.

Physical Chemistry                              Reproduction in
Liquid Vapour Equilibrium                       Animals
Fractional Distillation                         00:27:25:00                1987     GUB-119
Non Ideal Liquid Mixture
Episode – 11                                    The structural and functional aspects i.e.
00:33:53:12             2006    B/AHM/6/        physiology of reproduction in animals, its
                                215             regulation / control as well as source reproductive
Producer : Krishna Rao                          disorders have been considered.

Physical Chemistry
Liquid - Liquid Equilibrium                              MATHS
Episode – 12
00:39:55:08              2006   B/AHM/6/
                                218             Popularize Mathe-
Producer : Krishna Rao                          matics ? Part-1
                                                00:16:23:00             1986        GUB-99
General Properties                              Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
of Transitions :
Elements Part-1                                 Popularize Mathe-
00:20:47:00              2006   B/AHM/3/        matics ? Part-2
                                447             00:16:55:00             1986        GUB-99
Producer : Krishna Rao                          Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

General Properties                              Part I & II: The them is how do they try to
of Transitions :                                popularize maths and make it simpler in reference
Elements Part-2                                 to students society and mathematically talented
00:24:15:03              2006   B/AHM/3/        students.
Producer : Krishna Rao                          To draw a Regular
                                                Polygon –
                                                Construction of
        LIFE SCIENCE                            00:21:25:00                1988     GUB-159

Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                      The program starts with the brief history of
Srinivasa Ramnujan                                    extinct reptiles like dinosaurs. Different
00:21:21:00             1988     GUB-159              characteristics of reptiles like external covering,
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                            locomotion, food habits, defense behaviour and
                                                      reproduction are discussed in detail in the
                                                      Artificial Spawning In Frog
                                                      00:16:09:00              1992       GUB-567
Introduction to                                       Producer: Ashok Mewada
Animal Behaviour
00:09:38:00            1983 GUB-3                     This program imparts the Knowledge of
Producer : V.O. Joseph                                Spawning, how it can be done in laboratory
(SAC/UGC/EMRC WORKSHOP)                               situation, its techniques and some of the
                                                      development stages are also explained in the
Snakes –                                              program.
Know them well
00:12:50:00            1983 GUB-2                     Cockroaches
Producer : Bharat Dave                                00:12:24:00                1992     GUB-472
(SAC/UGC/EMRC WORKSHOP)                               Producer: Durriya Latif

Control and Regulations                               It talks about the evolution, species, life-cycle,
of Body Functions                                     food and habits of the cockroaches.
00:19:45:00              1984  GUB-3
Producer: V.O. Joseph (SAC/EMRC)                      Chick Development
                                                      (A Story inside the shell)
Growth and Reproduction                               00:14:51:00                1993     GUB-594
in Animals                                            Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:25:42:00              1985    GUB-24
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                              The program „Chick Development‟ tells about the
                                                      story inside the egg shell. Different stages of the
Support, Locomotion &                                 developing chick embryo i.e. 6 hrs., 18 hrs, etc.
Movement in Animals
00:27:40:00              1985    GUB-29               Mystery within
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                              Gulf of Kachhch
                                                      00:16:20:00            1995         B/3/2
Excretion                                             Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:21:20:00              1985    GUB-35
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                              This program covers the bio-diversity existing
                                                      near the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat state. The
Circulatory System                                    program ends with a note on environment as
Part-1                                                these creatures are dependent on each other.
00:22:11:00              1985    GUB-35
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                              A Story of an
                                                      Urban Zoo Part – 1
This program deals with characteristics and           00:19:10:18             2004        B-3/214
functions of blood. Study of blood in clinical        Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
diagnosis is also dealt.
                                                      This program is introduction to a series which
Circulatory System                                    will explain the importance of zoos, their
Part-2                                                functions, etc.
00:17:46:00              1985    GUB-34
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                              A Story of an
                                                      Urban Zoo Part - 2
Reptiles Crawling                                     00:16:13:00             2004        B-6/149
Creatures                                             Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
00:16:40:00            1989    GUB-298
Producer: Ashok Mewada (Manipur)

In this particular part the subject of conservation        This program deals with different types of plasma
of wild fauna in captivity is discussed.                   proteins and their properties, globulin, fibrinogen,
                                                           RBCs, important functions of blood, etc.
A Story of an
Urban Zoo Part - 3                                         Types & Structure of Blood
00:21:29:00             2004        B-3/416                Cell – Part I
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 00:27:39:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
In continuation of Part-2 more aspects of                  Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
conservation are narrated.
                                                           Human blood consists of 45% cells and 55%
A Story of an                                              plasma. Blood cells includes RBC, WBC &
Urban Zoo Part – S1                                        platelets.
00:08:21:00             2004        B-6/149
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Types & Structure of Blood
                                                           Cell – Part II
It narrates the success story of Ahmedabad Zoo             00:19:08:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
breeding in captivity for Nicobar pigeons.                                                      173
                                                           Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
Polymorphic Forms of
DNA                                                        Platelets like RBC, are non-nucleated but oval
00:17:26:08              2004       B/3/365                shaped. They are mainly responsible for blood
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   coagulation and hem stasis.

DNA has often been called the molecule of life. It         Biochemistry of Blood –
is important to know the finer details of the DNA          Blood Grouping
structure which allows the DNA to function                 Part-I
systematically.                                            00:17:13:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
Structure of Cell                                          Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
00:22:30:18              2004       B/6/141
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   Karl Land Steiner discovered ABO blood group
                                                           system, later on other blood group systems have
It presents the knowledge of the building block or         been discovered.
basic unit of the living organism like the brick is
for building. The conceptual development of the            Biochemistry of Blood –
information regarding this i.e. cell theory is also        Blood Grouping
covered.                                                   Part-II
                                                           00:21:11:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
Bio-Chemistry of                                                                                172
Blood: Composition                                         Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
of Blood Part-1
00:26:14:24              2004       B/AHM/6-               The procedure of determination of Rh is same as
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri            157                    ABO blood group. The study of Rh is useful in
                                                           blood transfusion and risk during pregnancy.
Blood is defined as a liquid connective tissue
found to be present in multi cellular triploblastic        Biochemistry of Blood –
organism. It acts as exchanging or transporting            Blood Preservation &
medium.                                                    Transfusion
                                                           00:25:10:00             2004         B/AHM/6-
Bio-Chemistry of                                                                                171
Blood: Composition                                         Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri
of Blood Part-1I
00:24:48:04              2004       B/AHM/6-               The proper collection of blood, preservation of
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri            157                    blood or its components and supply of blood as
                                                           per need are effective functions of blood bank.

A Story of an Urban Zoo -                                  This program gives information about the fastest
S2 (Suppl. Prog.)                                          growing applied science of biotechnology.
00:10:13:00              2005         B-3/418
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                                A programme on
                                                           Dr. C.V. Raman:
It‟s a success story of Ahmedabad Zoo for the              “Raman the Inspirer”
successful breeding of Rosy Pelican, rated as in           00:15:31:00              1992      GUB-551
the category of Schedule-1 endangered species.             Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

A Story of an Urban Zoo –                                  EMRC Quicky
Part-4                                                     A Science Lab Today
00:17:18:00              2005         B-3/415              (for Auguest 15, 1993
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                                special programmes)
                                                           00:56:2:07                1993     GUA-859
In this particular part of the series the rules and        Producer: Malti Mehta
regulation for the optimum results in zoo
management are explained.                                  Plant Growth
                                                           Regulators: Upcoming
A Story of an Urban Zoo -                                  Bio-technology
Part-5                                                     00:16:11:00            1993        GUB-612
00:18:35:13             2006          B/AHM/3/             Producer: Ashok Mewada
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                                The program „Plant Growth Regulators –
                                                           Upcoming Biotechnology‟ tells about different
This part explains the management of the zoo.              plant growth promoters as well as plant growth
Here rules which regulates the most needed                 regulators.
manpower is explained.
                                                           Corrosion in industries
A Story of an Urban Zoo -                                  - Causes & Control
Part-6                                                     Part-1
00:19:24:23             2006          B/AHM/3/             00:23:40:00             1993       GUB-621
                                      475                  Producer: Malti Mehta
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           The technically important metals such as iron,
This programme tries to relate the importance of           alluminium, copper, nickel and their alloys – all
zoo for the students of veterinary sciences,               deteriorate in environment and loose good
zoology & environmental sciences.                          mechanical properties. In this program, various
                                                           kinds of corrosion attacks caused either due to
                                                           atmospheric conditions or due to lack of proper
A Story of an Urban Zoo -                                  attention, are explained with examples.
00:20:25:13             2006          B/AHM/3/             Corrosion in industries
                                      631                  - Causes & Control
Producer : Himanshu Trivedi                                Part-2
                                                           00:14:53:00             1993       GUB-621
This programme explains the relations of zoo               Producer: Malti Mehta
with the education of urban planning & painting.
                                                           Corrosion is a menacing problem faced by most
                                                           industries. Great importance is being given to
                                                           manage corrosion and to control the quality and
         SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY                              reliability of the hardwares in the industries.

                                                           A talk on Tissue
Bio-technology and                                         Culture by
Its applications                                           Dr. Madhuri Sharon
00:07:10:00            1990           GUB-326              00:19:45:00            1994        GUB-594
Producer: Ashok Mewada                                     Producer: Ashok Mewada

Dr. Madhuri Sharon shares the idea of what is             This third and the last program in the series, deals
tissue culture and what are the advantages of             with Electrodialysis in particular and Bipolar
tissue culture.                                           Membrane Technology. Bipolar Membrane
                                                          Technology can solve the problem of disposal of
Material Testing                                          concentrated waste by converting salt to valuable
Part-1                                                    acid and alkali – this also is dealt with in the
00:21:40:00                1996     B/6/20                programme.
Producer: Malti Mehta

This programme includes three tests namely
                                                                       SOCIAL SCIENCE
Tension Test, Compression Test and Shear Test.
From this, we can obtain various properties of
materials such as Tensile Strength, Crushing
Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, percentage of            Dreams
elongation of reduction in area and shear strength        00:21:11:00                 1988     GUB-131
of material.                                              Producer: Vismay Shah

Material Testing                                          It throws some light on the content, process and
Part-2                                                    purpose of dreams. It also talks about sleep cycle
00:18:31:00                1996     B/6/20                and its relation to dreams.
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                          Little about Sleep
This program includes the hardness test, Izod             Little about Dream
impact test, beam charpy test and transverse test,        Part-I (NID Student Project)
which are useful in ascertaining properties of            00:22:56:00             1988         GUB-213
materials in indentation against blow and during          Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
transverse loading.
                                                          This film talks about sleep cycle, day dreaming
Desalination Technology                                   and dreams – their purpose, when they occur, etc.
Part-1 - Introduction
00:11:07:22             2000        B/6/62                Little about Sleep
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     Little about Dream
The purpose of this docudrama is to give an               (NID Student Project)
overview about the grim scenario of brackish and          00:14:01:00             1988         GUB-213
saline water. Focus is to generate a feeling of           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
doing something about rectifying this.
                                                          This talks about the various states of mind,
Desalination Technology                                   trend‟s theory and the types of dreams.
Part-2 - Reverse Osmosis
00:21:20:18              2000       B/6/62                “Ame re suka van ni charkaldi”
Producer: Malti Mehta                                      (Gujarati)
                                                          00:28:52:00             1990   GUB-344
To create an awareness regarding the absolutely           Producer: Malti Mehta
imperative need to desalinate brackish and saline
water, thrust of this program is to inform and            Child in Margin
educate the viewers about membrane technology.            (The Lesser Child)
This program covers Reverse Osmosis – its                 00:20:29:00                 1990     GUB-344
principle, applications and benefits.                     Producer: Malti Mehta

Desalination Technology                                   Bhatwar Kyoon?
Part-3 - Electrodialysis                                  00:04:22:00            1990          GUA-544
00:14:00:06              2000       B/6/62                Producer: CDC Students
Producer: Malti Mehta
                                                          Youth &
                                                          00:19:27:00            1991          GUB-419
                                                          Producer: Ashok Mewada

The program „Youth and Frustration‟ explores               The program begins with a survey of the existing
reasons of frustration among young people. In              system of education at the beginning of the 19 th
most of the cases frustration occurs due to                century. Various British policies which helped in
inability to choose right thing in the field of            growth of English education in the Bombay
education and profession.                                  presidency and the beginning of women‟s
The Unwanted Child
00:04:37:00              1991       GUA-650                Social Reform movement
Producer: Deval Bhatt, SNDT                                In Gujarat
                                                           Narmad & His time
This program portrays the discrimination against           Part-3
the girl child in the Indian society and analyses          00:27:19:00            1992          GUB-578
the reasons for it.                                        Producer: Vismay Shah

The Little Working                                         We also have a concise account of the role of
Hands                                                      Parsees where in Dr. Ratan Marshal talks about
00:06:06:00              1992       GUB-530                the contribution of Parsees to the social reform
Producer: Vaidehi Menon, Pune                              movement in Gujarat.

The existence of a socially immoral practice of            Social Reform movement
child labour and the possible solution to reduce or        In Gujarat
eradicate this problem.                                    Narmad & His time
It‟s never too late                                        00:29:28:00            1992          GUB-578
00:07:19:00              1992       GUB-530                Producer: Vismay Shah
Producer: Sucheta Phadke, Pune
                                                           In part-4 of the series we begin with a concise
The program deals with the importance of adult             history of Surat. History of Ahmedabad, the third
education and that if the community helps, the             major centre of reform in Gujarat is also covered
literacy rate in India will increase.                      in this part. We take a concise view of the role of
                                                           Kavi Dalpatram, the Gujarat Vernacular society
The Untold Story                                           and its journal Buddhi Prakash in the social
00:05:09:00              1992    GUB-533                   reform movement in Ahmedabad.
Producers: Arjun Bali/Nimmi/Paresh Dave, CDC
                                                           Social Reform movement
The program titled „The Untold Story‟ deals with           In Gujarat
the evolution of the Moon.                                 Narmad & His time
Social Reform movement                                     00:24:25:00            1993          GUB-565
In Gujarat                                                 Producer: Vismay Shah
Narmad & His time
Part-1                                                     Part-5 of the series begins with a recapitulation of
00:29:21:00            1992         GUB-577                earlier 4 parts. This part focuses on the life of
Producer: Vismay Shah                                      Kavi Narmad. In college days, Narmad became a
                                                           member of Students‟ Literary and Scientific
Here, we see how the European Renaissance and              Society. In 1853, Narmad returned to Bombay –
the western thoughts influenced the Indian minds.          after his wife‟s death to rejoin the main stream of
The British unconsciously became responsible for           activities in the chancing environment.
the wind of social change and the movement of
social reform was triggered off.                           Social Reform movement
                                                           In Gujarat
Social Reform movement                                     Narmad & His time
In Gujarat                                                 Part-6
Narmad & His time                                          00:25:03:00            1993          GUB-583
Part-2                                                     Producer: Vismay Shah
00:28:01:00            1992         GUB-570
Producer: Vismay Shah

Part-6 of the series deals with Narmad‟s return to        Forest management, primarily needs human
Bombay. The year 1857 one of the most                     resources. In this program, the Gir forest
memorable time of Indian History. This part               settlements are being described with a focus on
gives a brief account of rebellion in India and           the current problems these settlers facing and the
Gujarat.                                                  adequate steps being taken by the forest
Social Reform movement
In Gujarat                                                Child Labour
Narmad & His time                                         Part-1
Part-7                                                    The Real Children of a Lesser God
00:23:47:00            1993        GUB-583                00:23:38:00             1997    B/3/129
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     Producer: Vismay Shah

Part-7 shows us how Narmad emerges as an                  The magnitude of child labour, definition of child
eminent Social Reformer and a Literary                    labour, the horribly hazardous conditions in
Personality. We viewed their contribution to the          which the children are working in different
reform movement, girls‟ education and widow               industries, the causes of child labour, certain
remarriage.                                               myths and realities about child labour, free and
                                                          compulsory education verses child labour etc. is
Social Reform movement                                    narrated in the programme with the visuals of
In Gujarat Narmad & His time                              child labour.
00:26:17:00            1993        GUB-592                Child Labour
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     Part-2 Economic Aspects
                                                          00:19:38:00             1998       B/6/74
We take a concise view at the life of Karsandas           Producer: Vismay Shah
Mulji and his contribution to the reform
movement. Shri Prakash Shah narrates the details          Prof. Rohit Shukla discusses that Child Labour is
of this case to us. Shri Bhagvatikumar Sharma             a very serious problem in the developing world.
talks to us about Dandiyo and its contribution to         There is a direct link between unemployment of
journalism.                                               adult people and employment of child labour.
                                                          Prof. Indira Hiruay discusses about various
Social Reform movement                                    international pressures and organizations working
In Gujarat Narmad & His time Part-9                       against child labour and their impact on Indian
00:32:19:00            1993   GUB-592                     economy and child labour.
Producer: Vismay Shah
                                                          Child Labour
In Part-9 of the series, we visit Narmad‟s                Part-3 Legal Aspects
“Sarasvati Mandir” at Surat. The moral and                00:17:54:00               1998     B/6/74
mental stress of the struggle changes the inner           Producer: Vismay Shah
self of Narmad. His end comes on 26th February
1886 at the age of 53.                                    Prof. Girish Patel discusses Article 21, Article-
                                                          23, Article-29 E & F and Article-45 of the
Social Reform movement                                    constitution and proves that Constitution of India
In Gujarat Narmad & His time Part-10                      really prohibits Child Labour.
00:30:00:00            1993   GUB-600
Producer: Vismay Shah                                     Child Labour Part-4
                                                          Approaches to Solution
In the 10th and the concluding part of the series         00:19:28:00            1998        B/6/74
Shri Manubhai Pancholi talks about Narmad‟s               Producer: Vismay Shah
life; his poetry and his contribution to social
welfare.                                                  In this programme four experts give their
                                                          approaches for the solution of the problem of
Forest Settlements in Gir                                 Child Labour.
00:23:59:00               1993     GUB-601
Producer: Malti Mehta

                                                           insight of future possibilities of breaking the wall
Indian Women:                                              of discrimination.
A Photo Essay
00:25:37:00                1998     B/3/152                                SPACE SCIENCE
Producer: Malti Mehta

This programme focuses on a broad range of                 Space Technology
issues that affect every woman. How much                   And Changing
freedom a woman has achieved to choose and                 Concepts in Science
express herself in last 50 years of independence is        00:23:31:00              1985        GUB-60
theme of the programme.                                    Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

Chhoti Chhoti Putalioke                                    Satellite Applications
Badi Badi Batei (Hindi)                                    For Earth Sciences –
00:06:07:00             2004        B-3/377                A lecture by
Producer: Dr. Ila Joshi                                    Dr. P. Krishna Rao
                                                           00:42:54:00             1985         GUB-61
A childless woman who is cursed by her in-laws             Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
followed the advise and go to „TANTRIK‟ for the
remedy. But a social worker stopped her and                This program gives some examples of space
helped her to get proper medical advise.                   technology and how it is used for environmental
                                                           applications like meteorology, hydrology,
Mang Jai Hai (Hindi)                                       oceanography and          agriculture and   the
00:09:03:00                2004     B/AHM/6-               interpretation of satellite images obtained for
                                    178                    various studies.
Pause for a Thought
00:24:53:00                2005     B/AHM/3-               Space Science &
                                    536                    Development – 1
Producer : Malti Mehta                                     (Prof. E.V. Chitnis
                                                           & S.I. Rasool)
Four experts talk about the role of a teacher,             00:17:20:00         1985             GUB-66
parents, family and friends in the development of          Producer: DECU/EMRC
the mental health and overall personality of
young girls. Young boys and girls bring out                Space Science &
various issues like freedom to choose discipline           Development – 2
of study and career path, competition, jealousy,           (Prof. Vijay Mulay,
peer pressure, etc.                                        Mr. Karnik, Me. Abiodum)
                                                           00:20:20:00           1985           GUB-66
Home Science :                                             Producer: DECU/EMRC
Extension of Women
Power Part-1                                               Space Science &
00:15:04:00                2005     B/AHM/3/               Development – 3
                                    582                    (Talk on Fascination
Producer : Dr. Ila Joshi                                   and use of outer
                                                           space) Prof. P.D.
Home Science extension education empowers                  Bhavsar & Sir
women from the cross section of the society.               Herman Bondy
Bhavai : Gujarati folk theatre and puppets are             00:19:05:00          1985            GUB-66
used for the purpose.                                      Producer: DECU/EMRC

Women of Japan                                             Interview with
-from Kyoikumama to Deru kugi                              Prof. A. Hewish
00:18:50:00            2007   B/AHM/3/                     Inter-planetary
                              689                          Disturbances Part-I
Producer : Malti Mehta                                     00:18:22:00              1988        GUB-210
                                                           Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
This documentary deals with the status of women
in Japan – in past & present. It also gives an             Interview with
                                                           Prof. A. Hewish

Interplanetary                                            Here we have the relative motion of observers
Disturbances Part-II                                      and the basis for relativity, the Space time
00:15:34:00              1988       GUB-210               diagram, Riennmanian Geometry, the general
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  theory of relativity and matrices as well as the
                                                          experimental corroboration of the theory.
I & II: The program deals with the Discovery of
Cambridge Pulsar 1919 which brought Nobel                 Story of our Universe
Prize to Dr. A. Hewish. The Radio Telescopes at           Part-V
various points can help detecting the pulsars and         00:21:01:00             1988         GUB-235
its effect on earth can be predicted.                     Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

                                                          This part contains the empirical formula for the
An interview with                                         Red shift of galaxies, an algebra to find the
Prof. A. Hewish Pulsar                                    critical density of the Universe and an
The Celestial Clocks                                      explanation of the critical density of the universe.
00:32:43:00              1988       GUB-152
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Story of our Universe
The program is in interview format with the               00:09:48:00             1988         GUB-239
Nobel Laureate Prof. Antony Hewish of the                 Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Cambridge University, U.K. about the Pulsars,
super Novae and the Neutron stars and its                 This part recapitulate the questions posed by the
importance in Radio Astronomy.                            earlier parts and give references for further
Story of our Universe
Part-I                                                    A lecture by
00:16:50:00             1988        GUB-231               Prof. Philip Morrison
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                „The Cosmos in two
                                                          Acts – Newton &
These programmes explain the story of our                 Anti Newton Part-I
universe with the help of various theories. The           00:15:28:00            1989          GUB-265
main points explained in each of the parts.               Producer: Ashok Mewada

Story of our Universe                                     A lecture by Prof. Philip Morrison – The cosmos
Part-II                                                   in two Acts – Newton & Anti-Newton – Part-I.
00:22:10:00             1988        GUB-231               He has explained the Act-1 – Newton by giving
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                different examples.

This part deals with the Doppler effect, the Red          A lecture by
shift and the Algebra of Red shift, the laws of           Prof. Philip Morrison
thermal radiation, Wien‟s displacement law,               „The Cosmos in two
Rayleigh-Jean‟s law, Stefan-Boltzman‟s law and            Acts – Newton &
Planck‟s law.                                             Anti Newton Part-II
                                                          00:22:45:00            1989          GUB-265
Story of our Universe                                     Producer: Ashok Mewada
00:16:35:00             1988        GUB-235               In this part, he discussed the act-2 – anti-Newton
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                in detail.

This part covers the theories of the universe. The        Space Communications
program looks at the evidence for the Big Bang            Part-1
theory and the thermal history of the Universe.           Introduction to
                                                          Space Communications
Story of our Universe                                     00:20:09:00              1989        GUB-163
Part-IV                                                   Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:20:25:00             1988        GUB-235
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

                                               Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

Space Communications                           Remote Sensing
Part-2                                         Orbits for
Principles of Space                            Earth Observations
Communications                                 Part-I
00:24:12:00              1989   GUB-163        00:20:51:00              1991   GUB-395
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

Space Communications                           Remote Sensing
Part-3                                         Orbits for
Frequency Bands used                           Earth Observations
For Space                                      Part-II
Communications                                 00:16:55:00              1991   GUB-410
00:15:53:00              1989   GUB-163        Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                               Remote Sensing:
Space communications                           Platforms for Earth
Part-6                                         Observations
Ground Segment                                 Part-I
00:20:40:00              1989   GUB-211        00:21:27:00              1991   GUB-410
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

Space Communications                           Remote Sensing:
Part-7                                         Platforms for
Launching a Spacecraft                         Earth Observations
into a Geostationary                           Part-II
Orbit                                          00:22:03:00              1991   GUB-295
00:22:43:00              1989   GUB-112        Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                               Remote Sensing:
Space Communications                           Data Transmission
Part-8                                         00:20:29:00              1991   GUB-410
Modulation and                                 Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:13:50:00              1989   GUB-209        Space Communications
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       For Business Applications
                                               00:30:36:00              1991   GUB-429
Introduction to                                Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Remote Sensing
Part-I                                         Space Communications
00:14:33:00              1990   GUB-295        For Educational
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       Applications Part-II
                                               00:24:05:00              1991   GUB-437
Introduction to                                Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Remote Sensing
Part-II                                        Remote Sensing:
00:22:57:00              1990   GUB-295        History of Remote
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       Sensing
                                               00:22:49:00              1991   GUB-435
Remote Sensing:                                Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
00:22:46:00              1990   GUB-366        Remote Sensing
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                       For National
Remote Sensing:                                00:26:12:00              1991   GUB-482
Interaction of                                 Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Radiation with
00:24:54:00             1990    GUB-366

Applications of                                           Future Trends in
Remote Sensing Part-I                                     Space communications
00:26:08:00              1991      GUB-464                Part-I
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  00:21:25:00              1993        GUB-528
                                                          Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
Microwave Sensors
00:32:45:00              1991      GUB-481                Future Trends in
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Space communications
Microwave sensors belong to a class of Modern             00:21:00:00              1993        GUB-528
Remote Sensing instruments used from air born             Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
and space born platforms for imaging the earth
and the atmosphere. This presentation deals with          In this segment of the programme the future
the basic principles of microwave sensors and             trends in Space communications particularly in
development made in this field in ISRO and                the area of mobile communications are discussed.
elsewhere.                                                The use of inter-satellite links is also discussed
                                                          along with certain aspects of navigation, position
Remote Sensing:                                           location systems.
Image Processing
And Data Products                                         Collision
00:28:22:00              1991      GUB-488                The Heavenly Hand shake
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Part-I
                                                          00:23:38:00             1993         GUB-586
Remote Sensing:                                           Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Principles of Image
Analysis                                                  There was lot discussion about the next return of
00:27:18:00              1991      GUB-463                Comet Swift-Tuttle. It was computed, about its
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  next orbit that it is going to hit the Earth when it
                                                          comes next in AD 2126. This is an introduction
Remote Sensing NNRMS:                                     to the problem.
National Natural
Resource Management                                       Collision
System                                                    The Heavenly Hand shake
00:33:05:00              1991      GUB-463                Part-II
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  00:21:50:00             1993         GUB-586
                                                          Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Remote Sensing:
Signature and Ground                                      This part deals with detailed information about
Truth                                                     asteroids, comets.
00:27:31:00              1991      GUB-436
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Collision
                                                          The Heavenly Hand shake
The lecture explains the basic concepts of                Part-III
signatures used to identify and discriminate              00:23:50:00             1993         GUB-587
objects using remotely sensed data. The four              Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
major characteristics of signatures i.e. spectral,
spatial, temporal and polarization.                       This part deals with the subject more closely. It
                                                          explains the situation with more scientific details.
Remote Sensing                                            Futuristic planning about such events has been
Ground Water                                              discussed.
00:22:14:00              1992      GUB-464
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                  Collision
                                                          The Heavenly Hand shake
Remote Sensing                                            Part-IV
Summing up                                                00:19:50:00             1993         GUB-587
00:28:00:00              1992      GUB-434                Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri
                                                          This gives the information about the past, present
                                                          and future of Comet Siwft-Tuttle.

The Heavenly Hand shake                                                       SPORTS
00:21:30:00             1993        GUB-611                Check-mate
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 00:17:55:00             1989         GUB-277
                                                           Producers: Yogesh/Neha Shah
There appeared some events in newspapers and
other media which were relevant to the subject.            Khel ke Maidaan
More appropriately this is EPILOGUE to the                 Se Ek Shrunkhala
                                                           Hockey kee: Swarnim Iteehaas
A star trek on                                             Se Swarnim Bhavishya
Guru Shikhar                                               Kee ore – Part-1
(Observatory-1)                                            00:26:34:00             2003         B/6/133
00:15:23:00             1994        GUB-460                Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
                                                           This series of program is probably first of its kind
It‟s a documentary on the optical observatory at           in the history of sports in the country. Lord
Guru Shikhar. It provdes information about the             Krishna playing the game of Gedi-Dada (Stick
telescope and narrates the atmosphere in which             and Ball). This program which starts with
the scientists work. It ends with areas of studies         onscreen introduction.
on this telescope.
                                                           Khel ke Maidaan
A Sunny view                                               Se Ek Shrunkhala
(Observatory-2)                                            Hockey kee:
00:16:45:00             1994        GUB-460                Swarnim Iteehaas se
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                                 Swarnim Bhavishya
                                                           Kee ore – Part-2
It‟s a documentary on Solar Observatory situated           00:27:59:19             2003         B/6/133
in the middle of the lake Fateh Sagar at Udaipur.          Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
The program also explain the use of observatory
for different layers of Sun.                               Essentially this is the story of first Olympic Gold
                                                           Medal earned for our country. The story of
Role of Remote                                             Dhyan Chand Sa‟abs hockey stick narrated by
Sensing in Disaster                                        late Shri Govind Sawant.
Management Part-1
00:23:05:00              1996       GUB-490                Khel ke Maidaan
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   Se Ek Shrunkhala
                                                           Hockey kee:
Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic                       Swarnim Iteehaas se
Information System are useful as Information               Swarnim Bhavishya
Systems useful for management. These include               Kee ore – Part-3
before the event and after the event activities            00:25:01:12             2003         B/6/134
including Contingency Planning and Importance              Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
of communication system.
                                                           In this sequence, very rare shots of London
Role of Remote                                             Olympics, 1948 are shown. The pictures in black
Sensing in Disaster                                        and white gives the pleasure and glimpses of
Management Part-1I                                         golden past of Indian Hockey.
00:19:08:00              1996       GUB-490
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri                                   Khel ke Maidaan
                                                           Se Ek Shrunkhala
Role of communication and management                       Hockey kee:
responsibilities are discussed in this program.            Swarnim Iteehaas se
Role of Geographic Information System for map              Swarnim Bhavishya
generation is discussed as planning tools. Specific        Kee ore – Part-4
features of Geographic Information System and              00:25:02:19             2003         B/6/134
its utilization are discussed. Role of Human               Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Resources is also discussed.

                                                         Olympic-2000 and preparation for that is
The story of 1952, 1956 and 1960 Olympics is             narrated.
woven in this sequence called “Iteehaas Ke
Aalam Se”. This sequence is supported by very            Khel ke Maidaan
precise information and a great number of                Se Ek Shrunkhala
visuals.                                                 Hockey kee:
                                                         Swarnim Iteehaas se
Khel ke Maidaan                                          Swarnim Bhavishya
Se Ek Shrunkhala                                         Kee ore – Part-9
Hockey kee:                                              00:27:34:10             2003          B/6/137
Swarnim Iteehaas se                                      Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
Swarnim Bhavishya
Kee ore – Part-5                                         All previous Olympians, tell their stories while
00:24:00:13             2003       B/6/135               they played the game. It gives the glory of Indian
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               Hockey with the expressions of glittering success.
                                                         This particular sequence discusses the various
Skill and Strategies: This part of the program           phases and try to identify the reasons for the
further explain the game of Hockey. The skills of        down fall of Indian Hockey in past few decades.
rolling, dribbling, tapping, flick, reverse swipe
are explained in detail.                                 Khel ke Maidaan
                                                         Se Ek Shrunkhala
Khel ke Maidaan                                          Hockey kee:
Se Ek Shrunkhala                                         Swarnim Iteehaas se
Hockey kee:                                              Swarnim Bhavishya
Swarnim Iteehaas se                                      Kee ore – Part-10
Swarnim Bhavishya                                        00:28:31:24             2003          B/6/137
Kee ore – Part-6                                         Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
00:27:30:17             2003       B/6/135
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               The fact remains that even after achieving big
                                                         successes and that even after achieving goals the
In this, the captain of Olympic – 1980 Hockey            hockey and the player does not have great money
team and later the coach of Indian team Shri             around them. With this program the series ends
Vasudevan Bhaskaran remembers golden                     and has promising note for “Golden Future”.
moments of his game.

Khel ke Maidaan
Se Ek Shrunkhala                                                           TRADITION
Hockey kee:
Swarnim Iteehaas se
Swarnim Bhavishya                                        Uttarayan
Kee ore – Part-7                                         00:29:00:00              1985         GUC-7
00:30:00:17             2003       B/6/136               Producer: Sudarshan for SUVIK
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi
In this sequence, the matches of Atlanta – 1996          Part-1
Olympics are shown.                                      00:20:59:06                 2000      B/3/163
                                                         Producer: Malti Mehta
Khel ke Maidaan
Se Ek Shrunkhala                                         Every useful invention does not necessarily take
Hockey kee:                                              place in a laboratory. Unlike most people who
Swarnim Iteehaas se                                      learn to accept their fate, a few people create their
Swarnim Bhavishya                                        own tools for progress with their ingenuity,
Kee ore – Part-8                                         experience and a need to explore. In this series
00:27:59:23             2003       B/6/136               we try to bring such people into focus who
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi                               manage to transform the world around them in
                                                         however small way they can. In the first episode
This part deals with the performance of Indian           we talk about three such people from different
Hockey at these games. The men‟s team won the            regions of Gujarat.
gold medal and women‟s team won the silver
medal. In the history part further information on

Shodhyatra                                                Shodhyatra
Part-2                                                    Part-8
00:24:20:14               2000     B/3/30                 00:21:10:19                2002     B/6/53
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     Producer: Malti Mehta

In this episode we present people who have tried          This episode continues with people from Tamil
to bring a revolution to farming and cultivation.         Nadu and Karnataka who have found cure for
                                                          diseases like foot and mouth disease and jaundice
Shodhyatra                                                and invented dust free chalk, etc.
00:24:08:20               2000     B/3/31                 Shodhyatra
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     Part-9
                                                          00:25:07:08                2002     B/6/129
This episode is about three entrepreneurs from            Producer: Malti Mehta
one region of Gujarat who have tried to improve
the local farming conditions and help the                 This episode deals with 2 people who do
common man.                                               impressive work in their respective fields – who
                                                          made intercultivator, etc.
Part-4                                                    Shodhyatra
00:27:12:21               2001     B/6/2                  Part-10
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     00:19:23:08                2002     B/6/129
                                                          Producer: Malti Mehta
This episode presents some ingenious people of
Kachchh, Gujarat after the earthquake                     In this episode we are introduced to three people
catastrophe.                                              from Gujarat who although are common people,
                                                          have used their knowledge to invent new ways
Shodhyatra                                                which make life easier for people.
00:18:36:14               2001     B/6/2                  Route to Roots
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     00:24:32:13                2003     B/6/144
                                                          Producer: Malti Mehta
We meet Shri Rajendran, Shri Duraiswami, Shri
Nagaraju, Shri Karupitta and others. They are not         This program is a travelogue through the eyes of
highly educated but they have invented tools              a Sakae Kaji a Japanese student of art and
which are cheaper and can be made locally such            culture. The story unfolds enroute of the walk,
as wind powered cooker, herbal disinfectants, etc.        and in a true sense a “Route to roots” is taken and
                                                          the locations along the walk are discussed and
Shodhyatra                                                described in detail.
00:20:08:00               2002     B/6/53
Producer: Malti Mehta
This episode deals with some more inventors
from South India who have tried preserving
ancient wisdom in their treatments.                       Tropical Cyclones
Shodhyatra                                                00:16:41:00              1991     GUB-530
Part-7                                                    Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde
00:16:47:00               2002     B/6/53
Producer: Malti Mehta                                     This program is to educate viewers (students and
                                                          other audience) about the characteristics of a
This program covers the region of Madurai in              tropical cyclone. Prof. Pisharoty talks about
Tamil Nadu. It is about those people who tried            characteristics associated with a Tropical
solving common problems of people with                    Cyclones like torrential rain, high speed winds,
inventions like coir cleaning machine, etc.               storm tide, etc.

Tropical Cyclones
00:14:38:00              1991     GUB-530
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Savita Hegde

This program talks about the rainfall and wind in
a bit more detail, safety measures and precautions
that can be taken on an individual level to
minimize loss of life and property.

A programme in
Paleo-climatic studies:
Climatic past at
Nal Sarovar
00:24:38:00             1992       GUB-561
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi