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									Tips on naming your baby:
Choosing a name for your baby is probably one of the most important decisions you will take up for your child, as this will affect your baby for the rest of his/her life. It’s said that a child who is loved has many names. But naming a baby is not an easy task. The baby is so special to the parents that you can’t just give it an ordinary name without thinking much. Parents tirelessly argue and quarrel with each other, lobbying for or against, particular baby names. SOURCES TO RELY ON: There are many sources that one can rely on while hunting a name for your baby. Sources like Family, friends, places, nature, books, television, internet, the film industry, etc. These sources can surely help you out. Although it is rare that you will find a unique name in these places, they can certainly prove to be useful to end the struggle of searching a name for the baby. If one is religious or religion-conscious, there are some websites that have categorized names according to the religion also. Astrological help is also provided. One can also consult many friends, family members and relatives regarding this matter because many hands make work lighter and better. But certain things to be kept in the mind while naming the baby are: The ideal name should be simple, easy to spell, have a friendly air about it and have a positive meaning. If you want to bestow certain qualities on your child, make sure that his/her name reflects these qualities. An ideal name is the best gift parents can give to their child, as the child has to live with this name throughout his/her life. Check the sound, compatibility and pronunciation of the name. How the name you are going to keep sounds when it is said. Is it melodious or is it harsh? Pronounce it many times yourself to see if it is pleasing to the ear.

Instead of a long traditional name, choose a name that is short and at the same time sweet. Remember that today, life is fast and with the passing of time it would even be faster and no one will have the time to spell or write difficult or lengthy names. You could also honor an old family member (grand parents or somebody who you adore) or literary character with the name you choose. A middle name provides an opportunity to honor an old family member. One can also name the baby starting with the same letter as either of the parents. Combination of the names of the parents to form a name for the child is also an option. Be conscious of the possible nicknames and variations that can emerge from the decided name. try to imagine nicknames of your selected name, which can be used to tease the baby in the future. Remember that your baby should not feel let down because of the name you have chosen. When naming twins, don’t keep similar name, let them have their own identities. Avoid names that can be used for both boys as well as girls. Discuss the baby’s name with your spouse much before the baby’s arrival. Keep the list of names you like and can keep adding to it as you find some interesting names. A name will cast a strong impression on people. So be careful and wise.

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