Families than and now by andrew12


It compares the earlier and today's families

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									Families then and now: “The only thing that is permanent in this world is change”. Everything undergoes a change and this is a natural process. But this change should be healthy and should be for the betterment and not destruction. Families furthermore have undergone a change too. There is a change in the size, quality, etc. The family is the basic institution which imparts the fundamental principles of life to a child. First preference and priority should be given to the family as it was formerly given. But that is not the case now. Initially a family played an important role in the individual’s life. But now there are more emphasis laid on the other aspects. More importance is given to the other relationships. Most of the families that exist now are busted. There are problems that creep up, mount up and then destroy the institution. But one should therefore remember that it is the family that accompanies you through all thick and thins. Previously there existed larger families. But now due to the various methods of family planning and due to the concept of modernization, the families have shrinked in size. The couples have now adopted the rule of having only 1 or two kid’s. Joint families have also now diminished thus paving a way for nuclear families which is the cause of industrialization and again modernization. Privacy is not found in the joint families according to the couples and therefore they opt for the nuclear families. A traditional family was a beautiful institution where in there was love, care and concern for every member. Everyone was heard to and was given importance and time. The parents would have time for their children and the children also would long to speak to their parents. But this seldom happens now a days. The children are often left at the playschools in the hands of the teachers and picked up in the evenings when the day almost comes to an end. Since the world is moving at a very fast pace, one is left with no time for the other. The parents are either busy in earning money and are engrossed in ways that raise their income. Children too are either engrosses in their groups, activities or their studies. People now possess selfish motives where in they think about themselves and no one else. Man has become man’s greatest enemy. The financial conditions of the families have now improved to a great extent. The children are provided with money, luxuries, comforts but they actually long for love which is not found now. Humans love to be loved. It is a human tendency. With the changing times hopefully there won’t be any more changes in the families. If there happen to be than they should be for the good.

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