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Great Money Saving Tips

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Everyone wants to save money, but no one wants to change his or her
lifestyle to do so. Here are a few ways you can still go out and have a
good time, but save money while doing so.

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Everyone wants to save money, but no one wants to change his or her
lifestyle to do so. Many people think that the only way to save is to go
without; Give up eating out at restaurants, stop going to the movies,
stop shopping, etc. This is not the case! It is very simple to still
enjoy going out, as well as save money. You just have to find ways to
spend less while going out. Here are some examples:

When going to a restaurant:

·     Always use coupons! I can’t stress that enough. There are many ways
to find them. The Sunday paper usually has coupons for a few restaurants.
Many restaurants send out coupons in the mail hoping to get you to visit
them. The Entertainment Book has coupons for many restaurants. The
restaurant’s own website might have a coupon that you can print out and
bring in. Sometimes you will find coupons in their take-out menu. You
will be able to save a few dollars just for taking a few seconds to look
for a coupon.

·     Share a meal. If you’re going out to dinner, many times you can get
away with ordering one main course and an appetizer or salad and sharing
them with your partner since the portions are so large. By splitting
them, you will save a lot more then if you had each gotten your own meal,
plus you will get more of a selection since you’ll get to taste both an
appetizer and an entrée.

When wanting to see a movie:

·     If you want to go to the movies, consider going during the day, or
in the early evening. These are all considered matinee showings, and you
will usually pay about half of the price you would pay at night! It
doesn’t sound like that big of a savings, but if you go to the movies
just once a month, you can save $54 a year per person. You’ll save even
more if you go more often!

·     If you want to save even more money, you can rent the movie once it
goes to DVD. Many websites will allow you to buy packs of 10 DVD rentals,
and you will end up saving anywhere from $0.50-$1.50 per rental! This can
really add up. If you rent one movie per week, you can save up to $78 a
year! Also keep an eye out for coupons that allow you to rent one and get
the second free.

There are many other simple things you can do to save money when going
out to enjoy different forms of entertainment. For other tips like the
ones you just read, see the website below.

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