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					Beaches of goa
Goa is the smallest state of India. Goa is very famous for its picturique beaches. All foreigners are attracted to Goa for the natural beauty it holds, the churches, the golden beaches on the west coast. All the beaches in goa opens into the Arabian sea. Different beaches of Goa

MIRAMAR BEACH: Miramar beach is situated in north goa, that is
3km away from capital of goa. It is also known as Gaper Dias beach It adjoins the estuary of river Mandovi. Miramar is a Portuguese word which means to view the sea. The climate it holds is very cool from october to may. The cool wind blowing against your face provides peace of mind and relaxation from all the worries and problems in your life. The famos sunset is the one that one should never miss. The soft lined land is very convenient for the evening walk along the beach. This beach also provides aclear and beautiful view of the Aguada fort. The main attraction towards the beach is the migratory birds which come during the winter season in search of their prey. One would like to go out for swimming but this beach is quite not safe to go for swimming as it has strong undercurrents. It is adisable not to go for swimming so as to secures ones self. Hotels: Goa Marriot resort is the one with a beautiful water frontpool merging with Arabian sea. Also Blue Bay resort and Majestic resort provide accomodation to the tourists. Hotel solmar goa is the nearest hotel at miramar. This hotel is surrounded with greenary around and those people who make their stay in this has a memorable stay Miramar beach is full of shops, restuarants, stalls along the beach. Also has children park and joggers park. One can go for shopping or taste the indian or goan delicious food staff. One can even go in to the sea or fishing by hiring kayak The only thing is, one should carry extra cash and enjoy all the faccilities available. In the evening the umber of people on the beach increases.

Dona Paula: This beach is located around 7 km rom Panjim. Dona Paula
beach is known as the lovers beach. People are attracted towards it to enjoy the sun , sea and also the sports in the water. This beach got Dona paula name ater the death of a girl called Dona Paula. The history behind this was that this girl threw herself o the cliff when she did not get the permission to get marry to a fisherman. This story of the girl has induced many people to visit this beach to feel the sorrowful heartbreaking pain of the lover. The climate of Dona Paula beach is warm in the month of may. People come to have sun baths. The water sport on this beach mainly includes the activities of water scooter, cycle, motorboat rides also windsurfing and harpoon fishing. There are many excursions held at this beach. Along the beach there are many small shacks and small markets selling handicrafts, sea wear clothes. The rates are quite reasonable. O Pescador is a resort at Dona Paula which allows the visitors to have a complete view of the beach. The Prainha is a hotel which has front beach property and is surrounded with palms and grooves.

Vagator Beach: Vagator beach is situated in 22km away rom the capital
of Goa. This beach can assure to gain the lost peace of mind. One can relax and get back the normal happy life. The attraction of this beach is the the changing colour of the water, the soft sand with tiny pieces of black rocks makes it worth beautiful. This beach has rocky headlands. There is a face of lord shiva carved on the rock. The best time to visit Vagator Beach is from september to may. The swimming in the beach is said to be safe. Shopping is not mch accessible on the beach. The only thing that you can buy fresh fish from the local markets near the beach, besides there small stalls which sell handmade articles like jewellery and so on. One can also taste the sweet dish “bebinca” and can also eat bananas.

There no much guest houses to stay. During the peak season there is dificulty in finding accomodation places.

Colva Beach: There is speciality about every beach in Goa. Each beach
differ from each other. Colva beach is the largest and oldest beach in goa. It is situated in the southern part of goa and is 6km away from the Margao city. Colva is less crowded beach compared to all other beaches in goa. It is attracted with the white sand it holds. It is the beach which is much loved by goans. The best season to visit the colva beach is december to february. Swimming in the beach is fair safe uless you go deep into the sea or you have to be the strong swimmer. Sports held in water are jet skiing and speed boat rides. Accomodation at colva beach is very easy as there are number of resorts prevailing to sreve the visitors. The rates are also quite reasonable. There are large number of shacks along the beach. While stolling on the streets you get see the silver mackerels, sardines and variety of fish. The shopping of variety of things along the beach is cheap and mind blowing. The venue of colva beach during night time with the lighting is as beautiul as the sky with stars. Sukhsagar is the best resort to suit ones needs. There are many other hotels to serve along with the picturique view of the beach.

Palolem beach: Palolem is the wonderful beach with sight-seeing views
of nature. The first thing you notice is the white shinning sand. If you stand at one spot and admire the beach it will look as if the beach is wearing a silver saree, printed with green leaves and has ablue cap on the head. Palolem beach is also known as Paradise beach The palm trees along the shore adds beauty to the beach. The small bamboo huts are kept ready for the tourists with all the basic necessities where in they can be hired on rental basis. There are huge rocks seen off the beach. Many youngsters go on top of the rocks to take a view of the beautiful beach.

There are many stalls found along the beach which are all set ready to provide their services. The sea being the shallowest on the nothern ends is much more safer for the average swimmers and the water currents are not fast. The activities usually hed are boat riding, swimming and shopping. One can also have a view on Dolphin’s play. Thes beach can surely provide a piece of mind, soul and body.

Varca beach: Varca beach is known to be the dreamland of goa. It plays
a unique role in attracting a large number of tourists. This beach is a cool and silent beach with its bountiful natural beauty. The songs sung by the water waves and the sunshine makes the beach a more attractive. The palmthatched houses of the fisherman are adds beauty to the beach. On this beach, the goan tasty food is available at a much reasonable rate. It also provides alarge accomodation faccilities for the tourists.

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