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Pitch Outline by sofiaie


									 Developer for a Day 6 Submission

 Title: Mutant League Football: MBP Edition
 Genre: Fantasy Sports
 Origin Date: 4/26/08 1006
 Completion Date: 5/16/08 1938
 By: Scott Madison
 Gamespot username: smadiso1
 Gamespot page:

 Special Thanks to: A good friend who wishes to remain unnamed and yet saved this project from
 certain doom.

I. Basic Info

 A. Premise: For those who have never heard of Mutant League Football, it is a Sega Genesis
    game released by Electronic Arts (EA) back in 1993. While it never reached the same fame
    as the Madden football series, it was still very popular during its time and even grew into a
    cult classic with the release of its sequel, Mutant League Hockey. Mutant League Football
    was known for its gory gameplay and became the first football game to ever allow you to
    actually win a game by killing off most of the other team‘s players! It also offered high-speed
    gameplay options, a playoff mode, and head-to-head mode. By today‘s standards the game
    is incredibly outdated in graphics, gameplay, and features. With a noticeable decline in
    interest in the overworked Madden NFL series by many gamers, including some hardcore
    fans of the series, a revamped version of Mutant League Football could help spur new
    interest in the American football genre and also rekindle a classic game that had a large fan
    base. And it would be way funnier than another Madden game.

     I bring to the judging panel Mutant League Football: MBP Edition, the long-awaited true
     sequel to an old classic. The MBP is the acronym for a new end-of-the-year award found
     only in Mutant League Football: Most Brutal Player. Move over, MVPs! There‘s a whole new
     meaning to ―fantasy football.‖

     For those who did not have the fortuitous delight of actually playing the original Mutant
     League Football, the game can best be summed up like this: take Madden NFL 1993, throw
     in some monsters, overdose everyone on steroids, remove any thoughts of sportsmanlike
     conduct and finally allow full-out brawls that result in the literal killing of one's opponents.
     While many core aspects of Madden NFL were found in the original Mutant League Football,
     a few very important differences existed that judges should be aware of:

     1. Only seven players were allowed on field – This limited play options severely but also
        sped up the game incredibly. There were fewer players for the Genesis to emulate so
        gameplay could move by extremely fast. Gamers even had the option to select various
        game speeds, which determined how fast the ball and players moved.

     2. Five races made up the sixteen teams' players – Instead of just having human players to
        play football with, five races were interspersed throughout the sixteen teams.
        Superhumans, Robots, Trolls, Aliens and Skeletons each brought different attributes that
        allowed them to excel or fail at various positions. Player characters, however, could not
        be moved from one position to the next, so each team was stuck with using only a few
        player characters for each position with no hope of improvement.

     3. You could kill your opponent – This was probably the most notable difference in the
        Mutant League. Player characters could be killed by other players, land mines, fire pits
    and exploding footballs (the latter created by Nasty Audibles). While the option did exist
    to turn the deaths off, player characters would still explode or get torn apart in the same
    gory animations as when deaths were turned on. Gamers could also increase the Death
    Index, which increased the rate at which player characters received damage from one
    another. Games played on the highest Death Rating very rarely ended at the end of the
    official time limit. In addition to killing other players, the ref was also a fair target for
    getting killed.

4. Nasty Audibles – While a gamer could use three-pass or three-run audibles, the Mutant
   League also included the unique Nasty Audibles. Designed to grant one or several
   players with a unique superpower for a set time limit these Nasty Audibles could change
   the game in an instant. Each team had two Nasty Audibles for the offense and two for
   the defense. Each audible could be used once per half. A third Nasty Audible, Kill Ref,
   could be used by both offense and defense without limit.

5. All teams entered the playoffs – The playoffs were a play function that allowed you to
   attempt to take a team to the Mutant Bowl. All sixteen teams participated in the playoffs.
   The gamer could choose who they wanted to face in the first round but all other
   participants were randomly seeded throughout the brackets.

6. Bribable Refs – A common question that comes up for people who have never played the
   original Mutant League Football is, ―Why do you get to kill the ref?‖ Besides fulfilling
   every American football fan‘s dream of ripping the head off a ref who just made a bad
   call, the Kill Ref Nasty Audible was the only way to remove a Bribed ref. Refs who had
   been bribed by a team would call any, and every, penalty imaginable upon the opposing
   team. Penalties often included ―Excessive farting‖, ―Excessive Drooling‖ and ―Booger
   Picking.‖ Each penalty would net the team who bribed the ref 5 yards in their favor.
   Needless to say, refs who are making calls like this had to be removed if an inflicted team
   was to win.

7. Breakdown scoring – A Breakdown was an incredibly rare scoring option that made extra
   points a lot more interesting. Back in 1993, the NFL still only allowed one-point extra
   point kick attempts. Mutant League Football opted along the lines of the NCAA football
   rules and allowed two point conversions. In addition to this, if the opposing defense was
   able to get their hands on the ball (via interception, fumble, fumble by kill) and then ran it
   back to the opposite end zone a Breakdown occurred. The Breakdown scored six points
   for the defense and allowed them to attempt an extra point as well. The game could
   conceivably go from one Breakdown to the next so long as the offense continued to turn
   the ball over to the defense.

8. No season play – Mutant League Football was, unfortunately, too limited to offer season
   play. While end-game stats were displayed, there was no automatic recording of them.
   Besides playoff mode, only exhibition and practice games could be selected.

9. Head-to-head play only – Unlike the Madden NFL series, there was no co-op play mode
   in Mutant League Football. Head-to-head play could take place in both exhibition and
   playoff modes.

10. Team stadiums had nasty surprises – Every stadium had a different playfield, and many
    came with booby traps for both teams to contend with. Crater pits would remove a player
    character from the playfield until the next down. Fire pits killed player characters. And
    mines not only killed player characters but also left either fire pits or crater pits behind
    depending on the field type. Some playfields were set on asteroids where player
    characters actually fell out of the stadium, but returned for the next play. One stadium
    was even made of rubber so that they bounced up really high when smacked down onto
        the surface. The varying stadiums always made away games very interesting in that you
        always had something new to contend with.

    11. Lastly, Trolls do fart and quite often – At first the low and somber expulsion of gas may
        sound like a miscued QB call. But there is no mistaking the smoky cloud that issues forth
        from a Troll derrière: trolls do fart in Mutant League Football and they do it quite often.
        So it‘s not surprising at all that trolls would in fact find a way to use this unique trait to
        their advantage in their own special Nasty Audible: Skunk. Mutant League football was
        not for gamers who did not enjoy the blatant presence of fart jokes.

B. Platform Support:
   1. Playstation 3 – with Hi-Def video and sound support.
   2. Xbox 360 - with Hi-Def video and sound support.
   3. Wii – complete with Wiimote controls.
   4. PC – Despite the recent pullout by EA on this platform for the Madden series, Mutant
       League Football will bring football back to the PC.

C. Game Engine: Fortunately for EA, bringing Mutant League Football back to life is a
   considerably easy task given that they already have a well-established football engine within
   the Madden NFL series. The Madden NFL engine would, of course, only serve as a base
   template (much like it does for NCAA Football), as a number of changes would need to be
   made in order to bring the Mutant League Football universe back to life. Below is the list of
   alterations to the Madden NFL engine and the returning favorites from the Mutant League
   Football original.

    1. Human players converted to Mutant players – Mutant League Football hosted five races
       of player characters: Superhuman, Troll, Alien, Skeleton and Robot. More info is
       provided on these races in the Detailed Game Aspects section at the end. While the
       original animations for humans could be easily used for Superhumans, four additional
       skins would need to be created for the four additional races. The original motion
       capturing used to incorporate lifelike movements in players should still be able to be
       applied to the other races as only a superficial difference will be seen. One major change
       from the original Mutant League Football will be that Aliens will run on two legs as
       opposed to rolling during movement. This will enable the use of the lifelike motion
       capturing (such as diving for a ball or jumping up for a catch) to be more easily
       incorporated for the race.

    2. Built-in kill animations and deaths for players – Players in Mutant League Football can
       gain a competitive edge by killing other players and referees. Because of this, kill/death
       animations would need to be created. Death from player-inflicted damage (punches,
       pancakes and tackles), fire pits, land mines, dynamite and exploding footballs would all
       need to be built in. Blood and killing can all be disabled within the main game settings
       menu for the faint of heart. Descriptions of some kill animations follow below:

            a. Superhuman killed by opposing player: With enough sustained damage, a
               Superhuman will be torn into three pieces – the head flies up with the spine
               attached, the torso gets carried away with the killing player and the legs fall to
               their respective sides. With the blood option turned on a gory mess ensues,
               while the no blood option has the look of a rag doll without any stuffing being torn

            b. Alien killed by opposing player: With enough sustained damage, an Alien will pop
               and disintegrate into thin air as its acid blood corrodes the outside shell. The
               killing player simply plods on through with a small amount of vapor trailing from
               their body; however, if the killing player sustains enough damage itself from the
               acid splash effect from the alien death, they too will die. See the Alien race
            description towards the end for more info on Alien deaths. With blood on, the
            acid will appear yellowish and will pop out and cover the alien‘s body. With blood
            off, the body will simply evaporate.

       c.   Any player character player steps on a landmine: Landmines are set to explode if
            anyone steps on one. The resulting explosion incinerates any player that
            stepped on it and leaves a fire pit or crater pit (depending on the home field)

       d. Any character player killed by exploding football: Much like a landmine, an
          exploding football (generated by certain Nasty Audibles) will incinerate any
          character within a half-yard radius of the blast. No fire pit or crater pit will be left

3. Player-of-the-week and end-of-the-year awards – All awards found in Madden NFL will
   be implemented, such as MVP, rookie of the year and player-of-the-week. Mutant
   League Football: MBP Edition will be unique in that awards will serve as the main way to
   increase player character attributes. Calculated attribute increases after games and
   seasons will not occur in this game! Instead, gamers must compete for offensive and
   defensive player-of-the-week awards that are given out in each conference. So a total of
   four awards will be given out after each week. The weekly awards will give a small
   attribute point bonus that the gamer can assign freely when the winners are announced.
   All end-of-the-year awards, except for the BWY, will earn player characters a decent
   attribute point bonus that the gamer can assign freely when the winners are announced.
   New end-of-the-year awards includes:

       a. MBP: The Most Brutal Player award is the most coveted award in the Mutant
          League. ‗Nancy boys‘ look to win the MVP by scoring points and gaining yards.
          The toughest and meanest of players want to rack up kills and great hits and
          avoid weenie hits to take home the MBP. This award still is presented even
          when Kills are turned off. It simply relies on great hits and weenie hits to
          determine the winner.

       b. BWY: The Biggest Weenie of the Year is awarded to the player who was killed
          the most and/or racked up the most weenie hits during the year. This is not an
          award to be proud of, but when you‘re one of the Sixty Whiners, just earning an
          award is often an accomplishment worthy of a contract extension.

       c.   RBY: The Ref Basher of the Year is awarded to the player who has racked up
            the most referee kills in the year. Ref kills are a separate stat that is often looked
            upon with disdain by some players. Others revel in the fact that they can still
            take down a Ref who is fully loaded with a rocket launcher and flamethrower and
            have the numbers to prove it.

4. Mini-game Training camps – Mini-games in Madden NFL offer players a chance to gain
   extra attribute point bonuses for player characters depending on ending rank and mini-
   game difficulty. The same mini-game philosophy will be used for this game but with one
   added emphasis: these mini-games will serve as the only other method for gaining
   attribute point bonuses. Each mini-game can only be played once each season by one
   character. While many mini-games will remain similar to the Madden NFL series, a few
   will be changed to reflect the Mutant League Football mayhem:

       a. Throw the Pig: A quarterback centered mini-game that focuses on completing
          passes to set routes run by practice robots. Earn more points by completing
          more passes in the fewest attempts. Successful completion allows for increases
          in QB Throwing Accuracy, Throwing Power, and Awareness.
        b. Stink-bomb Drill: A quarterback centered mini-game that focuses on evading
           incoming launched stink-bombs while attempting to hit three to five stationary
           targets. Earn more points by staying in the pocket, evading more successive
           stink-bombs and hitting the correct target. Successful completion allows for
           increases in QB Throwing Accuracy, Throwing Power and Agility.
        c. Slay Running: A running back/receiver/tight end centered mini-game that focuses
           on gaining yardage and touchdowns by running set team plays against two to
           three defensive practice robots with one blocker robot. Earn more points by
           gaining more yardage, touchdowns and kills. Successful completion allows for
           increases in Speed, Tackle Breaking and Carrying.
        d. Hot Hands: A running back/receiver/tight end centered mini-game. Earn more
           points by completing more successive catches. Successful completion allows for
           increases in Catching, Carrying and Speed.
        e. Trench War: A tight end/offensive line centered mini-game. Player characters
           must breakthrough one to two practice robots as fast as possible to reach
           triggers that destroy the robot guards. Earn more points by breaking through or
           killing defenders to hit all triggers quicker. Successful completion allows for
           increases in Pass Block, Run Block, and Strength.
        f. Killing Fields: A defensive player centered mini-game. This pits the player
           character against practice robots which must be destroyed within a two minute
           time limit. Earn more points with more kills, more great hits and fewer weenie
           hits. Successful completion allows for increases in Strength, Endurance and
        g. Smear the Bot: A defensive player centered mini-game. This places the player
           character and a defensive robot against one offensive blocking robot and one
           ball carrying robot. Earn more points with loss of yardage plays, fumbles and
           kills. Successful completion allows for increases in Strength, Block Breaking and
        h. Deflect the Pig: A corner/linebacker/safety centered mini-game. This pits the
           player character against a robot QB who passes to stationary targets. Earn more
           points by deflecting more successive passes and intercepting the ball.
           Successful completion allows for increases in Speed, Catching and Awareness.
        i. Kick the Pig: A kicker centered mini-game. Simply kick the ball between the
           uprights with increasing difficulty within a time limit. Earn more points by kicking
           more successful field goals in the time limit. Successful completion allows for
           increases in Kicking Power, Kicking Accuracy and Endurance.
        j. Punt the Pig: A punter centered mini-game. Simply kick the ball into the corners
           with increasing difficulty within a time limit. Earn more points by punting more
           successful corner shots in the time limit. Successful completion allows for
           increases in Punting Power, Punting Accuracy and Endurance.
        k. Dr. Frankenstein‘s Chair: Any player character mini-game. Dr. Frankenstein‘s
           Chair isn‘t so much a mini-game as it is a Russian roulette. A character will sit in
           the chair and will receive a jolt of electricity. This game randomly eliminates
           anywhere from zero to ¾ of the Deaths earned from the previous season. This
           allows a player to attempt to gain back attributes previously lost from the attribute
           drain due to reaching a set Deaths point.

5. Attribute decreases linked to Deaths – The Madden NFL series has relied on age or
   injuries to cause attribute decreases and eventual retirement. In Mutant League Football:
   MBP Edition all attribute decreases will be dependent on the Deaths stat or how many
   times the player has been killed. Each character race has a default Deaths number that
   when reached forces the character to retire (this can even occur during a season and
   playoffs). Attribute decreases occur at 1/8, ¼, ½, and ¾ of this default retirement
   number. The attribute decreases received will be a set calculated ratio that varies for
   each race.
6. Death accumulation for Free Mutants - The Free Agent list is renamed to the Free Mutant
   list; primarily because no Mutant in his right mind would allow anyone to get away with
   calling him an ―agent.‖ When player characters find themselves on the Free Mutant list,
   they tend to get into trouble during the season. Without a stable paycheck and means
   Fame, they revert to less than socially acceptable means to get their money and Fame.
   This typically turns into numerous run-ins with the heavily armed Galactic Police. Any
   character who is on the Free Mutant list receives five deaths at the start of the next
   season. Characters who hit their retirement Death number while on the Free Mutant list
   will retire at the beginning of the next season with the accrual of the five Deaths.

7. Attributes and Stats – While many attributes and stats will remain the same, as seen in
   Madden NFL, a few new additions will be seen. Most importantly is the removal of age
   (as mentioned in a previous section). A character could conceivably play through the
   entire Franchise so long as they were careful to not rack up too many Deaths. Stats and
   attributes added in will include:
        a. Kills – keeps track of how many kills a character has had per season and lifetime.
        b. Great Hits – keeps track of how many power hits (tackle or pancake attempt with
            the turbo button) a character has had per season and lifetime.
        c. Weenie Hits – keeps track of how many missed tackles, missed blocks and times
            knocked down by opponents a character has had in a season and lifetime.
        d. Strength – this attribute will also affect how much damage a character will do
            when punching and tackling.
        e. Toughness – instead of determining how likely a player will be injured, this
            attribute will determine how well a character can take oncoming punches and
        f. Stamina – This attribute will determine how much energy a character can expend
            while playing and using turbo before needing to rest. A higher base Stamina will
            allow for quicker current Stamina recovery when on the bench.
        g. Endurance – This attribute will determine how much damage a character can
            take before dying. In essence, this is a character‘s Hit Point (or HP) maximum.
            When Strength from opponents exceeds Toughness (strength can be augmented
            from Turbo use and Nasty Audibles) or if they are hit by damage-inflicting objects
            (such as exploding footballs and dynamite), considerable HP will be lost. HP is
            still lost when struck by a punch or tackle when Toughness is greater than an
            opponent‘s Strength, but in far lower amounts. When Endurance reaches zero,
            the character dies (unless Kills are disabled). A higher base Endurance will allow
            for quicker current Endurance recovery when on the bench.
        h. Deaths – keeps track of the number of times a character has died in a season
            and over lifetime.

8. Team race restrictions lifted – A few of the original teams had all-one-race policies
   enforced for its roster of players. For example, the Turbo Techies were all Robots and
   were, in fact, the only team to have Robots. Mutant League Football: MBP Edition will lift
   these previous restrictions and will allow even the pre-built all-one-race teams to draft in
   or trade in players of other races. When the AI plays an all-one-race team, it will tend to
   favor that one race but will still draft and make trades for other race players during a
   season or franchise play.

9. The Mutant League Draft and The Thresher – While the Madden NFL combine and
   drafting system will be used in this Mutant League sequel, numerous changes will be
   made to make it far easier to use. Teams will still receive draft selections based on the
   previous season record and any draft selection trades. Scouting and drafting occurs in
   the Thresher, which is a one-time Battle Royale in which applicants attempt to show off
   just how much of a bad ass mutant they really are against numerous mechanized pain
   bringers and one another. Every team can view each applicant‘s attributes, which are
   displayed in full number form just as they are in regular season play. Most applicants
    start with decently high stats, making them suitable picks to bolster any team‘s degrading
    roster. A few stand-outs and the far more rare All-Mutant picks will be available as well.
    The remaining picks will be comprised of players who are better suited for providing
    Ultra-boar slop with its great taste.

10. Naming of draft players – Names in the original Mutant League Football followed a basic
    rule set: if it was a big-time player they had a cool name and reserves had rather stupid
    names (like Flunkit and Flunkus). Since the current draft system uses current player
    names randomized and then combined to create new player names, the system will need
    updating to fit the Mutant League standards. While names will be reused (standout
    names less so), each race will be given some set nouns that can then have various
    suffixes added to them. For example, Robots will have a name set of Alpha and a suffix
    set from 1 to 9. Trolls will have a name set of Flunk with a suffix set of -en, -it, -us, etc.
    Some hidden standout names will be thrown into the available names as well for the
    computer to use.

11. Fame system – While Mutant League players do get paid a nominal amount for their
    seasons of work, they long ago learned that while a team could pay them a few million
    credits, being famous could get them hundreds of millions of credits from the many
    intergalactic advertising agencies. And so the Fame system was born from which a
    signing team promised to make a player famous to the player‘s desired level. Each
    player has a calculated Fame requirement; the variables of this are discussed in the next
    section. The Fame system acts much like the Salary Cap system in Madden NFL. A
    team can only sign players up to the team‘s Fame Cap limit. The Fame Cap has one
    major difference from the Salary Cap: a team‘s Fame Cap changes based on their
    success and failures throughout a Franchise. Every team starts with a team specific
    Fame Cap at the beginning of the Franchise. Teams with more talented players will start
    with a higher Fame Cap while teams with less than talented players will start with a lower
    Fame Cap. The following describes how the Fame system works.
         a. Team Fame accrual – Fame Caps will be increased at the end of each season
             based upon the following achievements:
                 1) Total wins: Simply winning a game will earn a team an increase in Fame
                     Cap. However, the amount of Fame Cap increase earned is determined
                     by the opposing team‘s Fame Cap. By defeating teams with a higher
                     Fame Cap, the greater the increase will be from that win. Defeating
                     teams with a lower Fame Cap will give far less increases to the Fame
                     Cap, but a nominal increase will still be earned.
                 2) Winning Conference: By winning the team‘s conference final, a sizable
                     Fame Cap increase will be earned.
                 3) Winning the Mutant Bowl: By winning the big game, the team will earn
                     the largest Fame Cap increase available.
                 4) Finishing a season undefeated: By finishing the regular season with no
                     losses, the team will earn a sizable increase. A loss in the playoffs will
                     not forfeit this achievement.
                 5) Finishing a season winless: While not an achievement any team would
                     want to strive for, the league takes pity upon the weenies that finish
                     without a win and grant them a small increase to their Fame Cap in the
                     hopes of salvaging some talent for next year. Or at least giving the other
                     teams some fresh meat to beat on next season.
                 6) Player awards earned: Having a player win an end-of-the-year award is
                     a momentous occasion. Even the winner of the BWY (The Biggest
                     Weenie of the Year) award will earn their team a modest increase to their
                     team‘s Fame Cap. Teams will also gain a nominal Fame Cap increase
                     with each player-of-the-week award earned.
         b. Team Fame depreciation - Fame Caps will be decreased at the end of each
             season based upon the following achievements:
                1) Total losses: Losing is never an option in the Mutant League. Any loss
                   will earn a team a decrease in Fame Cap, but like winning, the decrease
                   depends on the opponent‘s Fame Cap. Losses to teams with higher
                   Fame Caps will result in smaller decreases as they were less likely to
                   win, while upset losses to teams with smaller Fame Caps will result in
                   much larger decreases.
                2) Loss by annihilation: As if losing wasn‘t bad enough, losing by being
                   unable to send 11 men out is just humiliating. A team will earn an
                   additional decrease when they lose by Annihilation.

12. Player character calculated Fame requirement – Each player character varies in their
    requested Fame requirement to play for a team. A player character‘s attributes affects
    the calculation, with Awareness factoring in the heaviest. A smarter player character
    knows they can get more fame out of a contract than a dumber-than-rocks player
    character who just likes to smash anything that moves. Higher attributes generally result
    in a higher Fame requirement. Past seasons‘ stats and awards won also affect how
    much a player will require for a contract. Player contract negotiations will follow the same
    contract negotiations as seen in Madden NFL only no agents are involved. All
    negotiations are done through player characters, as the mutants realized that agents
    made better tackling dummies than contract negotiators. The former tackling dummies
    tend to agree with the mutants‘ logic.

13. Play styles. New custom team build/team classification – Madden NFL offers the ability to
    create a custom team with a particular play style in mind for player character generation.
    Mutant League Football: MBP Edition will use five existing team builds (Air it Out, Smash-
    mouth, Strong D, Strong O, and Balanced) add two additional builds (Smash-head and
    Cupcake) and rename one existing build (West Coast Offense becomes Western Spiral
    Arm O):

        a. Smash-head: For teams that think offense is for pretty boys and defense is just a
           joke, they embrace the age-old mantra of ―Kill them all.‖ Smash-head football is
           designed to bring in heavy-hitting, massively built, and usually dimwitted players
           all in the effort to kill off the opposing team as fast as possible. While the play
           style does result in high turnover rates on the defensive side of the ball, it rarely
           keeps talented teams out of the end zone, let alone puts their own offense in the
           end zone. This is not a play style for those with a weak stomach.
        b. Cupcake: Some teams just can‘t catch a break. Their top draft picks get
           smashed and end up retiring early, veterans just don‘t seem to perform like they
           did and the coaches are just too dumb to call the right play. Such is life for a
           Cupcake team. Whether they‘ve been cursed on the playfield or are really just
           too dumb and untalented to make it in the league no one will ever know.
           Shipping out dead weight and bringing in some fresh talent can help bring a team
           out of their woes, but true Cupcake teams never quite escape the name.
        c. Air It Out: ―Just throw the freakin‘ ball!‖ Nothing could be easier than sending the
           receivers out and then throwing up a prayer. Air It Out is all about putting the ball
           in the air as much as possible and then hopefully coming down with it each time.
           A good quarterback and great receivers are needed to keep the ball from being
           turned over. And a good offensive line ensures that the quarterback stays alive
           long enough to do it.
        d. Strong D: Getting the right group of heavy hitting, yet thinking, players takes
           patience and talent. But when a coach gets this mix, you get a defense that not
           only can keep an offense out of the end zone but also gets turnovers and, many
           times, kills. A team with Strong D might very well have a defense that can score
           more points than their offense.
        e. Strong O: Some teams don‘t care how they put the ball in the end zone but they
           know they want the best players out there who can do it. Strong O combines
           great players who can run, pass and catch, but not necessarily using just one
           philosophy to do it. Teams like this often struggle with finding an identity, but
           those that score often enough to win really don‘t care who they are. They just
           know they‘re winning.
        f. Smash-mouth: While many teams like to defy gravity with putting the ball in the
           air for just anyone to grab, Smash-mouth puts the ball in the hands of the guy
           who knows just what to do with it: run with it and kill anyone in his way. With
           strong and fast runners on these teams, it often takes entire defenses to bring
           them down in one down. And to think there‘s still three more to go after he‘s
           done the damage on that last one!
        g. Western Spiral Arm O: Unearthed a few years ago on an insignificant blue globe
           in the far reaches of the Western Spiral Arm came a playbook on a lowly coast
           by a bay. No one really cared where it came from, but the plays found in the
           book were worth more than anything else found on that decaying little world.
           Western Spiral Arm O brings a quirky, yet potent, offensive passing game
           adapted for Mutant League play from a clearly dull and ancient sport.
        h. Balanced: Some teams really just don‘t know what they want to do. So to pass
           the time away until they figure it out they simply draft good players from nearly
           every position that they can find. A Balanced team provides a decent offensive
           and decent defensive team that clearly can‘t make up its mind what it‘s going to
           do in life. While they might not be able to score lots of points, they certainly hope
           they can keep from giving up too many.

14. New formations and 11-man gameplay - Mutant League Football suffered from having
    only seven player characters on the field. Using the current Madden NFL engine, this
    number can be increased to 11, which would also increase the number of allowable
    players on a roster to 42. With the increase in on-field players, standard formations can
    also be used. Most formations will be renamed to reflect the gory nature of the game. A
    few formations (most notably Shotgun, Field Goal and Punt) will remain the same.

15. Renamed and restructured play books – While many of the original plays from Mutant
    League Football will be reincorporated, the playbooks will be updated with new plays for
    formations not found in Mutant League Football (such as the dime formation). Plays
    found in Madden NFL can be used, but sticking with Mutant League Football tradition,
    they will be renamed to reflect the gory nature of the game. A few examples are listed
        a. Slay Action Pass: Play Action passing got boring after the first season of Mutant
             League Football. So, smarty-pants QBs started to play with the Slay Action Pass
             which provided their receivers and running backs with the option to rough up the
             defense a little bit, break free and catch the ball for a decent gain. Although,
             when the defense is far tougher than your cupcake receiver the Slay Action
             doesn‘t work so well.
        b. Gash Left/Right: When slicing to the left and right just won‘t cut it, QBs rely on
             the Gash play to send a running back right into the opposition. This play typically
             only works with hard to tackle or oversized brutish running backs, as anyone else
             will likely just get killed.
        c. Hail Scary Pass: The name says it all. It‘s a pass that‘s just so darn scary some
             QBs soil themselves when throwing it. When it doesn‘t work you just gave the
             ball to the defense and you have a rather funky smelling QB on your hands.
             When it does work, though, you get a scary amount of yards but still have to deal
             with that funky smelling QB. Will someone get this guy some new pants

16. Change 32 team roster to 16 team roster - Mutant League Football featured only 16
    teams in total. Each original team will return in MBP addition and the option to custom
    create teams will also be available. However, only 16 teams will be allowed to compete
    in Franchise mode so players must remove original teams to allow custom teams to be
    included. Custom teams will not be available in online Franchise mode.

17. Restructure Playoff brackets – As noted in the previous section, using the Madden NFL
    playoff structure would require a change to only allow 16 teams in total to compete in the
    playoffs. Teams will be seeded based on season record with the best record teams
    getting the highest seeds and playing the worst record teams getting the lowest seeds.
    The best example I can give is to think of the Sweet Sixteen bracket set up in the NCAA
    Basketball tournaments; only here there will only be two number one spots and so on
    down to number eight. The winner of each Conference plays in the highly acclaimed
    Mutant Bowl.

18. Nasty Audibles built in – Another unique feature to Mutant League Football was the use
    of Nasty Audibles. As found in the original game, Nasty Audibles can be used once each
    half. The Kill Ref nasty audible will always remain available for both offense and defense
    and can be used without limit. Each team will retain two unique nasty audibles (one
    offensive and one defensive) that are only available to their team or a few teams. They
    can then choose two additional common Nasty Audibles (one offensive and one
    defensive) that can be changed before each game. Four additional normal play audibles
    will still be accessible for customization, as offered in the Madden NFL series, on both
    sides of the ball. Here is a sample listing of some original Nasty Audibles that will return
    in Mutant League Football: MBP Edition:
         a. Super Speed – Common Offensive/Defensive Nasty Audible: Boosted with a 5
               second burst of speed, a player character will shoot around or even through the
               opposition before anyone can lay a claw on them.
         b. Run Blast – Common Offensive Nasty Audible: Not every running back can break
               tackles or sprint down the field with blazing speed. Some need a slight edge and
               that‘s where Run Blast comes into play. This Nasty Audible places five sticks of
               dynamite in the hands of the running back to throw at oncoming defensive
               opponents. The resulting damage is rarely enough to kill an opponent outright,
               but any who are already quite low on Endurance can easily get blown to pieces
               by these dangerous sticks.
         c. Ghosts – Common Defensive Nasty Audible: Fortunately for the Mutant League,
               no one ever signed any stupid treaties that prohibited personal cloaking devices.
               As such, the Ghost Nasty Audible has been a beloved play for defenses that
               want to disappear and catch an offense off guard. Once the ball is hiked, every
               defensive player becomes invisible until the next down.
         d. Rumble Fumble – Killer Konvicts/Icebay Bashers Unique Offensive Nasty
               Audible: Common knowledge in football is that a fumbled ball will draw players to
               it like flies to dog poo. Building off this knowledge, some homicidal teams jury-rig
               the beloved pigskin with several small explosive devices. The moment any
               player touches the booby-trapped ball it explodes, taking with it anyone, friend or
               foe, within a half-yard radius. ‗Tis truly a malicious act, but a lot of fun to watch.
         e. QB Bash –War Slammers/Terminator Trolls Unique Defensive Nasty Audible:
               When the opposing team‘s QB has just been tearing apart your defense and the
               offensive line isn‘t giving up any spaces to get rid of said QB, that‘s where QB
               Bash comes in. While not guaranteed to work, any team that initiates QB Bash
               (before the ball is hiked) will attempt to bash the opposing team‘s QB until he is
               dead or escapes out of bounds. Regardless of the fate of the opposing QB, the
               defense who called QB Bash is always penalized 10 yards for QB bashing. But
               what‘s ten yards for taking the head off someone‘s prized QB?

19. ―Breakdown‖ scoring option – Like the original Mutant League Football, the Breakdown
    scoring option returns. During any extra point attempt, one or two point, if the defense is
    able to get control of the ball and run it into the opposing team‘s end zone they will score
    six points. That team then has the option to attempt an extra point themselves.
20. Build in Annihilation wins - Regardless of the score or time remaining in a game, when a
    team can no longer place 11 men on either side of the ball they forfeit the game and the
    other team wins by Annihilation. Player characters can play at any position within their
    respective side of the ball so even when all backup QBs have been killed, a gamer can
    still put in another offensive player at QB. Even if they do throw or run like their grandma,
    someone must always fill an open position. Of course, player characters related to
    former players of the old school team ―Hell‘s Grannies‖ will admit they only wish that they
    could run like their grandmas.

21. Punches built in – The original Mutant League Football relied on punches on both sides
    of the ball as opposed to stiff arms and strip attempts at the ball. While the control
    schemes remain exactly the same, as found in the Madden NFL series, the stiff arm
    ability (offense with the ball) and the strip ball attempt (defense) will both be replaced with
    punches. The effect is similar to what stiff arms and strip attempts did but also causes
    direct damage to the targeted player. Damage inflicted is determined by the player‘s
    strength stat.

22. Visible, Bribable and Killable referees – Referees have disappeared from the Madden
    series except the rare occasion when you run into one on the sideline. Mutant League
    Football stood apart from other football games, as you could bribe refs for extra yardage
    and also kill them for making bad calls. Referees on the field will act much like the
    original did in Mutant League Football. In keeping with Mutant League tradition, no ref is
    beyond the greasing of a palm or even two. Each team can bribe the ref once per game.
    A bribed ref will act similar to their original counterparts in that they will be more likely to
    call penalties against the opposing team and will certainly call a made up penalty against
    the opposing team when they gain yardage or hold your team from gaining yards. A
    bribed ref will continue to make bad calls, in favor of the team who bribed him, until he is
    killed. If the other team happens to bribe the ref as well, he will make bad calls on both
    teams! The only way to remove a bribed ref is to of course, kill him with the Kill Ref nasty
    Audible. As such, they will also have death/kill animations, as they can be killed and will
    now also fight back! Replacement refs will sport increasing amounts of armor and
    eventually wield weapons (like a rocket launcher and flamethrower) to help fend off the
    hordes of mutant players who attempt to dogpile on top of them.

23. Goalpost taunting and commentating– As seen in the original Mutant League Football,
    the goalposts will once again come alive with a skeleton head on the top. Instead of
    simply laughing at you or spinning its head for an extra point kick, it will interact with
    players on the field depending on what team they play for. Home field players will
    receive compliments and cheers from their goalposts. The visiting team players will
    suffer from ridicule and snide remarks from goalposts. The goalpost will also serve as
    the commentator, though only one voiceover will be used, as it is the same entity. A
    tiered commentating system will be used to allow filtered obnoxious comments and
    taunts. The lowest level will filter out all obnoxious content, leaving only mild comments;
    e.g.: ‗Touchdown‘ and ‗Great Hit.‘ The highest level will allow full use of all obnoxious
    content; e.g.: ‗Ooo, he just got the crap kicked out of him!‘ and ‗There‘s one less piece o‘
    crap for me to look at!‘ Obnoxious content will be limited to what can be heard in a Teen
    ESRB rating.

24. Franchise play – A first for Mutant League Football, players will be able to compete in
    Franchise play with one or all teams. Franchises will last for twenty years, have trackable
    stats for all players (including player kills, ref kills and weenie hits), have drafts for
    rookies, offer trading of players/picks between teams, allow upgrades/customization of
    stadiums, and will put the player in complete control of just how much notoriety (or
    infamy) their team can gain in the new Fame system. Because skeletons don‘t need
    money; they just want to be famous.
25. Unique stadiums, upgradeable fields and custom fields – The unique team stadiums will
    also return for the sequel, though some will likely receive facelifts. Along with being able
    to create their own teams, gamers will be able to build their own stadiums just like
    Madden NFL offers. However, in keeping with Mutant League tradition, every field can
    be booby-trapped. The stadiums and traps will cost nothing, as money has no affect in
    this game, except for bribing the ref (which can only be done once each game). Traps
    can be placed at will by the player, but they must realize that they too will be facing the
    traps they place for at least one full half.

26. Online play – Building from the expected changes in online play for Madden09, Mutant
    League Football: MBP will offer online versus play and franchise play for personal
    leagues. All teams may be played by human players or given AI control. Flex scheduling
    will also be implemented to help aid in restricted play times for players. Leader boards
    for each custom league can be made available for viewing on a company-based website.

27. Family Play?! – In a game this full of blood, gore and violence, anyone would have the
    right to say this just doesn‘t make sense. In keeping with the EA idea of bringing easy
    playing of sports games to the whole family, and my own attempts to get parents involved
    with their kids‘ gaming sessions, Family Play will host unalterable settings that will ensure
    a family-friendly gaming environment. Family Play will always default to Comment Filter
    at the lowest setting (simple commentary with no foul language), Kills turned off, Blood
    turned off and the core control scheme previously set for Family Play (as designed for
    each system) found in Madden NFL. Punching will still be available, but will serve much
    like the stiff-arm, strip-ball, and attempt block commands seen in Madden NFL.

28. Parental Controls – As mentioned in the previous section, a central goal for my game
    designing is to help convince parents to get involved with their kids‘ video gaming—and
    vice versa. As such, upon the initial boot up of the game a screen will prompt the player
    to set up a Parental Control profile. This profile will serve as the parent‘s key to ensuring
    no objectionable content will reach their children until the parent is ready to unlock said
    content. Through the use of the Parental Control profile, parents will then be able to
    create sub-profiles which can have filters placed on each account (such as Kills off, Blood
    on, Comment Filter 1). Younger gamers can then access the game at any time but will
    only be able to play using the options unlocked for them by the Parental Control profile.
    All additional sub-profiles will be created by the Parental Control Profile. If more than one
    gamer with a profile wants to play (so as to save stats for their team), the profile with the
    lowest settings will be used as the default setting. For gamers who are already making
    their own decisions in video game purchasing (18 years and older, presumably), the
    Parental Control Profile will serve as their primary profile. For online franchise play, the
    creator of the league can specify which settings will be used for all games and every
    participating profile must meet the specified league settings (so a profile with Blood
    turned off cannot participate in a league created to have Blood turned on). League
    settings cannot be changed once started, and any player who has changed their settings
    will have to manually change their settings back to league-specified settings before being
    able to participate in any additional games.

29. Authentic Heavy metal guitar riffs - the music in the original Mutant League Football had
    a definite edge to it. And it was an edge that gave the game an attitude that deserves to
    be preserved. Putting a skilled heavy metal band or any band deemed talented enough
    to the task of playing classic Mutant League Football songs, retooling some, and creating
    new ones will bring the musical score up to par with today‘s musical standards. Adding in
    some rap tracks would help give the game some more edge as well. Anyone who
    attempts to bring ―Monster Mash‖ into the soundtrack will be dealt with accordingly:
    mashed by a sledgehammer.
     30. ―EA Sports‖ gets squashed - The well-known introduction of ―EA Sports‖ is a must for any
         EA sports game. But as with everything else in Mutant League, even the introduction
         needs some attitude. With the EA logo appearing and the classic EA announcer
         declaring ―EA Sports‖ a foot of either one of the five players (random selection upon
         startup) will squash the EA Sports Logo. A few seconds pass after the squashing, the
         player‘s face fills the screen and the voiced actor for that race type will announce ―It‘s in
         the game!‖

     31. Lastly, but certainly not least, Trolls still fart and quite often – There‘s no reason to cut out
         classic fart jokes. While farts will be linked to the Comment Filter, they can be turned off
         with the setting at one and thus always off during Family Play. With the Comment Filter
         set at 2 and above, expect a gaseous assault from everyone‘s favorite dimwitted meat
         heads and a fair share of tasteless comments from the Goalpost commentator about
         them as well.

II. Detailed game aspects

 A. Teams – All 16 teams return for the sequel, though many will be undergoing some
    restructuring. The original game was built with 1993 NFL players in mind, and while some
    old time favorites will still be found in the game (like Bones Jackson), numerous current-day
    NFL players will find mutant league doppelgangers within Mutant League Football: MBP
    Edition. The following lists each conference, each team, expected play style and a few high-
    profile characters:

     1. Toxic Conference
            a. War Slammers – Strong D: The General and his fierce leathernecks return ready
               for a fight. The dynamic defensive duo Docken and Shocken continue to rack up
               points and kills on this hefty defensive team.
            b. Sixty Whiners – Cupcake: The past twenty years should have been a great
               building time for these cupcakes; but all they‘ve added is a few sprinkles to their
               cake-like play style. Mr. Sprinkle now leads this band of so-called players, but
               many wonder if he will simply be flattened like all the coaches before him.
            c. Deathskin Razors – Strong O: Getting the ball in the end zone is the only thing
               this all-skeleton team cares about. Whether it‘s on the ground or in the air they
               seek out the best boney offensive talent the galaxy has to offer.
            d. Icebay Bashers – Smash-head: With their veteran QB, Oldman Winter, still
               leading the offense, the Bashers prove they still have some brains when in
               possession of the ball. On the defensive side, however, they still hold true to
               their old ways of ―Bash ‗em all!‖
            e. Vile Vulgars – Air it Out – The Vulgars have struggled over the past few years but
               feel that their young Alien receiving duo, Switch and Blade, can bring them into a
               new era of passing greatness. However, can their aging QB, Rapier, take
               advantage of these two new receiving powerhouses?
            f. Rad Rockers – Western Spiral Arm O: Taking on the highly acclaimed playbook
               of the Darkstar Dragons, the Rad Rockers still suffer with slow and dimwitted
               players on the offense. L.T. Impaler still leads their quick defense but many
               wonder just how much longer can this legend play?
            g. Midway Monsters – Smash-mouth: Bones Jackson returns for a record-setting
               25 year and proves even the old and boney can still smash their way through
               the young guns. With some fresh young offensive linemen paving the way
               through defenses, ole‘ Bones might just make it another five years.
            h. Road Warriors – Balanced: Having lost their best receiver in team history, Slicer,
               the Warriors themselves became lost as to where to go. In recent years they
               have built up a decent crew of players who can hold their own against most
               teams. Their key running back, Striker, helps lead this up and coming all
               Superhuman team as they try to find their identity.
    2. Maniac Conference
          a. Turbo Techies – Strong O: While this all-Robot team was undergoing some
              major refitting and reprogramming, new head coach Terabyte stumbled across
              his newest star: PM1800. This quarterback brings new meaning to the Laser
              Rocket Arm, as he comes equipped with one, and can throw passes that tear
              through defenses like a lightsaber through butter. He does run the risk of
              becoming stuck at the line when issuing out false play-calls and requires a quick
              reboot to the backside.
          b. Terminator Trolz – Strong D: Maintaining the ever popular Mo and Spew Puke on
              the defense has kept this all Troll team on top and opposing teams‘ offenses out
              of the end zone. The offense still struggles in the passing game but with a team
              this full of flatulence, who can stop them?
          c. Killer Konvicts – Smash-head: Many called it a gamble twenty years ago; starting
              a brand new team using only players who recently served in prison, or who were
              released for games due to careful bribing of wardens. But such a gamble paid
              off as the Konvicts have proven they can simply kill off the opposition rather than
              score more points. Just be glad these guys are kept on the field and are not
              loose in the streets.
          d. Psycho Slashers – Balanced: The past few years have not been good to the all
              Alien Psycho Slashers. Many fans say they lost their edge as their defense lost
              its blood lust and the offense just got lost on the way to the end zone. While they
              maintain an edge in tackle breaking, the team just can‘t seem to keep enough
              players alive once they get hit.
          e. Misfit Demons – Air it Out: Having snagged the best quarterback and receiver
              tandem in the league, Pretty Boy T and The Dazzler look to tear up more
              defenses with their amazing air assault. An aging defense has some fans
              concerned, but the players in the secondary show no signs of letting up on their
              punishing hits any time soon.
          f. Slaycity Slayers – Smash-mouth: Still going strong after so many years, coach
              Slayer still lives and dies by the run game. His young troll fullback, Run N‘ Gun,
              breaks through nearly every defense without a sweat. With a hefty defense on
              the front line he ensures no running game will ever be used effectively against
              him either.
          g. Darkstar Dragons – Western Spiral Arm O: The Razor Kid has taken the reins
              after Joe Magician has retired and accepted his place in the Hall of Bloody Fame.
              This strong, deep defensive core continues to trouble most teams, but the run
              defense still plagues their front line.
          h. Screaming Evils – Cupcake: Whatever it was the Evils had back in the day, if
              they even had anything at all, is surely gone now. In fact, many fans question
              just how evil they really are anymore. For when a team gets killed far more often
              then they can kill an opposing player, one must ask just how evil can you really

B. Player Races – All five races return in this new Mutant League edition. Each race will have a
   distinct voice actor that will supply taunts, celebrations and line calling sound bites. As seen
   in the original Mutant League Football, characters will have a base team color that is dyed to
   their exterior while pads, boots and helmets (note that all helmets in the Mutant League do
   not have face masks) will change to home or away colors. While each race typically follows a
   set standard for attributes, there will be exceptions to the rule, particularly for standout
   veterans and draft picks. The following describes each race and any changes that will be
   made to them:

    1. Superhuman – This race represents a wide array of player characters. Superhumans
       can look like normal human players (as seen in Madden), take on cyborg implants
       (superficial décor only), show tattoos, and display wide arrays of scars. All superhumans
    wear spiked helmets, spiked shoulder pads and spiked boots. They are free to choose
    between wearing banana hammocks (as in the original), knee high pants and full length
    pants. All superhumans go shirtless, as only pansies wear shirts. Attribute-wise a
    superhuman is an all-around player capable of playing any position. They have decent
    Strength, decent Speed, decent Toughness and decent Endurance. Superhuman bodies
    are still rather fragile and can only be patched back together so many times. They can
    withstand 60 Deaths before having to retire.

2. Robot – Designed specifically for playing with speed and smarts, very few players can
   outrun or outthink a Robot. Some customization is seen with robots as different arm
   attachments, leg attachments, head designs and torso designs can be selected. They
   wear no equipment, relying instead on their metal frames to take all the damage.
   Attribute-wise, Robots will favor Speed, Awareness and Stamina but will suffer at
   Toughness and Endurance. Since Robots were designed to be replaced with ever-
   improving models, they suffer from the shortest career lives by only withstanding 40
   Deaths before having to retire.

3. Skeleton – No one is quite sure how skeletons really come to be. Whether it‘s a crazy
   necromancer playing with magic in the cesspools of Necromicron 6 or Dr. Frankenstein
   giving a worn-out superhuman too much juice in his shock chair, there just seems to be a
   steady supply of Skeletons in the league. By shedding the excess flesh they become far
   more agile and retain their years of wisdom from their previous living state. The only
   customization skeletons see is in selecting whether they are a human or troll skeleton.
   All skeletons wear spiked helmets, spiked shoulder pads and spiked boots. Attribute-
   wise they favor Agility, Speed and Awareness but suffer at Strength and Toughness.
   Because they have already died, skeletons can enjoy long careers as patching them
   back together is as easy as ―the foot bone‘s connected to the leg bone…‖ They can
   withstand 100 deaths before having to retire.

4. Alien – No race can match the agility of an alien and when matched with their speed they
   can be nearly impossible to bring down. While their tough exoskeleton is able to protect
   them from most hits, they suffer from low Endurance and can only withstand a few big
   hits. Due to the extreme acidic nature of Alien blood, they enjoy the unique ability of
   being able to automatically damage any opponent who managed to kill them from direct
   contact (such as tackles and punches). If this opponent is low enough in current
   Endurance the acid blood attack can kill them as well! Aliens killed by mines or thrown
   explosives (such as dynamite and exploding footballs) will simply dissolve into gas with
   no damage done to their assailant. Aliens have no customization selections. All Aliens
   wear shoulder pads. Attribute wise they favor Agility, Toughness and Tackle Breaking
   but suffer at Strength and Endurance. Alien bodies still pose a challenge to put back
   together and as such they suffer from shorter careers. They can withstand 50 deaths
   before having to retire.

5. Troll – When it comes to sheer brute strength, no one can deliver like a troll. Just don‘t
   expect one to deliver any rousing team speeches before the game because their tiny
   brains can barely handle speech as it is. In fact, they are more likely to deliver numerous
   gaseous emanations on field than oratory emanations. Trolls can be customized with
   tattoos and various scars. All trolls wear spiked shoulder pads and spiked boots. They
   are free to choose between wearing banana hammocks (as in the original), knee high
   pants and full length pants. All trolls go shirtless, as only pansies wear shirts. Attribute-
   wise they favor Strength, Toughness and Endurance but suffer at Speed and Awareness.
   Troll bodies can withstand vast amounts of damage and responds well to being patched
   back together. They enjoy long careers and can withstand 80 deaths before having to
  C. Play Options – The following play options will be found on the main game screen which
     appears after the opening EA introduction:

      1. Exhibition – Take on the computer with up to four people or go head-to-head with up to
         four people in a quick match. Online play is available in this mode.
      2. Playoffs – Enter the playoffs with all other sixteen teams in a random bid placement.
         Prove that your team has what it takes to make it to the Mutant Bowl. Up to four people
         can join the team in co-op play. No head-to-head or online play is available in this mode.
      3. Local Franchise – Start a Franchise that will last 20 years and prove you can build the
         most famous team in the history of the Mutant League. Sixteen teams can be controlled
         by gamers in this mode. Take on the computer with up to four people co-op or go head-
         to-head with up to four people in actual games. Flex scheduling is enabled. No online
         play is available in this mode.
      4. Online Franchise – Start a Franchise that will last 20 years and prove you can build the
         most famous team in the history of the Mutant League. Sixteen teams can be controlled
         by gamers in this mode. Take on the computer with up to four people co-op or go head-
         to-head with up to four people in actual games. Flex scheduling is enabled. Online play
         is available in this mode.
      5. Family Play – Sets Comment Filter to one (basic game comments), Kills off and Blood
         off. Family Play Controls scheme is set up according to current settings to allow easier
         control of game actions. Take on the computer with up to four people co-op or go head-
         to-head with up to four people in a Family Play match.
      6. Build a team/stadium – Allows for building of custom teams and stadiums to be used in
         any play mode.

III. Conclusion
    Mutant League Football: MBP Edition offers the same gory, faced-paced and crazy style of
    football as its Sega Genesis predecessor Mutant League Football. With numerous contemporary
    improvements to graphics, sound and gameplay this game offers addictive fantasy sports antics
    that no other modern day sports game can hope to match. Because if you‘re not playing in the
    Mutant League, then you‘re just playing with the Nitwit Feeble Losers.

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