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					Get rid of the fever:
Try to get vitamin c. this is the vitamin that is totally soluble and does no harm when taken in excess. Rich sources of vitamin c are oranges, carrots, juicy fruits, citravite tablets, etc. Do not move about too much. Just sit in a particular place and take some rest. Moving around can aggravate the problem. Because when you get fever one can decrease it by just sitting in one particular place rather than just moving about. Treat cold with cold: you could also have a cold water bath. Or just drink something that is cold. One could also get rid of fever by having an alcohol bath. Just dip the towel in the water that has alcohol mixed in it. It should be warm and then just wipe your entire body with this towel. Keep some cold wash cloths on your forehead. This will help in getting down the temperature. Drink some ginger tea. Ginger is an herb that has medicinal properties in it. It cuts down fever and also heals sore throats. Just take a tablet. That is crocin since it is very mild and has no ill-effects on your health.

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