oreo-cookies-24 by icanatalie


									For The Love Of Oreo Cookies

When I met my husband, he didn’t have much of a sweet tooth. He ate what
he wanted, and never gained an ounce. Though he thought he was too thin,
I have always loved him as he was. While he didn’t spend a lot of time
eating sugary snacks back then, he did have one that he had to have each
night. He was in love with Oreo cookies, and that is something that has
stayed with him for the fifteen years that we have been together. He
doesn’t have them every night now, but he always ends up going back to

It is almost something that I associate with who he is. There are things
that annoy us to no end about our partners, but we often learn to deal
with them in one form or another. There are also those small things that
they do that make us love them even more. Seeing my husband standing in
the kitchen with four or five Oreo cookies and a large glass of milk
always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a small thing, but it is
something that has always reminded me that he hasn’t changed all that
much, even when I feel I don’t understand some of the things that he

He and I have always differed on the best way to eat Oreo cookies. This
really isn’t a big deal, and in fact, it often leads to a lot of
laughter. Our daughter watches us when we eat them together, which is not
very often. She wants to be like each of us. He dunks his Oreo cookies,
and I tend to break them up, lick the center, and then dunk the sides.
She was confused for a while, and wasn’t sure which way she wanted to eat
her Oreo cookies. It’s not a big deal, but it was fun to watch her decide
which she liked the best.

Though I am not big on my family eating a lot of sugar, I don’t mind when
a package of Oreo cookies ends up in the shopping cart. I do try to keep
the amount of them eaten by my daughter to a minimum, my husband often
has all that he wants. He has started to wait until she goes to sleep so
she doesn’t want them each day, but there are times when he simply can
not resist having a few right after dinner. Though not everyone loves
Oreo cookies, each person has that comfort item that goes with them
through life. What are your Oreos?

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